2020年领军高考英语必考点全梳理 专题01名词——高效演练

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1.The__________ (possible)that there is life on other planets in the universe has always inspired scientists to explore the outer space.



2. Try to understand what’s actually happening instead of acting on the _______ (assume)you’ve made.


【解析】考查名词词义辨析及语境理解。句意:试着去理解实际发生的事情,而不是按照你所做的假设行事。 故选assumption 。

3.In 1863 the first underground passenger railway in the world opened in London. It ran for just under seven kilometers and allowed people to avoid terrible     (crowd) on the roads above as they travelled to and from work.



4.But for tourists like me,pandas are its top ________(attract).



5.The nursery team switches him every few ________(day)with his sister so that while one is being bottle­fed...


【解析】句意:护理团队每隔几天就把他和他的妹妹互换一下,这样当他们中的一个在被人工喂养的时候……。every few days“每隔几天”。

6.Then,handle the most important tasks first so you'll feel a real sense of ________(achieve).



7.Recent ________(study)show that we are far more productive at work if we take short breaks regularly.



8.Some people think that the great Chinese scholar Confucius,who lived from roughly 551 to 479 B.C.,influenced the ________ (develop)of chopsticks.



9.Any smell might attract natural ________(enemy)that would try to eat the little panda.



10.It is important to pay your electricity bill on time,as late ________(pay)may affect your credit.



11.We can achieve a lot when we learn to let our _______ _(different)unite,rather than divide us.



12.He gave himself a new name to hide his ____(identical) when he went to carry out the secret task. 


【解析】句意:他执行一项秘密任务时,给自己起了一个新的名字来掩盖身份。 根据空格前是形容词性所有格his可知,其后应该用名词。故填identity。

13.There is no need to tell me your answer now. Give it some ______ (think)and then let me know.

【答案】 thought

【解析】句意:现在没必要告诉我答案,你再思考一下,之后告诉我。 这里指让对方再好好想想。根据空格前有some,故填名词thought。

14.—Go and say sorry to your Mom, Dave.

—I’d like to, but I’m afraid she won’t be happy with my ______(apology) .


【解析】句意:—Dave,去跟你的妈妈道歉。—我想这样做,但是我担心她对我的道歉不满意。 英语中,给别人的祝贺(congratulations)、祝福(wishes)、感谢(thanks)、道歉(apologies)和问候(greetings)等都要用复数形式。故填apologies。

15.Some schools will have to make ______(adjustment) in agreement with the national soccer reform.


【解析】句意:为了与国家的足球改革相适应,一些学校必须做出调整。根据空格前没有指示代词、形容词性所有格和冠词可知,此处用复数形式。故adjustments 。

16. One of the most effective ways to reduce        (stressful) is to talk about feeling with someone you trust.



17.She was put under house arrest two years ago but remained a powerful    (symbolic) in last year's election.


【解析】 考查名词 。根据空格前有冠词a和形容词powerful可知此处填名词symbol。 句意:虽然两年前就已遭软禁,她在去年的选举中仍然是势力强大的代表人物。故填symbol。

18.Wind is now the world’s fastest growing ________ (sourced)of power.


【解析】 考查的是名词 。 根据空格前有the world's fastest growing可知此处应该填名词。句义:风力是现在世界上增长速度最快的电力来源。根据句义可知source of power指电力来源。故填source。

19. We most prefer to say yes to the ______ (request)of someone we know and like.


【解析】考查名词。根据空格前有the可知此处应该用名词,又根据空格后的of someone可知此处用复数形式。句意:  我们更喜欢同意那些我们了解和喜欢的人的请求。故填requests 。

20.Health care workers are at the risk of getting infectious diseases because of their ________(expose) to patients.



21.If you want to see a doctor,you fix a date with him ahead of time.That is a common ________(practical) in the USA.


【解析】考查名词。根据空格前有a common,故填名词形式practice 。句意为:如果你想去看医生,你要提前和他约定日期。那在美国是一种惯例。common practice意为“普遍的做法,惯例”。

22.In 2013,Beijing adopted an emergency ____(respond) program for air pollution.


【解析】考查名词。根据空格前有冠词an和名词emergency,故填名词形式response。   句意为:在2013年,北京通过了空气污染应急响应计划。emergency response应急响应。

23.Usually the Player of the Year title is given to a big name from the best team.But this time there is a ________(except).


【解析】考查名词。根据空格前的冠词a可知此处需用名词,故填exception 。句意为:通常情况下,“年度最佳球员”这一头衔会给最好球队中的大牌运动员,但是这一次却是个例外。exception一般情况以外的人(或事物),例外。

24.Although war still exists on our planet,I do believe it’s possible for different ethnic groups to live together in ________(harmonious).


【解析】考查名词。 根据空格前的介词in可知此处要用名词,故填harmony。句意为:尽管我们的星球上依然存在战争,但是我坚信不同种族的人民是能和谐相处的。live together in harmony和谐相处。

25. Don't wait for an ________ (apologize).“Many times the person who hurt you may never think of apologizing,” says Dr.Luskin.



26.He pushed and pulled with all his ________(strong)to move it.



27.He asked ________(permit)to introduce his friend,whose name was Mr Wickham,and who had apparently arrived recently from London.



28.Experts hope the whole society pay more attention to the mental health of  ________(adolescent).



29.Girls are luckier than boys;they have more flexible ________(choose)than boys.



30.I have a strong ________(believe)that one day Chinese students can buy these tickets,too.


【解析】句意:我坚信有朝一日中国学生也会购买这些票。空白处前面有a strong修饰,说明空白处须填可数名词单数。

31.So I asked her why she sat there in ________(silent).


【解析】句意:因此我问她为什么坐在那里沉默不语。in silence“沉默”,是固定用法。

32.About 20 percent of ________(baby)feel nervous when they see strangers.



33.There was never a time when I had not called him and he did not call me right back within a couple of ________(hour).



1.It was a difficult job for him.He had tried everything but it made little different.     ________


【解析】考查名词。make little difference意为“没有多大区别”,为固定结构。类似的结构还有:make no difference没有影响;make a difference有影响,起重要作用。故把different改为difference。

2.Jianbing,one of the most popular snacks in China,appeals to almost everyone in America and has become new hit foods there.                                             ________



3.Time and time again she was warned of the consequence of her action.            ________


【解析】考查名词。句意:她一次又一次地被警告要注意她的行为的后果。根据“Time and time again ”可知此处需用复数形式。故把consequence改为consequences。

4.It is important to pay your electricity bill on time,as late payments may affect your credits. ________



5.True happiness does not lie in the possessions of money,but the joy of achievement.________

【答案】 possessions 改成 possession

【解析】考查名词。possession占有,拥有,是不可数名词。句意为:真正的幸福不在于金钱的占有,而在于取得成就的喜悦。故把possessions 改成 possession。

6. The book which you bought yesterday are so interesting.                       ________

【答案】 book 改成 books

【解析】考查名词。根据后面的“are”可知book应该用复数形式。故把book 改成 books。

7.Visiting an apple event is a good chance to see, and often taste a wide variety of apple.      ________

【答案】 apple改成 apples

【解析】考查名词。a variety of “各种各样的”要修饰可数名词复数,故把apple改成 apples。

3. The life of these people have finally been recorded thanks to the effects of a Frenchman from

Paris called Gin.                                                                

【答案】  life改成  lives

【解析】考查名词。根据后面的谓语动词是have been可知life 应该用复数形式。故把life改成 lives。句意:多亏了一位来自巴黎叫金恩的法国人的影响,这些人的生活终于被记录下来了。

4. The company has got lots of new equipments.                                      

【答案】 equipments改成  equipment

【解析】考查名词。equipment“设备”是不可数名词,故把equipments改成  equipment。

5. I had no choices but to prepare for it,though.                                      

【答案】choices改成  choice 

【解析】考查名词。“have no choice but to do sth别无选择,只有……”是固定表达方式,故把choices改成  choice。

6. The first time I landed on the country, I couldn' t make an adjust to the customs of the country.          

【答案】adjust 改成 adjustment

【解析】考查名词。根据其前面有冠词an可知其后需要用名词,故把adjust 改成 adjustment。句意:第一次来到这个国家的时候,我无法适应这个国家的风俗习惯。

7. There is no need to tell me your answer now. Give it some thinking and then let me know.          

【答案】thinking 改成thought

【解析】考查名词。some修饰名词,故把thinking 改成thought。句意:现在没有必要告诉我你的答案。好好想想,然后告诉我。

8. Only a few dollar can help to fill a child's hungry stomach.                            

【答案】dollar 改成dollars

【解析】考查名词。a few 要修饰可数名词复数,故把dollar 改成dollars。句意:只有几块钱就能帮孩子填饱肚子。

9. I am still thankful to my uncle for teaching me to ride on my ninth birthdays.                     

【答案】birthdays 改成birthday

【解析】考查名词。由my ninth可知birthday要用单数形式。句意:我仍然感谢我的叔叔在我的第九个生日时教我骑车。

10.why not buy a second-hand cars first if you don't have enough money for a new one?         

【答案】cars 改成car

【解析】考查名词。a second-hand要修饰可数名词单数,故把cars 改成car。

11. " Reading for pleasure"plays a more important role in one's grow than one's family background.                                                                     

【答案】grow 改成growth

【解析】考查名词。one's是形容词性所有格,要修饰名词,故把动词grow 改成名词growth。句意:“快乐读书”比家庭背景对一个人的成长起着更重要的作用。

12.As a witness, he gave the police a vivid descriptions of the accident.                     


【解析】考查名词。a 要修饰单数名词,故把descriptions改成description。

13. You can't legally take possessions of the property until three weeks after the contract is signed.          

【答案】possessions 改成possession

【解析】考查名词。take possession of占有……,是固定搭配。故把possessions 改成possession。

14. We are told that Professor Chen lives on the twenty-second floors of this building.              

【答案】floors 改成floor

【解析】考查名词。根据“the twenty-second ”可知其后要接可数名词单数。故把floors 改成floor。

15. Two-fifths of the machines on display are new item.                                   

【答案】item 改成items

【解析】考查名词。根据“Two-fifths of the machines ”和“are”可知,item应该用复数形式。故把item 改成items。

16.Some sellers were shouting at the top of their voice to attract people' s attentions.                                                                       



17. To my great joys, Mary took good care of me.                   



“to one's joy”使某人高兴的是……。

18.Why not come and join us if you want to know more informations about our future space school?                                                                        



19.It is well known that doing exercise can help people lose weights and have a healthy life.                                                                    



.lose weight,减肥。

20.Sometimes failure can make us lose hearts.                          

【答案】 hearts改成 heart

【解析】考查名词。lose heart“泄气,失去信心”是固定搭配。故把 hearts改成 heart。

21. They may be too young to tell right from wrong without the guidance of their parents. Some may take illegal activity .                                           

【答案】activity 改成 activities

【解析】考查名词。activity“活动”是可数名词,其前面没有形容词性物主动词、冠词和指示代词,又根据本句主语是some可知,需用复数形式。故把activity 改成 activities。句意:他们可能还太年轻,没有父母的指导,不能分辨是非。有些人可能从事非法活动。

22.But my father's dead changed me.My life became poorer, but my mother tried her best to give me what I wanted even though it was too difficult for her.                

【答案】 dead 改成  death

【解析】考查名词。my father's是形容词性所有格,其后需解名词,而dead是形容词,故把dead 改成  death。句意:但我父亲的死改变了我,我的生活变得越来越穷,但我母亲尽力给我想要的,尽管这对她来说太难了。

23.After we walked along the bank for forty minute, we reached the Happy Valley.                                                                

【答案】 minute 改成 minutes

【解析】考查名词。根据forty可知其后该加可数名词复数,故把minute 改成 minutes。

24.It is necessary that one should eat various kind of healthy food such as fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits.                                                                     

【答案】 kind改成 kinds

【解析】考查名词。various“各种各样的”修饰名词复数,故把kind改成 kinds。句意:有必要吃各种健康食品,如鱼类、鸡蛋、蔬菜和水果。 

25.By the way, after the contest,I am to drop in at your universities to visit you.                                                                           

【答案】  universities改成  university

【解析】考查名词。根据句意“顺便说一下,比赛结束后,我要去你们的大学参观一下。”可知university应该用单数形式。故把 universities改成  university。


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