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1.Luckily, moving to the country cured (治愈) her of the disease.

2.At noon, we want to ask you to try the local foods, a good chance to get some ideas of the local customs (风俗;习惯) and a good opportunity to know each other. 

3.(2018·浙江高考)In America the demand (需求;需要) for oil has grown by 22 percent since 1990.

4.The deadline (最后期限) for applications is this Friday.

5.We debated (争论) for an hour on the advantages and disadvantages of his plan.

6.In the past decade (十年), great changes have taken place in China.

7.Next to this restaurant stand many buildings and a grand hotel which is beautifully decorated (装饰).

8.The number of new students decreased (减少) from 2,100 to 1,600 this year.

9.Our team was defeated (击败) last night, which made us sad and disappointed.

10.It was considerate of Michael to inform us of his delay (延误) in case we got worried.



1.The training equips the students with a full understanding of first aid, which can make a real difference (different).

2.Ambition plays an important role in our daily life, because it is a guide for us to make decisions (decide) and choices.

3.As a member of the International Olympic committee, I am delighted (delight) to have been invited to your school to talk to you about the history and significance of the Olympic Games.

4.Children are always curious about everything they see and hear.They will ask all kinds of questions curiously.To meet their curiosity, we’d better answer them patiently.(curiosity)

5.The room was so dark that I had to feel my way along the wall to the door in the darkness.(dark) 

6.In time of war, lots of money will be spent on defence and many measures will be taken to defend a country from being attacked.(defend)[来源:Zxxk.Com]

7.When it was time for me to describe the painting, I gave a vivid description of it, which left a deep impression on the visitors.(describe)

8.Li Hua is a young man with great determination.He determined to go to Tibet after graduation.Determined never to come back before he could make a big fortune, he left home without saying a word.(determine)

9.With the development of economy, China, belonging to developing countries, will catch up with some developed countries.(develop) 

10.The old teacher devoted all his life to educating his devoted students and he was admired for his devotion to the education cause.(devote)

11.The hero has been dead for many years, but he still lives in the heart of people.As we all know, he feared neither death nor hardship and was dying for knowledge. He died while saving a drowning boy.(die)

12.After school, she directly went off in the direction of the cinema to see the new film directed by the famous director.(direct)


1.As we all know, smoking can do damage to our health (损害我们的健康), we’d better give it up.

2.As we all know, pandas are in danger of (面临……的危险) dying out.

3.As far as I know, this tradition dates from/dates back to (追溯到;始于) the 15th century.

4.Many of them turned a deaf ear (对……置之不理) to his advice, even though they knew it to be valuable.

5.When delivering a speech (发表演讲), please speak loudly and clearly without referring to your notes, but with a smile on your face! 

6.Because he has been out of work for months, the young man now depends/relies on (依靠) his parents for a living.

7.Many people have come to realize that they should go on a diet (均衡饮食) and set aside some time for exercise.

8.Standing at the top of the TV tower, we could see the mountains in the distance (在远处) clearly.


1.damage (熟义:v.& n.损坏)

He claimed $7,000 damages from the taxi company.  n.赔偿金

2.desert (熟义:n.沙漠)[来源:Z.xx.k.Com]

He deserted his wife and children and went abroad.  v.抛弃;离弃

3.develop (熟义:v.发展;开发;研制)

①When they got back home, they developed the photos.  v.冲洗

②If you develop AIDS, your chances of survival are very small.  vt.患(病)

4.digest (熟义:vt.& vi.消化)

He paused, waiting for her to digest the information.  vt.理解;领会

5.directly (熟义:adv.直接地;完全地)

He should be here directly  if you can wait a moment.   adv.很快;马上


1.(2016·浙江高考)When their children lived far away from them, these old people felt cut (cut) off from the world.[来源:学科网ZXXK]

2.The plane was delayed (delay) for an hour. So we had nothing to do but wait.

3.Most of the old part of the city was destroyed (destroy) by bombs during the war.

4.She picked up the receiver and dialed (dial) his number, only to find the number did not exist.

5.(2018·全国卷Ⅰ)You may drink, smoke, be overweight and still reduce your risk of dying (die) early by running.

6.(2017·全国卷Ⅱ)We were respectful of craft (技艺) and  focused on digging (dig) into the characters we were going to play.

7.She dipped (dip) her toe into the pool to see how cold it was.


1.Although she had never met that expert, she knew a great deal of about him.去掉of

2.I have been deep impressed by a number of experiences in her life.deep→deeply[来源:学|科|网]

3.What we should keep in mind is that it’s not right to make decision without investigation and study.decision 前加a[来源:学科网]

4.The report recommends that more resources be devoted to teach four­year­old children.teach→teaching

5.(2017·全国卷Ⅲ)I enjoyed studying difference kinds of cars and planes. difference→different


1.众所周知,智能手机已成为我们日常生活中重要的一部分。我们用手机聊天、上网、娱乐。(in one’s daily life, chat, entertain oneself )

As is known to us, smartphones have become an important part in our daily life.We need them to chat, to surf the Internet as well as entertain ourselves.

2.不可否认,是老师的鼓励和帮助让我稳步前进。(there is no denying that, result in)

There is no denying that it was my teacher’s encouragement and help that resulted in my steady progress.

3.希望工程是打算用来帮助因贫穷而辍学的孩子的。 (design, drop out of, poverty)

The Hope Project  is designed to help those children who drop out of school because of poverty.


4.作为一名高中生,最重要的任务是努力学习,这决定着我们的未来。(task, determine)

As a student in senior high school, the most important task is to study hard, which determines our future.

5.(2018·北京高考书面表达)我的确希望你会梦想成真,我很高兴在那一天带你参观北京。(dream, come true,  pleasure)

I do hope your dream will come true and it’s my pleasure to show you around  Beijing when that day comes.


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