淮南寒假英语家教汇总Unit 4 Body language

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淮南寒假英语家教汇总Unit 4 Body language


1.(2017年新课标Ⅰ卷·语法填空)Fat and salt are very important parts of a diet.They are required to process the food that we eat, to recover from injury and for several other bodily ________ (function).

2.Yesterday, another student and I, ________ (represent)our university's student association went to the Capital International Airport to meet this year's international students.

3.He got up late and came ________ (dash) here.

4.Students will help and learn from each other, and a friendship is likely ________ (form).

5.________ (misunderstand) by others when you do nothing wrong at all is quite a bad experience.

6.________ (face) with such a difficult task, he turned to his parents for help.

7.The last one ________ (arrive) pays the meal.

8.My sister studies in Wuhan University, ________ (major) in English literature.

9.The doctor will give some medicine ________ (ease) your pain.

10.All the approaches ________ the airport were blocked by the police.


1.(2017年北京卷·阅读理解D)Unfortunately, that plan seems likely to work: we have yet to invent a firewall that is secure against ordinary humans, let alone super intelligent machines.


2.A moment later, the man came out of the washroom and approached to our table.


3.We're trying to raise awareness about the environment in generally and air pollution in particular.


4.Nurses do all they can to make patients feel with ease.


5.Wang Yaping has become the second Chinese woman astronaut work in space.


6.People gathered round, curiously to know what was happening.


7.He didn't participate in the oral competition, because he didn't want to lose a face.


8.The town walls were built as a defend against enemy attacks.


9.Turn his back to his friends in need put him in great disadvantage.


10.I majored English when studying in university.





If someone says you are smart, what do they mean? Is it a good thing or something bad? The __1__ is not as easy as you might think.This is __2__ the word smart has many meanings.__3__, someone could say you look smart or are __4__ smartly.That means they like what you are wearing and your physical __5__.To use a slang expression, they could say, “You look __6__ cool!”

But if something smarts, it can be __7__ or hurtful, either physically or mentally.If you accidentally trip over (绊倒) a chair and __8__, you might shout, “Ow! That smarts!” Or if a friend says something that __9__ your feelings, you can say you are smarting from the upsetting __10__.

If you are standing too close to a campfire, you could say your eyes are smarting from the smoke of the fire.Here the word “smarting” means a sharp __11__.But the most common meaning of smart is to be __12__.If someone is smart as a whip, they have the __13__ to think very quickly.

People have __14__ ways of being smart.Some people are __15__ as street smart.They may not have a good education.But they are __16__ in dealing with people and problems in the real world.Other people might be book smart.This means they have spent many years in school.But when dealing with people or problems __17__ existing in our world they may not be so smart.

And then there is another __18__ of smart that means to talk or behave disrespectfully.If you say something disrespectful to your parents, they might __19__, “Don't get smart with me!” Here, “smart” means to show a __20__ of respect by saying something mean.

1.A.question  B.answer

C.meaning  D.choice

2.A.why  B.where

C.how  D.because

3.A.For example  B.In fact

C.At least  D.After all

4.A.born  B.educated

C.dressed  D.treated

5.A.appearance  B.fitness

C.potential  D.performance

6.A.hopefully  B.casually

C.absolutely  D.immediately

7.A.attractive  B.special

C.novel  D.unkind

8.A.settle down  B.lie down

C.fall down  D.slow down

9.A.hurts  B.expresses

C.matches  D.affects

10.A.incidents  B.comments

C.reactions  D.attitudes

11.A.turn  B.change

C.pain  D.decline

12.A.pretty  B.neat

C.intelligent  D.fashionable

13.A.desire  B.opportunity

C.willingness  D.ability

14.A.effective  B.different

C.personal  D.creative

15.A.considered  B.praised

C.expected  D.known

16.A.involved  B.interested

C.fortunate  D.expert

17.A.actually  B.seemingly

C.generally  D.particularly

18.A.possibility  B.matter

C.definition  D.prediction

19.A.complain  B.warn

C.beg  D.persuade

20.A.lack  B.sense

C.limit  D.demand











I believe anyone can make themselves something good to eat.Cooking is a lot of easier for us than most of us think.Last Sunday my parent were away on business.I left alone, with no one to cook for me.As I had a good chance to cook myself a wonderful meal.Early in the morning I went to the market, buying some beefsteak and tomatoes and then came back.Before cooking, I put a few oil, salt and sugar on the steak and mixed it together.When the pot was hotter enough I began to fry the steak.Then I cooked some tomato soup with the egg in it.The food tasted deliciously!




Tips for Teaching Kids Responsibility

Your best friend has a teenager who helps with housework without being asked.Your cousin has a one­year­old child that puts her bottle in the sink when she finishes the milk, but no reminders are needed.__1__ Raising helpful, good kids who know how to make a sandwich is not a fantasy! The following tips can give you a better chance of raising a responsible child who then grows into a responsible adult.

__2__ You can't suddenly spring responsibility on a teenager and expect he will know how to follow through.He needs time to practice and totally understand what responsibility means.

Let kids help you.Don't complain when it's time to do housework.Smile and invite your son to help.__3__ He will take these good feelings and learn to take ownership of his home and feel pride in keeping it up.

__4__ Make responsibilities age­appropriate.You can show how to complete small tasks in daily life and perform them at a child's skill level.For example, if your kid wants a snack, show him where the apples are and how to wash one off.

Teach your child consequences.Learning to take care of his things also helps a child develop a sense of responsibility for his actions.Get your son to clean up after an art project, and inform him that he won't be able to play with his crayons the next day if he leaves a messy table.__5__ The more you carry out the rules, the more likely he is to clean up without being asked.

A.Have a sense of responsibility.

B.Why do they make a sandwich for kids?

C.Show kids how to perform responsibility.

D.Where do these wonderful children come from?

E.Teaching responsibility to kids needs to start early.

F.When your child is invited to participate, he feels valued.

G.Then take away his supplies if he does not take his responsibility.

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