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2020届高三百所名校好题 之语法填空


We’ve all turned to sad music to make us feel    41    (good)at some point in our lives, but why does doubling down on the sadness help drag us out of the mire(泥沼 )?

A new study sheds light on what’s going on inside our brains    42   we match our music to our feelings. It looks like sad music can be enjoyable -rather than    43   (simple) depressing- because it triggers positive memories that can help to lift our mood. Psychologist Adrian North from Curtin University in Australia says there    44    (be)two groups of possible   45    (explain)for why we enjoy listening to sad music like this: one from social psychology, and one from cognitive neuroscience(认知神经学).

In terms of social psychology, one way of    46   (think) about this is that we feel much better about    47    (we) if we focus on someone who’s doing even worse, a process known as downward social comparison. Everything’s going to be okay, because this person    48   (have) an even worse day than you are.

Another theory from social psychology is that people like to listen    49    music that mirrors the tone of their current life circumstances -the songs act as     50    sort of tuning fork(音叉) for our own situations and they resonate(共鸣) with us.

【答案】41.better42.when/as43.simply44.are45.explanations46.thinking47.ourselves48.is having/has49.to50.a


41.考查形容词比较级。句意:我们都曾在生命中的某些时刻通过听悲伤的歌来让自己好受一些。空格处单词位于系动词feel后,应用形容词形式。根据句意“让我们感受更好受一些”,应使用形容词比较级形式。且空格处单词与第三段中的“feel much better”呼应,故填better。



44.考查主谓一致。句意:关于我们为什么喜欢听悲伤的音乐有两派可能的解释。这里使用的是there be句型,be动词与其后主语保持一致。句中“two groups of”为复数意义,故be动词填are。


46.考查动名词。句意:从社会心理学这一派来讲,有一种思路是:当我们把注意力集中在一个比我们过得还惨的人身上时,我们会觉得好受些。空格位于介词of后,且think about是动词词组,所以空格处填动名词形式。故填thinking。


48.考查时态语态与主谓一致。句意:一切都会好起来的,因为这个人比你过得更惨。这是原因状语从句,前半句使用的是一般现在时,所以从句部分也使用一般时态。根据句意,从句部分使用一般现在时或现在进行时都可以,主语this person是第三人称单数,故填is having/has。


50.考查冠词。句意同上。空格位于单数名词sort前,空格前为介词,所以空格处需要填冠词。“a sort of”意为“一种”,为固定搭配。故填a。

【2020届8月贵州省贵阳市普通高中高三摸底】阅读下面短文,在空白处填入1 个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

One night,     41     winter, a bear came into the city in Vancouver Canada. It walked through the city streets past houses, shops and offices. Then it     42     (find) some food in bins outside a restaurant and started eating. In the morning, someone saw the bear and called the police. The police came with a vet (兽医) from the city zoo. They put the bear in a lorry and took it to the mountains outside the city.     43     (lucky), the bear was safe. But    44     happens in other countries when big animals come into cities? In Vancouver it is unusual     45     (see) a bear, but in some cities you can see big animals on the city streets every day.

Big animals usually come into cities to find food. In Cape Town in South Africa baboons (狒狒) come into the city when they are     46     (hunger). Human food is very bad for the baboons     47     (tooth) because it has a lot of sugar. Now, there are Baboon Monitors working in Cape Town.     48     (they) job is to find baboons in the city and return them to the countryside.

In Berlin in Germany, pigs sometimes come into the city for food. They eat flowers and plants in parks and gardens. Sometimes they eat vegetables from gardens     49     they walk in the street, causing accidents. Some people like the pigs and they give them food and water to drink. Other people do not like the pigs and they want the government and the police to stop them     50     (enter) the city.

【答案】41.in42.found43.Luckily44.what45.to see46.hungry47.teeth48.Their49.and50.entering


41.考查介词。句意:冬天的一个晚上,一只熊来到了加拿大温哥华。短语in winter“在冬天”,故填in。



44.考查疑问代词。句意:但是在其他国家,当大型动物进入城市时会发生什么呢?短语what happen“发生什么事”,故填what。

45.考查非谓语动词。句意:在温哥华,熊是不常见的,但在一些城市,你每天可以看到大动物在城市街道上。固定句式it is unusual to do sth.“做某事是不寻常的”。故填to see。





50.考查非谓语动词。句意:其他人不喜欢猪,他们希望政府和警察阻止他们进入城市。短语stop sb doing sth.“阻止某人做某事”,故填entering。


We've all heard that breakfast is   41   most important meal in the day.It may actually be true.Recently, a study of more than 50,000 adults aged 30 and older   42   (find) that people who have breakfast are more likely to lose   43   (weigh) than those who don't eat a morning meal.Other studies connect not eating breakfast   44   a higher risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and so on.

However, it's not just when you eat that matters, but   45   you eat also matters.   46   (keep)fit, you should have a balanced diet with protein, fiber and healthy fats, which is the key to a satisfying   47   nutritious breakfast .If you want to keep   48   (you) from being hungry later of the day,you’d better eat within 90 minutes after waking up.Also, coffee drunk on an empty stomach is not recommended because it can be   49   (harm)to your body.

There is an old saying that advises "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar It is worth   50   (follow).

【答案】41.the42.has found43.weight44.with45.what46.To keep47.and48.yourself49.harmful50.following


41.考查形容词最高级。句意:我们都听说早餐是一天中最重要的一餐。此处根据文意与午饭和晚饭相比较,important是三音节单词,最高级形式为the most+形容词。故填the。

42.考查现在完成时。句意:一项超过50人的研究,1000名30岁及以上的成年人发现,吃早餐的人比不吃早餐的人更容易减肥。研究已经完成,且强调对现在的影响,故使用现在完成时。故填has found。




46.考查非谓语动词。句意:为了保持健康。主句为后面紧跟的句子,此处根据句意表达一种目的,故使用动词不定式做状语。故填To keep。

47.考查连词。句意:你应该有一个均衡的饮食,包括蛋白质、纤维和健康脂肪,这是一个令人满意和营养丰富的早餐的关键。根据句意,此处的“satisfying 、nutritious”为并列关系。故填and。





People came to the area that's now New Mexico more than 12,000 years ago. Experts think they migrated from   41   is now Russia across a land bridge    42    (call) the Bering Strait during the last Ice Age. Thousands of years    43     (late), native American tribes including the Apache, Zuni, Navajo and Pueblos lived on the land.

In 1540, a Spanish    44    (explore), Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, came to the area in search of cities made of gold     45    were rumored (谣传) to exist in the America. He didn't discover treasure, but over the next century the Spanish colonized the land. Then in 1821, Mexico declared its independence    46    Spain, and the area became part of Mexico. But after the United States won the Mexican- American War in 1848, New Mexico became an American territory. In 1912, it    47    (declare) the 47th state.

When the Spanish set out to explore the region, they hoped to find land as    48    (value)as what they had found earlier in Mexico. So they    49    (name) the area Nueva Mexico.(“Nueva” means “new” in Spanish.) As for the word" Mexico”, some experts think it's a version of a name that the Aztecs (a cultural group from Mexico) had for one of their gods.

The state has beautiful scenery from     50      ( mountain) to forests and deserts. This earns it the nickname the Land of Enchantment.

【答案】41.what42.called43.later44.explorer45.that/ which46.from47.was declared48.valuable49.named50.mountains



42.考查非谓语动词。句意同上。call和 bridge在逻辑上构成了动宾关系,因此用过去分词形式来充当后置定语。故填called。

43.考查副词。句意:数千年后,包括阿帕奇族、祖尼族、纳瓦霍族和普韦布洛族在内的美洲土著部落居住在这片土地上。late作副词用时,意为“晚,最近”,而 later作副词用时,意为“后来,以后”。根据上下文,可知用 later表示“以后”符合文义。故填later。

44.考查名词。句意:1540年,西班牙探险家弗朗西斯科·巴斯克斯·德·科罗纳多(Francisco Vazquez de Coronado)来到这里,寻找传说中存在于美洲的黄金城市。Francisco Vazquez de Coronado是个人名,充当前词的同位语。故可知设空处应该填名词explorer符合要求。

45.考查定语从句。句意同上。本句为定语从句修饰先行词gold,且在从句中做主语,指物故用that或 which引导。

46.考查介词。句意:1821年,墨西哥宣布脱离西班牙独立,该地区成为墨西哥的一部分。固定短语independence from“独立自主;独立”。故填from。

47.考查动词时态语态。句意:1912年,它被宣布为美国第47个州。declare后面可以跟双宾语连用,句意为“在1912年,新墨西哥州被宣布成为美国的第47个州”,由此可知此处应该用一般过去时的被动语态。故填was declared。



50.考查名词的数。句意:从高山到森林和沙漠,这个州有着美丽的风景。mountain是可数名词,再根据后文的“ forests and deserts”可知应用复数形式mountains。



According to an announcement by Sergey Kravtsov, Russian vice minister of education and science, Sputnik news reported, Russia’s national college entrance exam will include Mandarin as    41   elective foreign language starting from 2019. Chinese will become the    42    (five) elective test item for the Unified State Exam in addition to English, German, French and Spanish.

The number of Chinese learners in Russia    43    (rise) quickly in the past decade, according to a survey   44    (carry) out by a linguistic research center in Russia. Approaches   45   learning Chinese vary from person to person, with more and more people    46    (choose) university courses in Russia.

The three-hour-long Chinese test will quiz students on    47    (they) listening, reading, and writing abilities and a fourth section will examine students on grammar, vocabulary and Chinese     48     (character). Some parts in the exam are even a little bit difficult for native Chinese speakers. Insiders from the Russia education industry confirmed those    49    are with relevant professional background and Mandarin proficiency(精通) are more competitive in job application.

According to the Office of Chinese Language Council International, some 100 million people, excluding native speakers, use Chinese    50    (global).

【答案】41.an42.fifth43.has risen44.carried45.to46.choosing47.their48.characters49.who50.globally




43.考查现在完成时。由“in the past decade”可知,本句为现在完成时,主语为The number of Chinese learners,谓语为has risen。故填has risen 。

44.考查过去分词。分析句子可知, survey 与carry out在逻辑上是被动关系,所以用过去分词作后置定语。故填carried 。

45.考查介词。approach to “......的方法”为固定短语。故填to。

46.考查现在分词。分析句子可知,本句为with的复合结构作状语,people与choose在逻辑上是主动关系,所以应用现在分词。故填choosing 。

47.考查代词。their为形容词性物主代词,修饰名词。故填their 。




with复合结构构成方式如下:  1. with或without-名词/代词+形容词  2. with或without-名词/代词+副词 3. with或without-名词/代词+介词短语 4. with或without-名词/代词 +动词不定式 5. with或without-名词/代词 +分词 分析小题6的句子可知,本句为with的符合结构作状语,people与choose在逻辑上是主动关系,所以应用现在分词。故填choosing 。


Our bodies can be younger or older than our actual age   41   (depend) upon diet, lifestyle choices and physical activity. This is called biological(生理的)age,   42   could be different from the age on your driver's license, which   43   (call) chronological(时间的)age.   44   recent study of over 900 adults who were tracked for 12 years, from ages 26-38,    45    (show) that people who were aging faster, meaning that their biological age was higher than their chronological age, were not as healthy or    46    (physical) fit. This group was also more likely    47   (have) cognitive decline(认知衰退)and was at a    48    (great) risk for age-related health conditions.

A growing body of research proves that the keys to aging successfully are a    49    (combine) of exercising regularly, keeping busy with life, and maintaining a healthy diet with nutritious foods. These three key elements could contribute    50    aging gracefully, and successfully, too.

【答案】41.depending42.which43.is called44.A45.showed46.physically47.to have48.greater49.combination50.to


41.考查非谓语动词。句意:我们的身体可能比实际年龄更年轻,也可能比实际年龄更老,这取决于我们的饮食、生活方式和体育活动。Our bodies与depend之间是逻辑上的主谓关系,表示主动,用现在分词作状语,故填depending。

42.考查非限定性定语从句。句意:这叫作生理年龄,不同于你驾照上的实际年龄。先行词为biological age,关系词在从句中作主语,故填which。

43.考查时态语态。句意同上,which 指代的是先行词the age on your driver's license,与call之间是被动关系,且为客观事实,所以用一般现在时的被动语态,故填is called。




47.考查固定搭配。句意:这组人也更有可能出现认知能力下降,并且患上与年龄有关的健康问题的风险更大。be likely to do表示“有可能……”,故填to have。


49.考查名词。句意:越来越多的研究证明,延缓衰老的关键是经常锻炼,保持忙碌的生活,保持健康的饮食这三者的结合。a combination of表示“……与……的结合”,故填combination。

50.考查固定短语。句意:这三个关键因素可能有助于优雅地老去和延缓衰老。contribute to表示“有助于”,故填to。





What makes the sea tum red and causes thousands of fish to die?As far back as anyone could remember,the blame was placed on the "red tides. " In 1947,scientists finally connected the red tides with a microscopic sea organism(有机体)   41   (call)the dinoflagellate.

The dinoflagellate is so tiny    42    6,000 of these organisms may be contained in    43    single drop of water. It stands on the borderline between plant and animal in its clasification. it produces its own food,as plants do. But it moves    44   (free)and eats other organisms,as animals do.

Dinoflagellates are normally only one of the many kinds of organisms found in plankton. Plankton is the name given to all very small    45   (form)of sea life. However,when the air and water    46   (be)calm and warm,dinoflagellates multiply with    47   (amaze)sped. The surface of the water appears    48   (cover)with a red carpet.

The dinoflagellates give off a poison. Many fish die. Their bodies are washed up on the beach. Beaches are not fit   49    any use. Fish that are not killed may become    50   (poison)to animals or people who eat them. Commercial fishing comes to a stop.

As dinoflagellates consume all the food and oxygen in an area,they die. After a time,the sea returns to normal. But when conditions are right,the red tide comes again.

【答案】41.called42.that43.a44.freely45.forms46.are47.amazing48.to be covered49.for50.poisonous




43.考查冠词。分析句子结构可知,空处填冠词,再根据句意可知,a drop of意为“一滴……”,与题意相符,故填a。





48.考查固定搭配。句意:水面似乎被红地毯覆盖着。根据句意可知,appear to be是固定搭配,意为“似乎好像”,且the surface of the water和cover之间是被动关系,故填to be covered。

49.考查固定搭配。句意:海滩不适合任何用途。根据句意可知,be fit for是固定搭配,意为“适合、胜任”,与句意相符,故填for。

50.考查形容词。句意:未被杀死的鱼可能对动物或食用它们的人有毒。分析句子结构可知,become是系动词,故空处填形容词,再结合句意可知,poisonous 意为“有毒的”,故填poisonous。


English perfectly shows the “network effects” of a global tongue: the more people use it, the more useful it is. Parents expect their children    61   (master)English, which is encouraging the     62    (grow)of private schooling. Education authorities are switching to English medium, in part to control the outflow(外流) of children into the private sector.

Teaching children in English is fine if that is    63    they speak at home and their parents are fluent    64    it. But that is not    65    case in most public and low-cost private schools. Children are taught in a language they don’t understand by teachers    66    English is poor. The children learn neither English nor anything else.

Research shows that children learn    67   (much)when they are taught in their mother tongue than they do when they are taught in any other language. In a study of children in 12 schools in Cameroon last month, those taught in Kom   68   (do)better than those taught in English in all subjects.

English should be an important subject at school, but not    69   (necessary)the language of instruction. Rather than switching to English-medium teaching, governments fearful of     70    (lose) custom (光顾) to the private sector should look at the many possible ways of improving public schools.

【答案】61.to master62.growth63.what64.in65.the66.whose67.more68.did69.necessarily70.losing


61.考查动词不定式。expect sb to do sth “期望某人做某事”为固定短语。故填 to master。

62.考查名词。 the +名词+of...“。。。。。。。的”。故填growth。

63.考查连接代词。分析句子可知,is后接表语从句。在表语从句中,what作speak的宾语。故填 what。

64.考查介词。be fluent in“在......方面流利”为固定短语。故填in。

65.考查冠词。this is not the case“情况不是这样”为固定短语。故填the。

66.考查关系代词。分析句子可知,teachers 为先行词,在后面的定语从句中作定语,所以关系代词为whose。故填whose。


68.考查一般过去时。由“last month”可知,本句为一般过去时。所以空处填did。故填did 。


70.考查动名词。of 为介词后接动名词作宾语。故填losing。


(1) 一看先行词的意义,即分清先行词是指人、指物、时间、地点还是原因(如指物时不能用who或whom,指人时通常不用which等。

(2) 二看关系词的句法功能,即分清关系词是担任什么句子成分,是作主语还是宾语、是作定语还是状语等(如作定语通常用whose,有时也用which;作状语要用when, where, why。

(3) 三看定语从句的种类,即分清是限制性定语从句还是非限制性定语从句(如that和why通常不引导非限制性定语从句。

分析小题6的句子可知,teachers 为先行词,在后面的定语从句中作定语,所以关系代词为whose。故填whose。


China's research icebreaker Xuelong,   41  126 crew members aboard on the 35th Antarctic research mission, on Thursday local time left the Zhongshan Station on   42   (it) way back to China.

Snow Eagle 601, China's first fixed-wing aircraft for polar flight, on Thursday night also departed from the Antarctic after    43   (complete)all assignments.

Xuelong,   44   arrived near Zhongshan on Feb 9, supplied the station with fuel oil, and then picked up summer expedition team members at the Kunlun, Taishan and Zhongshan stations, as well as    45    (member)of the fixed-wing aircraft project.

Sixteen members of the Kunlun team   46  ( previous) completed all scientific expeditions at Dome Argus (Dome A), the South Pole's highest icecap. They, together with 21 members of the Taishan team,   47   (return) to Zhongshan on Feb 8.

The Zhongshan team completed tasks including installation of and tests for LiDAR, drilling of ice bed rock, atmospheric sounding    48   (observe), surveys of birds and aerial exploration carried out by the fixed-wing aircraft.

As the summer expedition team at Zhongshan left, 19 members would stay for winter expeditions.

Also    49    (know) as the Snow Dragon, the icebreaker carrying a research team set sail from Shanghai on Nov 2 last year, beginning   50  country's 35th Antarctic expedition. It is expected to arrive in Shanghai in mid-March.




42.考查代词。修饰名词way用形容词性物主代词,on one’s way back为固定搭配,意为“在某人回来的路上”,又因主语为China's research icebreaker Xuelong。故填its。


44.考查非限定性定语从句。句意:雪龙于2月9日抵达中山附近,为该站提供燃油。which引导的非限定性定语从句修饰Xuelong,又因从句缺少主语。故填which  。

45.考查名词的数。句意:随后又在昆仑、泰山和中山站接回了夏季考察队队员,以及固定翼飞机项目的队员。队员肯定不止一个。故填members 。

46.考查副词。句意:昆仑探险队的16名队员先前在南极最高冰盖穹顶阿古斯(穹顶A)完成了所有科学考察。修饰动词 completed应使用副词形式, previous的副词形式为previously。故填。

47.考查一般过去时。句意:他们和21名泰山队队员于2月8日返回中山。文章的基本时态为一般过去时,return的一般过去式为returned。故填returned 。

48.考查名词。句意:中山队完成了激光雷达的安装和试验、冰层岩石的钻探、大气探测观测、鸟类调查和固定翼飞机进行的空中探测等任务。由此处为四个并列的名词短语知应使用observe的名词形式,observe的名词形式为observation。故填observation 。

49.考查过去分词。句意:也被称为“雪龙”号的破冰船去年11月2日从上海启航。主语 the icebreaker和动词know是被动关系用过去分词,known as为固定搭配,意为“被称为”。故填known。



Since July 2019, China’s online food-delivery platform Eleme     41     (carry) out a new service of picking up garbage from its users in Shanghai.

The service comes after     42     recently-released regulation on waste management in Shanghai. Individuals     43     throw away their garbage without being sorted out can be fined up to 200 yuan, while companies and     44     (organize) can face fines up to 50,000 yuan.

The trash takeaway service requires residents to sort     45     (they) own garbage before it     46     (pick) up by workers from Eleme, who will ensure the waste is disposed of in the correct garbage bins.

It’s obvious that this service is     47     (convenience) to the old, especially to the disabled customers.    48    , many netizens on Sina Weibo don’t think Eleme is providing a wonderful service, saying it just wants    49     (make) money. They think 12 yuan for an order is too much. Besides, many more people doubt if these collectors will wash their hands after dealing     50     the trash.

【答案】41.has carried42.a43.who/that44.organizations45.their46.is picked47.convenient48.However49.to make50.with


41.考查动词时态。根据本句的时间状语Since July,2019,可知答案为has carried 。







46.考查动词语态。根据上下文,此处表达被动含义,且主语为it故用单数,故答案为is picked。

47.考查形容词。此处需要形容词作表语,be convenient to,对...方便,故答案convenient。

48.考查副词。本句与上文的the old 和disabled来看,是明显的转折,故答案However。

49.考查非谓语动词。根据用法,此处构成搭配want to do ,因此用to make。

50.考查介词。根据短语deal with,处理。故答案为with


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