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1.(2018·全国卷Ⅰ)On every single move you have to analyze (分析) a situation, process what your opponent (对手) is doing and evaluate the best move from among all your options.

2.This is a well­known story from an ancient (古代的) Chinese idiom.

3.His anger (生气;愤怒) would burst out when things didn’t go as he’d expected.

4.With the 60th anniversary (周年纪念) of our school approaching, we are going to hold an exhibition on April 6th. [来源:学科网ZXXK]

5.I’m writing to tell you something about the annual (每年的)campus book fair which will be held soon in my school. 

6.It is apparent/obvious (显而易见的) that he shows no interest in music.

7.(2017·全国卷Ⅱ书面表达)In addition, there are famous artists (艺术家) who will perform how to cut paper on the spot.

8.(2015·全国卷Ⅰ书面表达)If you want to contribute to our newspaper, please send me your article (文章) before the deadline.

9.(2017·全国卷Ⅱ)When a leafy plant is under attack (攻击), it doesn’t sit quietly.

10.As far as I’m concerned, we should develop a good attitude (态度) towards life.

11.Attracted (吸引)by the beautiful scenery, I quickly climbed up the east slope to enjoy the natural view. 

12.To avoid (避免) missing the last train, please check the last train time posted in the stations.


1.On his arrival (arrive) in Beijing, he gave his mother a call at once.

2.The excellent performances given by these children won widespread approval (approve) among the audience.

3.My husband’s talking with his mouth full of food annoys me.Although I am annoyed with him about his annoying habit, he can’t get rid of it.(annoy)

4.She is anxious about the speech contest. Her voice is full of anxiety, and we are all waiting anxiously for her to calm down.(anxious)

5.The young man kept apologizing to his girlfriend for his being late, but she refused to accept his apology.(apologize)

6.When he suddenly appeared in the classroom, the students were concentrating on listening to their teacher.His sudden appearance surprised them.(appear)


7.The applicants who want to apply for the position should hand in their applications before this Friday.(apply)

8.He was appointed as manager of the company. But to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t accept the appointment.(appoint)

9.Tom is an assistant teacher in the college. He often assists the students with their problems and gives assistance to any student in need.(assist)[来源:Z.xx.k.Com]

10.To my astonishment, he didn’t feel astonished at the astonishing news that the top student in his class should fail the exam.(astonish)


1.As a young student, I suggest that the teacher choose some more films that appeal to  (对……有吸引力) us teenagers, thus making the course more interesting.

2.No matter how busy you are, you should set aside (省出;留出) some time to build up your strength.

3.I was so tired that I fell asleep (睡着) the moment my head touched the pillow.

4.(2017·全国卷Ⅱ书面表达)Knowing that you show great interest in Chinese culture, I’d like to invite you to attend the exhibition (参加展览会) with me.

5.In order to protect the balance of nature, the professor suggested that we should pay attention to raising (应当注意提高) people’s environmental awareness.[来源:学,科,网Z,X,X,K]

6.On average (平均看来), people who don’t smoke are healthier than people who do.

7.With the Spring Festival approaching/around the corner/drawing near (临近), we are giving our houses thorough cleaning and decorating them with red couplets and beautifully designed paper­cutting.

8.Nowadays, more and more people attach great importance to (非常重视) their way of life and their state of mind.


1.announce (熟义:v.宣布)

The warm sunshine announces the coming of spring. v.显示;预告

2.argue (熟义:v.讨论;争论;辩论)

I argue that every one of us should try our best to help those in need. vt.主张

3.arm (熟义:n.手臂)

①Lay down your arms, or we’ll fire! n.武器

②The police say the man is armed with guns and very dangerous. v.装备

4.attend (熟义:v.出席;参加;照顾)

I’m very sorry for not being able to pick you up at the airport, because I have an urgent thing to attend to.  vi.处理

5.available (熟义:adj.可得到的;可找到的)

Could you put forward some suggestions on our present plan when you are available?



1.The pilot announced (announce) with apology that there would be a slight delay before settling down.

2.The moment the famous singer finished singing, the audience stood up and applauded (applaud) warmly.

3.Approaching (approach) the city centre, we saw a stone statue of about 10 metres in height.

4.A number of high buildings have arisen (arise) where there was nothing a year ago but ruins.

5.The young men were assessed (assess) as either safe or unsafe drivers.

6.Health is frequently thought to be associated (associate) with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

7.Attempting (attempt) to change someone else’s attitude towards life is a waste of time and energy.

8.The baby in the next room awoke (awake) and began to cry.


1.Secondly, when an annoyed situation arises, you’ll just have to learn to tolerate each other. annoyed→annoying

2.I’m busy preparing for my driving test now, but you can make an appointment to me another time.to→with[来源:学|科|网]

3.I would appreciate if you could let me know in advance whether you will come or not.if 前加it

4.Since our research so far has not solved this problem, we need to adopt a different approach of it.of→to

5.When one of my best friends argued with the other for such things, it put me in a very awkward situation.for→about/over


1.(2018·北京高考书面表达)那就是为什么我建议你申请北京大学,中国最好的大学之一。(suggest, apply)

That is why I suggest you apply for Peking University, one of the best universities in China. 

2.如果你能告诉我更多有关此次活动的信息,我将感激不尽。我盼望着你早日回复。 (appreciate, look forward to, reply)

I would appreciate it if you could tell me more about the activity. I’m looking forward to receiving your earliest reply.

3.中国,是世界国土面积第三大的国家,占地963万平方千米。(cover, area, square)

China, (which is) the third largest country in the world in land area, covers an area of 9.63 million square kilometres.

4.常言道:“熟能生巧。” (as, saying, perfect)

As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” 

5.这些活动将一定会引起我们对学习英语的兴趣,提高我们对英语的理解。(arouse, improve, understanding)

The activities will surely arouse our interest in learning English and improve our understanding of English.


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