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1.Divided (分割,划分) into four groups, the whole class began to discuss the topic.

2.The retired man donated (捐赠) most of savings to the school damaged by the earthquake.

3.As a matter of fact, the prices may double (加倍) at Christmas time.

4.We live in the downtown (市区的) area, so it is easy to go anywhere from the hotel by public transport.

5.Mike is eager/anxious (渴望) to stay away from the busy city life for a while.

6.The school board is made up of teachers who have been elected (选举) to make decisions about school affairs.

7.We were watching football match when the electricity (电) was cut off.

8.Climbing so high made me feel dizzy (眩晕的).



1.We sincerely hope that the government should take effective (effect) measures immediately to prevent the pollution going from  bad to worse.

2.He only gave an embarrassed (embarrass) smile when I spilled the water onto him.

3.In my opinion, a good ending (end) is better than a good starting.

4.I find that doing physical exercise a couple of times a week makes me feel more energetic (energy).

5.I looked for the history book and at last I found the dusty book in a room full of dust. (dust)

6.On the whole, people who are well educated can find jobs easier than those without a good education.(educate)

7.The  employer decided to employ Tom as her secretary and she hoped to have a talk with her employee before he came to work.(employ)

8.His encouraging words encouraged the local people to reconstruct the home with great encouragement.(encourage)


1.It would be unwise to draw a conclusion (下结论) from the result of a single survey.

2.In order to attend the great party, the girls dressed up(乔装打扮) for a long time. 

3.I’m sorry to hear from you that you plan to drop out of school (辍学) and find a job away from your parents.


4.(2016·北京高考)The town was cut off from the rest of the world due to/because of (由于) heavy snow.

5.Our school life will come to an end (结束) some day and only through self­study can we keep ourselves learning all the time.[来源:Zxxk.Com]

6.Brazil is without/beyond doubt (毫无疑问) one of the biggest soccer countries in the world.[来源:学§科§网Z§X§X§K]

7.Sarah never feels lonely because she has dozens of (几十)friends.

8.Before the interview, the interviewer wore a bright smile on his face, putting us at ease (放松).


1.divorce (熟义:v.与某人离婚)

They believed that art should be divorced from politics.  v.使分离,使脱离

2.down (熟义:adv.向下,往下方)

Tom has been feeling down because of his low test scores.  adj.沮丧的

3.draw (熟义:v.画;描绘;拖;拉)

What conclusions did you draw from the report?v.获取,得出,推断出

4.drill (熟义:vi. & vt.钻孔)

The children were drilled to leave the classroom quickly when the fire bell rang.


5.drive (熟义:v.驾驶)

Hunger drove her to steal.  v.迫使(某人做不好的事)

6.easy (熟义:adj.容易的)

Now we are leading an easy life.  adj.舒适的,轻松的

7.employ (熟义:v.雇用)

You could employ your spare time better.  v.利用,使用

8.encourage (熟义:v.鼓励,激励)

Dark environments are more likely to encourage overeating.  v.助长,刺激


1.It is beautiful that the sky is dotted (dot) with stars.

2.Bruce opened the door, and he and Jackson dragged(drag) the man out.

3.A conclusion can be drawn (draw) from these surveys.

4.Your guidance makes us achieve what we have dreamed/dreamt (dream) of.

5.He drank too much and was too drunk to remember anything.(drink)


6.(2018·浙江高考)The cars that drove (drive) the American Dream have helped to create a global ecological disaster.

7.As he walked past the tree, an apple dropped (drop) from it and hit him on the head, which frightened him a lot.

8.The lakes and wells all dried (dry) during the drought, so it was difficult for the village to fetch water.

9.(2018·天津高考)Let’s not pick these peaches until this weekend so that  they get sweet enough to be eaten (eat). 


1.Checking homework by ourselves can not only help us find mistakes in exams easy but also let our parents worry less about our studies.easy→easily

2.The park was full of people, enjoy themselves in the sunshine.enjoy→enjoying

3.In the picture, we can see that some young ladies are dressing in fashionable clothes. dressing→dressed[来源:学科网ZXXK]

4.Jules was not eager with classroom learning, he hungered for adventure.with→for

5.Please contact us by an e­mail if you have any comments or ideas.去掉an


1.(2018·全国卷Ⅱ书面表达)接着传来了我们学校将放映一部英文短片的消息,这是一部关于我们学校历史的纪录片。(documentary, show)

Then came the news that an English short film, which is a documentary film about the history of our school, will be shown in our school. 

2.在我看来,现在对你来说最重要的职责是学知识以及学会如何处理家里和学校里出现的不同困难。(duty, deal with)

In my opinion, the most important duty for you today is to learn knowledge and learn how to deal with different difficulties at home and at school.

3.手机,现在广泛地被认为是必需品,对我们有很大的影响。(recognize, have a great effect on)

Cell phones, which are now universally recognized as a must, have a great effect on us.[来源:学&科&网Z&X&X&K]

4.作为新华中学的学生会主席,我将努力帮助李明,并给他捐一些钱。(spare no effort, give sb. a hand, donate)

As Chairman of the Students’ Union of Xinhua Middle School, I’ll spare no effort to give Li Ming a hand and donate some money to him.

5.一方面,它们有助于提高我的书写技能和开阔我的眼界。另一方面,它们能丰富我的生活,并且给我提供极大的乐趣。(on the other hand, enrich one’s life)

On the one hand, they help to improve my writing skills and broaden my horizons. On the other hand, they can enrich my life and provide me with great fun.


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