When we talk about a wolf, we tend to describe it as a kind fierce creature. But is it really true that the wolf stands for devil and ugliness?
Have you read the book “The Wolf Totem” (《狼图腾》) by a famous writer Jiang Rong, which tells the story of the relationship between wolves and human beings? Have you ever   41   the wolves' world? If you had, you would   42   the wolves. In the book, wolves are heroes on the large grassland. They know more about   43   than humans. They can attack lambs without disturbing their mothers. They also know how to   44   full use of the shape of land to   45   sheep. I believe that if wolves were humans, they would be   46   at fighting.  
The wolf is a kind of special creature that can deeply understand   47   . Each wolf serves its group with its heart and soul. A   48   wolf has little power, but a pack of wolves    49   nothing. All the wolves obey the rules.    50   they are defeated, they run away together. It is their teamwork   51   makes wolves powerful.    
The wolves also have great self-preservation and won't   52   to anyone. The writer, who wrote the book “The Wolf Totem” ,   53   stole a one-month-old baby wolf and raised it very carefully. To his   54   , he found the little wolf still wanted to go back with    55   wolves. The little wolf bit through the iron chain that limited it. The wolf was   56   and never gave up fighting   57   its death. It seemed that the little wolf died as a glorious fighter.
I was shocked by this kind of   58   wolves which are one of the most respected creature on the  earth. I want everyone to look at wolves in a   59   way. They are our teachers. They show us how to survive and   60   this not simple but dangerous world. Please honor the wolves, please honor all these heroes of nature!
41. A. talked about B. walked into C. thought about D. cared for
42. A. hunt  B. watch  C. draw D. admire
43. A. survival  B. life  C. food  D. plant
44. A. get  B. make  C. have  D. take
45. A. trap  B. avoid  C. fight  D. discover
46. A. considerate  B. imaginative  C. creative  D. expert
47. A. process  B. lifestyle  C. teamwork  D. control
48. A. brave  B. single  C. lonely  D. fair 
49. A. fight  B. struggle  C. fail  D. fear
50. A. Even if  B. As though  C. Even so  D. As for
51. A. what  B. that  C. which  D. one
52. A. turn in  B. break in  C. take in D. give in
53. A. just  B. once  C. soon  D. only
54. A. satisfaction  B. sorrow  C. disappointment  D. pleasure
55. A. rest  B. the other  C. another  D. other
56. A. willing  B. worried  C. proud  D. eager
57. A. although  B. until  C. before  D. unless
58. A. selflessness  B. self-confidence  C. self-protection  D. sell-respect
59. A. different  B. curious  C. strange  D. humorous
60. A. step out  B. set up  C. succeed in  D. get into
James Cleveland Owens was the son of a farmer and grandson of black slaves. His family moved to Cleveland when he was 9. There a school teacher asked his name.
“J.C.,” he replied. She thought he had said “Jesse”, so he had a new name.
Owens ran his first race at age 13. After high school, he went to Ohio State University. He had to work part-time so as to pay for his education. As a second year student, in the Big Ten games in 1935, he set even more records than he would in the Olympic Games a year later.
A week before the Big Ten meet, Ovens accidentally fell down a flight of stairs. His back hurt so much that he could not exercise all week, and he had to be helped in and out of the car that drove him to the meet. He refused to listen to the suggestions that he give up and said he would try, event by event. He did try, and the results are in the record book.
The stage was set for Ovens victory at the Olympic Games in Berlin the next year, and his success would come to be regarded as not only athletic but also political. Hitler did not congratulate any of the African American winners.
“It was all right with me,” he said years later. “I didn’t go to Berlin to shake hands with him, anyway.”
Having returned from Berlin, he received no telephone call from the president of his own country, either. In fact, he was not honored by the United States until 1976, four year before his death.
Ovens’ Olympic victories made little difference to him. He earned his living by looking after a school playground, and accepted money to race against cars, trucks, motorcycles and dogs.
“Sure, it bothered me,” he said later. “But at least it was an honest living. I had to eat.”
In time, however, his gold medals changed his life. “They have kept me alive over the years,” he once said. “Time has stood still for me. That golden moment dies hard.”
21.Ovens got his other name “Jesse” when ______.
   A. he went to Ohio State University  B. his teacher made fun of him
   C. his teacher took “J.C.” for “Jesse”  D. he won gold medals in the Big Ten meet
22. In the Big Ten meet, Ovens ______.
   A. hurt himself in the back   B. succeeded in setting many records
   C. tried every sports event but failed D. had to give up some events
23.When Ovens said “They have kept me alive over the years” in the last paragraph, he means that the medals ______.
   A. have been changed for money to help him live on
   B. have made him famous in the US
   C. have encouraged him to overcome difficulties in life
   D. have kept him busy with all kinds of jobs
24.What would be the best title for the text?
   A. Jesse Ovens ― a great American sportsman
   B. Golden moment ― a lifetime memory
   C. Making a living as a sportsman 
   D. Why was Jesse Ovens successful?
One of my wonderful memories is about a Christmas gift. Unlike other gifts, it came without wrap.
On September 11th, 1958, mum gave birth to Richard. After she brought him home from hospital, she put him in my arms, saying, “I promised you a gift, and here it is.” What an honor! I became four years old a month earlier and none of my friends had such a baby doll of their own. I played with it day and night. I sang to it. I told stories. I told it again and again how much I loved it!
One morning, however, I found its bed empty. My doll was gone! I cried for it. Mum wept(哭泣) and told me that the poor little thing had been sent to a hospital. It had a fever. For several days, I heard mum and dad whispering such words as “hopeless”, “pitiful”and “dying”, and all these words sounded ominous.
Christmas was coming. “Don’t expect any presents this year,” Dad said, pointing at the socks I hung in the living rooms. “If your baby brother lives, that’ll be Christmas enough.” As he spoke, his eyes filled with tears. I had never seen him cry before.
The phone rang early on Christmas morning. Dad jumped out of bed to answer it. From my bedroom I heard him say, “What? He’s all right?”He hung up and shouted upstairs. “The hospital said we can bring Richard home!”
 “Thank God!” I heard mum cry.
From the upstairs window, I watched my parents rush out to the car. I had never seen them so happy. And I was also full of joy. What a wonderful day! My baby doll would be home. I ran downstairs. My socks still hung there flat. But I knew they were not empty:they were filled with love!
25. What happened to the author on September 11th, 1958 ?
   A. He got a baby brother.          B. He got a Christmas gift.
   C. He became four years old.       D. He received a doll.
26. What does the underlined word “ominous” in Paragraph 3 probably mean?
   A. Impossible.     B. Boring      C. Funny        D. Fearful
27. Which word can best describe the feeling of the father when Christmas was coming?
   A. Excitement        B. Happiness      C. Disappointment     D. Sadness
Remember that goals are dreams with a timetable. Our goals are important for us to create what enriches our life. A very common attitude among people who are successful is that their success lies in their ability to provide themselves goals that are both numerous and exciting. When you think about your future,you are helping to feed a long-term goal of what you want to create.
To realize your dreams,you must translate your vision into a series of actions you can take as soon as possible. You should be able to measure these results,to make sure they take you wherever you want. And this step should not be viewed lightly! Indeed,very few people set goals and concrete actions for themselves to achieve. Very few people note what they want to accomplish,and know each day whether they have indeed advanced in the direction of their dreams.
Therefore one of the secrets that you can get results from is to write down your goals on paper first. When you give your dreams a form,they become more concrete,and you can refer to them often and easily. Whenever you read the dreams that you note down,you fill your mind with positive and motivational thoughts.
Unfortunately,many people stop there. They just simply make wishes, hope and wait. These people do not bring positive difference in their lives,because that sort of behavior is just wishful thinking. Success is not at all a miracle. It depends on clear and realistic targets through serious thoughts:concrete actions and perseverance(毅力). Don’t forget,your past does not determine your future. Only your now is your potential!
28. People can achieve success commonly in that they__________.
   A. have many dreams  B. are well-informed of how goals go
   C. think a lot about their bright future D. know what the goals are in their life
29. If you put down your goals on the paper,you can__________.
   A. know clearly what should be done  B. make them accomplished smoothly
   C. measure the results of the goals easily D. mention them easily to others 
30. The last paragraph mainly tells that__________.
   A. having dreams is very important to everyone   
   B. to translate goals into concrete actions is important for success    
   C. what people did in the past affects what the are today 
   D. most people can make a difference in their life
31. What is the best title for the passage?
   A. The Path towards Your Targets B. The Process of Making Goals
   C. The Power of Your Goals D. The Importance of Your Success 
The universe looks like a pretty quiet place to live. But the universe is filled with dangerous things, all struggling to be the one to wipe us off the planet. Happily for us, they’re all pretty unlikely, but if you wait long enough, one of them is certain to get us. But which one?
1. Death by Asteroid (小行星)
Of all the ways we might meet our untimely death, getting wiped out by an asteroid is the most likely. Why? Because we sit in a universal shooting gallery, with 100 tons of material hitting us every day. The problem, though, occurs every few centuries when something big this way comes. If you could ask a dinosaur, I’d imagine they would tell you to take this seriously.
2. Death by Exploding Star
When a huge star ends its life, it does so with a bang, which sends death spreading across space in the form of high-energy radiation. Many studies show that the bang would have to be closer than about 75 light years to do us any harm. The good news: no stars so close are able to do the deed.
3. Death by Dying Sun
The sun is important to us; without it, we’d freeze. But the sun is also middle-aged, already halfway to running out of fuel, expanding into a red giant, and cooking us to a fine crisp. Even long before then, it’ll warm up enough to raise our average temperature and cause a runaway greenhouse effect, boiling our oceans.
Happily, that’s a long time from now.
4. Death by Black Hole
Black holes are misunderstood. They don’t wander the galaxy looking for tasty snacks in the form of planets and stars; they turn around the Milky Way just like the hundreds of billions of other stars do. But it’s possible that one could wander too close to us. If it did, planetary paths would be disturbed, causing the Earth to drop into the sun or be thrown out into deep space.
Given that it could be trillions of years or more before even that happens, we don’t have to worry too much about black holes.
My advice? Go outside, look up, enjoy the sun, the moon, and the stars. They may be there forever as far as any one of us is concerned…and forever is a long, long time.
32.The underlined word “this” probably refers to ________.
   A. getting wiped out by a dinosaur B. an untimely death
   C. a cosmic shooting gallery    D. 100 tons of material
33.Which of the following will cause the earth’s average temperature to go up dramatically?
   A. The dying sun. B. The black hole.
   C. The asteroid. D. The exploding star.
34.Which of the following statement is possible about black holes?
   A. They wander the galaxy.
   B. One of them wanders very close to the earth.
   C. They turn around the galaxy.
   D. They look for planets and stars.
35.While the author is introducing the ways the universe could wipe out humankind, he is ________ us.
   A. warning  B. comforting   C. entertaining    D. ignoring
    Ireland now has one of the best education systems in the world. Class sizes are small, exam results are good and most children are happy to stay at school after the minimum(最低的) leaving age of sixteen.    36    
   For years, Ireland had one of the most complicated(复杂的) education systems in the world.     37     Classes were large and the teaching was very traditional. As in many countries, teachers used to hit the children if they made mistakes. Fortunately, the punishment was not allowed in 1982.
       38     As a result, there were schools for the rich and schools for the poor. Boys and girls went to different schools. Nowadays, most schools are free and only about half the schools are either for girls or boys.     39     Girls do better than boys in their exams; more girls go to university and most teachers are women.
   At the end of secondary school, students take their final exams. Compulsory(必修的)subjects are maths, Irish and English.    40    Some of these, like business organization, help to prepare them for the world of work. This is very different from the past when Latin and Greek used to be the most important subjects. 
A. In many ways, education is now a woman’s world.
B. Parents used to pay for their children’s education.
C. In addition, they must choose two or three extra subjects.
D. Public schools in Ireland are not run by the government.
E. It is easy to forget that the picture used to be very different.
F. Here, children do not learn any subjects but some basic skills.
G. There were many different kinds of school, but most of them had a lot in common. 
61. No one except his mother could visit his laboratory without ____________(邀请).
62. Due to her physical ____________(伤残), Tammy wasn't able to climb steps very well.
63. The Spring Festival is usually the biggest g____________(集会) for most families.
64. The problem of pollution arises along with the r____________(迅速的) development of industry. 
65. The e____________ examinations to high school falls in every June or July.
66. If you fold the letter in two, it will fit into the e____________.
67. The traditional Chinese New Year Eve Falls on the last day of the the last l ____________month.
68. As peoples life improves , they f ____________(涌出)out to the west to visit , study or do business .
69. This hotel can't be matched for food and ____________(服务).
70. The Lantern Festival m____________(标志)the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations.
71. __________ the progress of new medical research, I’ m confident that people like me would be able to walk again.
72. We need to wait and see what else will be __________(include) in that new edition.
73. __________ is no doubt that we can eat all these snacks without your help.
74. Over the past decades, agriculture __________(destroy) half of all woodland and forests in Australia.
75. The festival marks the Dai New Year and __________(relate) to Buddhist traditions.
76. You're __________(like) to suddenly transform into a tigress — but you can pretend to be one. 
77. We sang Christmas carols happily, laughed at jokes, put on silly paper hats __________ laughed again.
78. I still cannot figure out __________went wrong when looking back to the problem.
79. Have your symptoms been continuous, or __________(occasion)?
80. Telling someone about their flaw(缺点) is just __________(use) complaining, unless you tell them how they can improve
It is real a good chance to have met all of you here. We have spent several precious weekend in learning in the English Club. Although we have been members for a short period of time, we have made a great progress. That is why we are all very active and the activities are not only enjoyable and also helpful. Beside, the foreign teachers here work hard and try his best to make the activities lively and interested. I am very pleased to say that all of us greatly improved our spoken English so far. I am looking forward to see all of you again in the near future! 

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