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1.I have left a message (消息,口信) for her at the reception.

2.His voice was soft and mild (温和的).

3.(2018·全国卷Ⅲ书面表达)Our school has a big gymnasium and playground with modern (现代化的) facilities, such as a lawn football field, plastic tracks.

4.Don’t compare yourself with the models (模特) and actors in the media.

5.(2018·南昌一模书面表达)We took a picture of the whole family to record the happy moment (时刻). 

6.No matter where we go, we will love our motherland (祖国) forever.

7.It displays books of different types on various topics, which motivates (激励) us to further develop our reading habits and helps to broaden our horizons. 

8.I would be very grateful if you can accompany me to the museum (博物馆).

9.He was accused of murdering (谋杀) a policeman, which made us all surprised.

10.My favourite motto (格言) is:  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

11.According to the airline rules, we suggest you (should) switch off your mobile (移动的) phone before boarding.

12.I’m Li Hua, monitor (班长) of class 5 Grade 3.I  want to express my sincere gratitude to you for your timely help on behalf of my class.



1.When you get back, our classmates and I are willing to help you to make up the missing (miss) lessons.

2.Hearing the news, she felt a strange mixture (mix) of excitement and fear.

3.We show great respect for our English teacher because her modesty (modest) and good behaviour made a deep impression on us.

4.You make a terrible mess when you’re cooking. How can you find anything when the kitchen is so messy?(mess)

5.Yesterday her old mother mistook me for her daughter. That means I was mistaken for her daughter. In fact she often makes the same mistake.(mistake)

6.If you misunderstand somebody, it’s likely to lead to a misunderstanding. (misunderstand)

7.The musician has a great talent for classical music, whose musical ability conquered all the audience.(music)



1.The team set out early in the morning and arrived at their destination at midnight  (在午夜)because of the bad weather.

2.I made up my mind (下定决心) to study harder rather than waste precious time on those useless things.

3.Finding she had taken Sue’s book by mistake (错误地), she put the book where it was as quickly as possible and said sorry.

4.In modern times (在现代), people ought to learn to live with all kinds of pressure although they are leading a comfortable life.

5.More students are taking a gap year to earn/make money (挣钱) to support their study for the degree.

6.Having been punished by his boss, he was in a very bad mood (心情很糟糕).

7.(2018·全国卷Ⅰ书面表达)What’s more (更重要的是), when you are enjoying the meal, you need to avoid making noises while chewing food.

8.Only a minority of (少数) the post­1990s generation college graduates, about 15 percent, are willing to invest for house property. 


1.milk (熟义:n.牛奶)

He was  milking  the cows when I saw him.  vt.挤牛奶

2.mind (熟义:n.头脑,心智vt.介意)

She asked me if I’d mind the children for an hour while she went shopping.  vi.照看

3.miss (熟义:v.想念,错过)

①He shot at the bird but missed.  v.未击中

②He missed the point of my joke.  v.不理解;不懂

4.monitor (熟义:n.班长)

Scientists may be able to monitor the behaviour of sharks to predict bad weather.


5.must (熟义:modal v. 必须,一定)

His new novel is a must for all lovers of crime fiction.  n.必须做(或看、买等)的事


1.Don’t be misled (mislead) by his words.

2.If you think you can drink so much without damaging your health, then you’re mistaken (mistake).

3.Being misunderstood (misunderstand) by others when you do nothing wrong at all is quite a bad experience.

4.After washing his clothes, he mopped (mop) the bathroom floor.

5.I’m afraid I completely misread (misread) the situation.


1.(2017·全国卷Ⅰ)It was a relief and I came to a sudden stop just in the middle on the road.on→of

2.The moment when I came into the classroom, I saw the sentence on the blackboard.去掉when

3.What touched us mostly was that our teachers expressed their best wishes for our future.mostly→most

4.If you are able to come with us, please let us know and we’ll wait for you at the school gate at 9 on the morning.on→in

5.We didn’t spend as many time at the museum as I had hoped.many→much

6.(2017·全国卷Ⅲ)This picture often brings back to me many happy memories of your high school days.your→my

7.Twenty minute later, he hurried to the doctor’s.minute→minutes

8.With time going by, I gradually adapted me to the school life.me→myself


1.随着互联网的普及,我们和朋友面对面的交流变少了。 (as, more and more, face­to­face)

As the Internet is becoming more and more popular, we have fewer face­to­face talks with our friends.[来源:Z,xx,k.Com]

2.(2018·全国卷Ⅱ书面表达)在影片结束后,每个班级都要进行讨论,并且所有的学生都欢迎来发表评论和表达他们对这部电影的看法。(be supposed to, have a discussion, make comments)

After the film, each class is  supposed to have a discussion and all the students are welcome to make comments and express their views about the film.

3.我是来自新华中学的李华,我从你的帖子上了解到你想要提高你的普通话水平。我非常乐意帮助你学习普通话。(learn from, post, Mandarin, more than)

I am Li Hua, a student from Xinhua middle school.I learned from your post that you want to improve your Mandarin.I am more than willing to help you with your Mandarin.[来源:Z*xx*k.Com]

4.随着期末考试的到来,每一分钟都应被充分利用来复习我们的功课。(with, make the most of, go over)[来源:学#科#网Z#X#X#K]

With the final examination drawing near, we must make the most of every minute to go over our lessons.


5.许多年轻人被他的故事深深打动,开始为残疾人做志愿者工作。(move, do volunteer work)

Deeply moved by his story, many young people began to do volunteer work for the disabled.


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