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1.Bearing a heavy burden (负担), she has to work hard to bring up her children.

2.“We cannot simply bury (埋葬) the past and then expect to find true peace,” he said.

3.If you are lost in the mountains, keep calm (镇静的) in the face of darkness and loneliness.

4.Our school has taken on a new look in the past ten years.Our campus (校园) is more beautiful than ever before.

5.With a large number of people taking part in camping (野营), it has now become one of the most popular activities in the UK.

6.I don’t know the reason why he canceled (取消) his appointment with his friends.

7.They think learning English is one of the demands of modern society and will do good to our future career (职业).

8.John was dismissed last week because of his casual (随意的) attitude towards his job.

9.We will hold a welcome ceremony (典礼;仪式) in the school hall at 9:00 a.m.and it will last for half an hour. 

10.I do believe sports can be good for character (品格)building.



1.Sarah lives with her husband and children in a flat in central (centre) London.

2.Briefly (brief), your plan is very practical.

3.Bathed in the sunshine and breathing the fresh air, we set out to climb the mountain. When we got to the top, we were almost out of breath.(breathe)

4.He was told many times to listen to the teacher carefully in class, but he didn’t care.Due to his carelessness, he failed in the exam.After reading his father’s letter, he changed from a troublesome teen to a caring son.(care)

5.They walked through the forest with extreme caution. They knew that  they couldn’t be too cautious.(caution)

6.To celebrate our adulthood, I sincerely invite you to participate in our 18­year­old ceremony. As you are our beloved teacher, we would like you to attend the celebration. (celebrate)

7.A person, when challenged, can often do what is beyond his ability.So one important aim of our school is to prepare us for anything challenging so that we can face all the challenges with confidence.(challenge)

8.It was no wonder that he was not getting along well with his classmates. His moods were very changeable.But recently, with the help of his teacher, he has changed a lot.(change)


1.I hold the firm belief that we can make a great breakthrough (取得重大突破) in the treatment of cancer.

2.(2018·北京高考)By mile 17, I became out of breath (上气不接下气) and the once injured ankle hurt badly.

3.Outdoor activities are really helpful in building up my body (增强我的体质) and enriching my school life.

4.I am so busy with (忙于) my classes that I just don’t have time to do exercise.

5. But for (若不是) your timely help, I couldn’t have succeeded.

6.(2018·江苏高考)Developing the Yangtze River Economic Belt is a systematic project which calls for (要求,需要) a clear road map and timetable.

7.You can pay either in cash (用现金) or by cheque in our store. 

8.In order to catch up with (赶上) the advanced countries, we must keep learning.


1.bridge (熟义:n.桥)

However, I quite appreciate your effort to introduce Chinese culture, which will surely bridge the gap between our countries.  v.弥合;消除

2.bright (熟义:adj.明亮的;阳光明媚的;鲜艳的)

He was bright and curious about the world outside his hometown.  adj.聪明的;伶俐的

3.build (熟义:v.修建)

The football player has a solid build.  n.身材;体格

4.can (熟义:n.罐v.可以,能,会)[来源:Zxxk.Com]

Mother cans the fruit.  v.把(食品)罐装保存

5.capital (熟义:n.首都)

①Write your name in block capitals, please.  n.大写字母

②Jack set up a business with a starting capital of $100,000.  n.资金

6.carry (熟义:v.搬运;携带;持有)

Today’s newspapers carry full reports of the president’s visit.  v.刊登

7.catch (熟义:v.抓)

Sorry, I didn’t quite catch what you said.  v.明白;领会

8.change (熟义:v.改变;变化)

I’m very sorry, but I have no change on me now.  n.零钱[来源:学科网ZXXK]



1.We were late for the meeting because our car broke(break) down when we were on the way.[来源:学科网]

2.Many of the traffic accidents caused by drunk driving have brought (bring) about traffic jams,injuries and even deaths.

3.This football match was broadcast (broadcast) live on TV across Europe.

4.Don’t forget you can still get burnt/burned (burn) when you are swimming.

5.The moment she heard the bad news, she burst (burst) into tears.

6.Once he buried (bury) himself in something, he would close his ears to anything.

7.(2018·天津高考)If we had  caught (catch) the flight yesterday, we would be enjoying our holiday on the beach now.

8.Good relationships are built (build) on mutual (相互的) trust and consideration.[来源:学科网]

9.With what he needed bought (buy), he walked out of the supermarket with a few of shopping bags.[来源:Zxxk.Com]

10.Their findings cast (cast ) new light on the origin of our universe in the past.


1.(2016·全国卷Ⅲ)I showed them I was independent by wear strange clothes. wear→wearing

2.In my opinion, you shouldn’t care many about your appearance.many→much

3.If you carry on work like that, you will break down sooner or later.work→working

4.The Nobel prizes would be awarded to the people who made great contributions to the causes for peace, literature, and the science.for→of

5.I’m Li Hua, a chairman of Students Union in our school. 去掉a


1.(2018·全国卷Ⅰ书面表达)此外,你最好带一些小礼物,比如你们国家的一种特殊的食物或饮料。(besides, bring, special)

Besides, you’d better bring some little gifts, such as a special food or drink from your country.

2.(2018·东北三省四市一模书面表达)为了提高学生在学校的环保意识,我们要发起一项绿色校园的运动。(start/launch a campaign, environmental awareness)

We are about to start/launch a Green School campaign to raise students’ environmental awareness at school. 

3.只要每个人能够从现在起采取低碳的生活方式,环境将会得到很大改善。(as long as, a low carbon lifestyle,change)

As long as everyone can adopt a low carbon lifestyle from now on, the environment will  be greatly changed.

4.通过学习英语我们能够开阔视野,增加我们各领域的知识。(broaden one’s horizons, increase, various)

By learning English, we can broaden our horizons and increase our knowledge in various fields.

5.作为我们市英语俱乐部的一员,我有很多机会与当地人讲英语。(as a member of, chance/opportunity, native)

As a member of the English club in my city, I have a lot of chances/opportunities to speak English with native speakers.


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