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Last year, I went through every high school senior’s nightmare: I was     21     by all the colleges I applied to. It’s not that I was a bad     22    . So when I got turned down, I got into a     23    . I thought there was only one path to     24    , and I wasn’t on it. While all my friends had many choices, I was left     25     what future I could have.

When my panic     26    , I signed in a community college. I wasn’t     27    . I thought the incompetent teachers     28     their students’ sleep in class. I was so wrong. The     29     of my professors were so poetic, and my classmates were     30    —they could figure out kinds of difficult things.

I decided to give myself a year of     31    . Aside from required courses, I     32     a range of classes. I know it seems like some     33     classes, but it allowed me to     34     what I want. I used to have this idea that I had to rush to     35     a certain level of success by a certain age. But a year of community college has taught me to     36    , and to recognize that things take time to     37    . I still hope to transfer to a four-year     38     next year, but now I am a more mature person.

Being around the     39     has made me realize that I’m not late     40    . There’s more than one way to get to where you want to go.

21. A. accused B. praised C. accepted D. refused

22. A. student B. teacher C. headmaster D. colleague

23. A. mess B. panic C. trouble D. dilemma

24. A. aspiration B. progress C. success D. destruction

25. A. facing B. predicting C. doubting D. wondering

26. A. faded B. burdened C. balanced D. transferred

27. A. excited B. tired C. worried D. shocked

28. A. offered B. guide C. ignored D. led

29. A. notes B. methods C. behaviors D. lectures

30. A. friendly B. intelligent C. ambitious D. polite

31. A. experiment B. expectation C. effort D. exploration

32. A. bought B. took C. studied D. occupied

33. A. random B. suitable C. comprehensive D. wonderful

34. A. care for B. choose from C. know about D. put on

35. A. avoid B. enjoy C. achieve D. finish

36. A. look for B. give up C. turn on D. slow down

37. A. concern B. provide C. satisfy D. adjust

38. A. club B. university C. company D. organization

39. A. children B. workmates C. classmates D. friends

40. A. hardly B. entirely C. generally D. rarely



21.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我申请的所有大学都拒绝了我。A. accused控诉;B. praised赞扬;C. accepted接受;D. refused拒绝。由本段第一句及后文“ So when I got turned down”可知,此处为作者被申请的所有大学拒绝了。故选D项。

22.考查名词词义辨析。句意:不是因为我是个坏学生。A. student学生;B. teacher老师;C. headmaster校长;D. colleague同事。由前文“ high school senior”可知,作者是一名高中学生。故选A项。

23.考查名词词义辨析。句意:所以当我被拒绝的时候,我陷入了恐慌。A. mess混乱;B. panic恐慌;C. trouble麻烦;D. dilemma进退两难。由下文“When my panic”可知,作者被拒绝的时候,陷入了恐慌。故选B项。

24.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我以为成功只有一条路,我却没有在这条路上。A. aspiration渴望;B. progress进步;C. success成功;D. destruction毁灭。由第三段中“I used to have this idea that i had to rush to    55    a certain level of success by a certain age”的提示可知,此处为原词复现,即他原以为成功只有一条路可走。故选C项。

25.考查动词词义辨析。句意:当我所有的朋友都有很多选择的时候,我却想知道我的未来会怎样。A. facing面对;B. predicting预测;C. doubting怀疑;D. wondering想知道。由前文“While all my friends had many choices”可知,前后形成转折,所以此处为作者想知道自己能有什么样的未来。故选D项。

26.考查动词词义辨析。句意:当我的恐慌消退时,我报名进入了一所社区大学。A. faded褪色;B. burdened使负重;C. balanced使平衡;D. transferred使转移。根据后文“I signed in a community college”可知,作者报名进入了社区大学。这说明作者已经从原先的恐慌中恢复过来,即他的恐慌逐渐消失了。故选A项。

27.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:我并不高兴。A. excited兴奋的;B. tired疲惫的;C. worried担忧的;D. shocked震惊的。根据后文“I thought the incompetent teachers    48    their students’ sleep in class”可知,作者原以为社区大学的教室里那些不称职的老师无视他们的学生睡觉,所以他没有感到高兴。故选A项。

28.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我以为社区大学的教室里那些不称职的老师无视他们的学生睡觉。A. offered提供;B. guide指导;C. ignored忽略;D. led引导。在作者的心里,作者认为社区大学不是正规的大学,不称职的老师无视他们的学生睡觉。故选C项。

29.考查名词词义辨析。句意:教授们的课很有诗意,学生们也很聪明,能解答很有难度的问题。A. notes笔记;B. methods方法;C. behaviors行为;D. lectures讲课。由前后文提示可知,作者完全错了,教授们的课很有诗意,学生们也很聪明,能解答很有难度的问题。此处是指教授们的课。故选D项。

30.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:教授们的课很有诗意,学生们也很聪明,能解答很有难度的问题。A. friendly友好的;B. intelligent聪明的;C. ambitious有野心的;D. polite礼貌的。由“poetic,figure out kinds of difficult things.”可知,作者在社区大学看到的是有诗意的课,能解答很有难度的问题,学生也很聪明。故选B项。

31.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我决定给自己一年的实验期。A. experiment实验;B. expectation期望;C. effort努力;D. exploration探索。由后文“I still hope to transfer to a four-year    58    next year”可知,虽然作者依然希望明年能转到一所四年制大学学习,但他还是决定在这里给自己一年的实验期。故选A项。

32.考查动词词义辨析。句意:除了一些必修课程之外,作者还选择了一系列的课程。A. bought买;B. took选修(某一课程);C. studied学习;D. occupied占领。take class意为“上课”,为固定搭配。在大学肯定要上课。故选B项。

33.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:我知道这看上去似乎是某些随机的课程,但它让我知道我想要什么。A. random随意的;B. suitable适合的;C. comprehensive广泛的;D. wonderful精彩的。作者刚上大学,选择了一系列的课程,具有无目的性。所以选择选修课程应该是随机的。故选A项。

34.考查动词短语词义辨析。句意:我知道这看上去似乎是某些随机的课程,但它让我知道我想要什么。A. care for关心;B. choose from从......中选;C. know about知道;D. put on穿上。虽然作者所选的一些随机的课程,但是作者从中知道了自己想要什么。故选C项。

35.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我曾经有过这样的想法,我必须赶在一定的年龄之前达到一定程度的成功。A. avoid避免;B. enjoy享受;C. achieve实现;D. finish完成。achieve... success意为“达到……成功”,为固定搭配,符合语境。故选C项。

36.考查动词短语词义辨析。句意:但一年的社区大学教育让我放慢脚步,认识到事情需要时间来调整。A. look for寻找;B. give up放弃;C. turn on打开;D. slow down放慢。由前文“that I had to rush to    55    a certain level of success by a certain age”中的“rush”与此处转折对应,所以此处为慢下来。故选D项。

37.考查动词词义辨析。句意:但一年的社区大学教育让我放慢脚步,认识到事情需要时间来调整。A. concern使担忧;B. provide提供;C. satisfy使......满意;D. adjust调整。一年的社区大学教育让作者慢下来,要认识到很多事情需要时间来调整。故选D项。

38.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我仍然希望明年转到一所四年制的综合大学。 A. club俱乐部;B. university大学;C. company公司;D. organization组织。由前文“was    41    by all the colleges I applied to”可知,此处为作者仍然希望明年转到一所四年制的综合大学。故选B项。

39.考查名词词义辨析。句意:和现在的同学们在一起让他意识到,(和原来的高中同学相比)他并没有完全落后。A. children孩子;B. workmates工友;C. classmates同学;D. friends朋友。由前文可知,作者所在的大学并不差,所以和现在的同学们在一起让他意识到,(和原来的高中同学相比)他并没有完全落后。故选C项。

40.考查副词词义辨析。句意:和现在的同学们在一起让他意识到,(和原来的高中同学相比)他并没有完全落后。A. hardly几乎不;B. entirely完全地;C. generally一般地;D. rarely稀少地。entirely“完全地”表示程度和强调。说明作者并没有完全落后,也可作者可以和别人一样优秀。故选B项。


I was cycling and noticed a person, about a quarter of a kilometer in front of me. I could tell he was cycling a little slower than me and decided to try to    21    him. I had about a kilometer to go on the road    22    turning off.

So I    23    cycling faster and faster and every    24    I was gaining on him just a little bit. After just a few minutes I was only about 100 yards    25    him, so I really picked up the pace and    26    myself You would have    27    I was cycling in the last section of London Olympic triathlon.

   28   ,1 caught up with him and passed him by. On the inside I felt so    29   .I beat him, of course, but he didn't even know we were      30      .

After I passed him, I      31      that I had been so focused on competing against him that I had      32      my turn. I had gone nearly six blocks past it and had to turn around and go all the way back.

Isn't that what happens in life when we      33      competing with co-workers, neighbors, and friends, trying to      34      that we are more successful or more important? We spend our time and       35       chasing after them and we miss out on our own      36      to our future.

The      37      of unhealthy competition is that it's a never-ending       38      ,because there will     39      be somebody ahead of you, someone one with a better job, more money and more education, etc.

Therefore, just take what life has given you, your height, weight and personality. Stay focused and live a healthy life. There's no      40     in life. Run your own race and wish others well!

21. A. follow B. catch C. remind D. grasp

22. A. before B. after C. unless D. when

23. A. stopped B. enjoyed C. started D. regretted

24. A. way B. block C. step D. time

25. A. apart from B. above C. ahead of D. behind

26. A. protected B. pushed C. supported D. comforted

27. A. thought B. remembered C. dreamt D. hoped

28. A. Fortunately B. Finally C. Surprisingly D. Apparently

29. A. calm B. lucky C. astonished D. good

30. A. racing B. exercising C. celebrating D. cycling

31. A. believed B. expected C. realized D. understood

32. A. escaped B. missed C. made D. lost

33. A. worry about B. care for C. depend on D. focus on

34. A. prove B. declare C. explain D. inform

35. A. tears B. money C. energy D. pain

36. A. paths B. entrances C. plans D. barriers

37. A. task B. difficulty C. problem D. goal

38. A. movement B. cycle C. event D. routine

39. A. never B. often C. sometimes D. always

40. A. mistake B. competition C. pressure D. challenge



21.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我看得出他骑得比我慢,于是决定努力赶上他。A. follow跟随;B. catch赶上;C. remind提醒;D. grasp理解。虽然那个人在我前面,但我看得出他骑得比我慢,于是决定努力赶上他,故B项正确。

22.考查连词词义辨析。句意:在转弯之前我还要骑一公里左右。A. before    在……之前;B. after在……之后;C. unless除非;D. when当……时。上文说再个人在我前面四分之一公里处,我决定要赶上他,此处是说我还要骑一公里才转弯,故A项正确。

23.考查动词词义辨析。句意:所以我开始骑得越来越快,每过一个街区,我就会比他快一点点。A. stopped停止;B. enjoyed喜欢;C. started开始;D. regretted后悔。上文说我要赶上他,所以我开始快骑,故C项正确。

24.考查名词词义辨析。句意同上。A. way路;B. block街区;C. step步;D. time次数。根据下文中的“six blocks”可知,此处是说每过一个街区,我就会比他快一点点,故B项正确。

25.考查介词词义辨析。句意:几分钟后,我离他只有一百码的距离了。A. apart from除去;B. above在……之上;C. ahead of在……之前;D. behind在……之后。我骑得越来越快,努力赶上他,所以很快我就只落后他一百码了,故D项正确。

26.考查动词词义辨析。句意:于是我加快了速度,推动自己(让自己加把劲)。A. protected保护;B. pushed推动;C. supported支持;D. comforted安慰。离他只有一百码的距离了,于是我加快了速度,让自己再加把劲,故B项正确。

27.考查动词词义辨析。句意:你会以为我在伦敦奥运会铁人三项比赛的最后一段比赛中骑自行车。A. thought想、认为;B. remembered记得;C. dreamt梦想;    D. hoped希望。不知道的人还以为我在伦敦奥运会铁人三项比赛的最后一段比赛中骑自行车呢,旨在表明我骑得很快,故A项正确。

28.考查副词词义辨析。句意:最终,我赶上并超过了他。A. Fortunately幸运地;B. Finally最后、终于;C. Surprisingly令人惊讶地;D. Apparently明显地。经过一段时间的拼命追赶,我终于赶上了他,故B项正确。

29.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:在内心深处,我感觉很好。A. calm冷静的;B. lucky幸运的;    C. astonished惊讶的;D. good好的。打败他让我感觉很爽,故D项正确。

30.考查动词词义辨析。句意:当然,他甚至都不知道我们在比赛。A. racing    比赛;B. exercising锻炼;C. celebrating庆祝;D. cycling骑车。上文说我的拼命程度不亚于伦敦奥运会铁人三项比赛中的骑自行车,而他甚至都不知道我把这当成了一场比赛,故A项正确。

31.考查动词词义辨析。句意:当我超过他之后,我意识到我一直太专注于与他竞争,以至于错过了我转弯的路口。A. believed相信;B. expected期望;C. realized意识到、认识到;D. understood理解。根据空后的“that I had been so focused on competing against him that I had ____12____ my turn.”可知,我意识到我太专注于与他竞争,以至于错过了我转弯的路口,故C项正确。

32.考查动词词义辨析。句意同上。A. escaped逃离;B. missed错过;C. made做成;D. lost失去。上文说我还要骑一公里才转弯,但我因太专注于与他竞争而错过了转弯的路口,故B项正确。

33.考查动词短语辨析。句意:生活中当我们专注于与同事、邻居和朋友竞争,试图证明我们更成功或更重要时不就是这样吗?A. worry about担心;B. care for照顾;C. depend on依靠;D. focus on集中于。我一直太专注于与他竞争,以至于错过了我转弯的路口,此处联想到生活中我们有时也专注于竞争,故D项正确。

34.考查动词词义辨析。句意同上。A. prove证明;B. declare声明;    C. explain解释;D. inform通知。我们与别人竞争是为了证明自己更成功或更重要,故A项正确。

35.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我们花时间和精力去追赶他们,却错过了通往未来的路。A. tears眼泪;B. money金钱;C. energy精力;D. pain痛苦。根据空前的“We spend our time”可知,我们花时间和精力去追赶他们,故C项正确。

36.考查名词词义辨析。句意同上。A. paths路;B. entrances入口;C. plans计划;D. barriers障碍。上文说我因太专注于与那人竞争而错过了转弯的路口,此处是说我们会因此而错过了通往未来的路,故A项正确。

37.考查名词词义辨析。句意:不良竞争的问题在于它是一个永无止境的循环,因为总会有人在你前面。A. task任务;B. difficulty困难;C. problem问题;D. goal目标。根据空后的“of unhealthy competition”可知此处指不良竞争的问题,故C项正确。

38.考查名词词义辨析。句意同上。A. movement运动;B. cycle    循环;C. event事件;D. routine惯例。根据空前的“never-ending”可知,不良竞争是一个永无止境的循环,故B项正确。

39.考查副词词义辨析。句意同上。A. never从不;B. often经常;C. sometimes有时;    D. always一直、总是。根据常识可知,不良竞争是一个永无止境的循环是因为总是会有人在你前面,故D项正确。

40.考查名词词义辨析。句意:生活中没有竞争,走自己的路并且祝福别人。A. mistake错误;B. competition竞争;C. pressure压力;D. challenge挑战。本文的主题就是竞争,此处紧扣主题,说的是生活中没有竞争,我们要走自己的路并且祝福别人,故B项正确。



Can you imagine hearing a big explosion as your plane climbs through 3,000 feet? It sounds    17    for me. I had a(n)   18    seat that day where I could talk to the flight attendants. When I looked anxiously, they said, "No problem. We    19    hit some birds." The    20    had already turned the plane around, and we weren't that far from the airport of Manhattan. Two minutes later, the pilot    21    the plane with the Hudson River, and this was usually not the    22   . He    23    the engines. Then, no sound could be heard in the plane. And then the pilot said four words, which were the most    24     four words I'd ever heard. He said, "Hold on for crash." I didn't have to talk to the flight attendants anymore. What I could see in their eyes was    25    Life was over.

Now I want to share with you what I    26    about myself that day. Everything changes    27    People always have a bucket list in which there are a lot of things they want to do in life. In that moment, I thought about all the people I wanted to     28    that I hadn't, all the fences I wanted to mend, all the     29      I wanted to have and I never did. I no longer want to     30    anything in life. And I     31     the time I wasted on things that did not matter. I also thought about my     32     with my wife, with my friends, with people. And that    33      has really changed my life.

I was given the gift of a(n)      34      of not dying that day. I was given another     35      which was to be able to see into the future and come back and live    36        .

17. A. comforting B. annoying C. nervous D. scary

18. A. embarrassing B. unique C. common D. interesting

19. A. impossibly B. especially C. fortunately D. probably

20. A. flight attendants B. passenger C. pilot D. birds

21. A. lined up B. put up C. looked up D. took up

22. A. route B. place C. road D. time

23. A. turned down B. turned up C. turned off D. turned on

24. A. unsatisfied B. unavoidable C. unprofessional D. unemotional

25. A. satisfaction B. excitement C. terror D. anger

26. A. forgot B. learned C. worried D. talked

27. A. in the distance B. in an instant C. in no case D. in no sense

28. A. watch out for B. jump out of C. reach out to D. run out of

29. A. experiments B. experiences C. expectations D. expressions

30. A. handle B. change C. achieve D. postpone

31. A. regretted B. missed C. remembered D. valued

32. A. relationship B. membership C. scholarship D. friendship

33. A. story B. tendency C. victory D. emergency

34. A. talent B. wonder C. challenge D. opportunity

35. A. life B. chance C. gift D. feeling

36. A. difficultly B. differently C. patiently D. seriously



17.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:你能想象当你的飞机爬越3000英尺时听到巨大的爆炸声吗?听起来很吓人。A. comforting令人安慰的;B. annoying讨厌的;C. nervous紧张的;D. scary可怕的。根据上文可知是很可怕的。故选D。

18.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:那天我有一个特别的座位,我可以和空乘人员交谈。句意:A. embarrassing尴尬的;B. unique独特的;C. common共同的;D. interesting有趣的。根据下文where I could talk to the flight attendants可知这个位置很特别考验跟空乘人员交谈。故选B。

19.考查副词词义辨析。句意:我们可能撞到了一些鸟。A. impossibly不可能地;B. especially特别;C. fortunately幸运地是;D. probably可能。根据下文飞机掉头可知是可能撞到了鸟儿。故选D。

20.考查名词词义辨析。句意:飞行员已经把飞机调头,我们离曼哈顿机场不远。A. flight attendants乘务人员;B. passenger乘客;C. pilot飞行员;D. birds鸟。根据下文turned the plane around可知是飞行员掉头。故选C。

21.考查动词短语辨析。句意:两分钟后,飞行员沿着哈德逊河飞行,通常不是这条航线。A. lined up对齐;整顿;B. put up提供;C. looked up查出;D. took up拿起;吸纳。根据句意可知选A。

22.考查名词词义辨析。句意:两分钟后,飞行员沿着哈德逊河飞行,通常不是这条航线。A. route路线;航线;B. place地方;C. road道路;D. time时间。根据上文可知这不是飞机平常的飞行航线。故选A。

23.考查动词短语辨析。句意:他关掉了发动机。A. turned down关小;B. turned up开大;出现;C. turned off关掉;D. turned on打开。根据下文Then, no sound could be heard in the plane.可知他把发动机关掉了。故选C。

24.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:然后飞行员说了四个字,这是我听过的最没有感情的四个字。A. unsatisfied不满意的;B. unavoidable不可避免的;C. unprofessional不专业的;D. unemotional非感情的。根据下文He said, "Hold on for crash."可知飞行员只是说了没有感情的四个字。故选D。

25.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我在他们眼中看到的是恐惧。A. satisfaction满意;B. excitement激动;C. terror恐惧;D. anger愤怒。飞机可能会坠机,因此人们眼中只有恐惧。故选C。

26.考查动词词义辨析。句意:现在我想和你们分享我那天对自己的了解。A. forgot忘记;B. learned学会;了解;C. worried担心;D. talked谈论。根据下文about myself可知是对自己的了解。故选B。

27.考查介词短语辨析。句意:一切都在瞬间改变。A. in the distance在远处;B. in an instant马上;瞬间;C. in no case决不;D. in no sense绝不。根据句意故选B。

28.考查动词短语辨析。句意:在那一刻,我想到了所有我想要联系的人,所有我没有联系到的人,所有我想要修补的藩篱,所有我想要拥有却从未有过的经历。A. watch out for小心提防;B. jump out of跳出;C. reach out to联系;D. run out of用完。根据上文all the people I wanted to可知是想要联系的人。故选C。

29.考查名词词义辨析。句意:在那一刻,我想到了所有我想要联系的人,所有我没有联系到的人,所有我想要修补的藩篱,所有我想要拥有却从未有过的经历。A. experiments实验;B. experiences经历;C. expectations期望;D. expressions表情。根据下文I wanted to have and I never did可知是想要拥有却从未有过的经历。故选B。

30.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我不想再拖延生活中的任何事情。A. handle处理;B. change改变;C. achieve实现;D. postpone推迟。根据句意故选D。

31.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我后悔把时间浪费在无关紧要的事情上。A. regretted后悔;B. missed错过;C. remembered记住;D. valued重视。根据下文I wasted on things that did not matter可知是后悔。故选A。

32.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我也想过我和妻子,朋友,和其他人的关系。A. relationship关系;B. membership资格;C. scholarship奖学金;D. friendship友谊。根据下文with my wife, with my friends, with people可知是与其他人的关系。故选A。

33.考查名词词义辨析。句意:那次紧急情况真的改变了我的生活。A. story故事;B. tendency趋势;C. victory胜利;D. emergency紧急情况。这次飞机事故是紧急情况,改变了作者的生活。故选D。

34.考查名词词义辨析。句意:那天我被赐予了不死的奇迹。A. talent才能;B. wonder奇迹;C. challenge挑战;D. opportunity机会。根据下文of not dying that day可知是不死的奇迹。故选B。

35.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我得到了另一个机会,那就是能够展望未来,回来后以不同的方式生活。A. life生活;B. chance机会;C. gift礼物;D. feeling感觉。作者在事故中没有死,是被给予了另一个生活的机会。故选B。

36.考查副词词义辨析。句意:我得到了另一个机会,那就是能够展望未来,回来后以不同的方式生活。A. difficultly困难地;B. differently不同地;C. patiently耐心地;D. seriously严肃地。作者从中领悟到要以不同的方式生活。故选B。



Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Each of us fails from time to time. If we are wise, we accept these failures as a   21   part of the learning process. But all too often as parents and teachers we    22    this same right to our children. When I see a child    23    from this kind of pressure, I think of Donnie.

Donnie was my youngest third-grader. His    24    of failure kept him from classroom games that other children enjoyed. He    25    answered questions — he was afraid he might be wrong. I tried my best to build his    26   . But nothing changed until midterm, when Mary Anne, a student teacher, was assigned to our classroom. She was young and pretty, and she loved children. My pupils, Donnie included, all    27    her very much.

One morning, we were working on math problems at the chalkboard. Donnie had    28    the problems with pains-taking tidiness. Pleased with his progress, I   29   the children with Mary Anne and went for art materials. When I returned, Donnie was in    30   . He’d missed the third problem. My student teacher looked at me in despair.  Suddenly her face   31  . From the desk we shared, she got a container filled with pencils.“Look, Donnie,” she said, kneeling beside him and gently    32    the tear-stained (弄脏的) face from his arms. “I’ve got something to    33    you.” She removed the pencils, one at a time, and placed them on his desk.  “See these    34   , Donnie,” she continued. “They belong to Mrs. Lindstrom and me. See how the erasers are    35   ? That’s because we make mistakes too. But we erase the mistakes and try again. That’s what you    36    learn to do, too.” She kissed him and stood up. “Here,” she said, “I’ll leave one of these pencils on    37    desk so you’ll remember that everybody makes mistakes,    38    teachers.” Donnie looked up with love in his eyes and a smile.

The    39    became Donnie’s prized possession. That, together with Mary Anne’s frequent encouragement, gradually    40    him that it’s all right to make mistakes — as long as you erase them and try again.

21. A. small B. basic C. necessary D. large

22. A. give B. disallow C. offer D. permit

23. A. come B. take C. fall D. suffer

24. A. fear B. lesson C. chance D. sense

25. A. always B. often C. frequently D. seldom

26. A. self-protection B. self-improvement C. self-confidence     D. self-learning

27. A. respected     B. disliked C. avoided D. minded

28. A. brought in B. written down C. put off     D. searched for

29. A. left B. offered C. missed D. parted

30. A. surprise B. astonishment C. anger D. tears

31. A. darkened B. brightened C. pulled D. loosened

32. A. lifting B. picking C. holding D. pushing

33. A. help B. show C. reward D. promise

34. A. pencils B. mistakes C. marks         D. containers

35. A. used B. built C. worn D. damaged

36. A. may B. must C. ought D. can

37. A. my B. someone’s C. the teacher’s D. your

38. A. still         B. also C. even             D. not

39. A. pencil B. words C. mistake D. desk

40. A. warned B. informed C. persuaded D. explained



21.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:如果我们是明智的,我们会将这些失败视为学习过程中必要的一部分。A. small小的;B. basic基本的;C. necessary必要的;D. large大的。根据常识可知,失败是学习过程中必要的一部分,故C项正确。

22.考查动词词义辨析。句意:但作为父母和老师,我们常常不允许孩子享有这样的权利。A. give给;B. disallow不允许;C. offer提供;D. permit许可。根据空前的转折连词But可知,但我们常常不允许孩子享有这样的权利,故B项正确。

23.考查动词词义辨析。句意:当我看到一个孩子饱受这样的压力时,我就想到唐尼。A. come来自;B. take带走;C. fall跌落;D. suffer遭受。上文说我们常常不允许孩子失败,所以孩子饱受压力,故D项正确。

24.考查名词词义辨析。句意:由于害怕失败,所以他没有参加其他孩子喜欢的课堂游戏。A. fear害怕、恐惧;B. lesson教训;C. chance机会;D. sense感觉。根据空后的“of failure kept him from classroom games that other children enjoyed.”可知,唐尼因为害怕失败,所以才没有参加其他孩子喜欢的课堂游戏,故A项正确。

25.考查副词词义辨析。句意:他很少回答问题,因为他害怕自己会答错。A. always    一直;B. often经常;C. frequently频繁地;D. seldom很少。根据破折号后的“he was afraid he might be wrong.”可知,他很少回答问题的原因是他害怕自己会答错,故D项正确。

26.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我尽我最大的努力帮助他树立自信。A. self-protection自我保护;B. self-improvement自我改进;    C. self-confidence自信;D. self-learning自学。上文说唐尼是一个非常不自信的小男孩,所以我努力帮助他树立自信,故C项正确。

27.考查动词词义辨析。句意:她年轻漂亮,喜欢孩子。我的学生,包括唐尼在内,都非常尊重(喜欢)她。A. respected尊重;B. disliked不喜欢;C. avoided避开;D. minded介意。玛丽安娜年轻漂亮,又喜欢孩子,学生们都尊敬(喜欢)她,故A项正确。

28.考查动词短语辨析。句意:唐尼写下解题时遇到的问题。A. brought in引进;B. written down写下;C. put off推迟;D. searched for搜寻。根据空后的“the problems with pains-taking tidiness.”可知,一天我讲数学题的时候,唐尼写下了解题时遇到的问题,故B项正确。

29.考查动词词义辨析。句意:看到他的进步我很高兴,放心地把学生们留给玛丽安娜照顾,我去拿了一趟美术用品。A. left留下;    B. offered提供;C. missed想念;D. parted分开。根据空后的“the children with Mary Anne and went for art materials”可知,把学生们留给玛丽安娜照顾,我去拿了一趟美术用品,故A项正确。

30.考查名词词义辨析。句意:当我回来时,唐尼在哭。A. surprise惊讶;B. astonishment惊奇;C. anger生气;D. tears眼泪。根据下文情节可知,唐尼因为把第三题落了没抄而哭了,故D项正确。

31.考查动词词义辨析。句意:安娜绝望地看着我,突然她的眼睛一亮,从我们共用的桌子上拿来一个装满铅笔的笔筒。A. darkened变暗;B. brightened变亮;C. pulled拉;D. loosened放松。安娜先是绝望地看着我,突然想到了一个办法让她的眼睛一亮,故B项正确。

32.考查动词词义辨析。句意:“瞧,唐尼,”她说道,跪在他身边,轻轻地把他那满是泪痕的脸从胳膊上抬起。A. lifting举、抬;B. picking捡;C. holding握;D. pushing推。根据空后的“the tear-stained (弄脏的) face from his arms.”可知,安娜跪在唐尼身边,轻轻地把他那满是泪痕的脸从胳膊上抬起来,故A项正确。

33.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我有东西给你看。A. help帮助;B. show展示;C. reward报答;D. promise承诺。根据空后安娜让唐尼看铅笔和橡皮擦的情节可知,安娜说,“我有东西让你看”,故B项正确。

34.考查名词词义辨析。句意:她把铅笔一根一根地拿出来,放在他的书桌上,“看这些铅笔,唐尼”,她继续说道。A. pencils铅笔;B. mistakes错误;C. marks分数;    D. containers容器。根据空前的“pencils”可知,安娜让唐尼看桌子上的铅笔,故A项正确。

35.考查动词词义辨析。句意:你看这些橡皮擦是怎么磨成这样的?那是因为我们也会犯错误,但我们把错误擦去,再来一次,这也是你必须要学会做的事。A. used使用;B. built建立;C. worn磨损;D. damaged损害。安娜让唐尼看这些磨损过的橡皮擦,故C项正确。

36.考查情态动词辨析。句意同上。A. may也许;B. must必须;C. ought    应该;D. can可以。每个人都会犯错误,需要做的是把错误擦去,再来一次,这是唐尼必须要学会做的事,故B项正确。

37.考查代词词义辨析。句意:安娜对唐尼说:“我会把其中一支铅笔放在你桌上,这样你就会记得每个人都会犯错,即使是老师”。A. my我的;B. someone’s某人的;C. the teacher’s老师的;D. your你的。安娜对唐尼说:“我会把其中一支铅笔放在你的书桌上”,故D项正确。

38.考查副词词义辨析。句意同上。A. still仍然;B. also也;C. even甚至(即使);D. not不。安娜想让唐尼知道即使是老师也会犯错误,故C项正确。

39.考查名词词义辨析。句意:那支铅笔成了唐尼最宝贵的财富。A. pencil铅笔;B. words单词;C. mistake错误;D. desk桌子。上文说安娜留了一支铅笔在唐尼的书桌上,此处指的就是那支铅笔,故A项正确。

40.考查动词词义辨析。句意:在安妮的不断鼓励下,我逐渐使他相信每个人都是可以犯错的。A. warned警告;B. informed通知;C. persuaded说服;D. explained解释。上文说唐尼很害怕犯错误,所以我逐渐使他相信每个人都是可以犯错的,故C项正确。


My family were on a vacation in Dubai and having a good time. One day, we were visiting Abu-Dhabi,     21     with a few passengers in a bus. At our first     22    , we got out to take some pictures. At our second stop, we noticed that we had     23     our shoulder bag at the first stop. The     24     part was that our passports, visast hotel booking papers-everything was inside that bag and we     25     at the thought of having to return to India in two days.

During this process of     26     our bag, we came into contact with so many strangers whom we found to be really concerned and helpful with our     27    : A tour guide and a bus driver helped us to     28     the position of a taxi and then called it for us, so that we could travel back to the first     29     to find our bag. Finally, we got there and we saw a tourist who was standing there     30     his friend’s car. Obviously, he had to go somewhere, but instead, he decided to     31     us and showed us a way to call a free police station number for a(n)    32    .

An officer on the phone said a local woman actually found our bag. He     33     the bag and found a number to a travel agency. He     34     the travel agency and asked his driver to send the bag there. The driver placed it at a    35     place to us, from where we could get our bag back easily.

On that day, at first there was real     36     inside me and I was     37     thinking of what would happen next. In such a state of mind, I was not able to say     38     to all those persons who helped us in such a (n)    39     situation. And I don’t even know their names. But I’ll never be able to forget their     40     and their kindness.

21. A. connecting B. quarreling C. traveling D. working

22. A. trip B. stop C. hotel D. sight

23. A. left B. broken C. filled D. emptied

24. A. strangest B. funniest C. easiest D. worst

25. A. hesitated B. panicked C. went ahead D. cheered up

26. A. seeking B. delivering C. considering D. packing

27. A. adventure B. reservation C. danger D. dilemma

28. A. occupy B. determine C. adjust D. abandon

29. A. destination B. bus C. passenger D. terminal

30. A. watching over B. adapting to C. waiting for D. dealing with

31. A. instruct B. protect C. aid D. follow

32. A. enquiry B. survey C. visa D. agency

33. A. purchased B. tore C. checked D. afforded

34. A. praised B. informed C. blamed D. warned

35. A. strange B. uncommon C. vacant D. familiar

36. A. luck B. amazement C. pride D. anxiety

37. A. constantly B. amusingly C. regularly D. hardly

38. A. concerns B. hello C. thanks D. goodbye

39. A. relaxing B. challenging C. inspiring D. confusing

40. A. suggestions B. addresses C. numbers D. faces



21.考查动词。A. connecting连接;B. quarreling争吵;C. traveling旅行;D. working工作。根据前面的“we were visiting”可知,作者一家人在迪拜度假,要去Abu-Dhabi参观,并和几位乘客一起坐公交车旅行(traveling)。故选C。

22.考查名词。A. trip旅行;B. stop车站,逗留;C. hotel宾馆;D. sight视力,景象。根据后面的“At our second stop”可知,下车拍照在第一个逗留点(stop),作者下车拍照。故选B。

23.考查动词。A. left离开;B. broken折断,打碎;C. filled装满;D. emptied倒空。根据后面的“at the first stop”可知,作者把背包忘在(left)第一个逗留点了。故选A。

24.考查形容词最高级。A. strangest最奇怪的;B. funniest最逗趣的;C. easiest最容易的;D. worst最差的。根据后面的“everything was inside that bag”可知,最糟糕的(worst)事情是:护照、签证等所有的东西都在背包里。故选D。

25.考查动词。A. hesitated犹豫;B. panicked    惊慌;C. went ahead前进,继续做;D. cheered up欢呼,喝彩。遇到这种情况,他们非常恐慌,此处上下文是承顺关系,使用并列连词and。故选B。

26.考查动词。A. seeking寻找;B. delivering递送;C. considering考虑,认为;D. packing打包。根据前面的“During this process of”可知,在寻找(seeking)背包的过程中,他们联系了很多人。故选A。

27.考查名词。A. adventure冒险;B. reservation预约,预订;C. danger危险;D. dilemma困境。根据前面的“whom we found to be really concerned”可知,这些陌生人对作者的困境(dilemma)非常关心。故选D。

28.考查动词。A. occupy占据,占领;B. determine    决定;C. adjust调整;D. abandon遗弃,放弃。根据前面的描述,一位导游和一位巴士司机帮作者确定(determine)了一台出租车的位置并打电话把他叫了过来。故选B。

29.考查名词。A. destination目的地;B. bus公共汽车;C. passenger旅客,乘客;D. terminal终点站。根据前面的travel back可知,别人帮助作者找到出租车,以便作者回到第一个目的地(destination)去寻找背包。故选A。

30.考查动词词组。A. watching over看守,监视;B. adapting to适合,适应于;C. waiting for等待;D. dealing with解决,处理。根据后面的“he had to be somewhere”可知,此人在等(waiting for)朋友的车。故选C。

31.考查动词。A. instruct指导,通知;B. protect保护;C. aid援助,帮助;D. follow跟随。根据后面的“showed us a way to call a free police station number”可知,此人决定先帮助(aid)作者一家寻找背包。故选C。

32.考查名词。A. enquiry咨询;B. survey调查;C. visa签证;D. agency代理,中介。根据前面的“call a free police station number”和下一段警察的回答可知,此人教给作者一个方法,去给警察打免费电话咨询(enquiry)。故选A。

33.考查动词。A. purchased购置;B. tore撕开;C. checked核对,检查;D. afforded给予,提供。根据后面的“and found a number to a travel agency”可知,捡到背包的人检查了(checked)背包,发现了一家旅行社的号码。故选C。

34.考查动词。 A. praised称赞;B. informed告知;C. blamed责备;D. warned警告。根据常识,查到旅行社后,警察通知了(informed)这家旅行社。故选B。

35.考查形容词。 A. strange奇怪的;B. uncommon不寻常的;C. vacant空虚的;D. familiar熟悉的。根据后面的“where we could get our bag back”可知,此人派司机把背包送到了一个双方都熟悉的(familiar)目的地。故选D。

36.考查名词。A. luck运气;B. amazement惊讶;C. pride自豪;D. anxiety焦虑。根据前面的“On that day, t here was real...”可知,在那一天,作者刚开始心里充满了焦虑(anxIety)。故选D。

37.考查副词。A. constantly持续不断地;B. amusingly有趣地;C. regularly有规律地;D. hardly几乎不。根据前面的描述可知,丢了背包,作者心里充满焦虑,不断地(constantly)考虑下一步会发生什么。故选A。

38.考查名词。 A. concerns关心;B. hello你好;C. thanks感谢;D. goodbye再见。根据前面的“In such a state of mind I was not able to say”可知,作者在这种心态下都没能向那些在困境(challenging)中时帮助过他的人说声谢谢(thanks)。故选C。

39.考查形容词。 A. relaxing令人放松的;B. challenging具有挑战性的;C. inspiring令人受鼓舞的;D. confusing混乱的。参看上一解析。故选B。

40.考查名词。A. suggestions建议;B. addresses地址;C. numbers数字;D. faces脸。作者虽然不知道这些人的名字,但是永远不会忘记这些人的面容(faces)和善良。故选D。


One day when I was 15 years old, I had some friends over to hang out. While we were making food in the     21    , my brother came in. He     22     his beef next to my thick one and said, “Courtney, your beef is bigger than mine. You don’t need to eat; you’re already fat enough.” Then he walked out, laughing.

  23   comments on my physical appearance were nothing new. Something inside me     24     to his idea that my legs were unacceptable, and that became the last day that I ever willingly wore     25     until I was 30 years old. For the next 15 years, I spent summer after summer roasting in long pants.

But then I     26     Ragen Chastain, and she changed everything. I couldn’t believe that this woman who, like myself, almost     27     300 pounds was so     28     and happy in her own skin. I listened     29     she shared her own journey to recovery and self-love. She talked about how amazing our bodies are, just by    30     of the things they do every day-like     31    ,pumping blood to every ceil, blinking and walking..

Walking! I was suddenly aware of how foolish I’d been for so long. There’re people who are born     32     legs, or who lack properly working legs, or who     33     their legs, and I’d been     34     my perfectly strong, healthy, beautiful legs in     35     because I had allowed someone to     36     me that they weren’t good enough. The next day, I bought three pairs of shorts and a sundress and spent the entire summer letting my legs see the sun and feel the     37    .

The next time anyone comments on your body in a     38     way, look them straight in the eye, smile and say, “If what you see        39     you so much, feel free to practice the ancient art of looking somewhere else.” That’s Ragen’s original, but I don’t think she’ll mind     40     you use it.

41. A. classroom B. kitchen C. bedroom D. dorm

42. A. offered B. devoted C. placed D. organized

43. A. Unpleasant B. Eventual C. Regretful D. Skeptical

44. A. took up B. got down C. gave in D. tried out

45. A. shirts B. shorts C. trousers D. socks

46. A. asked B. related C. approved D. met

47. A. possessed B. corresponded C. opposed D. weighed

48. A. typical B. energetic C. explicit D. genetic

49. A. as B. because C. unless D. though

50. A. feature B. character C. means D. gender

51. A. shopping B. swimming C. breathing D. applauding

52. A. with B. despite C. without D. within

53. A. waste B. lose C. reject D. keep

54. A. hiding B. using C. doubting D. blaming

55. A. surprise B. ruins C. astonishment D. shame

56. A. advise B. convince C. persuade D. educate

57. A. breeze B. warmth C. taste D. freeze

58. A. positive B. negative C. different D. specific

59. A. abandons B. distributes C. bothers D. benefits

60. A. since B. until C. although D. if



21.考查名词词义辨析。句意:当我们在厨房做饭的时候,我弟弟进来了。A. classroom教室;B. kitchen厨房;C. bedroom卧室;D. dorm寝室。根据语境可知,做饭应该在厨房,故选B。

22.考查动词词义辨析。句意:他把他的牛肉放在我的厚牛肉旁边。A. offered提供;B. devoted贡献;C. placed放置;D. organized组织。根据句意可知,此处place做动词,意为“放置”,与题意相符,故选C。

23.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:对我外貌的不愉快评论并不是什么新鲜事。A. Unpleasant不高兴的;B. Eventual最后的;C. Regretful遗憾的;D. Skeptical怀疑的。根据前文作者弟弟的评论,可以看出那些评论并不令人愉快,故选A。

24.考查词组辨析。句意:我内心的某种东西屈服于他的想法——我的腿是不可接受的,A. took up从事;B. got down下来;C. gave in让步;D. tried out尝试。根据下文可知,作者把那天当做是最后一天穿短裤,可见作者屈服了他兄弟的想法,故选C。

25.考查名词词义辨析。句意:那成为我最后一天愿意穿短裤,直到我30岁。A. shirts衬衫;B. shorts短裤;C. trousers裤子;D. socks袜子。根据下文的For the next 15 years, I spent summer after summer roasting in long pants.可知,在接下来的15年里作者在夏天只穿长裤可知,那天是作者最后一天穿短裤,故选B。

26.考查动词词义辨析。句意:但后来我遇到了拉根·查斯坦,她改变了一切。A. asked询问;B. related与……有关;C. approved赞同;D. met遇见。根据句意可知,作者遇到了Ragen Chastain,故选D。

27.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我不敢相信这个女人,像我一样,差不多有300磅重,A. possessed占有;B. corresponded    回应;C. opposed反对;D. weighed称重。根据句意可知,这个女人差不多重300磅,故选D。

28.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:竟然如此精力充沛,对自己的皮肤如此满意。A. typical    典型的;B. energetic精力充沛的;C. explicit明确的;D. genetic遗传的。根据下文的happy in her own skin.可知,这个女人是“精力充沛的”,故选B。

29.考查状语从句连词辨析。句意:我听着她分享她自己的康复和自爱之旅。A. as一边……一边……;B. because因为;C. unless除非;D. though尽管。此处用as引导时间状语从句,意为“我一边听她一边分享”,故选A。

30.考查名词词义辨析。句意:她谈到我们的身体是多么神奇,仅仅通过他们每天所做的事情。A. feature特征;B. character性格;C. means方法;D. gender性别。根据句意可知,by means of是固定搭配,意为“用、通过”,符合句意,故选C。

31.考查动词词义辨析。句意:呼吸、供血到每一个细胞、眨眼和走路。A. shopping购物;B. swimming游泳;C. breathing呼吸;D. applauding鼓掌。根据前文可知,此处说的是身体的一些功能,故选C。

32.考查介词词义辨析。句意:有些人生来就没有腿,或者没有正常工作的腿,或者失去了腿。A. with带着;B. despite尽管;C. without没有;D. within在……之内。根据句意可知,有些人生来就没有腿,故选C。

33.考查动词词义辨析。句意:有些人生来就没有腿,或者没有正常工作的腿,或者失去了腿。A. waste浪费;B. lose丢失;C. reject拒绝;D. keep保持。根据句意可知,此处指失去了腿,故选B。

34.考查动词词义辨析。句意:我一直羞愧地隐藏着我完美强壮、健康、美丽的腿,A. hiding隐藏;B. using使用;C. doubting疑惑;D. blaming责备。根据句意可知,作者一直穿着长裤把腿隐藏了起来,故选A。

35.考查名词词义辨析。句意:我一直羞愧地隐藏着我完美强壮、健康、美丽的腿,A. surprise惊讶;B. ruins废墟;C. astonishment惊讶;D. shame害羞。根据句意可知,in shame意为“羞愧的”,相当于副词,故选D。

36.考查动词词义辨析。句意:因为我允许别人让我相信他们不够好。A. advise建议;B. convince使信服;C. persuade劝说;D. educate教育。根据句意可知,convince意为“使……信服”,符合句意,故选B。

37.考查名词词义辨析。句意:第二天,我买了三条短裤和一件太阳裙,整个夏天都让我的腿看到阳光,感受微风。A. breeze微风;B. warmth温暖;C. taste口味;D. freeze冻结。根据语境可知,作者穿了短裤让自己的腿感受阳光和微风,故选A。

38.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:下次有人用负面的方式评论你的身体时,直视他们的眼睛,微笑着说。A. positive积极的;B. negative消极的;C. different不同的;D. specific特殊的。根据句意可知,negative意为“消极的、负面的”,符合题意,故选B。

39.考查动词词义辨析。句意:如果你看到的东西让你很烦恼,那么你可以自由地练习古老的看别的地方的艺术。A. abandons    抛弃;B. distributes分布;C. bothers困扰;D. benefits对……有利;根据语境可知,bother意为“使困扰”,符合题意,故选C。

40.考查状语从句连词辨析。句意:那是Ragen的原创,但我不认为她会介意你用它。A. since自从;B. until知道;C. although尽管;D. if如果。根据句意可知,此处if引导条件状语从句,如果你使用这种方法(看别的地方的艺术)Ragen是不会介意的,故选D。




My son Daniel’ s passion (激情) for surfing    41    at the age of 13. Before and after school each day he went surfing with his    42   . Daniel’ s love of the sport was    43    one afternoon.

The lifeguard    44    over the phone to my husband Mike that my son had been    45    by the point of the board. Mike    46    him to the emergency room and Daniel received 26 stitches from the corner of his eye to the bridge of his nose.

I was    47    home from a speaking engagement while Daniel’s eye was being stitched. Mike drove    48    to the airport after they left the doctor’ s office. He    49    me at the gate and told me Daniel was waiting in the car.

I ran to the car so    50    that the heel of my shoe broke off. I swung open the door, and Daniel was leaning forward with both arms    51    toward me crying, “Oh, Ma, I’ m so glad you’ re home.”

I sobbed in his arms telling him how    52    I felt about not being there when the lifeguard called.

“It’s okay, Mom,” he    53    me. “I’ ll be fine. The doctor says I can go back in the water in eight days.”

“What?” I asked.

I told him he wasn’ t    54    to go near water again until he was 35.

For the next seven days he kept    55    me to let him go back on the board. One day after I   56   “No” to him, he beat me at my own game.

“Mom, you    57    us never to give up what we love.”

I    58   .

Back then Daniel was just a boy who was    59    about surfing. Now he’ s a man with responsibility. He has a(n)   60   among the top 25 professional surfers in the world.

I was tested in my own backyard on an important principle that I taught audiences in distant cities: “Passionate people embrace(拥抱)what they love and never give up.”

41. A. ended B. began C. paused D. decreased

42. A. competitors B. colleagues C. parents D. companions

43. A. researched B. improved C. tested D. managed

44. A. reported B. demanded C. required D. conducted

45. A. injured B. shot C. attacked D. occupied

46. A. dragged B. walked C. rushed D. fetched

47. A. leaving B. running C. wandering D. flying

48. A. directly B. steadily C. cautiously D. secretly

49. A. accepted        B. greeted C. blamed D. dismissed

50. A. naturally B. happily C. fast D. heavily

51. A. settled down B. reached out    C. fastened up D. sought out

52. A. normal B. relaxed C. calm D. awful

53. A. comforted B. discouraged    C. hurt D. protected

54. A. forced B. charged C. limited D. allowed

55. A. scolding B. consulting      C. pressing D. instructing

56. A. agreed B. ignored C. repeated D. avoided

57. A. taught B. warned C. reminded D. persuaded

58. A. took up B. gave in C. came out D. insisted on

59. A. doubtful B. worried C. nervous D. enthusiastic

60. A. situation B. position C. impression D. presentation



41.考查动词辨析。句意:我儿子丹尼尔在13岁时开始了对冲浪的激情。A. ended,结束。B. began,开始。    C. paused    ,暂停。D. decreased,降低。该空后一句提到,儿子每天下课之后都要和同学去冲浪,说明儿子对于冲浪的热情非常高涨。故选B。

42.考查名词辨析。句意:他每天课后都要和朋友一起去冲浪。A. competitors对手,B. colleagues同事,C. parents,家长D. companions朋友。第一段第二句提到的是before and after school,说明儿子还在读书,因此和他去冲浪的只能是他的同学、朋友。故选D。

43.考查动词辨析。句意:一天下午,Daniel对于运动的热爱受到了考验。A. researched研究,B. improved提高、改善,C. tested测试,D. managed管理。根据第二段内容,Daniel在一次运动过程中受伤,很有可能会影响到他对运动的喜爱和热情,即受到了考验。故选C。

44.考查动词辨析。句意:救生员在手机上向我的丈夫Mike说到我的儿子被计分板伤到了。A. reported报告、汇报,B. demanded需要、请求,C. required请求,D. conducted实施。作者的丈夫不在现场,因此在作者儿子受伤的时候,救生员只能通过手机与作者的丈夫联系。故选A。

45.考查动词辨析。句意:救生员在手机上向我的丈夫Mike说到我的儿子被计分板伤到了。A. injured伤害,B. shot射击,C. attacked攻击,D. occupied占领。B、C、D三个选项多以“人”为主语,表示主动发出的动作,与文章意思不符,故选A。

46.考查动词辨析。句意:Mike冲到急诊室…。A. dragged拖、拉,B. walked走,C. rushed冲,D. fetched拿来。儿子受伤之后,Mike十分紧张儿子的情况,因此非常快速的赶去急救室。故选C。

47.考查动词辨析。句意:当Daniel的眼睛缝针的时候,我正在从辩证会飞回家的路上。A. leaving离开,B. running跑,C. wandering漫步,D. flying飞。由第三段的第二句提到“…to the airport”,Mike去了机场接作者,说明作者乘坐的是飞机,故选D。

48.考查副词辨析。句意:在他们离开医生那里后,Mike就直接开到机场。A. directly直接地,B. steadily稳定地,C. cautiously谨慎地,D. secretly秘密地。文章第二段提到作者的丈夫很快赶到急救室,作者则是在乘飞机回家的路上,作者的丈夫要接作者回家,说明作者的丈夫是直接去了机场。故选A。

49.考查动词辨析。句意:他在门口迎接我,告诉我Daniel在车里等着。A. accepted接受,B. greeted迎接,C. blamed责备,D. dismissed开除、驳回。该空前一句提到作者的丈夫开车到机场接作者,并在门口迎接作者,故选B。

50.考查副词辨析。句意:我快速地跑向车,跑的太快了以至于我的鞋跟都坏掉了。A. naturally自然地,B. happily开心地,C. fast,快速地,D. heavily沉重地。该句提到“the heel of my shoe broke off”作者的鞋跟都跑坏了,说明作者跑的非常快。故选C。

51.考查动词词组辨析。句意:Daniel伸出手往前靠向我,哭着说:“妈妈,你回来我真的太开心了。”A. settled down定居,B. reached out伸出手,C. fastened up系牢,D. sought out找出。Daniel因为受伤只能在车上等作者,第五段也提到“I sobbed in his arms”作者在儿子的臂弯里抽泣,说明二人是一个拥抱的姿势。故选B。

52.考查形容词辨析。句意:我在他臂弯里抽泣,告诉他当救生员打电话时我不在他身边,我感到非常可怕。A. normal普通的,B. relaxed放松的,C. calm冷静的,D. awful可怕的。Daniel受伤时伤口缝了26针,作为母亲对于孩子受伤是非常难过的,而且在孩子受伤时不在身边会感到更加难过。故选D。

53.考查动词辨析。句意:“没事的,妈妈。”他安慰我。A. comforted安慰,B. discouraged阻止,C. hurt伤害,D. protected保护。前文中提到Daniel的伤口缝了26针,但Daniel却对作者说他没事,说明Daniel是在安慰作者。故选A。

54.考查动词辨析。句意:我告诉他,35岁之前他都不准再去水边了。A. forced强迫,B. charged收费、充电、指责,C. limited限制,D. allowed允许。在文章第六段提到“I can go back in the water in eight days.” Daniel想在伤好后继续进行运动,作者表示非常的震惊。作者担心Daniel的安全,因此不允许他在去水边。故选D。

55.考查动词辨析。句意:在接下来的七天内,他一直督促我让我同意他回到冲浪板上。A. scolding责备,B. consulting咨询,C. pressing敦促,D. instructing指示。第六段提到Daniel想在伤好后就去冲浪,但作者一直不同意,Daniel只好每天缠着作者同意。故选C。

56.考查动词辨析。句意:有一天当我重复对他说“不”之后,他使我哑口无言。A. agreed同意,B. ignored忽视,C. repeated重复,D. avoided避免。Daniel每天缠着作者同意他去冲浪,但作者担心他的安全一直都不同意,故选C。

57.考查动词辨析。句意:“妈妈,你教我们永远不要放弃我们热爱的东西。”  A. taught教育,B. warned警告,C. reminded提醒,D. persuaded说服。父母是孩子的老师,会教育孩子很多人生道理。故选A。

58.考查动词词组辨析。句意:我让步了。A. took up拿起,B. gave in让步,C. came out现身,D. insisted on坚持。文章第九段提到“he beat me at my own game.”Daniel的话让我哑口无言,他说作者曾经教过他不要放弃自己喜欢的东西,因为这句话作者受到了触动,因此做出了让步,故选B。

59.考查形容词辨析。句意:那时的Daniel只是个对冲浪很有热情的小男孩。A. doubtful怀疑的,B. worried担忧的,C. nervous焦虑的,D. enthusiastic热情的。前文提到,Daniel就算受了很重的伤,但仍然要求继续运动,说明Daniel对于冲浪十分的热爱,故选D。

60.考查名词辨析。句意:现在他在世界前25名的冲浪选手中有着自己的一席之地。A. situation情况,B. position位置,C. impression印象,D. presentation呈现。文章倒数第二段提到“Now he’ s a man with responsibility.”现在的Daniel是个有责任感的人。Daniel也用自己的实际行动证明了当初的那句话“永远不要放弃自己热爱的东西”,现在的他在世界冲浪选手中有了自己的位置。故选B。


In today's busy world, it's easy to get off the course of our life. Having a Life Map to     41    helps us keep moving quickly and     42     towards our goals. It helps us quickly correct things when we are     43    a mess, and helps us find the right     44     to deal with unexpected problems.

But if we don't have the map, all the planning in the world won't     45    . We’ll end up driving    46     around, being distracted by many different paths. Even if you know    47    you want to go, you haven't tried and have no true method of getting there.

If you were going to drive to somewhere     48    , firstly you would map it out. More likely, you often look at the     49     for directions to make sure that you were on the right track. You would be able to tell quickly if you needed to     50     adjustments, correct a mistake, or consider a(n)     51     of plans. Don't let your temporary, current desires take precedence(优先) over what you really want, because an important part of success is     52     what is and what isn't a distraction.

For example, as you are     53     for your party, you see a seller with some fresh flowers and you decide to stop and      54      some for your friends. In this      55     , a stop along the way adds to your goal.     56    , if you decide to stop and see a movie and arrive quite     57     at the party, then you have detracted from your goal.

It is exactly true for the Life Map. Each “opportunity” must be     58     according to how this will    59    your final goal---will this contribute to it     60     will this detract from it? Therefore, both the driving map and the Life Map serve the same high purpose: to keep you on the right track.

41. A. focus on  B. refer to  C. think about  D. adapt to

42. A. suddenly B. possibly C. properly D. formally 

43. A. in  B. to C. at D. for

44. A. solution B. chance C. result D. excuse

45. A. need B. lose C. exist D. matter 

46. A. excitedly B. unsteadily C. happily D. aimlessly 

47. A. where B. when C. whether D. why

48. A. unusual B. unfamiliar C. unimportant D. unattractive

49. A. road B. sky C. car D. map 

50. A. make B. collect C. show D. choose

51. A. explanation B. future C. change D. arrangement 

52. A. dropping B. avoiding C. catching D. deciding 

53. A. preparing B. heading C. calling D. fighting

54. A. put out B. work on C. pick up D. see to 

55. A. time B. system C. area D. case 

56. A. Thus B. However C. Anywhere D. Still

57. A. early B. timely C. fast D. late 

58. A. expected B. lost C. valued D. evaluated 

59. A. affect B. combine C. reach D. set

60. A. but B. or C. and D. so



41.考查动词词组。句意:有一张可以参考的生活地图,可以帮助我们快速而正确地朝着目标前进。A. focus on集中于;B. refer to    提到,谈到,涉及到,参考;C. think about考虑;D. adapt to使自己适应于。生活地图用来做“参考”。故选B。

42.考查副词。句意:有一张可以参考的生活地图,可以帮助我们快速而正确地朝着目标前进。A. suddenly    突然地;B. possibly很可能地;C. properly适当地;D. formally正式地。用生活地图是为了“正确地”找到目标。故选C。

43.考查介词。句意:当我们陷入困境时,它帮助我们迅速纠正错误,并帮助我们找到正确的解决方案来处理意想不到的问题。固定词组:in a mess“一片混乱”。故选A。

44.考查名词。句意:当我们陷入困境时,它帮助我们迅速纠正错误,并帮助我们找到正确的解决方案来处理意想不到的问题。A. solution解决方案;B. chance机会;C. result结果;D. excuse借口。生活地图是为了帮助找到正确的解决方案。故选A。

45.考查动词。句意:但是如果我们没有地图,世界上所有的计划都不重要。A. need需要;B. lose失去;C. exist存在;D. matter关键,要紧。没有地图计划就不重要了。故选D。

46.考查副词。句意:我们最终会漫无目的地开车,被许多不同的道路分散注意力。A. excitedly    兴奋地;B. unsteadily不稳定地;C. happily高兴地;D. aimlessly无目标地。根据第一段中It helps us quickly correct things when we are ____3____ a mess,可知,没有地图就会漫无目标地开车,走错路。故选D。


48.考查形容词。句意:如果你要开车去一个不熟悉的地方,首先你要把它画出来。A. unusual不寻常的;B. unfamiliar不熟悉的;C. unimportant不重要的;D. unattractive不吸引人的。根据下文for directions to make sure that you were on the right track.可知去“不熟悉”的地方,要在地图上画出来,确保走正确的路。故选B。

49.考查名词。句意:更有可能的是,你经常在地图上寻找方向,以确保你在正确的轨道上。A. road    公路;B. sky天空;C. car小汽车;D. map地图。根据上文firstly you would map it out.可知在路上要经常看“地图”。故选D。

50.考查动词。句意:如果你需要做出调整,纠正错误,或者考虑改变计划,你可以很快地说出来。 A. make制造;B. collect收集;C. show展示;D. choose选择。固定搭配:make adjustments“做出调整”。故选A。

51.考查名词。句意:如果你需要做出调整,纠正错误,或者考虑改变计划,你可以很快地说出来。A. explanation解释;B. future未来;C. change改变;D. arrangement安排。根据下文Don't let your temporary, current desires take precedence(优先) over what you really want,可知一旦有错就要纠正或改变计划。故选C。

52.考查动词。句意:不要让你暂时的、当前的欲望凌驾于你真正想要的东西之上,因为成功的一个重要部分是决定什么是、什么不是让你分心的东西。A. dropping落下;B. avoiding避开;C. catching抓住;D. deciding决定。此处指要做出正确的“决定”。故选D。

53.考查动词。句意:例如,当你去参加聚会时,你看到一个卖鲜花的人,你决定停下来给你的朋友买一些。A. preparing准备;B. heading朝着;C. calling呼喊;D. fighting打架,战斗。固定搭配:head for“前往,朝------方向”。故选B。

54.考查动词词组。句意:例如,当你去参加聚会时,你看到一个卖鲜花的人,你决定停下来给你的朋友买一些。A. put out熄灭,出版;B. work on继续工作;C. pick up捡起,获得,买便宜货;D. see to注意,负责。此处pick up的意思是“买”。故选C。

55.考查名词。句意:在这种情况下,中途停车会增加你的目标。A. time时间;B. system    制度,系统;C. area地区;D. case情况,实例。固定词组:in this case“在这种情况下”。故选D。

56.考查副词。句意:然而,如果你决定停下来看电影,然后在派对上迟到,那么你就偏离了你的目标。A. Thus因此;B. However然而;C. Anywhere在任何地方;D. Still仍然。前后是一种转折关系,故选B。

57.考查副词。句意:然而,如果你决定停下来看电影,然后在派对上迟到,那么你就偏离了你的目标。A. early提早;B. timely及时地;C. fast迅速地;D. late迟,晚。此处指派对“迟到”,你就会偏离目标。故选D。

58.考查动词。句意:每个“机会”都必须根据它将如何影响你的最终目标来进行评估——它是有助于实现目标,还是会减损目标?A. expected期盼,预测;B. lost丢失,失去;C. valued重视; D. evaluated评估。此处指“评估”目标。故选D。

59.考查动词。句意:每个“机会”都必须根据它将如何影响你的最终目标来进行评估——它是有助于实现目标,还是会减损目标?A. affect影响;B. combine使结合;C. reach到达,伸出;D. set放,设置。根据常识每个机会都会“影响”最后的目标。故选A。

60.考查并列连词。句意:每个“机会”都必须根据它将如何影响你的最终目标来进行评估——它是有助于实现目标,还是会减损目标?A. but    但是;B. or或者,否则;C. and    和;D. so所以。此处表示选择关系“或者”。故选B。

在做完形填空时一定要注意and/but/so/besides/however/furthermore/moreover/in addition/what’s more/though等词汇、固定结构的运用。它们连接了上下文,起着承上起下的作用。像but(但是)、however(然而),表示转折,这说明前后的内容相反或相对。把握住这一点,做起题来就会得心应手。本题第16小题,句意:然而,如果你决定停下来看电影,然后在派对上迟到,那么你就偏离了你的目标。A. Thus因此;B. However然而;C. Anywhere在任何地方;D. Still仍然。前后是一种转折关系,故选B。


Greenberg was a lucky guy to enter Columbia University on full scholarship. But just before junior year, Greenberg's  41  changed. One day his vision "  42  up" and later he was diagnosed (诊断)with glaucoma (青光眼). Then doctors operated on Greenberg's eyes.   43  , the surgery didn't work. Greenberg was going blind. He was so  44   that he refused to see anyone.

As Greenberg' s best friend, Arthur persuaded Greenberg to go back to Columbia and   45   to be his reader. Arthur read   46  to him every day, taking time out from his own study, and Greenberg   47   scoring straight A's. Still, he was   48   about getting around alone and relied on his friend.

Then, one afternoon, Greenberg and Arthur went to Midtown Manhattan. When it was time to go back to campus, Arthur said he couldn’t  49  him because of an appointment. Greenberg   50   They argued, and Arthur walked off,   51  Greenberg alone in Grand Central Terminal.

Greenberg, who was completely   52   , stumbled (蹒珊)through the rush-hour crowd. He took a shuttle train west to Times Square, and then transferred to an uptown train. Four miles later, he   53  at the Columbia University stop.

At the university's gates, someone   54   him. "Oops, excuse me, sir." Greenberg   55   the voice. It was Arthur's. Greenberg's first reaction was  56 , but in the next second, he realized what he had just   57   -and realized, too, who had made it possible.   58  , Arthur had been with him the whole way, using one of the most   59   strategies.

Blindness doesn't make Greenberg fail to appreciate the   60   of life. He always says he is the luckiest man in the world.

41. A. faith B. attitude C. fortune         D. reputation

42. A. lit B. cleared C. steamed        D. cheered

43. A. However B. Moreover C. Therefore      D. Otherwise 

44. A. shy B. selfish C. desperate      D. nervous

45. A. learned B. pretended C. happened      D. offered 

46. A. letters B. textbooks C. newspapers    D. magazines

47. A. imagined B. ended up C. carried on      D. considered

48. A. tentative B. confident C. excited         D. curious

49. A. accompany B. rescue C. comfort        D. abandon

50. A. explained       B. apologized C. compromised   D. panicked 

51. A. consulting B. finding C. leaving         D. serving

52. A. tired B. amused C. satisfied        D. confused 

53. A. got off B. pulled over C. looked around D. ran away

54. A. turned to       B. knocked into  C. shouted at       D. quarreled with

55. A. raised B. lost C. controlled       D. recognized

56. A. pleasure B. anger C. relief            D. sorrow

57. A. achieved B. questioned C. ignored          D. missed

58. A. Gradually B. Finally C. Obviously       D. Strangely

59. A. complex B. familiar C. defensive        D. brilliant 

60. A. magic B. truth C. wisdom D. beauty 



41.考查名词词义辨析。句意:但是就在大三之前,他的运气改变了。A. faith信任;信念;B. attitude态度;C. fortune运气 ;财富;D. reputation声誉。根据前文Greenberg was a lucky guy to enter Columbia University on full scholarship.可知Greenberg很幸运得了全额奖学金,根据后文Later he was diagnosed with glaucoma可知Greenberg得了青光眼。从幸运到不幸,他的运气改变了,故选C项。

42.考查动词词义辨析。句意:有一天,他的视力蒙上了水汽。A. lit照亮;B. cleared清除;清理;C. steamed散发;蒸;D. cheered欢呼,使高兴。根据后文可知,Greenberg得了青光眼所以视力变差。Steam up为固定搭配,意为“(窗户,眼睛等)蒙上水汽”,用在这里暗示Greenberg的视力变差了,符合语境,故选C项。

43.考查副词词义辨析。句意:然而,手术不起作用。A. However然而;B. Moreover此外;而且;C. Therefore因此;D. Otherwise否则。根据前文Then doctors operated on Greenberg's eyes.可知医生给Greenberg做了手术,根据the surgery didn't work可知手术没有成功,前后为转折关系,故选A项。

44.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:他非常绝望,拒绝见任何人。A. shy害羞的;B. selfish自私的;利己主义的;C. desperate不顾一切的;绝望的;D. nervous紧张的。根据he refused to see anyone.可知Greenberg很绝望,才会拒绝见任何人。故选C项。

45.考查动词词义辨析。句意:作为Greenberg最好的朋友,Arthur说服Greenberg回到哥伦比亚 ,并主动提议成为他的阅读者。A. learned学习,认识到;B. pretended假装;C. happened发生;D. offered提供;提议。根据Arthur read ___6___to him every day可知Arthur提议成为Greenberg的阅读者(也就是为他读书),故选D项。

46.考查名词词义辨析。句意:Arthur每天都从自己的学习时间中拿出时间来给他读教材。A. letters信;B. textbooks教材;C. newspapers报纸;D. magazines杂志。根据后文Greenberg___7___scoring straight A's.可知Greenberg各科成绩拿了A,说明Arthur读给他听的一直是教材,帮助他学习,故选B项。

47.考查动词词义和词组辨析。句意 :Greenberg最终各科成绩拿了优秀。A. imagined想象。B. ended up以….结束;告终;C. carried on继续;D. considered考虑。根据语境,这里要表达的是Greenberg最后拿到了优异的成绩,B项符合语境,故选B项。

48.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:他仍然对独自出行感到踌躇,依赖他的朋友。A. tentative不确定的;踌躇不决的;B. confident自信的;C. excited兴奋地;激动的;D. curious好奇的。根据relied on his friend.可知Greenberg依赖自己的朋友,对于独自出行他应该是踌躇不决的,故选A项。

49.考查动词词义辨析。句意:要回学校的时候,Arthur说他因为有约会不能陪他(回去)。A. accompany陪伴;B. rescue营救,救援;C. comfort安慰;D. abandon放弃。根据because of an appointment.可知Arthur有约会,所以不能陪伴Greenberg,故选A项。

50.考查动词词义辨析。 句意:Greenberg感到很恐慌。A. explained解释;B. apologized道歉;C. compromised妥协;D. panicked恐慌。根据前文可知Greenberg对独自出行感到很犹豫,所以Arthur说完不能陪他之后,他应该是感到恐慌的,故选D项。

51.考查动词词义辨析。 句意:他们就此争论,然后Arthur走了,留下Greenberg一个人在纽约中央火车站。A. consulting咨询;商量;B. finding发现;C. leaving离开;留下;D. serving服务。根据Arthur walked off,可知Arthur走了,留下Greenberg独自一人,故选C项。

52.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:Greenberg完全是困惑的,蹒跚地穿过交通高峰时期的人群。A. tired疲惫的;B. amused好笑的;C. satisfied感到满意的;D. confused困惑的。根据stumbled through the rush-hour crowd可以看出Greenberg是困惑的,才会蹒跚地穿过人群。故选D项。

53.考查词组辨析。句意:四英里后,他在哥伦比亚大学站下了车。A. got off离开,出发;下车;B. pulled over把…..开到路边;C. looked around到处察看;D. ran away 逃离。根据前文可知Greenberg从纽约中央火车站上车,在这站是下车。故选A项。

54.考查词组辨析。句意:在大学门口,有人撞到了他。A. turned to求助于;B. knocked into打进;撞进; 偶然碰到(某人); C. shouted at对 …..大声叫嚷;D. quarreled with与…..争吵。根据"Oops, excuse me, sir."可知那人跟他道歉了,说明那人撞到他了,故选B项。

55.考查动词词义辨析。句意:Greenberg认出了这个声音。 A. raised提高;筹集;B. lost丢失;C. controlled控制;D. recognized承认;辨认。根据后文 It was Arthur's.可知Greenberg认出了这时Arthur的声音。故选D项。

56.考查名词词义辨析。句意:Greenberg的第一反应是生气。A. pleasure乐趣;B. anger生气;C. relief减轻;D. sorrow悲伤。根据后文but in the next second, he realized what he had just___17___-and realized, too, who had made it possible.可知Greenberg下一秒才意识是Arthur让他做到了刚才做的事,说明一开始他是生气的。故选B项。

57.考查动词词义辨析。 句意:但是,下一秒他意识到他刚才完成了什么,也意识到是谁让这成为可能。A. achieved完成;B. questioned询问;C. ignored忽略;D. missed错过。根据前文可知Greenberg完成了一个人搭车,所以这里表达的是Greenberg意识到自己完成了独自出行。故选A项。

58.考查副词辨析。句意:显然,Arthur一路都在跟着他。A. Gradually逐渐地;B. Finally最终地;C. Obviously    明显地;D. Strangely奇怪地。Greenberg在大门口遇见了Arthur,显然是Arthur在跟着他。故选C项。

59.考查形容词词义辨析。句意:显然,Arthur一路都在跟着他,使用的是最聪明的策略之一。A. complex复杂的;B. familiar熟悉的,常见的;C. defensive防御的;D. brilliant 明亮的,聪明的。根据前文可知Greenberg不敢独自出行,所以Arthur通过留下他一个人逼迫Greenberg成长,这个策略要用聪明来形容,故选D项。

60.考查名词词义辨析。句意:失明并没有使Greenberg不能欣赏生活的美好。A. magic魔法;B. truth真相;C. wisdom智慧;D. beauty美;’美人。根据He always says he is the luckiest man in the world.可知Greenberg觉得自己是世上最幸运的人,对他来说,世界仍是美好的。故选D项。

做完形填空的技巧之一就是根据上下文寻找信息,比如第2小题,根据后文later he was diagnosed with glaucoma.可知Greenberg得了青光眼,也就是说他的视力变差了。第2小题中B选项steam up有“(窗户,眼睛等)蒙上水汽”的意思,视力蒙上水汽也就是视力变差了,根据后文和语境选出B项。

【黑龙江省大庆市铁人中学2020届高三上学期开学】完形填空 (共20小题;每小题l.5分,满分30分)

When studying in Australia, do not worry about understanding the local language. General English programs are offered to help you     41     English. As a General English      42     at Greenwich College, I will tell you what you can learn from these programs.

I teach English at all levels from     43     to advanced. My classes usually    44    with a fun activity. We play vocabulary and grammar     45    . Sometimes we listen to Australian    46    and decide if we like the lyrics(歌词). After we have all     47     up, we move onto the grammar or vocabulary of the day. We   48    it through writing or speaking.

We    49    on our other skills (reading, writing or listening) in the afternoon, and use these skills to better understand the grammar or vocabulary.    50   , at the end of the day, we talk about    51    to live and work in Australia. We discuss the problems,     52     how to understand different accents, new words and make new friends. If there are any problems, we help each other, offering advice and     53    .

General English also offers     54     classes to improve your speaking ability. We offer special grammar and conversation classes, as well as a movie club! You can also come with us to the Opera House, the beach, the zoo or even to a museum.

If you feel    55    about using your spoken English, don't worry! Everyone feels the    56   . So, in General English we have activities that    57    you talking to classmates, excursions (远足) that    58    your confidence, and student parties that help you talk to others.

It's a great way to    59    all you English skills as well as have a fantastic     60    . Maybe I'll see you in my class soon.

41. A. test B. grasp C. cover D. teach

42. A. student B. worker C. teacher D. guide

43. A. beginners B. learners C. courses D. subjects

44. A. deal B. work C. compete D. start

45. A. toys B. sports C. games D. music

46. A. songs B. dialogues C. news D. reports

47.A. turned B. shut C. looked D. warmed

48.A. catch B. practice C. appreciate D. enjoy

49.A. depend B. keep C. focus D. base

50. A. Firstly B. Secondly C. Thirdly D. Finally

51. A. why B. how C. when D. whether

52. A. including B. remaining C. deciding D. judging

53.A. house B. disadvantage C. support D. challenge

54.A. listening B. writing C. accent D. reading

55. A. nervous B. comfortable C. excited D. proud

56. A. opposite B. fixed C. same D. forced

57. A. take B. imagine C. get D. remind

58. A. build B. catch C. appreciate D. draw

59.A. value B. improve C. instruct D. arrange

60.A. feeling B. thought C. adventure D. experience




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