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1.For many people, riding a bicycle is the easiest and cheapest (便宜的) way to travel today.[来源:学。科。网]

2.People making friends online are afraid of getting cheated (欺骗).

3.Abraham Lincoln only received a limited education during his childhood (童年时代).

4.The new library is so well equipped that many citizens (市民) can go there to read and borrow books.

5.Susan enjoys classical (古典的) music while her little brother likes pop music.

6.The air is clean (干净的) and the mountains are green in my hometown.

7.Choosing friends with common (共同的) interest is important in building friendship.

8.The dog may be a good companion (伙伴) for the old.

9.I regularly compare (比较) what I think with what others have thought.

10.As students, there are many ways that we can serve the community (社区;社会).



1.I hope my life will be much richer and more colourful(colour).

2.(2017·全国卷Ⅰ)I put some pine branches into the basket to make this nest safe and comfortable  (comfort).

3.He wanted to choose English, but his parents intended him to major in engineering. He had no choice but to give up.(choose)

4.Having cleaned the sports facilities, the cleaner went to the grassland to pick up the litter. After his thorough cleaning, we saw a clean community.(clean)

5.Don’t get close to the factory closed down last month. It’s dangerous. We should watch closely what is happening to it.(close)

6.The clothing industry will produce new types of materials to protect people from cold.If this kind of cloth is put into use, there is no need for people to wear heavy clothes in winter.(cloth)

7.She has collected so many fine paintings that it will take her a few minutes to pick out the best painting of her collection.(collect) 

8.We can’t always combine work with pleasure, and the combination is hard to get.(combine)

9.Having knowledge is one thing but being able to communicate is another thing. Lack of communication sometimes causes serious problems.(communicate)

10.All the excited competitors who are relatively competitive are competing for the honor of winning the gold medals in the competition.(compete)


1.The boss asked him to take charge of (掌管;负责) the company for a few days while he was away.

2.We checked in (登记) at the airport an hour before  our plane took off.

3.I do hope she can cheer up (振作起来) and accept the challenge of life bravely! 

4.I had no choice but (别无选择,只能) to turn to the tourist for help at that time.

5.If you take more physical exercise, you will not catch a cold (感冒) so easily.

6.We should strictly follow traffic rules rather than complain about (抱怨) traffic jams. 

7.(2017·全国卷Ⅲ)She has turned down several invitations to star at shows in order to concentrate on (全神贯注于) her studies.

8.I guess the reason why they don’t agree with you is that they are concerned about (担心;关心) your safety.


1.climate (熟义:n.气候)

Small businesses are finding it hard to survive in the present economic climate.  n.形势

2.cloudy (熟义:adj.阴的;多云的)[来源:学科网][来源:学科网]

Who did it still remains cloudy.  adj.不明朗的;不清晰的

3.coach (熟义:n.教练vt.训练;辅导)

They went to Italy on a coach tour.  n.长途汽车;长途客车

4.cold (熟义:adj.寒冷的n.感冒)

A few minutes later, the headmaster walked towards the couple with a cold face. 


5.comb (熟义:n.梳子)

They combed  old newspapers and other materials for clues.  vt.仔细搜索;搜寻

6.color (熟义:n.颜色v.为……着色)

Don’t let your judgment be colored by personal feelings.  v.影响


1.I still remembered the happy hours ten years ago when we chatted (chat) with colleagues at bars, met friends at restaurants and stayed with families in the holidays.

2.One student chose the Belt and Road as the topic of our composition last week. Since then some other students have chosen the same as their topics.(choose)

3.As the president ended his speech, we clapped (clap) politely.

4.I hope this problem can be gradually clarified (clarify) and solved in future talks just as other problems.

5.I have read each comment and classified (classify) each suggestion and the results are pretty interesting.

6.Unfortunately, although Vincent van Gogh committed (commit) his whole being to painting, he received little reward for his effort.


1.It is clearly that your life in your country is quite different from mine.clearly→clear

2.Watch the pets close when they are left outdoors.close→closely

3.Who do you believe should be in the charge of such a situation?去掉the 

4.This machine could play the chess, moving the pieces with a mechanical arm and defeating even the best human player.去掉第一个the

5.We always decorate our house with something red and green on Christmas.on→at


1.最重要的因素是我精通英语并且拥有丰富的英语教学经验。(factor, have a good command of, teaching experience) 

The most important factor is that I have a good command of English and have a lot of English teaching experience.

2.当谈到提高英语口语水平时,我的建议是每天尽可能地多听、多练习说英语。(when it comes to, spoken English, whenever possible)

When it comes to improving spoken English, my advice is that you should listen to English every day and practice speaking it whenever possible.

3.我是李华,你们公司的老顾客,我写信投诉你们服务太差。(a regular customer,  make a complaint)

I’m Li Hua, a regular customer of your company. I’m writing to make a complaint about your bad service.

4.就我个人而言,户外运动不仅能使我们接近大自然,而且能让我们从沉重的学习任务中摆脱出来得以放松。(concern, get close to, give sb. relaxation)

As far as I’m concerned, not only does outdoor exercise get us close to nature but also give us relaxation from heavy schoolwork.

5.(2018·浙江高考写作)一方面,我已经掌握了流利的英语口语,我与他们交流几乎没有什么困难。(develop, fluency, communicate)

For one thing, I have developed fluency in spoken English.I have no difficulty communicating with them. 


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