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一、单项选择(20 分)

  ( ) 1. I in Class 5. Ben in Class 5, too. Weclassmates.

  A. is, am, are B. am, is, are C. are, is, am

  ( ) 2. My shoes under the bed just now. But theythere now.

  A. are, weren’t B. were,weren’t C. were, aren’t

  ( ) 3. There’s apple tree inmy garden. In tree, there’s small house for the birds

  . A. an, the, a B. an, a, the C. a, the, a

  () 4. - that woman, Helen?

  –She’s Miss Li.

  - is that dress? Is it hers?

  A. Who, Whose B. Whose, Who’sC. Who’s, Whose

  () 5. I usually go to school seven the morning.

  A. at, on B. at, in C. about, on

  () 6. This is our classroom. is next to .

  A. Your, our B. Your, ours C. Yours, ours

  () 7. Mr White is from . He’s. He speaks

  . A.America,American, English   B.American,America,English

  .C.America,American, American

  ( ) 8. I a big garden behind my house. many flowersin it.

  A. have, There are B. there are, Have C. has, Thereis

  ( ) 9. There isn’t_____ milkin the cup. Would you like_____ juice?

  A. some, any B. any, some C. any, any

  ( ) 10._____ Yang Ling see a film last Sunday? - No,she .

  A. Do, don’t B. Does, doesn’t C. Did, didn’t

  () 11. – What’s your _____? -- I like listening to music.

  A. name B. hobby C. job

  () 12. – Where ______ yourfriend live? -- She ____ in London.

  A. do, live B. does, lives C. is, live

  () 13. –Can you Chinese ? – No, but I often with my friends Chinese.

  A. tell, say, at B. speak, talk, in C. speak, tell,in

  () 14. –What can you in thepicture? – at it, but I can’tany thing.

  A. look, look, look for B. see, see, look for C. see,look, find

  () 15. Which season you like ? I like spring better.

  A. did, best B. do, best C. do, better

  ( ) 16. Look, there’s appletree. tree is very tall. You can see under it.

  A. an, A, the B. an, The, a C. a, The, a

  () 17. In winter, it often snows, It’s best season.

  A. the, the B. a, the C.\, the

  () 18. Tom is in Class One, Jim is in Class Two, theyare in

  A. the same class B. the same row C. differentclasses cat

  二、完型填空(10 分)

  I __1__ a bad cough and a high fever. So I didn’t go school __2__morning. After breakfast, I__3__ a storybook. There’re many signs __4__ it. From this book I know __5__ about traffic(交通).We should walk or drive on the __6 __ of the road(路)and get slower(慢 下来)at the cross of theroad. “Red light” means __7__. “Green light” means __8__. We __9__ go in thetime of “Red light”. We must__10__ the “Green light” andgo.

  ()1、A. got B. am got C. havegot D. get

  ()2、A. in B. in the C. thatD. this

  ()3、A. look at B. read C. seeD. look

  ()4、A. in B. on C. beside D.about

  ()5、A. a lot of B. many C.lots of D. a lot

  ()6、A. left B. light C. rightD. write

  ()7、A. stop B. stopping C. goD. going

  ( )8、A. go B. goes C. goingD. to go

  ()9、A. should B. shouldn’t C. must D. can

  ()10、A. wait B. wait for C.waiting D. waiting for

  三、阅读理解(15 分)


  One day Mr. and Mrs. White went shopping by car. Theystopped their car near a shop. They bought(买)a lot ofthings and they wanted to put the things into the car. But Mr. White couldn’t open the door of the car, so they asked a policeman to help them.The policeman was very friendly. He started to open the car for them. Just thena man came up and shouted(喊), “Whatare you doing with my car?” Mr. and Mrs. White had alook at the car’s number and they were frozen(惊 呆了)there. It wasn’t their car.

  ( ) 1. Mr. and Mrs. White drove for shopping.

  ( ) 2. They stopped their car at the gate of a snackbar.

  ( ) 3. They wanted to give their things to a policeman.

  ( ) 4. The policeman would like to help Mr. White. ( 了).

  () 5. From the passage(短文),we know Mr. and Mrs. White made a mistake(搞错)


  “Early to bed, early to rise(起身)makes people healthy, wealthy and wise(健康,富有, 聪明).” This is an old English saying. Childrenshould have ten hours’ sleep every night, or they can’t do their work very well. They will not be wise. The body needsexercise. Walking, running, swimming and playing ball games are all exercise.Exercise keeps the body strong.

  ( ) 1. “Early to rise” means that we must early.

  A. go to school B. get up C. go home

  ( ) 2. Children should have hours’ sleep every night.

  A. 8 B. 9 C. 10

  ( ) 3. Everybody exercise.

  A. need B. needs C. wants

  ( ) 4. is good exercise, too.

  A. Jog B. Jogging C. Jogged

  ( ) 5. Exercise makes us .

  A. fat B. stronger C. thinner


  The Spring Festival(春节)is ourChinese people’s festival. There are different namesfor each year. We all call it the year of monkey, the year of dog… and this year is the year of Mouse. Before the day of the festival,people are busy shopping and cleaning. On the Eve (除夕)there is , a big family dinner. After dinner, all the family stay up late(守夜) to welcome the new year. In the middle of the night, we have somedumplings(饺子) and watch TV. On the first day of the NewYear, people wear new clothes to visit their relatives and say “Happy New Year” to each other.

  ( ) 1. There are different names for Chinese years.

  A. 10 B. 11 C. 12

  ( ) 2. When is the Eve in Chinese year?

  A. The evening of the Spring Festival.

  B. The evening before the Spring Festival.

  C. The evening after the Spring Festival.

  ( ) 3. People before the Spring Festival.

  A. sing and dance B. go shopping and clean the houseC. play games

  ( ) 4. are the favorite food for Chinese people onthe Eve.

  A. Cakes B. Dumplings C. Noodles

  ( ) 5. On the festival people usually .

  A. wear new clothes B. go to visit their relatives C.A and B

  四、趣味英语选择(8 分)

  ( ) 1. "Walls have ears" means______.

  A.墙上有洞B.隔墙有耳 C.震耳欲聋 D.耳聪目明

  ( ) 2. —Who's the boy in thehat?

  A.戴着帽子 B.在帽子上 C.拿着帽子 D.带着帽子

  ( ) 3. "Practice in pairs." means______.

  A.两人练习 B.两人表演 C.组成小组 D.三人游戏

  ( ) 4. She's a green hand. "green hand"means______.

  A.老手B.新手 C.绿手 D.热手

  ( ) 5. "Like father, like son." means______(10 分)

  A. 父子一样 B.像父亲,又像儿子 C.有其父必有其子 D.喜欢父亲也喜欢儿子

  ( ) 6. "A lucky dog" means______. (10 分) B.幸运儿 C.可爱的狗 D.人见人爱 A.幸运狗

  ( ) 7.He is a yes-man. I don't like him. (10 分) A.说一不二的人 ( B.唯唯诺诺的人 C.总有理的人 D.坚强的人 )

  8. Look out! A car is coming. "Look out!"means ______. (10 分) B.看呀! C.看外面 D.小心! A.白外看!

  五、情景会话(12 分)

  A) 重新排列句子,组成一段合理的对话。(7 分)

  1. Oh. Yes, you’re right.Thanks.

  2. I know. It’s behind thechair.

  3. Is it under the table?

  4. I’m sorry, I can’t.

  5. No, it isn’t.

  6. Excuse me, I can’t find myfootball.

  7. Can you see?


B) 根据对话情景和所给字母提示,填入合适的单词。

  A: Do you have any hobbies, David?

  B: Yes, I like traveling.

  A: Where are you going this winter.

  B: I’m going to Beijing. I’ll v______ the Great Wall with my parents.

  A: What’s the weather likethere in winter? Is it as warm as in Kunming?

  B: No, it’s much c_______than in Kunming. We n_______ some warm clothes for winter in Beijing.

  A: What do people usually do in Beijing?

  B: They o_______ go skating and skiing. And thechildren like m_______ snowmen. A: It’s great fun.

  六、句型转换 (10 分)

  1. She is catching insects now.(改为一般现在时) Sometimes she ________ ________ in the park.

  2. What time is it? It’s timeto have dinner.(改为近义句) ________ the time? It’s time ________ dinner.

  3. Washthe clothes.(改为否定句) ________ wash the clothes!

  4. The boy runs faster than the girl.(改为一般疑问句) ________ the boy ______ faster than the girl?

  5. Ann and Lily watched a film last night.(改为现在进行时) Ann and Lily ________ ________ a film now.

  6. The man in blue is Su Yang’s uncle.(对划线部分提问) ________ man is Su Yang’s uncle?

  七、用所给词的适当形式填空(10 分)

  1. Why don’t your _______ (walk) to school in the morning?

  2. It’s sunny today. Whatabout _______ ( run ) in the park?

  3. Would you like _______ ( eat ) some bread?

  4. _____ they _____ (see ) the film last night?

  5. It _____________ ( rain) tomorrow, because it’s windy and cloudy today.

  6. Look! The children ___________ ( dance ) in theplayground.

  7. Nancy’s mother often______ ( help) her with her maths after supper.

  8. The teacher let him ______ (answer ) the questionin English two days ago.

  9. How many ______ ( knife) did you buy yesterday?

  10. Sometimes they ________ (not have) lunch at home.

  八、根据中文翻译句子,每空一词 (10 分)

  1. 昨天晚上,我们在报纸上看到了有关这次足球赛的消息。Yesterday evening, we read the news ______ this football match _____ thenewspaper.

  2. 上周我和奶奶一块儿看了一场滑稽的木偶表演。 Lastweek I _______ a ______ puppet show with my grandma.

  3. 一共将要有三十个选手参加篮球比赛。 Thirtyplayers will ______ _________ in the basketball match.

  4. 你这个周末准备干什么? What ______you ________ to do this weekend?

  5. 李明比李东小两岁吗? ________ LiMing two years ______ than Li Dong?

  九、书面表达(5 分)看图写话









  六、 catches insects 1. Which

  七、1. walk visit colder need often making 3. Don’t 4. Does run 5. are watching 6. 2. What’sfor 2. running 3. to eat 4. Did see 9. knives 5. is going to rain / will rain10. don’t have 4. are going 5. Is younger 6. aredancing

  八、1. about in 7. helps 8. answer 2. watched funny 3.take part



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