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【广东省湛江市2019-2020学年高三上学期9月调研】阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C和D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

It was a hot spring day. I headed into a local store to buy my son a shirt. The air conditioning in there was a(an) ____41____the heat outside.

After I made my 42     I walked back into the    43     . I got in my car but had to wait to   44   because of all the cars     45    at the red stop light. I looked out of my car window and saw something on the pavement. A single butterfly was wildly    46    its wings but not getting off the 47      . It was right in front of a truck's 48       too. Without thinking I got out of my car, held my hand up 49     the truck driver wouldn't move forward , and bent down to look at the butterfly. One of its legs was   50    in what looked

like soda(苏打水).I reached down and 51     the butterfly as 52      as I could. I lifted its

53    up and suddenly it was 54      . I opened my 55      and up it flew towards the shining sun. My own eyes shone brighter and my own heart felt    56    as I watched it.

Now a lot of people might 57      why I would step out into traffic like that to 58    _ a single butterfly. All I can say is that my heart was 59      me at that moment・ And when I was done I felt more like my true self than I had all day. 60     your days with goodness and love. And your heart will feel as light as a butterfly.


41. A. surprise B. relief C. inspiration D. reminder

42. A. purchase B. decision C. application D. promise

43. A. store B. heat C. queue D. mess

44. A. climb out B. climb over C. pull out D. pull over

45. A. slowed down B. speeded up C. lined up D. broke clown

46. A. hurting B. beating C. expanding D. cleaning

47. A. floor B. car C. ground D. truck

48. A. headlight B. door C. window D. tire

49. A. so B. but C. because D. although

50. A. injured B. spread C. stuck D. placed

51. A. admired B cupped C. comforted D. observed

52. A. tightly B. gently C. bravely D. quietly

53. A. burden B. wing C. spirit D. leg

54. A. free B. alive C. calm D. elegant

55. A. bag B. pocket C. eyes D. hands

56. A. purer B. harder C. heavier D. lighter

57. A. wonder B. understand C. clarify D. forget

58. A. describe B. study C. rescue D. treat

59. A. following B. judging C. forcing D. guiding

60. A. Fill B. End C. Begin D. Reward



41.考查名词词义辨析。句意:室内的空调使外面的炎热得到了缓解。A. surprise惊讶;B. relief减轻、缓解;C.inspiration灵感;D. reminder提醒。根据常识可知,空调能够缓解外面的炎热,故B项正确。

42.考查名词词义辨析。句意:买完东西之后,我又回到了炎热之中。A. purchase购买;B. decision决定;C. application应用; D. promise承诺。根据文章第二句话“I headed into a local store to buy my son a shirt.”可知,我去商店给儿子买衬衫,此处是说我买完了衬衫,故A项正确。

43.考查名词词义辨析。句意同上。A. store商店;B. heat热、炎热;C. queue    队列;D. mess混乱。根据文章第一句话“It was a hot spring day.”可知,天气非常热,买完东西从商场出来之后我又回到了炎热之中,故B项正确。

44.考查动词短语辨析。句意:我上了车,却还不能上路,因为红灯刚好亮了,所有的车都在红灯前排队等候。A. climb out爬出;B. climb over爬过;C. pull out驶离路边、开往主路;D. pull over靠边。很多车都在等红灯,所以我还不能上路,故C项正确。

45.考查动词短语辨析。句意同上。A. slowed down减速;    B. speeded up加速;C. lined up排队;D. broke down出故障。根据常识可知,红灯亮的时候,车辆通常排队等候,故C项正确。

46.考查动词词义辨析。句意:一只小蝴蝶正发疯似地拍动翅膀却无法从地面上飞起来。A. hurting伤害;B. beating振翅;C. expanding扩大;D. cleaning清理。小蝴蝶想要飞起来自然是要努力拍打翅膀,故B项正确。

47.考查名词词义辨析。句意同上。A. floor地板;B. car汽车;C. ground地面;D. truck货车。


48.考查名词词义辨析。句意:更可怕的是,在它前面就是一辆卡车的巨大车轮。A. headlight前灯;B. door门;C. window窗子;D. tire轮胎。上文说很多车都在等红灯,所以小蝴蝶前面就是一辆卡车的车轮,故D项正确。

49.考查连词词义辨析。句意:我毫不犹豫地走下车,一手挡在卡车前面,这样司机就不会继续前进了。A. so所以;B. but但是;C. because因为;D. although尽管。我一手挡在卡车前面,所以司机就不能继续往前开了,故A项正确。

50.考查动词词义辨析。句意:它的一条腿陷入了看似洒出来的苏打水里。A. injured使受伤;B. spread展开;C.stuck卡住、陷入;D. placed放。小蝴蝶无法从地面上飞起来是因为它的一条腿陷入了看似洒出来的苏打水里,故C项正确。

51.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我伸出手去,尽可能轻柔地将蝴蝶捧入手中。A. admired钦佩;B. cupped托起;C. comforted安慰;D. observed观察。我想要救这只小蝴蝶,所以我将它捧在手中,故B项正确。

52.考查副词词义辨析。句意同上。A. tightly紧紧地;B. gently轻轻地、温柔地;C. bravely勇敢地;D. quietly静静地。小蝴蝶经过一番挣扎后很虚弱,所以我的动作尽量轻柔,故B项正确。

53.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我托起它的腿,忽然间,它自由了。A. burden负担;B. wing翅膀;C. spirit精神;D. leg腿。上文说小蝴蝶无法飞起来是因为一条腿陷入了洒出来的苏打水里,所以我托起它的那条腿,故D项正确。

54.考查形容词词义辨析。句意同上。A. free自由的;B. alive活着的;C. calm冷静的;D. elegant精美的。小蝴蝶无法飞起来是因为一条腿陷入了洒出来的苏打水里,我托起它的那条腿后它就自由了,故A项正确。

55.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我张开双手,它朝灼亮的太阳飞去。A. bag包;B. pocket兜;C. eyes双眼;D. hands双手。根据空后的“it flew towards the shining sun”可知,我张开双手让它飞走,故D项正确。

56.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:我看着它飞走,心里感到轻快了不少。A. purer纯净的;B. harder坚硬的;C. heavier沉重的;D. lighter轻的、轻快的。救了这只小蝴蝶让我的心里感到很轻快,故D项正确。

57.考查动词词义辨析。句意:很多人感到不解(在想)为什么我会特意下车挤进车流就为去救一只小小的蝴蝶。A. wonder想、想知道;B. understand理解;C. clarify阐明;D. forget忘记。很多人会对我特意下车挤进车流就为去救一只小小的蝴蝶的做法感到不解,故A项正确。

58.考查动词词义辨析。句意同上。A. describe描写;B. study研究;C. rescue营救;D. treat招待。根据上文情节可知,我挤进车流是为了救这只无法从地面飞起来的小蝴蝶,故C项正确。

59.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我只能说那一刻我的心指引我那么做。A. following跟随;B. judging评判;C. forcing强迫;D. guiding指引。上文说很多人会对我特意下车挤进车流就为去救一只小小的蝴蝶的做法感到不解,此处作出解释——我的心指引我去救这只小蝴蝶,故D项正确。

60.考查动词词义辨析。句意:让你的每一天都充满善意和关爱吧!A. Fill填满;B. End结束;C. Begin开始;D. Reward报答。fill…with表示“充满、用……填满”,从救小蝴蝶的故事中我认识到人们应该让每一天都充满善意和关爱,故A项正确。

【四川省宜宾市2018-2020学年高三上学期第一次诊断】完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)

阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

Ajay Munot, a rich businessman in India, has built and donated 90 houses to the poor, instead of spending the money on a wedding for his daughter.

Munot had been  41 to spend $115,000 on his daughter Shreya’s wedding, but after  42  with Shreya, he decided there was a better way to  43 all that money, which was to help those  44 .

They both agreed that providing the poor with their own houses was the  45 idea. Munot began  46 90 houses in a land belonging to him. On the big day, the bride and groom were the ones who handed the keys to the newly built  47 to the carefully selected persons.

In order to qualify for a new home, people needed to  48 some standards—they had to be poor, and didn’t suffer from alcohol, drug or gambling addiction. The few  49 selected didn’t just get a roof over their heads, but also  50 to electricity and clean drinking water, things that they could only  51 before.

As for Shreya, she said that her father’s  52 is the greatest wedding gift he could have given her. “I am very happy with the  53 we made and consider it the biggest gift for my wedding.”

The 90 houses measure 12 by 20 square feet, feature two windows and two doors, and have all been  54 red and white. They’re  55 by Western standards, but for their  56 owners, they are more than they had ever hoped for.

Ajay Munot told reporters that all  57 businessmen should do something similar for their children’s weddings,  58 wasting the money.

“This is a new chapter in history and I hope that the same  59 will be followed by other rich communities,” he said, “We have some  60 towards our society.”

41A. planning B. inspiring C. managing D. pretending

42.A. arguing B. talking C. sharing D. walking

43.A. save B. cost C. earn D. spend

44.A. with tears B. in need C. in particular D. on time

45.A. worst B. least C. best D. most

46.A. constructing B. destroying C. buying D. decorating

47.A. gardens B. yards C. houses D. rooms

48.A. achieve B. make C. challenge D. meet

49.A. faithful B. lucky C. kind D. poor

50.A. approach B. entrance C. access D. solution

51.A. dream of B. put up with C. worry about D. show off

52.A. loyalty B. honesty C. belief D. kindness

53.A. regret B. decision C. comment D. progress

54.A. painted B. washed C. built D. discovered

55.A. basic B. high C. good D. enough

56.A. old B. exhausted C. new D. negative

57.A. healthy B. wealthy C. nice D. careful

58.A. regardless of B. but for C. out of D. instead of

59.A. situation B. theory C. guidance D. concept

60.A. rights B. attitudes C. responsibilities D. affairs


【解析】这是一篇记叙文。短文主要讲了印度一个富有的商人Ajay Munot为穷人建了很多房子,作为女儿结婚时的礼物,他认为这是一种更好的花费金钱的方法,希望会有人追随这种做法。

41.考查动词词义辨析。句意:Munot原本计划为女儿Shreya的婚礼花费11.5万美元,但在和Shreya谈过之后,他决定有一个更好的办法来花这笔钱,那就是帮助那些需要帮助的人。A. planning计划;B. inspiring鼓舞;C. managing管理;D. pretending假装。Munot本计划在女儿的婚礼上花费115000英镑,故答案为A。

42.考查动词词义辨析。句意:Munot原本计划为女儿Shreya的婚礼花费11.5万美元,但在和Shreya谈过之后,他决定有一个更好的办法来花这笔钱,那就是帮助那些需要帮助的人。A. arguing争吵;B. talking聊天;C. sharing分享;D. walking散步。跟女儿Shreya聊完后,故答案为B。

43.考查动词词义辨析。句意:Munot原本计划为女儿Shreya的婚礼花费11.5万美元,但在和Shreya谈过之后,他决定有一个更好的办法来花这笔钱,那就是帮助那些需要帮助的人。A. save拯救;B. cost花费,后跟人做宾语;C. earn赚的;D. spend花费,后跟物做宾语。根据语境他跟女儿Shreya聊完后,他觉得有更好的方式来花费这些钱,根据下文all the money可知应使用spend,故答案为D。

44.考查介词短语辨析。句意:Munot原本计划为女儿Shreya的婚礼花费11.5万美元,但在和Shreya谈过之后,他决定有一个更好的办法来花这笔钱,那就是帮助那些需要帮助的人。A. with tears含泪;B. in need在穷困中的;有需要;C. in particular特别;D. on time按时。他想出一个更好的方式来花这些钱,那就是帮助那些有需要的人,故答案为B。

45.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:他们都认为给穷人提供自己的房子是最好的主意。A. worst最差的;B. least最少的;C. best最好的;D. most最多的。根据下文90 houses in a land belonging to him可知他们最终认为提供房子是最好的想法,故答案为C。

46.考查动词词义辨析。句意:Munot开始在属于他的土地上建造90栋房子。A. constructing构造;B. destroying破坏;C. buying    购买;D. decorating装饰。根据下文90 houses in a land belonging to him 可知Munot开始在自己的地上建了90座房子,故答案为A。

47.考查名词词义辨析。句意:在这个重要的日子里,新娘和新郎将新房子的钥匙交给精心挑选的人。A. gardens花园;B. yards院子;C. houses房屋;D. rooms房间。根据上文They both agreed that providing the poor with their own houses可知在婚礼这天,新郎和新娘把房子的钥匙给那些精心挑选的人,因此使用houses,故答案为C。

48.考查动词词义辨析。句意:为了有资格获得一个新家,人们需要达到一些标准——他们必须很穷,而且不酗酒、吸毒或赌博成瘾。A. achieve实现;B. make制造;C. challenge挑战;D. meet遇见;满足。根据下文some standards—they had to be poor, and didn’t suffer from alcohol, drug or gambling addiction可知有资格获得房子的人要满足一些要求,故答案为D。

49.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:少数被选中的幸运儿不仅有了栖身之所,还能用上电和干净的饮用水,这些都是他们以前只能梦想的事情。A. faithful忠实的;B. lucky幸运的;C. kind    亲切的;D. poor贫穷的。此处指挑选出来的这几个人是幸运的,故答案为B。

50.考查名词词义辨析。句意:少数被选中的幸运儿不仅有了栖身之所,还能用上电和干净的饮用水,这些都是他们以前只能梦想的事情。A. approach方法;B. entrance入口;C. access接近;使用;D. solution解决方案。他们还能用上电和干净的饮用水,故答案为C。

51.考查动词短语辨析。句意:少数被选中的幸运儿不仅有了栖身之所,还能用上电和干净的饮用水,这些都是他们以前只能梦想的事情。A. dream of梦想;B. put up with忍受;C. worry about担心;D. show off炫耀。这些东西是他们以前只能梦想的,故答案为A。

52.考查名词词义辨析。句意:至于Shreya,她说她父亲的善良是他能给她的最好的结婚礼物。A. loyalty忠诚;B. honesty诚实;C. belief信仰;D. kindness好意;善良。Shreya说她父亲的善良是她收到的最好的结婚礼物,故答案为D。

53.考查名词词义辨析。句意:“我对我们的决定非常满意,我认为这是我婚礼上最大的礼物。”A. regret遗憾;B. decision决定;C. comment评论;D. progress进步。这是我们做出的决定,故选B。

54.考查动词词义辨析。句意:这90栋房屋的面积为12乘20平方英尺(约1.57平方米),有两扇窗户和两扇门,全部刷成了红色和白色。A. painted着色;油漆;B. washed洗;C. built建造;D. discovered发现。根据下文red and white可知此处指房子是刷成红色和白色的,故答案为A。

55.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:这些房子都是以西方建筑为主,但对它们的新主人来说,它们的功能超出了他们的预期。A. basic基础的;B. high高的;C. good好的;D. enough足够的。此处指这些房子都是以西方建筑为主,故答案为A。

56.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:这些房子都是以西方建筑为主,但对它们的新主人来说,它们的功能超出了他们的预期。A. old旧的;B. exhausted    筋疲力尽的;C. new新的;D. negative消极的。根据语境这些房子是建给那些有需要的人,它们是房子新的主人,因此使用new,故答案为C。

57.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:Ajay Munot告诉记者,所有富有的商人都应该为他们孩子的婚礼做类似的事情,而不是浪费钱。A. healthy健康的;B. wealthy富有的;C. nice好的;D. careful仔细的。Ajay Munot告诉记者所有富有的商人都应该为女儿的婚礼做一些相似的事情,故答案为B。

58.考查介词短语辨析。句意:Ajay Munot告诉记者,所有富有的商人都应该为他们孩子的婚礼做类似的事情,而不是浪费钱。A. regardless of不管;B. but for要不是;C. out of缺乏;D. instead of而不是。Munot告诉记者所有富有的商人都应该为女儿的婚礼做一些相似的事情,而不是浪费钱,故答案为D。

59.考查名词词义辨析。句意:“这是历史的新篇章,我希望其他富裕社区也能遵循同样的理念,”他说,“我们对我们的社会负有一些责任。”A. situation情况;B. theory理论;C. guidance指导;D. concept概念。此处指我希望这种新的理念会被其他富有的社区所追随,故答案为D。

60.考查名词词义辨析。句意:“这是历史的新篇章,我希望其他富裕社区也能遵循同样的理念,”他说,“我们对我们的社会负有一些责任。”A. rights权利;B. attitudes态度;C. responsibilities责任;D. affairs事务。根据下文towards our society可知是指对社会负有责任,故答案为C。


I’m just a senior in high school who works at a local Baskin Robbins. In and outside of    41   , I always wear a smile and try to influence my kind    42   towards customers. But lately, I’ve been inspired by the stories here to reach out kindness in other ways beyond just acting    43   . So, today, when I went to work, I    44   I would take my first big step and    45   help a complete stranger.

Two    46   girls came into the store and    47   . I offered them my usual "Welcome to Baskin Robbins!"    48   . One of them finally decided upon a chocolate chip. So I made a big scoop (勺), weighed it and    49   it to her. Interestingly, though, the other girl didn’t get anything     50    I could tell she was looking at a variety of creams.

It was when she gave me the money that the other girl, who     51    was the younger sister,     52    out, "I wish I could have     53    ." When I heard this comment I knew that it was my     54    to give a little something to her. So, I told her that I would     55    for her scoop. She was in disbelief at my words. I asked her what flavor she wanted and handed it to her. I then     56    the $3 for it and gave it in the cashier.

She appeared so     57    . It was truly wonderful to help this young girl and make her feel special for a moment. It was funny, though, how my co-workers looked at me like I was     58    . But, I did not    59    that I spent a little, because the feeling I     60    from my action was worth a million dollars. What a meaningful thing.

41. A. home               B. school             C. study              D. work

42. A. words               B. spirit              C. attitude            D. opinions

43. A. strangely            B. friendly            C. funnily             D. properly

44. A. decided             B. dreamt             C. hesitated           D. promised

45. A. truly                B. falsely             C. interestedly         D. curiously'

46. A. beautiful            B. young             C. poor               D. rich

47. A. searched around      B. looked around      C. turned around       D. walked around

48. A. greeting             B. note               C. card               D. paper

49. A. mailed             B. packed            C. bought            D. handed

50. A. as if                B. in case             C. the moment         D. even if

51. A. apparently           B. fortunately         C. sadly              D. finally

52. A. spoke               B. cried              C. came              D. stood

53. A. nothing             B. something          C. anything           D. everything

54. A. turn                B. duty              C. opportunity         D. job

55. A. pay'                B. weigh              C. go                 D. make

56. A. got                 B. put               C. left               D. took

57. A. regretful             B. grateful            C. angry              D. patient

58, A. clever               B. helpful             C. rich                 D. crazy'

59, A. share                B. spare               C. care                D. support

60. A. benefited             B. received            C. recovered           D. suffered



41.考查名词词义辨析。在工作内外。A. home家;B. school学校;C. study学习;D. work工作。根据“我只是一个在巴斯金罗宾斯当地一家餐馆工作的高三学生。”这句可知,这里表示的是工作内外,故选 D。

42.考查名词词义辨析。在工作内外,我总是面带微笑,试图影响我对客户的友好态度。A. words话语;B. spirit精神;C. attitude态度;D. opinions看法。根据wear a smile是面带微笑,故应该是对客户友善的态度,故选C。

43.考查副词词义辨析。但最近,我从这里的故事中受到启发,除了表现友好之外,我还用其他方式表达善意。A. strangely奇怪地;B. friendly友好地;C. funnily有趣地;D. properly正确地。此处表示除了表现出来的友好行为,故选B。

44.考查动词词义辨析。所以,今天,当我去上班的时候,我决定迈出我的第一步真正地帮助一个完全陌生的人。A. decided决定;B. dreamt梦想;    C. hesitated犹豫;    D. promised承诺。先是做出决定要迈出第一步,故选A。

45.考查副词词义辨析。我决定迈出我的第一步,真正地帮助一个完全陌生的人。A. truly真地;B. falsely错误地;C. interestedly有趣地;D. curiously好奇地。下定决心要帮助陌生人,应该是很真诚地,故选A。

46.考查形容词词义辨析。两个年轻的女孩走进商店,环顾四周。A. beautiful漂亮的;B. young年轻的;    C. poor贫穷的;D. rich富有的。由下文this young girl可知,此处是指“年轻的”女孩,故选B。

47.考查动词短语词义辨析。A. searched around查究;B. looked around四周看看;C. turned around转身,转向;D. walked around出来转转。此处表示2个女孩在店里四周看看,故选B。

48.考查名词词义辨析。我像往常一样向他们打招呼:“欢迎来到巴斯金罗宾斯!”A. greeting打招呼;B. note笔记;C. card卡片;D. paper纸张。根据本句形容词usual可知是日常的打招呼,故选A。

49.考查动词词义辨析。于是我做了一大勺子,称了称,递给了她。A. mailed发邮件;B. packed打包;C. bought买;D. handed递上去。根据made和 weighed可知此处是递给她,故选D。

50.考查连词词义辨析。有趣的是,另一个女孩什么也没买,即使我能看出她在看各种各样的奶油。A. as if好像;B. in case万一;C. the moment一… 就…,立刻,马上;D. even if即使。此处表示让步状语从句,故选D。

51.考查副词词义辨析。当她把钱给我的时候,另一个女孩,显然是她的妹妹。A. apparently明显地;B. fortunately幸运地;C. sadly悲伤地;D. finally最终。从the younger sister可知此处是明显地看出来更小的是妹妹,故选A。

52.考查动词词义辨析。另一个女孩,显然是她的妹妹,大声呼喊:“我希望我能得到一些东西。”A. spoke说;B. cried哭;C. came来到;D. stood站。表示大声喊出来。故选B。

53.考查代词词义辨析。大声喊说:“我希望我能得到一些东西。”A. nothing没事;B. something某事;C. anything任何事;D. everything所有事。表示能得到一些东西,故选B。

54.考查名词词义辨析。当我听到这个评论时,我知道这是我给她一点小礼物的机会。A. turn轮流;B. duty责任;C. opportunity机会;D. job工作。表示是我的一个机会,故选C。

55.考查动词词义辨析。所以,我告诉她我会为她的那一勺买单。A. pay支付;B. weigh称;C. go走;D. make做。表示付钱,故选A。

56.考查动词词义辨析。然后我拿了3美元,把它交给收银员。A. got得到;B. put放;C. left留下;D. took拿出,带走。拿出了3没有,故选D。

57.考查形容词词义辨析。她显得很感激。A. regretful后悔的;B. grateful感激的;C. angry生气的;D. patient耐心的。表示她此时感激的心情,故选B。

58..考查形容词词义辨析。不过,有趣的是,我的同事们看我的眼神就像我疯了一样。A. clever聪明的;B. helpful有帮助的;C. rich富裕的;D. crazy疯狂的。表示像疯了一样的,故选D。

59.考查动词词义辨析。。但是,我并不在乎我花了多少钱。A. share分享;B. spare空出;C. care关心;D. support支持。表示不关心这点钱,故选C。

60.考查动词词义辨析。因为我从我的行动中得到的感觉值100万美元。A. benefited使受益;B. received收到;C. recovered恢复;D. suffered遭遇。根据文中“from my action”,从行动中收获,故选B。

【黑龙江省哈尔滨市第三中学校2020届高三上学期第一次验收】阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、 B 、C 、D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

I quietly placed my ear against the kitchen door. Mom had a male    41   ! I peeked(偷看) around. Sitting there was a gentleman, the most handsome man I’d   42   seen.

Mom was a young widow then with three children. My sister was ten, my brother four and I six. I    43    having a daddy. And I knew he was the one. Then I marched right into the    44   .

“Hi! I’m Patty. What’s your name?”


Looking towards Mom, I asked, “Don’t you think my mom’s pretty?”

“Patty!” Mom scolded with    45   . “Go and check on Benny.”

George leaned forward and    46   , “Yes, I do. I’ll see you later, Patty. I think we will be good friends.”

George started    47    Mom more often. He always seemed happy to see me and never grew    48    of my endless questions.

Soon they entered into a    49   . For George, who’d never been married before, coming back from World War II and into a ready-made family took some    50   . One evening was especially bad. Benny was crying on the kitchen floor. Annie was    51    loudly it wasn’t her place to    52    that spoiled child. And I spilled a whole pot of butter milk. With a(n)    53    look, George muttered(嘟囔), “I must have been    54    to marry a woman with three kids.”

Mom fled to their bedroom in    55   , and George walked out. I hurried to the porch. “I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful next time. Please don’t    56   !”

  57   wiping my tears, he said, “We’re friends, and friends never    58    the people they love. Don’t worry. I’ll always be here.” Then he went to    59    Mom.

Over the years, George has always been there for me. I still turn to him with my    60    though he is 85.

41. A. volunteer B. visitor C. supporter D. scholar

42. A. ever B. always C. never D. seldom

43. A. recommended B. stopped C. missed D. minded

44. A. kitchen B. bathroom C. bedroom D. garden

45. A. excitement B. doubt C. embarrassment D. pride

46. A. yelled B. complained C. reported D. whispered

47. A. taking on B. calling on C. focusing on D. putting on

48. A. tired B. uncertain C. fond[来源:Z D. confident

49. A. conflict B. contact C. marriage D. competition

50. A. planning B. pretending C. adjusting D. misunderstanding

51. A. warning B. complaining C. wondering D. demanding

52. A. look after B. depend on C. stand for D. set up

53. A. exciting B. energetic C. curious D. vacant

54. A. talented B. mad C. brave D. unbelievable

55. A. shock B. vain C. tears D. ruins[来源:学

56. A. leave B. refuse C. approach D. escape

57. A. Deeply B. Gently C. Properly D. Skillfully

58. A. betray B. force C. abandon D. threaten

59. A. persuade B. inform C. attract D. comfort

60. A. suggestions B. problems C. experiences D. achievements



41.考查名词词义辨析。句意:妈妈来了一位男性访客。A. volunteer志愿者;B. visitor访客;C. supporter支持者;D. scholar学者。由“Sitting there was a gentleman”可知,乔治拜访了母亲,所以他是母亲的男性访客。故选B项。

42.考查副词词义辨析。句意:坐在那里的是一位绅士,他是我曾经见过的最英俊的人。A. ever曾经;B. always一直;C. never决不;D. seldom很少。乔治是作者曾今见过的最英俊的人。故选A项。

43.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我很怀念有爸爸的日子。A. recommended推荐;B. stopped停止;C. missed想念;D. minded介意。由“Mom was a young widow”可知,作者的母亲是个寡妇。所以作者很怀念有爸爸的日子。故选C项。

44.考查名词词义辨析。句意:然后我大步走进厨房。A. kitchen厨房;B. bathroom浴室;C. bedroom卧室;D. garden花园。由前文“I quietly placed my ear against the kitchen door”可知,作者在厨房外的偷听。这次直接大步走进了厨房。故选A项。

45.考查名词词义辨析。句意:帕蒂!“妈妈难为情地责备着我。A. excitement兴奋;B. doubt怀疑;C. embarrassment尴尬;D. pride自豪。由“Looking towards Mom, I asked, “Don’t you think my mom’s pretty?”可知,妈妈对于作者问乔治的问题感到尴尬。故选C项。

46.考查动词词义辨析。句意:乔治俯身低声说:“是的,我也是这么认为。A. yelled喊叫;B. complained抱怨;C. reported报道;D. whispered低声说。作者还是个孩子,所以乔治低声地对作者说,也是为了避免让母亲感到尴尬。也说明乔治是一个温柔且喜欢孩子的人。故选D项。

47.考查动词短语词义辨析。句意:乔治开始更频繁地看望妈妈。A. taking on呈现;B. calling on拜访;C. focusing on集中;D. putting on穿上。由“more often”可知,乔治开始更频繁地看望妈妈。故选B项。

48.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:他见到我似乎总是很高兴,对我没完没了的问题从不感到厌烦。A. tired厌烦的;B. uncertain不确定的;C. fond喜欢的;D. confident自信的。由“never,endless questions.”可知,乔治对作者没完没了的问题从不感到厌烦。故选A项。

49.考查名词词义辨析。句意:不久他们就结婚了。A. conflict矛盾;B. contact联系;C. marriage婚姻;D. competition竞争。由“ into a ready-made family”可知,不久乔治与母亲就结婚了,成为了作者的继父。故选C项。

50.考查名词词义辨析。句意:因为乔治以前从未结过婚,二战后回来就和一个现有的家庭组成了家庭,所以他需要做些调整。A. planning计划;B. pretending假装;C. adjusting调整;D. misunderstanding误解。乔治从未结过婚,却和一个现有家庭组成了家庭。所以他需要在很多方面进行调整,以便适应这样的生活以及各种可能出现的问题。故选C项。

51.考查动词词义辨析。句意:安妮大声抱怨说,照顾那个被宠坏的孩子不是她的职责。A. warning警告;B. complaining抱怨;C. wondering想知道;D. demanding要求。由“Benny was crying on the kitchen floor”可知,Benny正在地板上哭,而Annie 只用10岁,面对弟弟在地板上哭个不停,她也没有好办法。所以安妮大声地抱怨。故选B项。

52.考查动词短语词义辨析。句意:安妮大声抱怨说,照顾那个被宠坏的孩子不是她的职责。A. look after照顾;B. depend on依靠;C. stand for代表;D. set up建立。Annie 只有10岁,照顾着4岁的Benny。而面对弟弟在地板上哭个不停,她也没有好办法所以Annie 在大声抱怨说,照顾那个被宠坏的孩子不是她的职责。故选A项。

53.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:乔治面色木然,咕哝道:“我一定是疯了,娶了一个有三个孩子的女人。A. exciting令人激动的;B. energetic经历充沛的;C. curious好奇的;D. vacant木然的。由常识可以判断,乔治是孩子们继父,看到这样槽糕的局面,既不能打也不能骂,所以表情木然。故选D项。

54.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:乔治面色木然,咕哝道:“我一定是疯了,娶了一个有三个孩子的女人。A. talented有天赋的;B. mad疯狂的;C. brave勇敢的;D. unbelievable难以置信的。乔治认为娶了一个有三个孩子的女人,自己一定是疯了。故选B项。

55.考查名词词义辨析。句意:妈妈含泪跑回卧室,乔治走了出来。A. shock震惊;B. vain徒劳;C. tears眼泪;D. ruins废墟。母亲看到孩子们这么吵闹,再加上乔治说的那一番话。这一切使母亲泪流满面。故选C项。

56.考查动词词义辨析。句意:请不要离开。A. leave离开;B. refuse拒绝;C. approach接近;D. escape逃跑。作者很怕乔治因为这件事而离开这个家,所以作者请求乔治不要离开。故选A项。

57.考查副词词义辨析。句意:他轻轻地擦着我的眼泪,他说:“我们是朋友,朋友从不抛弃他们所爱的人。A. Deeply深深地;B. Gently温柔地;C. Properly恰当地;D. Skillfully熟练地。由前文可知,乔治对作者所提出的问题从不感到厌烦,所以乔治对待作者是很温柔的且很喜欢孩子。所以当作者请求乔治不要离开时,他轻轻地擦着作者的眼泪。故选B项。

58.考查动词词义辨析。句意:他轻轻地擦着我的眼泪,他说:“我们是朋友,朋友从不抛弃他们所爱的人。A. betray背叛;B. force迫使;C. abandon抛弃;D. threaten威胁。朋友从不抛弃他们所爱的人以及下文“he is 85”可知,乔治没有抛弃作者一家人。故选C项。

59.考查动词词义辨析。句意:然后他去安慰妈妈。A. persuade说服;B. inform告知;C. attract吸引;D. comfort安慰。乔治对作者说完话,又去安慰妈妈,因为妈妈哭了。可见乔治是和温柔且很爱这个家。故选D项。

60.考查名词词义辨析。句意:尽管他已经85岁了,我仍然向乔治请求帮助来解决问题。A. suggestions建议;B. problems问题;C. experiences经历;D. achievements成就。由“my endless questions” 作者小的时候会问乔治无尽的问题。现在作者已经是成年人了,乔治也已经85了,但是作者在生活中有问题时,仍然向乔治请教。故选B项。

【山西省祁县中学2019-2020届高三8月月考】阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项。

From childhood. Moira loved to write, Throughout school she 41   writing, but pursuing(追求)it  42_ was never a possibility. Her father was a doctor, her mother a nurse "Medicine was a fairly 43  option," Moira says. "And writing was a career where it wasn't a 44  that you'd have high income."

She became a doctor but still wanted to do some writing. However, being a doctor was so  45  that she didn't take up writing until her thirties. She 46   a novel --- a fictionalized version of her travels in China after university. She got excellent 47    . Moira sent it off to as many agents as she could find and found one who wanted to 48 her. Suddenly it seemed she was on her _49_as  an author.

"I had one lengthy phone call with the agent where we 50 _ all possible areas she thought needed 51   I worked on those and sent it back to her but didn't hear anything, lt was not long 52 Moira found another agent who was  53_  if she was willing to rewrite" it from the first. person to the third person. She did the hard work and sent it off again. "1 got back a really brief  letter. 'Thank you. I'm no longer interested, It was really 54    .

A decade went by, and Moira found herself itching to write again, this time .55  for her own enjoyment She 56   herself the challenge of creating a thriller and chose Western Australia as her setting.

As she was writing just for herself, something surprising began to happen. "The characters 57   a life of their own; they started doing things I hadn't thought about. It just 58   out." One day. an agent called from Australia. Three weeks later, Moira had a publication deal. Her novel. Cicada. was published in March.

41.A. learnt B. avoided C. considered D. enjoyed

42.A. actively B. professionally C. energetically D. permanently

43.A. influential B. explicit C. terrible D. safe

44.A. dream B. purpose C. choice D. certainty

45.A. promising B. discouraging C. demanding D. interesting

46.A. produced B. introduced C. bought D. received

47.A. rewards B. readers C. reviews D. praises

48.A. employ B. represent C. trust D. guide

49.A. own B. feet C. way D. business

50.A. took off B. went through C. pulled down D. came over

51. A. deleting B. adapting C. polishing D. covering

52.A. before B. after C. since D. when

53.A. fascinated B. interested C. anxious D. amused

54.A. common B. absurd C. terrifying D disappointing

55. A. purely B. wonderfully C. instantly D. sadly

56.A.set B. found C. made D. permitted

57.A. put up B. took on C. went over D. got down

58.A. flew B. brought C. broke D. carried

59.A Ever since B. As if C. If only D. Even if

60.A. adventure B. practice C. process D. result



41.考查动词词义辨析。句意:在上学期间,她仍然喜欢写作。A. learnt学习;B. avoided避免;C. considered考虑;D. enjoyed喜欢。根据首句From childhood,Moira loved to write.可知,从童年开始,Moira就爱好写作;由此推断,在上学期间,她仍然喜欢(enjoyed)写作。故选D。

42.考查副词词义辨析。句意:把写作当作职业来追求几乎是不可能的。A. actively积极地;B. professionally作为职业地;C. energetically精力充沛地;D. permanently永久地。根据生活常识及该句中的关键词never a possibility可知,把写作当作职业来追求几乎是不可能的。故选B。

43.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:Moira认为医学是一个十分安全的选择。A. influential有影响的;B. explicit明确的;C. terrible可怕的;D. safe安全的。根据空处前一句“Her father was a doctor,her mother a nurse.”可知,她的父母会给予她医学方面很多的帮助,所以Moira认为医学是一个十分安全的(safe)选择。故选D。

44.考查名词词义辨析。句意:Moira也认为写作是一个不一定能带来高收入的职业。A. dream梦想;B. purpose目的;C. choice选择;D. certainty确定的事。根据空后的you’d have high income可知,Moira也认为写作是一个不一定能带来高收入的职业。故选D。

45.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:医生是一个要求很高的职业。A. promising有希望的,有前途的;B. discouraging使人泄气的;C. demanding苛刻的,要求高的;D. interesting有趣的。根据空后的she didn’t take up writing until her thirties可知,医生是一个要求很高的职业,因此她直到三十多岁才开始写作。故选C。

46.考查动词词义辨析。句意:她以大学毕业后在中国的旅游经历为背景创作了一本小说。A. produced创作,生产,产生;B. introduced介绍;C. bought买;D. received收到。根据语境可知,她以大学毕业后在中国的旅游经历为背景创作了一本小说。所以选项A正确。

47.考查名词词义辨析。句意:这部小说写出来后,她得到了极好的评论。A. rewards报酬;B. readers读者;C. reviews评论;D. praises赞扬。根据该段最后一句Suddenly it seemed she was on her ___9___as an author.可以判断,这部小说写出来后,她得到了极好的评论。故选C。

48.考查动词词义辨析。句意:在众多的代理人中有一个人愿意代理出版这本小说。A. employ雇用,使用;B. represent代表,代理;C. trust信任;D. guide指导。根据语境可知,在众多的代理人中有一个人愿意代理出版这本小说。故选B。

49.考查名词词义辨析。句意:她似乎突然就要成为作家了。A. own自己;B. feet脚;C. way 路;D. business生意。根据语境可知,她似乎突然就要成为作家了。on one’s way“即将到达或发生”, 故选C。

50.考查动词短语词义辨析。句意:Moira在电话中与代理人就小说中所有代理人认为需要润色的地方进行了仔细琢磨。A. took off脱下,起飞;B. went through仔细察看,仔细琢磨;C. pulled down拆毁,推翻;D. came over过来,来访。根据语境可知,Moira在电话中与代理人就小说中所有代理人认为需要润色(polishing)的地方进行了仔细琢磨(went through)。故选B。

51.考查动词词义辨析。句意:Moira在电话中与代理人就小说中所有代理人认为需要润色的地方进行了仔细琢磨。A. deleting删除;B. adapting适应,改编;C. polishing修改,润色;D. covering覆盖,报道。Moira在电话中与代理人就小说中所有代理人认为需要润色(polishing)的地方进行了仔细琢磨(went through)。故选C。

52.考查连词词义辨析。句意:Moira重新把小说发给代理人但是没有收到任何回复,不久之后Moira找到了另外一个代理人。A. before之前;B. after之后;C. since自从;D. when当……时候。句型It wasn’t long before...意思是“不久之后……”。根据上文中的sent it back to her but didn’t hear anything可知,Moira重新把小说发给代理人但是没有收到任何回复,不久之后Moira找到了另外一个代理人。故选A。

53.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:这位代理人对她的书感兴趣。A. fascinated入迷的;B. interested感兴趣的;C. anxious焦急的,忧虑的;D. amused逗笑的。根据下文中的“I’m no longer interested”可知,此处指这位代理人对她的书感兴趣。故选B。

54.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:我不再感兴趣了,真是令人失望。A. common共同的;B. absurd荒谬的;C. terrifying    令人恐惧的;D. disappointing令人失望的。从两位代理人的态度可知,Moira这两次都以失败告终,所以这件事情肯定令她感到失望。故选D。

55.考查副词词义辨析。句意:而这次写作仅仅是为了个人乐趣。A. purely仅仅,纯粹地;B. wonderfully非常好,非常;C. instantly立即;D. sadly悲伤地。根据该句中的found herself eager to write again...own enjoyment.可知,她发现自己渴望再次写作,而这次写作仅仅(purely)是为了个人乐趣。故选A。

56.考查动词词义辨析。句意:Moira向自己提出了一个挑战,写一部惊险小说。A. set提出;B. found发现;C. made使得;D. permitted允许,许可。根据语境可知,Moira向自己提出(set)了一个挑战,写一部惊险小说。故选A。

57.考查动词短语词义辨析。句意:小说中的人物开始具有他们自己的生活。A. put up建造,张贴;B. took on开始具有(某种特征、面貌等);C. went over仔细检查;D. got down下来,取下。根据该句The characters ___17___ a life of their own; they started doing things I hadn’t thought about.可知,小说中的人物开始具有(took on)他们自己的生活。故选B。

58.考查动词词义辨析。句意:这部小说成功了。A. flew飞;B. brought带来;C. broke打破;D. carried携带。根据下文可知,Moira的书得到了一位澳大利亚代理人的关注并顺利出版;据此可以推断,这部小说成功了。故选A。

59.考查连词词义辨析。句意:即使这部小说没有出版,Moira仍然在这个过程中得到许多。A. Ever since自从;B. As if好像,似乎;C. If only要是……就好了;D. Even if即使,尽管。根据语境可推断出,即使(Even if)这部小说没有出版,Moira仍然在这个过程(process)中得到许多。故选D。

60.考查名词词义辨析。句意:即使这部小说没有出版,Moira仍然在这个过程中得到许多。A. adventure冒险;B. practice实践;C. process过程; D. result结果。即使(Even if)这部小说没有出版,Moira仍然在这个过程(process)中得到许多。故选C。

本文是一篇记叙类的完形填空,难度中等偏易。文章逻辑性较强,只要读懂文章大意,基本能选出正确答案。考生做此完形填空时,要充分理解文章大意,特别注重语境的理解,前后句之间的联系,在语境中斟酌所选的答案。如小题1考查的是动词词义的辨析,我们需要根据首句From childhood,Moira loved to write.可知,从童年开始,Moira就爱好写作;由此推断,在上学期间,她仍然喜欢(enjoyed)写作,从而根据语境选出正确的答案。


【广西南宁市第三中学2020届高三9月月考】完形填空(共20 小题,每小题1.5分,满分30分)

Getting out of my car one evening, I met my neighbor Theresa. “Mrs. Taylor is in   41   again,” she said. I had last   42   Mrs. Taylor before Christmas when I took her a loaf of bread. Taylor and I had been neighbors for 17years. And she had a dog which greeted everyone, making people   43  . We all loved him.

Most of my   44   with Mrs. Taylor were by accident— casual visits by the mailbox; quiet talks at the funeral home where we went to   45   a common friend.

After I moved here with our four   46   kids, the quiet neighborhood was gone. We had little in common with the mostly elderly people,   47   they welcomed us warmly. Over the years they   48   us quite a lot. They   49   our kids when our car was out of order, and fed the cat when we were away. We have enjoyed the comfort of living with these friendly people.

 Robert Frost had a neighbor who   50   that “good fences make good neighbors”. However, Frost thought   51   . He believed there' s something “that doesn’t love a wall”. I   52   with him. I believe “something” he talked about lives inside of me, too.

I want to   53   the walls of loneliness that go up when I slip   54   into my garage for fear of disturbing some people. And I   55   to take the fastest route to my back porch(门廊). It's quicker than meandering (蜿蜒) through the yard.   56  , it leaves little room for   57  . But as a child, I would sit on the porch with my mother and wave to neighbors out for an evening walk or drive. 

Mrs. Taylor didn't   58   her latest cancer. So again I walked into the funeral home to say good-bye to a neighbor. I remembered the barking dog and the chats by the mailbox. I was in  59   for the loss of her. Now there is a new family moving into Mrs. Taylor’s place. I see children’s toys in the yard. It’s time to take a(n)  60    around. I want to find the past experience.

41. A. hospital B. school C. court D. prison

42. A. trained B. seen C. forgiven D. hurt

43. A. scared B. annoyed C. cheerful D. careful

44. A. negotiations B. appointments C. quarrels D. conversations

45. A. remember B. congratulate C. save D. consult

46.A. shy B. modest C. noisy D. lazy

47.A. and B. but C. or D. so

48. A. helped B. appreciated C. admired D. missed

49. A. brought up B. believed in C. appealed to D. picked up

50.A. doubted B. replied C. insisted D. warned

51. A. carefully B. wrongly C. differently D. perfectly

52. A. agree B. argue C. team D. meet

53.A. climb up B. prevent from C. seek for D. break down

54.A. eventually B. quietly C. suddenly D. happily

55. A. permit B. decide C. refuse D. tend

56.A. However B. Therefore C. Moreover D. Instead

57.A. reflection B. communication C. progress D. conflict

58.A. fear B. treat C. ignore D. survive[来源:学科网ZXXK]

59. A. anger B. hope C. sadness D. shame

60. A. rest B. walk C. trip D. exam



41.考查名词词义辨析。A. hospital医院;B. school学校;C. court法庭;    D. prison监狱。泰勒夫人又进医院了。故选A。

42.考查动词词义辨析。A. trained 训练;B. seen看见;C. forgiven原谅;D. hurt伤害。我上次见到泰勒夫人是在圣诞节前,当时我给她拿了一条面包。故选B。

43.考查形容词词义辨析。A. scared害怕的;B. annoyed恼怒的;C. cheerful振奋人心的;D. careful小心的。她有一只狗,它欢迎每一个人,使人们高兴。故选C。

44.考查名词词义辨析。A. negotiations协商;B. appointments任命;C. quarrels争吵;D. conversations对话。我和泰勒夫人的大多数谈话都是偶然的——偶尔去看邮箱。表示谈话,故选D。

45.考查动词词义辨析。A. remember记住;B. congratulate祝贺;C. save拯救;D. consult咨询。我们在殡仪馆安静地交谈,我们去那里缅怀一位共同的朋友。故选A。

46.考查形容词词义辨析。A. shy害羞的;    B. modest谦虚的;C. noisy吵闹的;D. lazy懒的。当我和四个吵闹的孩子搬到这里后,这个安静的社区就消失了。与quiet形成对比,故选C。

47.考查连词词义辨析。A. and并且;B. but但是;C. or或者;D. so因此。我们和大多数老年人没有什么共同之处,但他们热情地欢迎我们。表示对比,故选B。

48.考查动词词义辨析。A. helped帮助;B. appreciated欣赏,感激;C. admired赞赏;D. missed错过。这些年来,他们帮了我们很多。故选A。

49.考查动词短语。A. brought up抚养;B. believed in相信;C. appealed to呼吁;D. picked up接送。当我们的车坏了的时候,他们来接我们的孩子,故选D。

50.考查动词词义辨析。A. doubted怀疑;B. replied回复;C. insisted坚持;D. warned警告。罗伯特·弗罗斯特有个邻居坚持认为“好篱笆造就好邻居”。故选C。

51.考查副词词义辨析。A. carefully小心地;B. wrongly错误地;C. differently不同地;D. perfectly完美地。然而,弗罗斯特的想法不同。故选C。

52.考查动词词义辨析。A. agree同意;B. argue争论;C. team团队;D. meet相遇。我同意他的观点。故选A。

53.考查动词短语。A. climb up    B. prevent from阻止;C. seek for寻求;D. break down打破。我想打破孤独的墙。故选D。

54.考查副词词义辨析。A. eventually最后;B. quietly安静地;C. suddenly突然;D. happily高兴地。当我悄悄溜进车库,害怕打扰别人时,孤独的墙就会竖起来。故选B。

55.考查动词词义辨析。A. permit允许;B. decide决定;C. refuse拒绝;D. tend倾向。我倾向于采取最快的路线后门廊。故选D。

56.考查副词词义辨析。A. However然而;B. Therefore因此;    C. Moreover此外;D. Instead代替。然而,它几乎没有留下交流的空间。故选A。

57.考查名词词义辨析。A. reflection反映;    B. communication沟通;C. progress过程;D. conflict斗争。交流的空间,故选B。

58.考查动词词义辨析。A. fear害怕;B. treat治疗;    C. ignore忽视;D. survive幸存。泰勒夫人没有从晚期癌症存活下来。故选D。

59.A. anger愤怒;B. hope希望;C. sadness悲伤;D. shame羞耻。我为失去她而悲伤。故选C。

60.A. rest休息;B. walk走路;    C. trip旅游;D. exam考试。是时候四处走走了。表示走路,故选B。


I had reached the age of twenty-eight. Still, I    36     whether the letter from my past would make it to me, all these years later. It was a    37    writing task from when I was eighteen. The teacher collected our letters to our    38    selves in self-addressed envelope with stamps and promised to  39  them ten years later. But since so much time had passed, would he even    40    ?

Thinking back on the    41    , I recalled giving my future self some advice. When you’re eighteen Years old, twenty-eight seems like a    42     age, but I wasn’t feeling as mature as I believed my younger self had    43    me to be.

When the letter finally reached me, I opened it    44    . It began, "How much do you bet this letter will never get to you? "It continued to greet me casually    45    we were having an IM (instant messaging) chat. As a senior in high school, facing the    46    SATS and college application, my eighteen-year-old self was so  47  ! She was apparently not quite happy and hoped I wouldn’t worry so much in the future, and that I wouldn’t forget to be present and    48    my life!

  49  to my belief, my eighteen-year-old self did not have any demands of me, or expectations I might have    50    meet. Instead, she wrote, "I’ll    51    whatever you do. Even if you are not the one I’m imagining now, I’ll support you, because maybe    52    I’m imagining is someone else, but you’re not someone else, you’re me.

I was    53    , and tears welled up in my eyes at this    54    through time. I had put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best version of myself that I could be.   55   , I came to realize what I would have accomplished in ten years would pale in comparison(相形见细)to how I’d feel and who I’d be.

36. A. believed B. bet C. doubted D .considered

37. A. hopeless B. creative C. urgent D. tough

38. A. inner B. happy C. future D. young

39. A. correct B. mail C. answer D. write

40. A. remember B. understand C. mind D. remain

41. A. application B. comment C. study D. letter

42. A. grown-up B. happy C. made-up D. promising

43. A. promised B. convince C. encouraged D. expected

44. A. calmly B. cautiously C. eagerly D. naturally

45. A. even if B. so that C. now that D. as if

46. A. appearing B. arriving C. approaching D. approving

47. A. depressed B. ambitious C. carefree D. stressed

48. A. enjoy B. value C. start D. earn

49. A. Contrary B. Honest C. Surprised D. Strange

50. A. tried to B. failed to C. managed to D. determined to

50. A. tried to B. failed to C. managed to D. determined to

51. A. stand for B. stand with C. stand by D. stand out

52. A. what B. who C. which D. that

53. A. guilty B. touched C. embarrassed D. nervous

54. A. self-acceptance B. self-service C. self-defense D. self-concern

55. A. Besides B. Therefore C. Then D. However



36.考查动词词义辨析。句意:尽管如此,这么多年过去了,我还是怀疑过去的那封信是否还能收到。A. believed相信;B. bet打赌;C. doubted怀疑;D. considered考虑。根据下文whether the letter from my past would make it to me可知作者持怀疑态度。故选C。

37.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:这是我18岁时的一项创造性写作任务。A. hopeless绝望的;B. creative创造性的;C. urgent紧急的;D. tough艰难的。根据下文老师要我们给未来的自己写信可知是一项有创造性的写作。故选B。

38.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:老师把我们写给未来自己的信装在一个有邮票的回邮信封里,并答应十年后寄出。A. inner内部的;B. happy快乐的;C. future未来的;D. young年轻的。根据下文ten years later可知是写给未来的。故选C。

39.考查动词词义辨析。句意:老师把我们写给未来自己的信装在一个有邮票的回邮信封里,并答应十年后寄出。A. correct纠正;B. mail邮寄;C. answer回答;D. write书写。根据上文写信可知是邮寄。故选B。

40.考查动词词义辨析。句意:但这么长时间过去了,他还会记得吗?A. remember记住;B. understand明白;C. mind介意;D. remain保留。根据上文since so much time had passed可知推测这么长时间过去了是否还记得。故选A。

41.考查名词词义辨析。句意:回想起那封信,我想起给未来的自己提了一些建议。A. application应用;B. comment评论;C. study学习;D. letter信。根据上文可知是写信。故选D。

42.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:当你18岁的时候,28岁似乎是一个成年人的年龄,但我并没有像年轻时的自己所期望的那样成熟。A. grown-up成熟的;成年的;B. happy快乐的;C. made-up捏造的;D. promising有前途的。28岁是一个成年人的年龄。故选A。

43.考查动词词义辨析。句意:当你18岁的时候,28岁似乎是一个成年人的年龄,但我并没有像年轻时的自己所期望的那样成熟。A. promised承诺;B. convince说服;C. encouraged鼓励;D. expected期待。根据上文but I wasn’t feeling as mature as I believed my younger self可知是像年轻时期待的那样。故选D。

44.考查副词词义辨析。句意:当我终于收到那封信时,我急切地打开了它。A. calmly冷静地;B. cautiously慎重地;C. eagerly急切地;D. naturally自然地。根据句意可知选C。

45.考查连接词辨析。句意:它继续漫不经心地向我打招呼,就像我们在进行即时通讯聊天一样。A. even if即使;B. so that以便;C. now that既然;D. as if好像。根据句意可知选D。

46.考查动词词义辨析。句意:作为一名高中生,面对即将到来的sat和大学申请,我18岁的自己压力很大!A. appearing表现;B. arriving到达;C. approaching接近;D. approving支持。根据下文SATS and college application可知SAT和大学申请即将到来。故选C。

47.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:作为一名高中生,面对即将到来的SAT和大学申请,我18岁的自己压力很大!A. depressed沮丧的;B. ambitious有野心的;C. carefree无忧无虑的;D. stressed紧张的。根据上文可知作者18岁很有压力。故选D。

48.考查动词词义辨析。句意:她显然不太高兴,希望我以后不要那么担心,希望我不要忘记活在当下,享受生活!A. enjoy享受;B. value重视;C. start开始;D. earn赚。根据下文my life可知希望自己多享受生活。故选A。

49.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:与我的信念相反,18岁的我对自己没有任何要求,也没有任何我未能实现的期望。A. Contrary相反的;B. Honest诚实的;C. Surprised惊讶的;D. Strange陌生的。根据下文my eighteen-year-old self did not have any demands of me可知是与信念相反。故选A。

50.考查动词短语辨析。句意:与我的信念相反,18岁的我对自己没有任何要求,也没有任何我可能无法实现的期望。A. tried to试图;B. failed to未能;C. managed to设法;D. determined to决心要。根据上文18岁的我对自己没有任何要求,因此也没有任何我未能实现的期望。故寻B。

51.考查动词短语辨析。句意:无论你做什么,我都支持。A. stand for代表;B. stand with坚持;C. stand by支持;准备D. stand out杰出。根据下文whatever you do可知无论做什么都支持。故选C。


53.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:我感动了。A. guilty内疚的;B. touched感动的;C. embarrassed尴尬的;D. nervous紧张的。根据下文tears welled up in my eyes可知作者很感动。故选B。

54.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我被感动了,随着时间的推移,这种自我接纳使我热泪盈眶。A. self-acceptance自我接纳;B. self-service自助服务;C. self-defense自卫;D. self-concern自私自利。根据上文Even if you are not the one I’m imagining now, I’ll support you可知作者在信中进行了自我接纳。故选A。

55.考查连接词辨析。句意:然而,我开始意识到,与我的感受和我将成为什么样的人相比,我在10年内所能取得的成就将是微不足道的。A. Besides而且;B. Therefore因此;C. Then然后;D. However然而。根据上下文语境为转折,故选D。


    I had driven home to celebrate my 38th birthday with my mother. When I arrived, I found her         1        proudly at the kitchen table, a chocolate cake and two boxes wrapped orange ribbon (丝带)in front of her. "Happy birthday!" she said,        2        at the boxes. "Open them."

    As she knows me         3        than anyone, she'd gotten me exactly what I wanted—running clothes. I         4        her and thanked her and proceeded (接着)to eat the cake.

    "Too many         5        ," I said, not really caring.

    You'll run them off tomorrow," Mom said.

Many adult children with a parent suffering from         6        memory will tell you there was one day that         7        to them that their relationship with their mother or father would be forever changed.

    For me that day        8       two weeks later, when I drove back for another short        9       . I came upon exactly the same         10        : my mom sitting at the kitchen table; a chocolate cake resting next to two         11        wrapped in curly ribbon. The ribbon was green this time. That was the only        12       "Happy birthday!" my mom said.

    I was totally         13        . What's going on?" I asked. 

    Mom smiled. "Can't I celebrate my daughter's birthday?"

    This was no         14        . This was real life, and since my mother clearly only wanted to make me         15        , I pushed aside my fear and fulfilled my role as the         16        daughter. I hugged her, thanked her and         17        the clothes... I did not mention to her that we'd done all this two         18        ago.

    My house is her world now. My mother and I have the         19       conversation roughly 10 times a day.        20       , I consider it a pleasure, because every minute is new for her.

1. A. cooking B. sitting C. singing D. dancing

2. A. shouting B. running C. staring D. gesturing

3. A. earlier B. longer C. better D. less

4. A. paid B. hugged C. comforted D. ignored

5. A. calories B. presents C. decorations D. candles

6. A. sad B. lasting C. failing D. past

7. A. signaled B. added C. appealed D. contributed

8. A. ended B. came C. changed D. disappeared

9. A. memory B. birthday C. party D. visit

10. A. day B. idea C. scene D. celebration

11. A. boxes B. bags C. dresses D. hats

12. A. color B. choice C. attraction D. difference

13. A. moved B. confused C. embarrassed D. excited

14. A. pleasure B. trouble C. trick D. end

15. A. happy B. shocked C. puzzled D. upset

16. A. friendly B. successful C. forgetful D. grateful

17. A. admired B. washed C. declined D. wrapped

18. A. days B. weeks C. months D. years

19. A. previous B. annoying C. only D. same

20. A. Therefore B. Instead C. However D. Moreover

【答案】 (1)B;(2)D;(3)C;(4)B;(5)A;(6)C;(7)A;(8)B;(9)D;(10)C;(11)A;(12)D;(13)B;(14)C;(15)A;(16)D;(17)A;(18)B;(19)D;(20)C;   


【解析】【解析】本文是一篇记叙文 ,作者的母亲在为作者精心筹备完38 岁的生日后不久患上了记忆障碍,记忆力减退 ,在两周后准备了同样的礼物为作者再次庆祝生日。面对生病的母亲,作者用实际行动回报母亲的爱。

 (1)考查动词。A:cooking“烹饪,做饭”;B:sitting“坐”;C:singing“唱歌”;D:dancing “跳舞”。根据下文作者 对再次回家探望母亲时 看到的情景的描述,可知选C 。

 (2)考查动词。A:shouting“喊”;B:running“跑”;C:staring“分享”;D:gesturing“打手势”。 母亲在说" Happy birthday!" 的同时,应该是“用手指向” 装礼物的盒子,并告诉作者 " Open them." ,故选D。

 (3)考查形容(副)词。A:earlier“更早的/地”;B:longer“更长的”;C:better“更好的/地”;D:less“更少的/地”。 根据下文“ she'd gotten me exactly what I wanted—running clothes.”母亲买给“我”的礼物正是“我”想要的,可见母亲 比任何人都“更了解我”。well 的比较级 ,well 可与 know 搭配,可表示程度,故选C。

 (4)考查动词。A:paid“支付”;B:hugged“拥抱”;C:comforted“安慰”;D:ignored “忽视”。此处的hugged与后面的thanked 相呼应,表达了作者对母亲为她筹备生日的感激之情。故选B。

 (5)考查名词。A:calories“卡路里”;B:presents“礼物”;C:decorations“装饰”;D:candles “蜡烛”。根据母亲的答语" You'll run them off tomorrow"可知,此处作者说的是蛋糕中的卡路里。故选A。

 (6)考查形容词。A:sad“悲伤的”;B:lasting“持久的”;C:failing“衰退的,下降的”;D:past “过去的”。根据下文母亲忘记了已经给女儿过完生日,以及最后一段母亲可能每天跟作者说上十遍左右同样的对话,可看出母亲记忆力衰退。故选D。

 (7)考查动词。A:signaled“发信号”;B:added“增加”;C:appealed“吸引,呼吁”;D:contributed“贡献,有助于”。 有患有记忆力衰退父/母的人有一天“收到信号”或察觉到父/母的记忆力出现问题,故选A。

 (8)考查动词。A:ended“结束”;B:came“来”;C:changed“改变,变化”;D:disappeared “消失”。空前的that day指的就是上一段中提到的one day,这样一个日子在两周后到来了。故选B。

 (9)考查名词。A:memory“记忆,记忆力”;B:birthday“生日”;C:party“宴会”;D:visit “参观,拜访”。根据上下文判断,这里应该是作者再次回家看望母亲。故选D。

 (10)考查名词。A:day“天,日子”;B:idea“观点,主意”;C:scene“场面,情景”;D:celebration “庆祝”。作者这次到了母亲家看到了与生日那天同样的场景。选C。

 (11)考查名词。A:boxes“箱子,盒子”;B:bags“包,袋”;C:dresses“衣服”;D:hats “帽子”。该空与第一段中提到的boxes相呼应,故选A。

 (12)考查名词。A:color“颜色”;B:choice“选择”;C:attraction“吸引力,魅力”;D:difference “差异,不同”。根据该段与第一段中对作者到母亲家看到的场景的描述可看出,母亲两次准备的生日礼物几乎相同,唯有的差异是“生日快乐”,故选D。

 (13)考查形容词。A:moved“感动的”;B:confused“困惑的”;C:embarrassed“尴尬的”;D:excited “激动的”。根据下文"What's going on?"可看出,面对眼前的一幕,作者一开始不知发生了什么,所以感到很困惑。选B。

 (14)考查名词。A:pleasure“愉快”;B:trouble“麻烦”;C:trick“诡计,技巧”;D:end“结尾,末端”。 根据作者在第五段提到的记忆力衰退问题及该空后的"This was real life"可看出,此时作者意识到是母亲的记忆力出现了问题,而非母亲为捉弄自己而搞的恶作剧。故选C。

 (15)考查形容词。A:happy“高兴的。快乐的”;B:shocked“震惊的”;C:puzzled“迷惑的”;D:upset “不安的,心烦的”。虽然当天并不是作者生日,但作者知道记忆力出现问题的母亲也是一片好心,为使自己开心,才准备了这么多礼物。选A。

 (16)考查形容词。A:friendly“友好的”;B:successful“成功的”;C:forgetful“健忘的”;D:grateful“感激的”。 根据上下文可知,作者当时尽力平复心情,努力扮演好一个对母亲为自己所做的一切表示感恩的女儿的角色,故选D。(17)考查动词。A:admired“羡慕,钦佩”;B:washed“洗”;C:declined“下降,拒绝”;D:wrapped“包裹”。 根据上文作者说母 亲在生日那天送她的衣服正是她想要的,可看出作者非常喜欢该礼物,此处作者应该 是装作像生日当天 样欣喜 地欣赏衣服,故选A。

 (18)考查名词。此处two weeks ago与第六段中的 two weeks later相呼应,故选D。

 (19)考查形容词。A:previous“以前的”;B:annoying“令人烦恼的”;C:only“唯一的”;D:same “同样的”。根据上文母亲的症状可看出母亲容易忘事,做过的事或说过的话很快就会忘记,所以此处应该是作者一天要陪着母亲一遍遍地重复同样的对话。故选D。

 (20)考查副词。A:Therefore“因此”;B:Instead“反之,代替”;C:However“但是”;D:Moreover “而且”。根据上下文可看出前后两句是转折关系, 尽管因母亲记忆力衰退的问题,作者一天要陪着母亲一遍遍地重复同 样的对话 ,但作者不但没有不耐烦,反而把此事当作乐事 , 因为每一次对话、每一刻对于母亲来说都是新的。故选C。




【浙江省七彩阳光联盟2019—2020学年高三上学期期初联考】阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该项涂黑。

Peggy Lewis lost her house in a brutal tornado, but the tornado couldn’t take the one thing that meant the most.

One ___36___, Peggy Lewis and her husband, Harris Lee, were ___37___ the trees blow in the wind outside their home in Eureka, Kansas. The next, they were surrounded by glass from the house’s ___38___ windows. The roof tore off. The walls caved in. After the tornado had ___39___, it took a team of neighbors to take them to the hospital. “I thought we were going to ___40___,” says Lewis.

When the pair ___41___ to their property three days after that awful night last June, it was ___42___ that what remained of the house would need to be torn down. But ___43___ Lewis would let that happen, she wanted one thing—her family Bible.

Lewis had bought the Bible 35 years earlier, at the start of her ___44___. Like many folks, she’d used it to hold and preserve her ____45____ history: decades-old photos, a lock of her daughter’s hair, ____46____ a piece of a scarf her uncle had brought back from the Korean War.

The Bible was the first thing Lewis ____47____ when she returned to the house. It wasn’t ____48____ she’d last seen it, ____49____ top of a dresser in her bedroom. In fact, the dresser wasn’t there at all.

When two volunteers ____50____ to help the couple dig out, Lewis had one mission for them: “If you can find anything,” she said, “please find my Bible.”

After an hour of ____51____, one of the volunteers ran up to her. Lewis had tears streaming down her cheeks and a book in her hands. Stunningly, while many books inside the home had been destroyed beyond ____52____, the Bible was still intact(完好无损), even though it had sat in the rain for days. “I ____53____ broke down,” says Lewis.

“I thought it was gone forever. It was a(an) ____54____.”

She knows that while every good book tells stories of catastrophic(灾难性的) weather and unlikely survival, this one actually ____55____ it.

36. A. day B. minute C. year D. night

37. A. cutting B. watching C. planting D. drawing

38. A. broken B. beautiful C. designed D. charming

39. A. passed B. arrived C. formed D. hit

40. A. leave B. remember C. die D. lose

41. A. stuck B. aimed C. returned D. referred

42. A. lucky B. impossible C. mad D. clear

43. A. before B. after C. when D. until

44. A. life B. marriage C. work D. college

45. A. children’s B. mother’s C. father’s D. family’s

46. A. still B. even C. such D. so

47. A. took away B. prepared for C. handed in D. looked for

48. A. where B. that C. when D. why

49. A. at B. beside C. on D. in

50. A. slowed down B. showed up C. got off D. turned on

51. A. recalling B. guiding C. searching D. treating

52. A. words B. dreams C. imagination D. recognition

53. A. seldom B. completely C. generally D. mostly

54. A. accident B. chance C. mystery D. miracle

55. A. retold B. painted C. wanted D. lived

【答案】36. B    37. B    38. A    39. A    40. C    41. C    42. D    43. A    44. B    45. D    46. B    47. D    48. A    49. C    50. B    51. C    52. D    53. B    54. D    55. D



36.考查名词辨析。句意:前一分钟,Peggy和她的丈夫还正在看房子外边被风吹着的树。A. day一天;B. minute分钟;C. year年;D. night晚上。此空格与下一分钟(the next)形成对比关系,形容龙卷风来得之快,故选B。

37. 考查动词辨析。句意同上。A. cutting切割,凿成;B. watching观看;C. planting播种;D. drawing画画。根据句意,只能看被风吹着的树,故选B。

38.考查形容词辨析。句意:下一分钟他们周围就已经全是破碎的窗户上掉下来的碎玻璃。A. broken破碎的;B. beautiful美丽的;C. designed精心设计的;D. charming迷人的。从后一句房顶被掀开,墙倒塌可以推测窗户破裂。故选A。

39.考查动词辨析。句意:龙卷风过后,很多邻居才把他们送到医院。A. passed过去;B. arrived到达;C. formed形成;D. hit打击,袭击。由于龙卷风过后,大家才敢出门,故选A。

40.考查动词辨析。句意:Lewis说我以为我们要死了。A. leave离开;B. remember记得;C. die死;D. lose失去。由上句中很多个邻居才把他们送到医院,可以推测他们伤的很重,所以他们以为自己要死了。故选C。

41.考查动词辨析。句意:六月那晚糟糕的夜晚后的三天这对夫妇回到他们的房产处。A. stuck卡住;B. aimed目标;C. returned返回;D. referred参考。此空格与第五段首句“when she returned to the house”中的returned呼应,故选C。

42.考查形容词辨析。句意:很明显房子剩下的部分也需要被拆除。A. lucky幸运的;B. impossible不可能的;C. mad疯狂的;D. clear清楚的,明显的。前文已经交代房顶没了,墙也倒了,所以很明显废墟得拆除。故选D。

43.考查状语从句连词。句意:Lewis在让拆房子之前,要找到一个东西——她的家庭《圣经》。A. before在……之前;B. after在……之后;C. when在……时候;D. until直到。找东西一定是在拆房子之前找,故选A。

44.考查名词辨析。句意:35年前Lewis买了这本圣经,那会她婚姻刚开始。A. life生活;B. marriage婚姻;C. work工作;D. college大学。根据上下文,这本书里面夹着的都是和家庭有关的物件,所以自从结婚以来比较符合逻辑。故选B。

45.考查名词辨析。句意:跟很多人一样,她用它夹着并保存家庭的历史。A. children’s孩子的;B. mother’s妈妈的;C. father’s父亲的;D. family’s家庭的。后面提示不仅是女儿,还有叔叔的纪念品,所以用家庭一词。故选D。

46. 考查副词。句意:书里有几十年的老照片,女儿的一缕头发,甚至还有她叔叔从朝鲜战场带回来的围巾。A. still仍然;B. even甚至;C. such这样的;D. so因此。从老照片到女儿到叔叔之间是逐层递进的关系,故选B。

47.考查动词短语。句意:圣经是Lewis回家后第一件要找的东西。A. took away拿走;B. prepared for准备;C. handed in上交;D. looked for寻找。由下句中的find可知,这里指的是Lewis想要找的东西。故选D。


49.考查介词。句意:它之前在卧室梳妆台上,但是现在,梳妆台都不见了。on top of…意为“在…之上”,为固定搭配。故选C。

50.考查动词短语。句意:当两名志愿者出现,来帮他们挖的时候,Lewis告诉他们,你们要是能找到东西,一定先要找到我的圣经。A. slowed down慢下来;B. showed up出现;C. got off下车;D. turned on打开。志愿者肯定是自己出现的,故选B。

51.考查动词辨析。句意:经过一个小时的搜索。A. recalling回忆;B. guiding指导;C. searching搜寻;D. treating处理。此空格与上段中的find呼应,故选C。

52. 考查名词辨析。句意:使人目瞪口呆地,很多家里的书都被损坏的辨认不出模样,这本圣经却一直完好无损。A. words言语;B. dreams梦;C. imagination想象;D. recognition识别。由于是形容书,所以只能说书辨认不出来了。故选D。

53. 考查副词。句意:尽管这本圣经在雨里呆了好几天,却完好无损。Lewis说“我彻底崩溃了”。A. seldom很少;B. completely完全;C. generally普遍地;D. mostly主要地。这里形容让Lewis彻底吃惊地样子,故选B。

54. 考查名词辨析。别的书有的已经被毁坏到认不出来,而《圣经》完好无损,是一个奇迹。A. accident事故;B. chance机会;C. mystery神秘的事物;D. miracle奇迹。故选D。

55. 考查动词辨析。句意:虽然每一本好书都讲述了灾难性天气和不太可能生存下来的故事,但这本书却实实在在是活生生经历了一番。A. retold重述;B. painted油漆;C. wanted想要;D. lived生存。这里强调书在灾难中存活了下来,故选D。


It's sad to know that each year many teenagers experience the death of someone they love. This is likely to have an     21     on their life. Although bereavement(丧失) is a difficult and     22     topic, I'm going to talk about some of the things that     23     helped me to cope better after losing my dad in 2012.

The most important     24     is not to "bottle things up". At first, I didn’t tell anyone how I really felt when I should have spoken about it. No one should be     25     to feel upset after losing someone they love, as it’s an     26     time. It is important to talk about how you feel to people you     27     so they can support you. I “opened up” to few people, but it was nice to know that I had people there who I could     28     if I had a (n)     29     day. I spoke to my friends and my teachers, who would offer     30    .

Another thing that I found to be     31     after losing my dad was to make a     32     box. This is a box where I put stuff that reminded me of my dad, and the memories I     33     with him. I still have the    34    

now, and it makes me     35    .

      Finally, it’s important to take time to grieve(悲痛) properly. I decided to focus on my studies and the things I     36     doing. I get     37     from time to time but I’ve learned that it’s okay to     38    .

      Everyone will have their own ways of     39      after losing someone they love. This outlines what I personally found helpful. Everyone should remember that they are not     40    .

21. A.independence B.impact C.agreement D.impression

22. A.impressive B.objective C.positive D.sensitive

23. A.personally B.simply C.hopefully D.possibly

24. A.thing B.phrase C.fact D.truth

25. A.pleased B.heartbroken C.desired D.ashamed

26. A.unimportant B.unpleasant C.untouched D.unsatisfied

27. A.meet B.know C.trust D.remember

28. A.look for B.turn to C.speak to D.respond to

29. A.common B.particular C.easy D.bad

30. A.accommodation B.money C.food D.help

31. A.helpful B.disappointed C.painful D.grateful

32. A.chocolate B.experience C.memory D.personal

33. A.provided B.shared C.played D.talked.

34. A.box B.stuff C.memory D.sadness

35. A.stop B.wonder C.smile D.differ

36. A.forgot B.kept C.enjoyed D.considered

37. A.upset B.confused C.bored D.influenced

38. A.laugh B.cry C.question D.calm

39. A.studying B.living C.handling             D.passing

40. A.allergic B.alike C.usual D.alone



21.考查名词词义辨析。句意:这可能会对他们的生活产生影响。A. independence独立;B. impact影响;C. agreement同意;D. impression印象。短语have an impact on“对……有影响”。故选B。

22.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:虽然丧亲之痛是一个艰难而敏感的话题,但我想谈谈2012年失去父亲后,我个人帮助自己更好地应对的一些事情。A. impressive感人的;B. objective客观的;C. positive积极的;D. sensitive敏感的。根据常识可知失去亲人是一个敏感的话题。故选D。

23.考查副词词义辨析。句意:虽然丧亲之痛是一个艰难而敏感的话题,但我想谈谈2012年失去父亲后,我个人帮助自己更好地应对的一些事情。A. personally亲自地;B. simply简单地;C. hopefully有希望地;D. possibly可能地。根据下文helped me可知作者要谈论一些就他自己而言,帮助到他的方法。故选A。

24.考查名词词义辨析。句意:最重要的事情是不要“把事情憋在心里”。A. thing事情;B. phrase短语;C. fact事实;D. truth真相。根据上文some of the things可知指最重要的事情。故选A

25.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:没有人应该因为失去所爱的人而感到难过而感到羞愧。A. pleased高兴的;B. heartbroken悲伤的;C. desired渴望的;D. ashamed羞愧的。根据句意可知选D。

26.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:没有人应该因为失去所爱的人而感到难过而感到羞愧,因为这是一段不愉快的时光。A. unimportant不重要的;B. unpleasant令人不愉快的;C. untouched未受影响的;D. unsatisfied不满意的。失去亲人是令人不愉快的。故选B。

27.考查动词词义辨析。句意:向你信任的人倾诉你的感受,这样他们才能支持你,这一点很重要。A. meet遇见;B. know知道;C. trust相信;D. remember记住。根据下文so they can support you可知要对自己信任的人倾诉。故选C。

28.考查动词短语辨析。句意:我对很少的人“敞开心扉”,但很高兴知道,如果我有一天过得不好,我可以向那里的人求助。A. look for寻找;B. turn to求助于;C. speak to说话;D. respond to响应。根据句意可知表示“求助于”故选B。

29.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:我对很少的人“敞开心扉”,但很高兴知道,如果我有一天过得不好,我可以向那里的人求助。A. common共同的;B. particular特别的;C. easy容易的;D. bad坏的。根据上下文语境,短语have a bad day“度过糟糕的一天”。故选D

30.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我和我的朋友和老师交谈,他们会提供帮助。A. accommodation住处;B. money钱;C. food食物;D. help帮助。根据上文可知要求助于别人,因为朋友和老师会提供帮助。故选D。

31.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:失去父亲后,我发现另一件有用的事情是做一个记忆盒。A. helpful有帮助的;B. disappointed失望的;C. painful痛苦的;D. grateful感激的。根据下文可知这个盒子可以有助于缓解悲伤,是有帮助的。故选A。

32.考查名词词义辨析。句意:失去父亲后,我发现另一件有用的事情是做一个记忆盒。A. chocolate巧克力;B. experience经历;C. memory记忆;D. personal私人的。根据下文This is a box where I put stuff that reminded me of my dad, and the memories可知是一个“记忆”盒子。故选C。

33.考查动词词义辨析。句意:这是一个盒子,我在里面放的东西让我想起了我的父亲,还有我和他分享的回忆。A. provided提供;B. shared分享;C. played玩耍;D. talked谈论。根据上下文语境可知,这是一个纪念父亲的箱子,里面是作者和父亲一起分享的记忆。故选B。

34.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我现在还留着那个盒子,它让我微笑。A. box盒子;B. stuff东西;C. memory记忆;D. sadness悲伤。表示作者还留着那个盒子。故选A。

35.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我现在还留着那个盒子,它让我微笑。A. stop停止;B. wonder好奇;C. smile微笑;D. differ不同。根据上文可知,记忆盒子对作者有帮助,会让作者微笑。故选C。

36.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我决定专注于我的学习和我喜欢做的事情。A. forgot忘记;B. kept保持;C. enjoyed喜欢;D. considered考虑。作者决定专注于我的学习和喜欢做的事情来化解悲痛。故选C。

37.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:我有时会感到难过,但我明白了哭泣是可以的。A. upset沮丧的;难过的;B. confused困惑的;C. bored厌倦的;D. influenced影响。根据上文Finally, it’s important to take time to grieve properly.可知作者有时会感到难过。故选A。

38.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我有时会感到难过,但我明白了哭泣是可以的。A. laugh笑;B. cry哭泣;C. question问题;D. calm冷静。结合上下文,感到失落难过,作者也知道哭泣也可以缓解这些情绪。故选B。

39.考查动词词义辨析。句意:失去所爱的人之后,每个人都会有自己的处理方式。A. studying学习;B. living生活;C. handling处理;D. passing通过。根据句意可知选C。

40.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:每个人都应该记住,他们并不孤单。A. allergic过敏的;B. alike相似的;C. usual通常的;D. alone独自的;孤单的。根据语境可知每个人都并不孤单。故选D。

完形填空主要考查学生对语篇的全面理解,要求学生在做题时能够做到“身临其境,感同身受”准确把握作者写作意图,同时“瞻前顾后,左顾右盼”,充分考虑前后文的逻辑关系,仔细推敲,最后还原整体和细节。如第七小题,根据下文so they can support you可知要对自己信任的人倾诉。故选C。









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