淮南一对一2019届高三英语二轮词汇复习 第19天/name—occupy

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2019届高三英语二轮词汇复习 第19天/name—occupy

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1.There was an old man sitting quietly on a bench nearby (在附近).

2.In my opinion, the Internet has negative (负面的) effects on our lives.

3.In addition, what may interest you most is that I am really nervous  (紧张的) and upset when taking the exam.

4.A notice (布告;通知) was put up in order to remind the students of the changed lecture time.

5.Nowadays (如今,现在) people separated their waste to make it easier  to be reused.[来源:学科网ZXXK]

6.I’m going nowhere (任何地方都不) until you are back.

7.Soldiers are expected to obey (服从) orders without questioning them. 

8.Those national parks obtained(得到)financial support from tourist companies last year.

9.It is obvious (显而易见) that China will make a difference in the world today and tomorrow.

10.Occasions (时机,机会) are quite rare when I have the time to spend a day with my kids.



1.I took part in a national (nation) speaking contest on behalf of our school and won first place.

2.We are planning a trip to Yuntai Mountain in Henan Province, which is famous for its beautiful natural (nature) scenery.

3.Charles Dickens is one of England’s most famous novelists (novel).

4.He is always too busy with his work that he has no choice but to go to see his parents occasionally (occasion).

5.The children used to play noisily upstairs and the noise could be heard far away. The neighbours were very annoyed about the noisy environment.(noise)

6.Grey decided to move to the countryside and his mother made no objection to it, while his father objected to it.(object)[来源:Zxxk.Com]

7.She had an outstanding ability of observation, and she observed a letter on the table which read “Please observe the local customs.” (observe)

8.He occupies an important position in a company, and is occupied with all kinds of activities, so his occupation brings him great fame and fortune. (occupy)



1.Jack studied in a village school, which is named after (以……的名字命名) his grandfather.

2.We should help those who are in great need if necessary (如果有必要).

3.When they got there, they found the people suffering the storm were in need of (需要) food and water supplies.

4.He sat down at a table next to (紧挨着) the front window.

5.In order to get ready for the examination, the students are studying day and night (日夜).

6.The first prize winner nodded to/at (向……点头示意) his supporters in the crowd.

7.The crisis has passed and life will return to normal (恢复正常) soon.[来源:Z|xx|k.Com]

8.Your son has a good nose for (对……有敏锐的嗅觉) stories, so he will become a good journalist before long.

9.Next time you chat with a friend, take note of (注意) how you are sitting.

10.John’s success has nothing to do with (和……无关) good luck.It is years of hard work that has made him what he is today.

11.Now that (既然) you have a good command of English, you can apply for the job.

12.I have been so occupied with (忙于,专心于) work that I haven’t had time for social activities.


1.narrow (熟义:adj.狭窄的)

Parents and children should communicate more to narrow the gap between them so that they can understand each other better.  vt.缩小,使变窄

2.nobody (熟义:pron.没有人)

I want to be somebody, and I’m tired of being a nobody.  n.小人物, 无足轻重的人

3.note (熟义:n.笔记)

①He played the first few notes of the tune.  n.单音;音调

②I noted that her hands were dirty.  v.注意;留意

4.nurse (熟义:n.护士)

While nursing her ill elder sister throughout the years, Charlotte discovered she had an interest in medicine.  vt.照料,护理

5.observe (熟义:v.观察)

The traffic rules should be observed strictly;otherwise you will get into trouble.  v.遵循




1.I asked him if he would help me and he nodded (nod).

2.(2016·江苏高考书面表达) Therefore, rules of Internet voting should be worked out and strictly observed (observe).

3.Occupied (occupy) in looking after three children at home, she no longer has time to enjoy the various activities in the club.


1.The performer was waving his stick in the street and it narrow missed the child standing nearby.narrow→narrowly

2.As we all know, pandas are native for China.for→to[来源:学科网][来源:学。科。网Z。X。X。K]

3.When I graduated from high school, I joined in the navy.去掉in 

4.One of our neighbour kept a very beautiful garden.neighbour→neighbours

5.The research group produced two reports based on the survey, but none contained any useful suggestions.none→neither

6.When we’re happy, our body works normal and we feel relaxed and positive. normal→normally

7.Today the number of people learning English in China are increasing rapidly.are→is


1.因此,我认为很有必要采取行动缓解日益增长的压力。(necessary, take action, relieve)

Therefore, I think it quite necessary to take action to relieve the growing pressure.

2.(2016·江苏高考书面表达)我们社会中的每个人都应该帮助那些需要帮助的人,但是真诚和认真更为重要。(in need, sincere and earnest)

Everyone in our society should help those in need, but it is more important to be sincere and earnest.

3.我们的学校位于美丽的天津,在秋天,既不太热也不太冷。(lie in, neither ... nor ...) 

Our school lies in Tianjin, a beautiful city, whose weather is neither too hot nor too cold in autumn.

4.(2018·北京高考书面表达)显然,网上的一些汉语口语课程有助于你适应汉语环境。(obvious, helpful, adapt)

It is obvious that some online courses of spoken Chinese can be helpful for you to adapt into the Chinese language environment.

5.是你现在做的事情而不是你说的话对你今后的生活有重大影响。(not ... but, make a great difference)

It is not what you say now but what you do that makes a great difference to your life tomorrow.


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