寒假英语日记游秦皇岛 学做饭 吃火锅

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寒假英语日记游秦皇岛 学做饭 吃火锅


    In the morning, father, mother and I braved the rain to qinhuangdao dove nest park. 

   Take the door, I saw a big ship. A fishing boat sails reads: qinhuangdao. Dad said, this is chairman MAO ", gold and sand beidaihe, "into the sentence. Dad read aloud: heavy rain fall YouYan, whitewater monstrous, qinhuangdao outside a fishing boat. An ocean is see, know to SheiBian? The past one thousand years, weiwu brandish whip, tateishi have ep in the east. The cold breath of autumn today is, in the earth. Although I still can't completely understand the meaning of the poem, but, I know that chairman MAO must also like this place. My mom and dad along the wooden stairs, climbing up the talons pavilion. A: wow! How cool it here! Beside me a tour guide for the aunt said, 

   Talons pavilion is the best place to see the sunrise at sea, in the north is the famous tide flat, talons pavilion in migratory birds domestic, there are tens of thousands of every day only hagdon on this wetland habitat for food. Low tide of seawater in the spring tide flat is divided into many shallow puddles. The weather turned fine, the sun tan I sweat. However, when I put my foot into puddles, immediately feel cool. Here and nandaihe sea water is different, it is on the bottom, small and tidy spray glittering and translucent like glass lamp shade of lace. My mom and dad fishing, fishing for jellyfish, crabs, catch pipi shrimp, busy busy.

    Qinhuangdao dove nest is fun! 



    一进门,我就看到一艘大船。船帆上写着:秦皇岛外打鱼船。爸爸说,这是毛主席《浪淘沙·北戴河》诗词中的一句。爸爸大声地诵读:大雨落幽燕,白浪滔天,秦皇岛外打鱼船。一片汪洋都不见,知向谁边?往事越千年,魏武挥鞭,东临碣石有遗篇。萧瑟秋风今又是,换了人间。我虽然还不能完全明白诗词的含义,但是,我知道毛主席也一定喜欢这个地方。我和爸爸妈妈沿着木头台阶,爬上了鹰爪亭。哇!这里真凉快啊!我旁边一位旅游团的导游阿姨说,    鹰爪亭上是看海上日出的最好地方,在鹰爪亭北边就是著名的大潮坪,在候鸟迁徙期,每天都有数万只鸥鸟在这片湿地上栖息觅食。退潮的海水在大潮坪上被分割成无数的浅水洼。天气变晴了,太阳公公晒得我直冒汗。但是,当我把脚伸进水洼时,立刻感到浑身凉爽。这里的海水和南戴河的海水不同,它清澈见底,小而整齐的浪花像玻璃灯罩的花边一样晶莹。我和爸爸妈妈捕鱼、捞水母、挖螃蟹、捉皮皮虾,忙得不亦乐乎。




   I've been in the third grade, but never do. Because the teacher is decorated a lot of homework, I never idle time to cook. Right, today is the first day of winter vacation, have free time, I was called mother to teach me to cook. 

   Mom taught me how to use a rice cooker to cook first. Pour the rice into the water first, and then clean grain of rice, and then the inside of the pulp are out, then pour out the water, the last into the rice cooker, add a little water, cover meters one centimeter. You should cut vegetables, chopper in the mother's hand "lovely" and "obedient", can be in my hand is not "obedient". I had a lot of trouble to cut the food is good. Finally is cooking, my mother taught me to pour the peanut oil in the water first, and then put the food into the pot, to shovel out with shovels shoveling food, seasoning with salt.

    Dinner ready, I took a bite to eat first, feel very delicious. Dad also tastes, said: "taste the same as before! There is nothing special. 

   It was not until at that time, I understand, only to enjoy their own work achievement, is the most sweet. 



    饭做好了,我先吃了一口,觉得很好吃。爸爸也尝了一口,说:“跟以前的味道一样吗!没有什么特别的呀。    直到这时候,我才明白,只有自己享受自己的劳动成果,才是最香的。



   Mother said that night to eat hot pot. I'm happy to jump up. So, my mother and I to the market to buy mutton, balls, Chinese cabbage, bean curd... At home mother is busy in the kitchen. "Hot pot" mother opened a transparent glass cover, suppressed for a long time a hold of the steam out of the restaurant overflowing the spied hot pot. I can't wait to eat a bite, but mother said: "even wait a will bring!" I anxiously wait for, finally boiled I picked up the chopsticks shoveled the food to a bowl eat it. "Eat slowly, is too hot to eat the intestines melting" dad taught me just like a big scholars, he can eat hot pot in gobble it actually. We had a family, leaving all their image to the outside of the cloud nine, the rest is just round belly, sweet sweet smell. Oh, and the most cordial and warm family atmosphere 

   What a wonderful moment! 

   妈妈说晚上吃火锅。我高兴的跳了起来。于是,我和妈妈到市场买了羊肉、丸子、白菜、豆腐.....回到家妈妈就在厨房里忙碌起来。“热腾腾的火锅来了”妈妈掀开了透明的玻璃盖,憋了许久的的蒸汽一拥而出,餐厅里溢满了火锅的香味儿。我迫不及待的想吃一口,可是妈妈说:“还要等一会要等开锅呀!”我焦急的等待者,终于开锅了 我拿起筷子把菜跳到碗里大口大口的吃了起来。 “慢慢吃,太烫的东西吃下去会把肠子融化的”爸爸像个大学者似的教导我,其实他自己也在狼吞虎咽的吃火锅那。我们一家人吃的热火朝天,把形象都抛到九霄云外了,剩下的只是圆圆的肚子,香香的气味。噢,还有最亲切、最温馨的家庭气息 



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