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1.On no account can we ignore (忽视) the value of knowledge.

2.Littering makes our school dirty, and does harm to the image (形象) of our school.

3.I often imagine  (设想) what life will be like in the future.

4.(2018·江苏高考)Kids shouldn’t have access to violent films because they might imitate (模仿) the things they see.

5.Not only can this activity improve (提高) my sense of responsibility,  but it also educates me to cherish today’s happy life.

6.Tourism is the major source of income (收入) for this area.

7.Together, individuals (个人) can make a great difference.

8.My ambition is to work in the computer industry (工业) when I grow up.

9.(2016·全国卷Ⅲ书面表达)My cousin informed (通知)me that he would return this Saturday morning and asked me to pick him up at the airport.

10.They put me in prison, but in the end, I was proved innocent (无罪的).

11.As we all know, he is a great pianist with an international (国际的) reputation.

12.I’m sorry to interrupt (打断), but there’s something important I have to tell you.[来源:Z#xx#k.Com]



1.As we all know, too much work and too little rest often leads to illness (ill).

2.Your English is much better, but there is still room for improvement (improve).

3.There is a great deal of evidence indicating (indicate) that music activities engage different parts of the brain.

4.Instantly (instant) she stopped asking questions, I got up and went out of the classroom.

5.So charming are the sights of Jiuzhaigou that they leave a deep impression on visitors from home and abroad.To tell you the truth, I am deeply impressed by its beautiful scenery. (impress)

6.Many teenagers are hungry for independence from their parents and thus can do whatever they like independently, but the reality makes them aware of the fact they have to be dependent on their parents.(independent)

7.He got injured during the football match and the injury was serious.(injure)

8.First impressions are of great importance, but what’s most important is how to behave yourself in your future work.(important) 


9.He believes that all children are born with equal intelligence. And he thinks that this slow boy can be as intelligent as others if taught properly.(intelligent)

10.Listening to his inspiring speech, we were inspired to make great efforts. It gave us not only hope but also inspiration.(inspire)

11.The doctor instructed the patient to take medicine by the instructions.(instruct)

12.The rich man went abroad with the intention of trying his fortune, while the poor man intended to learn some skills of earning money.(intend)


1.A few years ago, it was an endangered species, but now the population is  on the increase (在增加).

2.The man insisted on (坚决要求) finding a taxi for me even though I told him I lived nearby.

3.Instead of (而不是,代替) blaming each other, we should communicate more.

4.I am glad to hear that you have great interest in Chinese speech contest intended for (为……打算) foreigners. [来源:学+科+网]

5.Under their influence (在他们的影响下), he became greatly interested in stories of travel and adventure.

6.(2018·江苏高考)China’s soft power grows  in line with (与……一致) the increasing appreciation and understanding of China globally.


1.ill (熟义:adj.生病的)

It’s no good speaking ill of others.  adv.坏

2.industry (熟义:n.工业)

His success was due to industry.  n.勤奋;勤劳

3.inform (熟义:v.通告,通知)

Religion informs every aspect of their lives.   v.对……有影响

4.inch (熟义:n.英寸)

We watched the cat inching along the ground, not taking its eyes off the bird for a second. vi.谨慎移动

5.inspire (熟义:v.激励,鼓舞)

His best music was inspired by the memory of his mother.  v.启发

6.interest (熟义:n.兴趣,爱好)

We’ve got to balance economic interests and environmental interests.  n.利益[来源:学科网]




1.Ignoring (ignore) the difference between the two research findings will be one of the worst mistakes you make.

2.The teacher’s smile implied (imply) that she had forgiven me.

3.The teachers were deeply impressed (impress) by your performance in the exam.

4.Their living conditions have been improved (improve) in the past few years.

5.As always, you should stretch (伸展) at least ten minutes before each run to prevent injuries (injure).


1.Not too long ago, a incident that happened at Walt Disney touched me greatly.a→an

2.My duties will include introduce British visitors to the 120 plus pandas at Chengdu. introduce→introducing

3.As we all know, volunteering is becoming increasing popular in China. increasing→increasingly

4.(2017·全国卷Ⅱ) Besides, they often get some useful informations from the Internet. informations→information

5.With my mother’s inspired words in my mind,I never doubt I’ll succeed. inspired→inspiring

6.(2017·全国卷Ⅱ) In their spare time, they are interesting in planting vegetables in their garden.interesting→interested


1.请积极参加课外活动,这不仅使你的校园生活丰富多彩,而且还可以促进你的学习。(after­class activities, colorful, improve)

Please actively take part in after­class activities,which will not only make your school life colorful, but also improve your learning.

2.(2017·全国卷Ⅲ书面表达) 乒乓球队将举办一系列的活动,包括一些训练和比赛。(a range of, include, training, matches)

The table tennis team will hold a range of activities, including some training and matches.[来源:Z#xx#k.Com]

3.人们通常认为书的影响很大,以至于我们的父母总是鼓励我们养成良好的阅读习惯,阅读更多的书籍。(It is commonly believed that, influence, form good habits of)

It is commonly believed that the influence of books is so great that our parents always encourage us to form good habits of reading and to read more books.

4.这个活动的目的是培养我们在英语学习方面的兴趣和在听说方面的实际能力。(purpose, develop one’s interest, practical abilities)

The purpose of this programme is to develop our interest in English learning and practical abilities in listening and speaking.

5.我建议为了保持友谊,我们应该与朋友面对面交流而不是发短信。(instead, send text messages, maintain)

I suggest we (should) communicate with our friends face to face instead of sending text messages so that we can maintain our friendship.


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