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1.(2017·天津高考)I consulted (咨询) with a physician (内科医生), I hired a fitness coach, and I began to eat small and  healthy meals.

2.We sincerely hope you can come and enjoy it. If you have any questions about it, you can contact (联系) us.

3.When he came back three hours later, they were still sitting on the sofa, absorbed in conversation (谈话).

4.We can’t confirm (证实) that food from cloned animals is really safe for humans to eat.

5.I find it hard to cooperate (合作) with those who always stick to their own opinions.[来源:Z&xx&k.Com]

6.If we toy with nature, we will have to deal with the consequences (后果).

7.It is crazy (疯狂的) of you to buy the car at such a high price.

8.It was with faithfulness that we created  (创造) a harmonious atmosphere.

9.One learns a language by making mistakes and correcting (改正;纠正) them.

10.The rain continued (继续) for days, so we could not go out to play.



1.It is obvious that there is a direct connection (connect) between smoking and lung cancer.

2.(2016·天津高考)The author’s story tells me that I should be confident (confidence) and practice hard to overcome difficulties in my life.

3.The underground is under construction (construct) here at present and will be completed next year.

4.She concluded her speech by reminding us of our responsibility. In conclusion, people present at the meeting thought highly of her speech.(conclude)

5.We conducted a survey to find out what our customers thought of our local bus service. The result showed that most passengers were satisfied with the conductors.(conduct)

6.She has contributed a lot of money to the school and she has made a great contribution to education.(contribute)

7.He gave her a confident smile and his confidence made her face challenge bravely. (confident)

8.To congratulate her on her success, we sent her a bunch of flowers with a card attached, saying “ Congratulations on your achievement.” (congratulate)

9.He was really confused by the confusing problem which also confused other people for a long time.(confuse)

10.Just for convenience, I’m living at my mother’s house until my new apartment is ready.If it’s convenient for you, you can come to stay with us this weekend.(convenience)


1.(2018·太原一模书面表达) I’ve got no idea about how to deal with the clothes which are really new and still in good condition (状况良好). 

2.She found herself in conflict with (与……冲突) her parents over her future career.

3.Our country is like a big family, consisting of (由……组成) fifty­six nations.

4.Their criticism did not discourage me. On the contrary (相反), I worked even harder.

5.I’d appreciate it if you can come here at your convenience (在你方便时).

6.In the end, he succeeded at the cost of (以……为代价) his health and happiness.


1.condition (熟义:n.条件;状况)

You need to condition yourself if you are to play in the football match on Saturday. 


2.consume (熟义:v.消耗)

Last night, an unexpected fire broke out in the community. The fire consumed several houses.   v.烧毁;毁灭

3.contain (熟义:v.包含;容纳)[来源:学科网]

At the sight of this cruelty, they could hardly contain their anger.  vt.克制

4.contribute (熟义:vt.捐助;捐献)

If you are to contribute articles to our website, contact us by e­mail.  vt.投稿

5.content (熟义:vt.使……满足;使……满意adj.满意的;满足的)[来源:学.科.网Z.X.X.K]

①She dropped her handbag and the contents fell out on the floor.  n.容纳的东西

②It is advisable to look at the contents page of a book before buying it.  n.目录

6.cool (熟义:adj.凉爽的;凉快的)

①More importantly, you can stay cool under pressure.  adj.冷静的;沉着的

②He has been cool towards me ever since we had a quarrel.  adj.冷淡的

7.cost (熟义:v.花费;值……)

Careless driving will cost you your life.  vt.付出代价;使……失去生命

8.count (熟义:v.按顺序数数)

It is not how much you read but what you read that counts.  v.重要[来源:Zxxk.Com]

9.cover (熟义:v.覆盖)

①To cover the cost of hiring a bus, each student will have to pay $10 each time.


②By sunset we had covered thirty miles.  v.行走(路程)

③He is carrying out a research that covers a wild field.  v.涉及

④He was sent to cover the event.  v.报道

10.cross (熟义:v.跨越;横穿 n.十字形记号)

Don’t be cross with him — after all, he meant to help.  adj.生气的;恼怒的


1.He continued (continue) to ignore everything I was saying.

2.The global warming, if not properly controlled (control), might lead to more natural disasters.

3.I am going to buy the painting which is copied (copy) from Vincent van Gogh.

4.The search has cost (cost) them a lot of time and effort.

5.He cried (cry) the news all over the neighborhood.


1.(2018·全国卷Ⅰ)During my last winter holiday, I went to countryside with my father to visit my grandparents.countryside前加the

2.I sent him a text message, congratulating him for his success.for→on

3.A good student must connect what he reads by what he sees around him.by→with

4.Let’s work together to make even greater contributions for world peace and common progress of mankind.for→to

5.A couple of boy are playing football on the playground.boy→boys

6.If there is more complex information to deal with, people will become more confusing. confusing→confused


1.对于您的帮助,我想在这封信中表达对您衷心的感谢。(convey, sincere, appreciation)[来源:Z,xx,k.Com]

In this letter, I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to you for your help.

2.(2018·全国卷Ⅰ书面表达)你对我们的传统文化了解得越多,你就会对它越感兴趣。(culture, interested)

The more you know about our traditional culture, the more you are interested in it.

3.通过这个故事,我坚信诚实的重要性,这将有助于建立一个温馨和谐的社会。(convinced, significance, contribute to)

From this story, I am firmly convinced of the significance of honesty, which will contribute to building a warm and harmonious society.

4.只有恰当饮食,才能保持身体健康。(correct, keep fit/stay healthy)

Only if you eat the correct foods will you be able to keep fit/stay healthy.


5.如果你方便的话,应该多进行户外运动,这有助于你保持良好的心态。(convenient, keep up a good state of mind)

If it is convenient for you, you should do more outdoor exercise, which can contribute to your keeping up a good state of mind.


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