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The day before he heads to a war, an undefeated 61     (command) named Qi has a dream in which he loses a battle and dies. When he wakes up, Qi gets ready to go and fight. While gaining successive victories, Qi decides to celebrate, although there is a final battle 62     (wait) for him. When he gets 63     (drink) and falls asleep in his tent, Qi s army 64     (attack) by the enemy and he gets killed just as his dream predicted. This is the story that has inspired the latest Kunqu Opera production.

As one of the oldest of the traditional Chinese opera 65      (((form))  Kunqu Opera, which is about 600 years old, 66      (combine) singing, dancing and lyrical recitation Performed in the Suzhou dialect (方言).UNESCO listed Kunqu Opera as an intangible heritage(非物质文化遗产)of humanity in 2001.

Earlier this year, a plan of combining Kunqu Opera and traditional Chinese idioms was developed, 67     would allow young Chinese directors and Kunqu Opera performers 68 _ (work) together. The young artists are working on developing original plays based,On traditional Chinese idioms to keep    69    tradition alive while making it popular again 70_ new ideas.

【答案】61.commander62.waiting63.drunk64.is attacked65.forms66.combines67.which68.to work69.the70.with


61.考查名词。句意:一个名叫齐的不败将军做了一个梦,梦见他输了一场战斗,死了。空后的“named Qi”表明空处需要一个表示身份的名词,commander表示“指挥官、将军”,故填commander。



64.考查时态语态。句意同上,文章的基础时态为一般现在时,Qi’ s army 与attack之间是被动关系,所以用一般现在时的被动语态,故填is attacked。

65.考查可数名词复数。句意:昆曲是中国传统戏曲中最古老的剧种之一,已有600多年的历史,集歌唱、舞蹈、抒情于一体。one of后接可数名词复数,故填forms。

66.考查时态和主谓一致。句意同上,陈述的是客观事实,用一般现在时,此处是句子的谓语,主语是Kunqu Opera,谓语动词用第三人称单数,故填combines。


68.考查非谓语动词。句意同上,allow sb to do表示“允许某人做某事”,故填to work。




The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is a series of bridges and tunnels  61 connect the west side of Hong Kong to Macau and the city of Zhuhai, which are  62 (situate) on the west side of the Pearl River Delta. With its length, it will become one of the  63 (landmark) within the area.

The bridge  64 (benefit) the economic development of the whole of the Delta. For Hong Kong, the project will enable the city to continue  65 (it) status as an international aviation and shipping centre. The Bridge will also help realize the strategic benefits of  66  (promote) the social-economic development of the western Pearl River. In linking up Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai, the bridge will form a systematic regional transport network and provide an overland link. This link will 67 (full) shorten the travelling time  68 the eastern and western sides of the southern tip of the Pearl River Delta.  69 (fast) economic cooperation between Hong Kong and the region is expected with the increasing flows of people, goods and even capital. With closer economic tie to its neighbouring region, Hong Kong can play  70 leading role in driving the economic development in South China.

【答案】61.that/which62.situated63.landmarks64.will benefit65.its,66.promoting67.fully68.between69.Faster70.a


61.考查定语从句连接词。句意:港珠澳大桥位于珠江三角洲西侧,是连接港澳西侧和珠海市的一系列桥梁和隧道。本句为定语从句修饰先行词a series of bridges and tunnels,且先行词在定语从句中做主语,故填关系代词that或者which。

62.考查固定短语。句意同上。短语be situated on“坐落在”为固定搭配,故填situated。

63.考查名词的数。句意:它的长度使它将成为该地区的地标之一。根据前面的one of,可知后面填写名词复数,故填landmarks。

64.考查动词。句意:这座大桥将有利于整个三角洲的经济发展。表示将来应用一般将来时,故填will benefit。





69.考查形容词比较级。句意:随着人口、货物甚至资本流动的增加,香港与该地区的经济合作有望加快。根据后句的With closer economic tie to its neighbouring region, 可知这里表示比较,更快的经济合作,故填Faster。

70.考查固定短语。句意:香港与邻近地区的经济联系更紧密,可以在推动华南经济发展方面发挥主导作用。短语play a role in“对……产生影响;有作用”,故填冠词a。



(2)二看关系词的句法功能,即分清关系词是担任什么句子成分,是作主语还是宾语、是作定语还是状语等(如作定语通常用whose,有时也用which;作状语要用when, where, why)


如第一小题,句意:港珠澳大桥位于珠江三角洲西侧,是连接港澳西侧和珠海市的一系列桥梁和隧道。本句为定语从句修饰先行词a series of bridges and tunnels,且先行词在定语从句中做主语,故填关系代词that或者which。



One morning, I    61   (wait) at the bus stop,  62   (worry) about being late for school. There were many people waiting at the bus stop,   63   some of them looked very anxious and disappointed. When the bus finally came, we all hurried on board. I got a place next   64  the window, so I had   65  good view of the sidewalk. A boy on a bike caught my   66   (attend)--he was riding beside the bus and waving his arms. I heard a passenger behind me shouting to the driver, but he refused to stop   67  we reached the next stop. Still, the boy kept riding. He was carrying something over his shoulder and shouting. Finally, when we came to the next stop, the boy ran up to the door of the bus. I heard an excited conversation. Then the driver stood up and asked, "  68  anyone lose a suitcase at the last stop? "A woman on the bus shouted, "Oh, dear! It’s  69   (I)". She pushed her way to the driver and took the suitcase   70   ( grate). Everyone on the bus began talking about what the boy had done, and the crowd of strangers suddenly became friendly to one another.

【答案】61.was waiting62.worried63.and64.to65.a66.attention67.till/ until68.Did69.me/ mine70.gratefully


61.考查时态。句意:一天早上,我正在公交站等公交,担心上学迟到。表示过去正在进行的动作,用过去进行时,主语是I,故填was waiting。



64.考查固定搭配。句意:我得到一个靠窗的位置。next to是固定短语,意思是“靠近,临近”。故填to。

65.考查冠词。句意:我得到一个靠窗的位置,因此我的视野能很好看到人行道。good view “好的视野”,view是名词,故用冠词a。

66.考查名词。句意:一个骑自行车的男孩引起我的注意。短语catch one’s attention意为“引起某人注意”,在形容词性物主代词后面,故用名词attention。

67.考查连词。句意:我听到后面的乘客在冲司机喊叫,但是他拒绝停下来直到下一个站。根据后半句可知司机拒绝停下来,refuse to do sth.是习惯搭配,意思是“拒绝做某事”,可知此处是表示“直到”的意思,故用连词until。


69.考查代词。句意:哦,天哪!是我的。根据前文It is可知,此处用人称代词宾格或者名词性物主代词作表语,强调“是我的包,或者是我丢了包”,故填mine/me。



Pinyin is a successful tool, which    61    (teach) in China to school kids. It is not merely used by westerners like us. It has proved to be a useful tool for Chinese people    62    (they) to learn standard pronunciation in their early education.

The first step is to learn how    63    (pronounce) each letter in pinyin correctly and the meaning of the tone markers. Then you have to do    64    (drill) as many as you can. Turn that into a game. It can be    65   (much) fun than you would expect. Start    66    single syllables and do that a lot and then syllable pairs. Slowly move on to larger groups. Understand the initial, final and the tones.

But most importantly,    67    you need is good feedback. You’d better have someone that can correct your mistakes immediately.

Find a native Chinese,    68    can listen to you and correct you. If you take Chinese classes, the teacher will   69    (probable) have you do drills every class. Do this very seriously.

If you are self-studying, try to meet native Chinese people and ask them to give you some feedback. Otherwise, try to be self-critical and listen very carefully. Good    70    (listen) is more than 50% of what it takes to pronounce correctly.

【答案】61.is taught62.themselves63.to pronounce64.drills65.more66.with67.what68.who69.probably70.listening


61.考查一般现在时的被动语态。分析句子可知,tool为先行词,在后面的非限制性定语从句中作主语,且与谓语teach为被动。因为本句在介绍“拼音”,所以本句为一般现在时。故填is taught 。

62.考查反身代词。分析句子可知,拼音已被证明是中国人在早期教育中学习标准发音的有用工具。所以Chinese people 与they的反身代词为同位关系,所以填反身代词themselves。故填themselves 。

63.考查动词不定式。how to do sth 在句中作 learn的宾语。故填to pronounce。

64.考查名词复数。drill为可数名词,由“as many as”可知,应填drill的复数。故填drills 。

65.考查形容词比较级。由“than”可知,应填much的比较级more。故填 more 。

66.考查介词。start with “以......开始”为固定短语且符合句意。故填with。


68.考查关系代词。分析句子可知,a native Chinese为先行词,在后面的非限制性定语从句中作主语。所以关系代词为who。故填who 。




(1) 一看先行词的意义,即分清先行词是指人、指物、时间、地点还是原因(如指物时不能用who或whom,指人时通常不用which等。

(2) 二看关系词的句法功能,即分清关系词是担任什么句子成分,是作主语还是宾语、是作定语还是状语等(如作定语通常用whose,有时也用which;作状语要用when, where, why。

(3) 三看定语从句的种类,即分清是限制性定语从句还是非限制性定语从句(如that和why通常不引导非限制性定语从句

分析小8题的句子可知,a native Chinese为先行词,在后面的非限制性定语从句中作主语。所以关系代词为who。故填who 。




We want everyone to respect us. Do we respect everyone around us? The answer is a big NO! We don't  respect 61 we think is better than us. we don't respect poor and old people, and we don't respect who we feel is less better 62   us. So how can we win respect? The easiest way 63        (gain) respect is by giving respect.

Winning respect might be difficult but not impossible. Don't use bad language. Being 64 _(help) and listening to someone are a sign of giving respect and 65   (win) respect as well. With patience and practice, you can get any kind of virtue.

Flowers are the main 66  (attract) of any type of decoration and in the same way respect is the beauty of life. Life is terrible 67   respect Just think whenever you go to a party, every one there is not treated equally. Do you know why? Because of 68  (they) manners.

Why are we not treated sometimes as  69   (expect)? Because we do thc same to others who have expectations from us. Relationship can be healthy if we never cross the walls of respect. Without respect, you can't live. You need respect everywhere. in life, in work, in society or in family. A respected person 70  (speak) politely.

【答案】61.who62.than63.to gain64.helpful65.winning66.attraction67.without68.their69.expected70.speaks


61.考查名词性从句连接词。空处引导宾语从句,在从句中作主语,且主语是人,we think 是插入语,不影响句子结构,故应填who。句意:我们不尊重那些我们认为比我们优秀的人。故填who。

62.考查介词。根据空前的better 可知,此处为比较级,故应填介词than。句意:我们不尊重那些我们觉得不如我们的人。故填than。

63.考查非谓语动词。此处为不定式作后置定语,修饰名词way,way to do sth.做某事的方法。句意:获得尊重最简单的方法就是给予尊重。故填 to gain。

64.考查形容词。由 Being可知,此处应填一个形容词,故填形容词形式helpful。句意:乐于助人和倾听他人是给予尊重和赢得尊重的标志。故填helpful。

65.考查动名词。介词后跟名词、代词或动名词作宾语,故此处用winning 作介词of 的宾语。句意:乐于助人和倾听他人是给予尊重和赢得尊重的标志。故填winning。

66.考查词性转换。根据空前的the main 可推知,此处应填一个名词,故用名词形式attraction。句意:对于任何一种装饰来说,花儿都是最吸引人的。故填attraction。

67.考查介词。根据上文的“respect life”可推知,没有尊重的生活是可怕的,故用介词without,后跟名词respect,表示“如果没有尊重”。句意:没有尊重的生活是可怕的。故填without。

68.考查代词。此处应用形容词性物主代词their 修饰名词manners,在句 子中作定语。句意:你知道为什么吗?因为他们的举止。故填their。

69.考查固定搭配。as expected 为固定搭配,意为“正如所想的那样”。 句意:为什么我们有时得不到预期的待遇?故填expected。

70.考查时态和主谓一致。全文时态为一般现在时,故此处也用一般现 在时,且主语A respected person 为第三人称单数意义。句意:受人尊敬的人说话要有礼貌。故填speaks。


The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the world's   61   (long) cross-sea bridge, enters the history of the human engineering and connection as a point of pride upon   62    (it) opening to traffic at 9am on Oct. 24, 2018.

One day after the opening was announced at a ceremony    63   ( hold) in Zhuhai, the bridge's ports in three different administrative started serving travelers around the clock, opening 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  64   (ensure) faster boundary crossings for passengers, the Macao and Zhuhai ports jointly use a one-off immigration clearance model,   65   allows travelers to queue up only once to finish both exit and entry procedures of the two cities in about 30   66   (second).

Apart   67   private cars, taxis and goods vehicles, two types of public transportation--shuttle bus and cross-boundary coach--can also run on the HZMB.   68         frequency of shuttle buses is about 5- 10 minutes during peak hours. Booking tickets for the shuttle bus online in advance    69   (be) available since 9a.m. on Tuesday. With the bridge now in service, the travelling time between Zhuhai and Hong Kong International Airport will   70   (shorten) from four hours to 45 minutes, and the time between Zhuhai and Hong Kong's Container Terminals will be cut from 3. 5hours to 75 minutes.

【答案】61.longest62.its63.held64.To ensure65.which66.seconds67.from68.The69.has been70.be shortened


You may not know the name John Smith Pemberton, but you must know the name of his    56    (invent):Coca-Cola.

Pemberton was a US chemist. When he was wounded in the Civil War, lie used medicine to ease the pain and gradually got    57     (addict) to it. To light the addiction, he created his own drink by    58     (use) leaves of coca and nuts of kola. He named    59    ,“Pemberton’s French Wine Coca”. In the same year, the local government passed a ban on alcohol. Pemberton had to change the recipe to remove the alcohol.

In 1886, Pemberton invited Willis Venable to help him perfect his new recipe. They used carbonated water and finally invented a new drink. It had no alcohol    60    could still ease pain and clear the mind. Pemberton decided to sell it    61    a drink rather than a medicine. In 1887, Pemberton sold part of the stock of his company to Asa Candler,    62    later created the Coca-Cola Company.

Nowadays. Coca-Cola has become one of the most popular    63    (drink) in the world. The company only offers semi-finished products to partners and won’t sell the    64    (origin) ingredients (成分).Its secret recipe was kept in the Sun Trust Bank in Atlanta for 86 years until the end of 2011. Since then, it     65     (keep) in the World of Coca-Cola center in Atlanta.

【答案】56.invention57.addicted58.using59.it60.but61.as62.why63.drinks64.original65.has been kept


56.考查名词。句意:你可能不知道John Smith Pemberton,的名字,但你一定知道他的发明:可口可乐。根据上文his为形容词性物主代词,故应填名词invention。

57.考查固定短语。句意:当他在内战中受伤时,他使用药物来缓解疼痛,并逐渐上瘾。短语get addicted to“上瘾;沉迷于”。故填addicted。


59.考查代词。句意:他命名它,” Pemberton的法国葡萄酒可口”。此处指代上文drink,故填代词it。



62.考查连接词。句意:Pemberton把自己公司的部分股票卖给了Asa Candler,这就是后来成立可口可乐公司的原因。分析句子结构可知为定语从句修饰上文整个句子,且从句中缺少原因状语,故应填why。

63.考查名词的数。句意:可口可乐已经成为世界上最受欢迎的饮料之一。短语one of后跟名词复数形式,表示“……其中之一”,故填drinks。


65.考查动词时态语态。句意:从那时起,它一直保存在亚特兰大可口可乐中心的世界。根据上文since then可知应用现在完成时,且主语与谓语动词构成被动关系应用被动语态,故填has been kept。


    Monkeys do not like it when others get more food ________ they do, according to a new study.

    Researchers from Yale and Harvard universities found Capuchin monkeys punish monkeys ________ get more food. "This sort of, 'If I can't have it, no one can' response is because ________ psychological spite (怨恨), and it was________ (previous) thought unique to humans," said Kristin Leimgruber of Harvard University. She is a co-author of the research study. The researchers watched as some Capuchin monkeys ________ (give) more food than others. They found that monkeys getting the ________ (small) share pulled a rope to fold up a table holding the other monkey's bigger share.

    Another lead researcher, Laurie Santas, ________ (explain) over email, "I think what we can conclude about humans is that some of our more embarrassing tendencies have relatively deep ________ (root)." Santos said the spiteful response was not present with another member of the ape species—chimpanzees(黑猩猩).

An earlier study, she said, showed chimpanzees would fold up the table of other chimpanzees ________ (steal) food from them. But they would not punish chimpanzees who just happened ________ (have) more food, Santos said. In other words, it was fine if another chimpanzee had more food as long as they did not steal it.

7.【答案】 than;that / which/ who;of;previously;were given;smaller;explained;roots;stealing;to have   




 (2)考查定语从句。句意:耶鲁大学和哈佛大学的研究人员发现卷尾猴惩罚获得食物多的猴子。      get more food.是一个限制性定语从句,先行词是monkeys,在从句中作主语,故填that / which/ who。

 (3)考查介词。句意:这种,如果我不能拥有,别人也不能的的反应是因为与心理嫉恨。because of固定短语,“因为”,故填of。


 (5)考查时态语态。句意:研究人员们观察当一些卷尾猴被给予比其他卷尾猴更多食物时的表现。根据主句的谓语动词watched 可知宾语从句的谓语动词用过去时,结合句意可知用被动语态,故填were given。


 (7)考查时态。句意:另一位首席研究员,Laurie Santas通过电子邮件来解释这一现象。事情已经发生,用一般过去时,故填explained。

 (8)考查名词,句意:我认为我们可以从人类得出结论,我们的一些比较尴尬的倾向拥有相对深厚的根基。root是可数名词,此处用复数形式作宾语,故填roots 。


 (10)考查非谓语动词。句意:但是它们不会惩罚那些恰巧比它们拥有更多食物的黑猩猩。happen to do固定短语,“碰巧做.....”,故填to have。



Cards and digital(数字的) technologies ___56___(kill) off cash slowly, but is it a cause for concern? Not ___57___(necessary). Here are some ways of making the most of digital finance.

Cash is no longer king. Over recent years fewer and fewer transactions have been made with cash. The most recent figures show coins and notes are used just 34% of ___58___ time, down from 63% a decade ago. And usage ___59___(predict) to fall to just 10% in 15 years.

Instead we’re paying with cards and digital technologies. Some of this is down to user choice, with contactless cards and smartphones making spending ___60___(fast) and more convenient.

But it’s also being forced upon us. Some retailers are refusing physical money as they can avoid the high bank charges levied(征收) at them for ___61___(handle) cash. Meanwhile it’s harder to get your hands on notes as cash machines and ___62___(bank) disappear from the high street. And these are trends which are likely ___63___(increase) in the coming years.

This could be bad news if you still primarily use cash, ___64___ that’s how you pay your bills or how you budget. For some, cash is just what you know. For ____65____, cash is a necessity—especially when going digital is the alternative.

As a result this move towards cashless society makes many useasy.

【答案】56. are killing    

57. necessarily    

58. the    59. is predicted    

60. faster    61. handling    

62. banks    63. to increase    

64. whether    

65. others




考查现在进行时与主谓一致。句意:银行卡和数字科技正在慢慢消灭现金。这句话缺少谓语动词,且根据句意,应使用现在进行时。主语“Cards and digital technologies”为复数形式,故填are killing。






考查一般现在时的被动语态。句意:并且,金钱的使用被估计15年内将会降到10%。这句话与上一句都是数据显示的结果,上一句使用的一般现在时,所以这句话也应使用一般现在时。Usage作主语,应使用被动语态,且谓语动词用单数形式。故填is predicted。


考查形容词比较级。句意:非接触式卡片和手机使得消费更加快捷更加方便。and前后连接两个并列成份,由more convenient可知,空格处应该也填形容词比较级。故填faster。




考查名词的数。句意:现在取钱也越来越难因为大街上的取款机和银行正在慢慢消失。and前后连接两个并列的成份,由cash machines可知,空格处应填名词的复数形式。故填banks。


考查不定式。句意:接下来几年中这些趋势有可能继续加强。be likely to do sth.意为“有可能做某事”,为固定搭配。故填to increase。








Seeing the Great Wall

The Great Wall      76     (snake) more than 6, 000 kilometers. First built to keep out invaders, it is now a popular tourist      77     (attract).

Badaling is the most famous of the five sections      78      lie near Beijing and can be accessed     79     (easy). About two hours away by bus lies Jinshanling. This well-preserved section of the wall has not been repaired since 1570! If you’re looking for a      80     (peace) walk and amazing views,this is the spot      81     (visit). About six kilometers from Jiayuguan city in Gansu province, you can visit Jiayuguan. It was the starting place for the section of the Great Wall      82     (build) during the Ming Dynasty. This pass is the best preserved      83     the Great Wall military forts (军事要塞). The eastern end of the Great Wall is Shanhaiguan in Hebei province. The east tower of the Shanhai Pass is called the First Pass Under Heaven. Stand near the tower to see the roaring sea on one side and the Great Wall on the      84     .

Wherever you choose to visit the Great Wall, you will be      85     (amaze). It is like no other structure on Earth.

【答案】76.snakes77.attraction78.which/that79.easily80.peaceful81.to visit82.built83.of/among84.other85.amazed


76.考查动词的时态和主谓一致。句意:长城蜿蜒6000多公里。此处snake用作动词,意为“蜿蜒前行,迂回前进”;由全文时态为一般现在时可知,此处也用一般现在时;主语The Great Wall为第三人称单数。故填snakes。

77.考查名词。句意:它最初是为了抵御侵略者而建,现在是一个受欢迎的旅游景点。名词短语tourist attraction“旅游胜地”,故填attraction。

78.考查定语从句连接词。句意:八达岭是位于北京附近的五个景区中最著名的一个,而且很容易到达。分析句子结构可知,空格处引导定语从句,指代先行词five sections,并在从句中作主语。故填which/that。


80.考查形容词。句意: 如果你在寻找一个可以在那里漫步并拥有迷人景色的地方,那这里就是值得你一游的地点。walk为名词需要形容词修饰,故填peaceful。

81.考查非谓语动词。句意:如果你在寻找一个可以在那里漫步并拥有迷人景色的地方,那这里就是值得你一游的地点。此处用动词不定式作后置定语,修饰前面的名词spot。故填 to visit。

82.考查非谓语动词。句意:它是明朝修建长城的起点。build与the section of the Great Wall之间是被动关系,再根据表示过去的时间状语“during the Ming Dynasty”可知,应用过去分词形式作后置定语,表被动和完成。故填built。


84.考查代词。句意:站在塔旁,一边是呼啸的大海,另一边是长城。on one side⋅⋅⋅on the other (side)意为“在一边⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅在另一边⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅”。故填other。



如第七小题,build与the section of the Great Wall之间是被动关系,再根据表示过去的时间状语“during the Ming Dynasty”可知,应用过去分词形式作后置定语,表被动和完成。故填built。






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