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Volunteering abroad is a great way to help others,improve your skills and become a more confident,independent person.If you are interested in volunteering abroad,here are some places to go.


If you seek a life on the beach,in a great climate with friendly people,Australia might be your best bet.With thousands of volunteers already signing up to leave for Australia during the holidays,it will be a very popular option.


This vast country has some great opportunities on offer and is especially popular this year.A lot of volunteer work is available in Brazil centers on conservation and ecological projects.With the world's largest rainforest in Brazil,of which huge part is in danger,there are lots of different jobs you can do.


Kenya is the destination for those seeking an African experience.Generally volunteers in Kenya work in orphanages (孤儿院) or with local children living in slums (贫民窟).There is a great demand for volunteers in Africa because many people live in poverty,so if you truly feel like making a difference to a community,Kenya should be at the top of your list.

Costa Rica

Golden sandy beaches,clear coastlines and beautiful cities are what Costa Rica is all about.Because of its small size,you can see a lot of the country in just a short time.You can really make the most of your time as a volunteer.A lot of work is needed with wildlife and ecological work,so if you want to look after turtles on the beach,Costa Rica could be just the place for you.

【语篇解读】 本文介绍的是到海外去做志愿者的四个不同的国家的志愿者所从事的不同的事情的具体信息。

1.If you are interested in protecting the environment,you will probably go to________.

A.Australia       B.Kenya

C.Brazil  D.Costa Rica

C [推理判断题。根据文章第三段后最后一句With the world's largest rainforest in Brazil,of which huge part is in danger,there are lots of different jobs you can do.可知巴西的热带雨林正受到威胁,所以你如果对环境保护有兴趣就去巴西吧!故C正确。]

2.It can be inferred from the passage that volunteers in Kenya mainly work with________.

A.animals  B.plants

C.the elderly  D.children

D [细节理解题。根据第四段第二句Generally volunteers in Kenya work in orphanages(孤儿院)or with local children living in slums(贫民窟).可知在肯尼亚,志愿者主要是照顾孩子,故D正确。]

3.If you choose to go to Costa Rica,you are supposed to________.

A.work with animals on the beach

B.surf with children in the water

C.take care of trees in the forests

D.look after children who have lost their parents

A [细节理解题。根据文章最后一段最后一句A lot of work is needed with wildlife and ecological work,so if you want to look after turtles on the beach,Costa Rica could be just the place for you.可知在哥斯达黎加你可以照顾海龟。故A正确。]


According to the Oxford English Dictionary,the term “couch potato”  first appeared in print in a December,1979 edition of the Los Angeles  Times.Since then,it has become a familiar term for a person who spends a lot of time sitting,and little time exercising.Although there does not seem to be any particular reason why the term “couch potato” is used rather than “couch tomato”,a person may become a “couch potato”because living this way is said to make you round like a potato.The term is also said to have something to do with the high-calorie (卡路里) food like potato chips.

People now would say “couch potato” whenever they talk about overweight and obesity (肥胖).Indeed,“couch potatoes” are believed to have heart disease risks,which can be avoided by regular exercise.

It is true that technology and modern life in general make us sick,fat,lazy and physically/mentally soft.The more time people spend using technology,particularly televisions and computers,the less time they will spend being physically active.

“Couch potato” kids are a particular concern.Media reports repeatedly claim that children today are fatter than their elder generations,but less athletically skilled,less interested in physical activities and more addicted (上瘾的) to “junk food” and technology such as televisions and computers.The message is clear:today's children are fat because they are lazy and eat too much.Moreover,because technology is becoming more sophisticated (复杂的),children are less able to resist (抵抗,忍得住) technology's attraction,and are more likely to spend more time using technology,less time doing physical activities and,therefore,more likely to be fat.

【语篇解读】 随着科技的发展,当今社会出现了“couch potato”这一新现象。

4.The first paragraph is mainly about ________.

A.why “couch potato” is used as a term for a person

B.when “couch potato” is used as a term for a person

C.how “couch potato” is different from “couch tomato”

D.what kind of person looks like a potato

A [段落大意题。第一段主要是谈论“couch potato”这一习语的由来,即它用来指某一类人的原因。]

5.The development of technology also makes us sick because ________ by using technology.

A.we are more likely to have heart disease risks in  modern life

B.we spend less time doing exercise

C.we needn't do many things by ourselves any  more

D.we spend all our time watching TV and playing  computer games

B [细节理解题。从第三段最后一句可知,我们运用高科技的时间越多,锻炼的时间就变得越少。]

6.It's kids' ________ that people are particularly concerned about.

A.food  B.study

C.health  D.hobby

C [细节理解题。根据最后一段第一句“‘Couch potato’kids are a particular concern.”及下文可知,“Couch potato”kids指的是那些肥胖的孩子,而“肥胖”与健康问题有关。]

7.According to the passage,the author may suggest that ________.

A.scientists should stop their technology research

B.parents should take better care of their children

C.kids should be stopped from using new technology

D.people should spend less time using technology

D [推理判断题。从短文中我们可以得知,科技的发展使人们把更多的时间用在了看电视、玩电脑上而大大减少了锻炼的时间,造成了“couch potato”之类的问题,所以作者可能是在建议人们少花点时间在看电视、玩电脑上,即using technology。]


Kyle Schwartz,a new teacher at Doull Elementary  School in Denver,teaches a third-grade class.Most of  her students come from underprivileged homes,as 92 per cent are entitled (给予权利) to free or reduced school lunches,she said.

“As a new teacher,I tried to understand my students' real lives and how to best support them.I just felt like there was something I didn't know about my students,” she said.To solve this problem,she asked her students to complete the sentence:“I wish my teacher knew...”

While some children used the notes to jokingly complain(抱怨) about homework or to ask for more playtime,Ms Schwartz said some of the answers were “heartbreaking”,as children showed their hard lives.One student told Ms Schwartz that he did not have any pencils at home,while another said that they hadn't seen their father for six years.And another student wrote,“I wish my teacher knew sometimes my homework is not signed (签字) because my mom is not around a lot.”

She posted them to Twitter in March with the hashtag  “I  Wish My Teacher Knew”.Teachers  on Twitter soon noticed how successful Ms Schwartz's trick(策略) was for reaching out to students,and began sharing similar notes they received alongside “I Wish My Teacher Knew.”

Ms Schwartz said that since she encouraged her students to share their secrets,students have been supporting each other more,and she hopes the method will connect students and their families with the proper resources (资源) they need to live comfortably.She added that the results have been surprising,and the student that said she didn't have anyone to play with has since been invited by classmates to join them on the school playground.

【语篇解读】 本文是记叙文。一位老师为了更好地了解自己的学生让他们把想对老师说的话写在纸条上。

8.What does the underlined word“underprivileged”in Paragraph 1 probably mean?

A.Comfortable.  B.Happy.

C.Broken.  D.Poor.

D [词义猜测题。根据下文中的“92 per cent are entitled(给予权利) to free or reduced school lunches”可知,Kyle的大部分学生家庭条件都不好。]

9.Why did Kyle ask her students to complete the sentence?

A.To better understand them.

B.To encourage their creativity.

C.To develop their writing skills.

D.To teach them to introduce themselves.

A [细节理解题。根据第二段中的“As a new teacher,I tried to understand my students' real lives...she asked her students to complete the sentence”可知,为了更好地了解自己的学生,Kyle让她的学生把想跟老师说的话写在纸条上。]

10.What were the attitudes of teachers on Twitter to Kyle's idea?

A.Uncaring.  B.Worried.

C.Surprised.  D.Supportive.

D [推理判断题。根据第四段中的“Teachers on Twitter soon noticed how successful  Ms Schwartz's trick(策略) was...notes they received”可知,老师们赞同Kyle的想法。]


Taking notes is very important in high school.If  you don't take notes,you may find it difficult to go  over the lessons.__11__ You need to get some skills in  order to take perfect notes.Here are some tips to help  you.

Try not to overdo it.Some students like writing  down every word.__12__ If you want to write down every word,you may miss the most important points.Some people learn well by listening carefully,writing  down a few key points,and then going over the material after class when they have more time.So just make  sure that you've written down the most important points.

Ask your teacher to repeat something.__13__  If you've missed something or the teacher is going too fast,you can raise your hand and ask your teacher to repeat it.Chances are if you missed something,one of your classmates might have missed too.So there's nothing wrong with asking for something to be repeated.

__14__ Reviewing or recopying your notes when you get home can help you remember what you have learnt during the day.Do the notes you've taken match up with (匹配) your textbook? You can also compare your notes with a friend.This helps you remember the most important points and can help when preparing for a test or an exam.

Review your notes from time to time.If you don't review your notes,you may forget what you have learned.But if you review your notes regularly,you'll remember well what you've learned.This can help you a lot when you have to take a test or an exam.__15__

【语篇解读】 高中生在课堂上做笔记的时候要抓住重点,课后要复习那些要点。

A.This is not a good idea.

B.It is helpful to some students.

C.Don't forget to review your notes.

D.Review your notes on the same day.

E.However,not everyone knows how to take notes.

F.You don't have to stay up late to go over your notes.

G.Some students are afraid of stopping a teacher in  class.

11.E [前面提到了做笔记很重要,此处用转折语气,表示不是每个人都知道怎么做笔记。所以后面说“You need to get some skills in order to take perfect notes.”。]

12.A [根据“If you want to write down every word,you may   miss the most important points.”可知,作者认为想把每一个字都记下不是什么好主意。]

13.G [根据第三段的“If  you've missed something or the   teacher is going too fast,you can raise your hand and ask   your teacher to repeat it.”可知,有的同学害怕在课堂上打断老师,但如果你遗漏了重要的知识,或者老师讲得太快了,你可以举手让老师重复。]

14.D [根据“Reviewing or recopying your notes when you   get home can help you remember what you have learnt   during the day.”可知,作者建议当天回家后就要复习那些笔记内容。]

15.F [根据“This can help you a lot when you have to take a   test or an exam.”可知,定期复习笔记能帮助考试,你不再需要熬夜看笔记了。]


During my second year at the city college,I was told that the education department was offering a “free” course,called Thinking Chess,for three credits.I __16__ the idea of taking the class because,after all,who doesn't want to __17__ a few dollars?More than that,I'd always wanted to learn chess.And,even if I weren't __18__ enough about free credits,news about our __19__ was appealing enough to me.He was an international grandmaster,which __20__ I would be learning from one of the game's __21__.I could hardly wait to __22__ him.

Maurice Ashley was kind and smart,a former graduate returning to teach,and this __23__ was no game for him;he meant business.In his introduction,he made it __24__ that our credits would be hard­earned.In order to __25__ the class,among other criteria,we had to write a paper on how we plan to __26__ what we would learn in class to our future professions and,__27__,to our lives.I managed to get an A in that __28__ and learned life lessons that have served me well beyond the __29__.

Ten years after my chess class with Ashley,I'm still putting to use what he __30__ me:“The absolute most important __31__that you learn when you play chess is how to make good __32__.On every single move you have to __33__ a situation,process what your opponent(对手) is doing and __34__ the best move form among all your options.”These words still ring true today in my __35__ as a journalist.

【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。本文讲述了我在大学时所选的课程对自己以后的职业和生活起到了很重要的作用。

16.A.put forward     B.jumped at

C.tried out  D.turned down

B [我迫不及待地接受(jumped at)了参加这个课程学习的想法。put forward“提出”;try out“试验”;turn down“关小,拒绝”。]

17.A.waste  B.earn

C.save  D.pay

C [毕竟,谁不想节省(save)一些钱呢?waste“浪费,花费”;earn“挣,赚得”;pay“付款”。]

18.A.excited  B.worried

C.moved  D.tired

A [即使我对免费学分不太激动(excited)。worried“担心的”;moved“感动的”;tired“劳累的”。]

19.A.title  B.competitor

C.textbook  D.instructor

D [关于我们的讲师(instructor)的消息足够吸引我。title“标题,题目”;competitor“竞争者”;textbook“课本”。]

20.A.urged  B.demanded

C.held  D.meant

D [他是一位国际象棋大师,这意味(meant)着我能向象棋界最优秀的人之一学习。urge“敦促”;demand“要求”;hold“举行”。]

21.A.fastest  B.easiest

C.best  D.rarest

C [参见上题解析。fastest“最快的”;easiest“最容易的”;best“最佳的”;rarest“最珍贵的”。]

22.A.interview  B.meet

C.challenge  D.beat

B [根据上文对这位国际象棋大师的描述可知,我迫不及待地想见到(meet)他。interview“采访”;challenge“挑战”;beat“打击”。]

23.A.chance  B.qualification

C.honor  D.job

D [Maurice Ashley是善良又聪明的人,这份工作(job)对他来说不是游戏。chance“机会”;qualification“资格”;honor“荣誉”。]

24.A.real  B.perfect

C.clear  D.possible

C [在他的介绍里,他清楚地(clear)说明了我们的学分是必须经过努力才能得到的。real“真的”;perfect“完美的”;possible“可能的”。]

25.A.attend  B.pass

C.skip  D.observe

B [为了通过(pass)这门课程,我们必须写一篇关于如何把课堂所学运用到未来职业中的文章。attend“参加”;skip“跳过”;observe“观察”。]

26.A.add  B.expose

C.apply  D.compare

C [参见上题解析。add“添加”;expose“暴露,使面临”;apply“应用,运用”;compare“比较”。]

27.A.eventually  B.naturally

C.directly  D.normally

A [并且最后(eventually)运用到我们的生活中。naturally“自然地”;directly“直接地”;normally“正常地”。]

28.A.game  B.presentation

C.course  D.experiment

C [我设法在那门课程(course)获得了A。game“游戏”;presentation“授予,表现”;experiment“实验”。]

29.A.criterion  B.classroom

C.department  D.situation

B [并且学到一些对我课堂(classroom)之外的生活有用的知识。criterion“标准”;department“部门”;situation“形势”。]

30.A.taught  B.wrote

C.questioned  D.promised

A [我仍然利用到他教(taught)我的东西。write“写”;question“提问”;promise“承诺”。]

31.A.fact  B.step

C.manner  D.skill

D [当你下象棋时,你学到的最重要的技能(skill)是如何作出好决定。fact“事实”;step“步骤”;manner“方式”。]

32.A.grades  B.decisions

C.impressions  D.comments

B [参见上题解析。grade“分数”;decision“决定”;impression“印象”;comment“评论”。]

33.A.analyze  B.describe

C.rebuild  D.control

A [每一步你不得不分析(analyze)情况。describe“描述”;rebuild“重建”;control“控制”。]

34.A.announce  B.signal

C.block  D.evaluate

D [在所有选择中评估(evaluate)出最好的选择。announce“宣布”;signal“发信号”;block“阻止,限制”。]

35.A.role  B.desire

C.concern  D.behavior

A [我作为记者这一角色(role),这些话今天听起来仍然是真实的。desire“欲望”;concern“关心”;behavior“行为”。]


Swedish businessman Nile Bergqvist is delighted with his new hotel,the world's first igloo(冰屋) hotel.

36.________(build) in a small town,it has been attracting lots of visitors but soon the fun will be over.In two weeks' time,Bergqvist's ice creation 37.________(be) nothing more than a pool of water.“We don't see it as a big problem,” he says.“We just look forward to 38.________(replace) it.”

Bergqvist built his first igloo in 1991 for an art exhibition.It was 39.________ successful that he designed the present one,40.________measures roughly 200 square meters.Six workmen spent more than eight weeks —piling 1,000 tons of snow onto a wooden base;when the snow froze,the base 41.________(remove).

After their stay,all visitors receive a survival certificate recording their success.42.________no windows,nowhere to hang clothes and temperatures below 0℃,it may seem more like a survival test 43.________a relaxing hotel break.“It's great fun,” Bergqvist explains,“as 44.________as a good start in survival training.”

The 45.________(popular)of the igloo is beyond doubt:it is now attracting tourists from all over the world.At least 800 people have stayed at the igloo this season even though there are only 10 rooms.

【语篇解读】 文章介绍了瑞典商人修建的冰屋旅馆的一些细节。

36.Built [考查非谓语动词。句中it指the world's first igloo hotel和动词build是被动关系,指旅馆被建用过去分词表被动,故填Built。]

37.will be [考查时态。根据时间状语In two weeks' time表将来指两周后,所以动词用将来时,故填will be。]

38.replacing [考查动词形式。look forward to中的to是介词后面加动词的­ing形式作宾语,故填replacing。]

39.so [考查副词。句中包含so...that句型表示“如此……以至于”,此处指如此成功以至于他设计了现在的冰屋,故填so。]

40.which [考查关系代词。此处是非限制性定语从句修饰前面的the present one用which引导,故填which。]

41.was removed [考查时态语态。当雪冻结后底座就被移开。本段是过去时且the base和remove是被动关系。故填was removed。]

42.With [考查介词。此处指冰屋没有窗户,with表示“有”,故填With。]

43.than [考查连词。此处指住在冰屋不像是放松的旅馆休息更像是生存测试。more...than“更像是”,故填than。]

44.well [考查固定短语。as well as“也”是固定短语,此处指也是生存训练好的开始。故填well。]

45.popularity [考查名词。此处由The和of限定用名词,指冰屋的受欢迎度超过了对它的怀疑。故填名词popularity。]


假如你是Miss Wang,收到高一新生李华的来信,信中提到他在学习和生活上的一些困惑,请你根据以下李华遇到的困惑写一封建议信:

困惑 建议

1.高中学习科目繁多,学习内容难度较大; 1.制定学习计划:课前、课中、课后;



2.难以融入新的环境; 1.结交新朋友;






Dear Li Hua,

I am sorry you are having trouble in adapting to high school life._________________________________________________________________











Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Wang



I_am_sorry_you_are_having_trouble_in_adapting_to_high_school_life.Here are some tips that will help you solve your problems.

First of all,making a proper studying plan such as previewing the courses before class,keeping yourself focused in class,and reviewing after class,which would be helpful to improve your study.Besides,it's a good idea for you to make some new friends so that you can fit in with the new environment quickly.In addition,you'd better take part in after­class activities,which will help you to organize your spare time properly.

I hope you can find these suggestions useful.






There was once a_man went out to look for a job.As he was passing his neighbour's house,an important piece of paper fell out of the man's pocket.

His neighbour happened to be looking out of the window.Seeing the piece of paper fall,he thought,“What a disgrace!That guy deliberately let that fall_out_of his pocket.He's trying to mess up the front of my house,and he's being sneaky about it,too!”

But instead_of going out and saying something,the neighbour planned his revenge.

That night,he took his waste­paper basket and went to the man's house.The first man also happened to be looking out of the window,and saw what happened.Later,when he was picking up the papers dumped on his porch,he found the important piece of paper he had lost.It was torn into dozens of pieces.He thought that his_neighbour had not only picked his pocket,but had had the cheek to mess up his doorway with rubbish.

He didn't want to say_anything.Rather,he started plotting his revenge.That night he phoned a farmer to make an order of ten pigs and a hundred ducks.He asked they be delivered to his neighbour's house.

Of course,the next day,his neighbour had quite a bit of trouble trying to rid himself of so many animals and their accompanying waste.

Sure that this had been a wicked trick pulled by his neighbour,as soon as the second man had_gotten_rid_of the pigs and ducks,he again started planning his revenge.

And so it went on.

They continued trying to get their own back on each_other,and each time their acts of revenge got bigger and more ridiculous.The dropping of that single piece of paper ended up with a rock band,a fire siren,the driving of a lorry into a garden fence,the throwing of a hail of stones at windows,the firing of a canon,and finally the dropping of a bomb which destroyed both men's houses.





Paragraph 1:

Both ended up in a hospital,and had to spend quite some time sharing a room there.________________________________________________________________




Paragraph 2:

Then came the moment for the two to leave the hospital._____________________________________________________________





Paragraph 1:

Both ended up in a hospital,and had to spend quite some time sharing a room there.At first the man and his_neighbour refused to say_anything to each other,but,one day,tired of the silence,they got to talking.As time passed,they became friends,until one day they finally dared to discuss the piece of paper incident.The two realized that it had all been a misunderstanding,and that if they had talked to each other on the first occasion—instead_of jumping to conclusions about bad intentions—then none of this would have happened.Even better,they would still have their houses.

Paragraph 2:

Then came the moment for the two to leave the hospital.Both were determined to turn over a new leaf.After all,what was of greater importance than revenge,in their common understanding now,was to forget and forgive.Let bygones be bygones.Actually,the fact that the two neighbours were talking,and had become friends,helped them greatly to recover from their wounds,and to work together to rebuild their houses.



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