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必修五Unit 13 People



1.weakness n. 弱点,缺陷

2.gain vt. 获得;增加

3.passive adj. 被动的,消极的

4.previous adj. 以前的,过去的

5.positive adj. 积极的

6.lawyer n. 律师

7.connection n. 联系;连接

8.gifted adj. 有天赋的

9.deserve vt. 应得,值得

10.failure n. 失败

11.entirely adv. 完全地

12.independent adj. 独立的

13.fault n. 错误;缺点

14.grateful adj. 感激的,感谢的

15.shortcoming n. 缺点,短处

16.assessment n. 评估

17.emergency n. 紧急情况

18.accurately adv. 精确地

19.embassy n. 大使馆

20.athletic adj. 喜爱运动的

21.independence n. 独立

22.astronomy n. 天文学

23.allergic adj. 过敏的





1.strong adj. 强壮的

 →strength n. 长处,优势

 →strengthen v. 加强

2.concentrate vi. 集中(思想、注意力等)

 →concentration n. 专心

3.associate vt. 联想,联系

 →association n. 联想;协会

4.express v. 表达

adj. 特快的

  n. 快递

 →expression n. 表情;词语

 →expressive adj. 富于表情的;有表现力的

5.describe v. 描述

 →description n. 描述

6.predict vt. 预言,预测

 →prediction n. 预测,预告

 →predictor n. 预言家

7.satisfy v. 使满足

 →satisfaction n. 满意

 →satisfactory adj. 令人满意的

 →satisfied adj. 满意的

8.relief n. 减轻,宽慰

 →relieve v. 减轻;解除;缓和

9.anxiety n. 忧虑,担心

 →anxious adj. 忧虑的;焦急的

10.account n. (银行)账户;描述,叙述;报告;解释,说明

 →accountant n. 会计;会计师

11.devote vt. 献身于;专心致志于

 →devotion n. 专心;奉献

12.appropriate adj. 合适的;适当的

 →appropriately adv. 适当地




1.The publication of Great Expectations,which was both widely reviewed and highly praised, strengthened(strength) Dickens' status as a leading novelist.(2017·江苏高考)

2.It was a relief(relieve) and I came to a sudden stop just in the middle of the road.(2017·全国卷Ⅰ)

3.To my satisfaction(satisfy),my son has been absorbed in his study.

4.They show great anxiety(anxious) concerning their retirement allowance.

5.This girl gave a vivid description(describe) of the event as if she had attended it herself.

6.There has always been a close association(associate) between these two schools.

7.As a predictor,he often made wrong predictions though he tried his best to predict everything.(predict)

8.Our country is an independent country so we must depend on ourselves;independence and liberty are our state principles forever.(independent)

9.The old scientist is devoted to studying space,and the spirit of devotion deserves learning from.He said he would go on devoting himself to the science field.(devote)

10.He expressed in his expressive speech that he would support us and the expression on his face suggested that he meant what he said.(express)





①serve →deserve 值得

②ant →distant 遥远的

③have →behave 表现

④arm →harm 伤害

⑤plain →explain 解释

⑥star →starve 挨饿

⑦end →tend 趋向


①bother ②disturb

③trouble ④annoy

⑤irritate ⑥upset


①gain ②win

③acquire ④obtain

⑤earn ⑥get


①angry 愤怒的,气愤的

②eager 急切的,渴望的

③depressed 意志消沉的

④surprised 惊讶的

⑤bored 无聊的;烦人的

⑥ashamed 羞愧的,惭愧的

 [短语 多维应用]





1.come up with 提出,想出

2.concentrate on 集中于;专注于

3.talk sb. into doing sth. 说服某人做某事

4.draw up 起草

5.be popular with... 受……欢迎

6.on the other hand 另一方面

7.in terms of 就……而言;从某个角度上看

8.accuse sb. of... 控告某人……

9.react to 对……作出反应

10.can't help doing sth. 禁不住要做某事

11.be devoted to 奉献;致力于

12.compared to 和……比较起来

13.be willing to do sth. 愿意做某事

14.end up 结果为……;以……结束

15.deal with 处理,对付

16.to be honest 说实话

17.glare at 怒视




1.Driverless cars may end up being a form of public transport rather than vehicles you own.(2017·天津高考)

2.To be honest,I don't like chatting with her at all.

3.The poor woman just stood there glaring at the pickpocket.

4.Compared to my father,I was very lucky.

5.How did you come up with the good idea that we could escape being punished?

6.The meeting will deal with these problems,which will benefit parents a lot.

7.Her life was devoted to caring for the sick and needy.

8.In terms of money,he's quite rich,but not in terms of happiness.

9.Seeing these photos,I can't help thinking of my happy childhood.

10.With so much noise outside,I can't concentrate on my homework.

11.If you want to make rapid progress,draw up your own study plan and put it into practice.

12.How do you react to this modern artist's paintings?





①concentrate on 集中于

②focus on 集中于

③be lost in 埋头于

④be buried in 专心于

⑤be absorbed in 全神贯注于

⑥fix one's mind on 把注意力集中在

⑦be devoted to 专心于



①accuse sb. of sth. 控告某人某事

②cure sb. of sth. 治好某人某病

③remind sb. of sth. 提醒某人某事

④warn sb. of sth. 警告某人某事

⑤suspect sb. of sth. 怀疑某人某事

⑥rob sb. of sth. 抢劫某人某物

⑦inform sb. of sth. 通知某人某事



①talk/argue sb. out of doing sth. 说服某人不做某事

②talk/argue sb. into doing sth. 说服某人做某事

③persuade sb.(not) to do sth. 说服某人(不)做某事



[句式 结构仿写]




It is generally believed that people with high EQs are open to new ideas and have positive attitudes towards life.


It is believed that reading can increase our knowledge and broaden our mind.

2.there is little/no doubt that...“毫无疑问……”

On the other hand,there is little doubt that people with low EQs often have problems getting on with other people and dealing with difficult situations...


There was no/little doubt that the man didn't know who to ask advice from.


I really dislike it when he eats garlic for lunch.


I don't love it when she tells me how to do things.

4.that's why...句型

Perhaps the postcode was wrong,and that's why the letter never arrived.

4.他将去国外学习很长一段时间,那就是我们明天将为他送行的原因。He will go abroad to study for a long time;that's why we will see him off tomorrow.




 concentrate vi.集中(思想、注意力等)

[经典例句] Adrian was finding it difficult to concentrate.(朗文辞典)


(1)concentrate...on/upon (doing) sth. 把……专注于某事

concentrate on/upon... 专注于……

(2)concentration n. 专心;集中

①Many media in China concentrated their attention on the explosion of Tianjin.


②When you concentrate on one task,you can find you have energy that you didn't even know you had.


③There is a great need for greater concentration (concentrate) on environmental issues.



 (普通表达)He concentrated his mind on his work and didn't notice my appearance.

①(高级表达)With his mind concentrated on his work,he didn't notice my appearance. (用with复合结构改写)

②(高级表达)His mind concentrated on his work,he didn't notice my appearance.(用独立主格结构改写)


 deserve vt.值得;应得;应受

[高考佳句] These patients deserve a chance at a normal,happy future and they rely on the kindness of strangers to make that happen.(2014·福建高考·阅读理解C)这些患者值得拥有一个正常、快乐、幸福的未来,他们依靠陌生人的好心实现它。

deserve to do 应该做……;值得做……

deserve to be done=deserve doing ……值得被做

deserve consideration/attention 值得考虑/注意

①It's true that she made a mistake but she hardly deserves to lose her job.


②It is those who are willing to give rather than receive that deserve respecting/to be respected(respect).正是那些甘愿奉献而不索取的人才应受到尊敬。

③With many wild animals gradually dying out,the present situation deserves attention(attent).




Mo Zhen'gao,the kind and devoted Chinese teacher,was worthwhile to be honored one of “the Ten Moving China Persons” of the year 2016.

 →Mo Zhen'gao,the kind and devoted Chinese teacher,deserved to be honored one of “the Ten Moving China Persons” of the year 2016.

 accuse vt.控告,谴责

[教材原句] Accused of stealing money,the man was brought to court.


accuse sb. of (doing) sth.=charge sb. with (doing) sth. 因(做)某事而指责某人

the accused 被告

①The neighbour who was once charged with attempted murder accused me of playing(play) my radio too loudly.曾经被指控谋杀未遂的邻居指责我把收音机声音开得太大。

②The accused (accuse) got what they deserved.


 desire n.渴望,欲望 v.期望,渴望

[教材原句] Tour guides need to be independent,outgoing and have a desire to share information.


(1)have a strong desirefor sth.急于想得到某物to do sth.迫切想要做某事

(2)desire to do sth. 渴望做某事

desire sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事

desire that...(should) do sth. 渴望……

①We desire that immediate help (should) be given to the local villagers who have been trapped by the flood.我们渴望给予那些被洪水围困的当地村民们即刻的救援。

②He has a strong desire for success though he has failed many times.




①She has a strong desire to visit the famous writer.(desire n.)

②She desires to visit the famous writer.(desire vt.)

 account vt.认为是;视为;总计有


[高考佳句] They now need to take into account the extent of firms' data assets when assessing the impact of deals.(2017·江苏高考)在评价交易影响的时候,他们现在需要把公司的资产数据也考虑进去。

account for 说明(原因等);作出解释;占……比例

on account of 由于,因为

on no account 决不(放在句首时,句子倒装)

take account of/take...into account(=take...into consideration) 考虑……

①The gene they discovered today doesn't account for all those cases.


②We delayed our departure on account of the bad weather.由于天气不好,我们将启程的时间推迟了。

③On no account will you tell him about our plan.




①(普通表达)There are a number of factors for the increase in the box­office income.

②(高级表达)A number of factors can account for the increase in the box­office income.

 judge n.裁判,法官 vt.评判;判断;审判;判决

[经典例句] I am in no position to judge whether what she is doing is right or wrong.(朗文辞典)


(1)judge...by/from 从……判断,按照……判断

judging from/by... 根据……判断

(2)judgement n. 判断力,意见;判决,宣判

in one's judgement 依某人看来

①Judging by the look on his face,the news must have been terrible.


②In my judgement(judge),all of them are to blame.


 devote vt.献身于;专心于

[高考佳句] Neighbors devoted their spare time to helping others rebuild.(2016·北京高考·阅读理解B)邻居们奉献了他们的空闲时间去帮助他人做重建工作。

(1)devote oneself to sth./doing sth.


devote one's life/time/money/energy to (doing) sth.


(2)devoted adj. 忠实的;深爱的

be devoted to (doing) sth. 专心于;奉献于做某事

(3)devotion n. 关爱;关照;奉献;忠诚

①Her son,to whom she is (so) devoted,went abroad last year,leaving her alone in the small village.


②Devoted (devote) to the study of science,she had little time to take care of her children.


③The dog had such devotion (devote) to its master that it would not leave him,even when he was dead.



 end up结果为……;以……结束

[经典例句] He'll end up in prison if he's not careful.(朗文辞典)如果他不小心,最后会锒铛入狱的。

end up doing sth. 以……结束/告终

end up with... 以……而结束

end up as... 结果成为(职位)

①And whatever they end up doing,they will be teaching themselves a great deal.


②The party ended up with a pop song.


③Joining the firm as a clerk,he got rapid promotion,and ended up as a manager.成为这家公司的职员后,他升职很快,最终成为一名经理。

 can't help doing sth.禁不住做某事

[教材原句] I couldn't help laughing at this and I invited her back to my apartment for a quick cup of tea.我禁不住笑了起来,并邀请她到我的公寓里来喝杯茶。

can't help/choose but do... 不得不做……

can't help (to) do sth. 不能帮忙做某事

can't help oneself 忍不住,无法控制自己

can't help it 不是某人的过错;是没有办法的事

it can't be helped 实在没办法;无法避免

①She couldn't help herself and burst into tears.


②She could not help it if her emotions took charge of her.


③The last bus left.We could not choose but walk (walk) home.


 in terms of就某事来说,从某个角度来看

[教材原句] Some are trying to study the possibility of improving a person's EQ,especially in terms of “people skills”,such as understanding and communication.有些(科学家)正在尝试研究改善一个人的EQ的可能性,特别是在“人际方面”,例如理解能力和交际能力。

come to terms with 达成协议;和好;接受;适应

be on good/bad terms 关系良好/不好

in the long/short term/run 就长远/短期而言

①The country is very poor and it has to come to terms with the neighbouring countries.


②The company's prospects look good in the long term.从长远看,这家公司前途无量。




 (教材P11)I really dislike it when he eats garlic for lunch.我真的不喜欢他午饭吃大蒜。



(2)类似的用法还有see to it that...“务必”;depend on it that...“依赖/相信”;take it for granted that...“认为……是理所当然的”等。

①I would appreciate it if you could teach me how to use the computer.


②I'd prefer it if I didn't have to do so much work.


③I hate it when people talk with their mouths full.


④You can not depend on it that they will do loads of work.你不可以相信他们会做大量的工作。

 (教材P13)Perhaps the postcode was wrong,and that's why the letter never arrived.


(1)句中that's why...为固定表达,意为“那就是……的原因”,其中why引导表语从句,该句型强调结果。

(2)That's because...“那是因为……”,because也引导表语从句,但该句型强调原因。

①This is why you're saving my life.(2016·北京高考·阅读理解A)


②We didn't lend him money.That's because we are not too familiar with him.




That he was late for school is because he was ill.

 →The reason why he was late for school is that he was ill.



Dear Ian,

Thank you for share the stories about you and your best friend in your last letter. I have a best friend, who name is Wang Ming, and we had known each other for a long time. We met on the first day of school. We were deskmate in class. We both liked pop music and we often went to my house to listen CDs. It wasn't long after we became best friends.

Now we're in different senior high schools and all of us are busy with our studies. Although we cannot see each other often, but we're still best friends. He always encourage me to realize my dreams. I am thankfully I have such a good friend to rely on.


     Li Hua



71. Thank you for share ...  share → sharing  72. ... who name is ...    who → whose

73. ... we had known ...   had → have      74. We were deskmate ...   deskmate → deskmates

75. ... to listen CDs.     listen后加to      76. It wasn't long after ...   after → before

77. ... all of us are ...   all → both         78. ... but we're still ...    去掉but

79. He always encourage me ... encourage → encourages

80. I am thankfully ...   thankfully → thankful




The day that I met my best friend the first time,I was fully of anxiety.I was trying to do some revision and people kept disturbing her.I heard someone sing behind me,which was so loud as I could recognize the song.It was a girl of the same age as me.I was very angry and leave the library.But I left my more most important textbook behind.I was worrying about it that the telephone rang.It was the girl which annoyed me that noticed it.We got along really well and ever since then we’ve been best friend.


The day that I met my best friend ∧for the first time,I was fullfully of anxiety.I was trying to do some revision and people kept disturbing meher.I heard someone singingsing behind me,which was so loud thatas I could recognize the song.It was a girl of the same age as me.I was very angry and leftleave the library.But I left my more most important textbook behind.I was worrying about it whenthat the telephone rang.It was the girl who/thatwhich annoyed me that noticed it.We got along really well and ever since then we’ve been best friendsfriend.

第一部分 听力 (共两节, 满分30分)


请听下面 5 段对话, 每段对话后有一个小题, 从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项, 并标在试卷的相应位置。听完每段对话后, 你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。

1. What is the man now?

  A. A guide.             B. A secretary.             C. A salesman.

2. Where does the woman think the man left his magazine?

  A. At the hotel.          B. On the train.            C. At home.

3. How will the man go home next year according to the conversation?

  A. By motorcycle.      B. By train.               C. By bicycle.

4. Who wants to take the summer camp?

  A. The woman’s daughter. B. The woman’s brother.     C. The woman’s son.

5. What will the woman do tonight?

  A. Look after her grandma. B. Go to a concert.            C. Go shopping.


    请听下面5段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几个小题, 从每题所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项, 并标在试卷的相应位置。听每段对话或独白前, 你将有时间阅读各个小题, 每小题5秒钟; 听完后, 各小题将给出5秒钟的作答时间。每段对话或独白读两遍。


6. Where does the man usually have his lunch?

  A. In the canteen.      B. In a restaurant.         C. At home.

7. What does the man want to have for lunch?

  A. Sandwich, orange juice and boiled egg.

  B. Hamburger, Coca cola and fired egg.

  C. Hamburger, juice and boiled egg.


8. What did the man send his girlfriend last year?

  A. A computer.    B. A mobile phone. C. An iPad.

9. What does the man plan to do after graduation?

  A. Run a farm.     B. Do further study. C. Travel around the world.

10. How much does the man want to borrow?

  A. 1,500 yuan.    B. 2,000 yuan.    C. 3,500 yuan.


11. What did the woman do yesterday?

  A. She had the fridge repaired.   

  B. She bought a new fridge.

  C. She spent $ 420 on the heater.

12. What color does the man probably like?

  A. Pink.          B. Yellow.         C. Green.

13. When will the man move in?

  A. Two days later. B. Ten days later.     C. Two weeks later.


14. How long has it been since the woman last saw Mr. Brown?

  A. Thirteen years. B. Seventeen years.     C. Thirty years.

15. What did the woman and Mr. Brown talk about especially?

  A. Her monitor. B. Their village.       C. A library.

16. What does the man want Mr. Brown to do?

  A. Give a lecture.   B. Write a children’s book.   C. Publish a story series.


17. Who picked up the children from school?

  A. Mrs. Baker.    B. Mr. Baker.         C. Mrs. Smith.

18. What did the children do at six thirty?

  A. They had their dinner.   B. They did their homework.   C. They watched TV.

19. When should the children have to go to bed?

  A. At eight.        B. At nine.             C. At ten.

20. What do we know about Peter?

  A. He arrives at home at ten.   

  B. He sometimes helps with the dishes.

C. He irons clothes for his children.


第一部分 听力 (共两节, 满分30分)

1-5  CBCBA    6-10  ABACB 11-15  ACBCA 16-20  ACBBA






Special Kids Therapy(治疗)(SKT),is a charitable organization devoted to improving the quality of the individuals who struggle with physical,mental or emotional disabilities.

Examples of what SKT can do:

SKT offers the families of children with special needs practical help in buying special medical equipment,such as electrically-powered wheelchairs and other communication equipment that are not covered by insurance.

SKT organizes summer camp activities for children with special needs,providing them with a chance to enjoy their summer and experience the traditional summer camp that fits their abilities.

How you can help:

SKT is an all-volunteer charitable organization,which is staffed by volunteers and depends on donations that make it possible for us to serve and help these special children.

SKT relies on people like you to help make good things happen for these special children.Your contribution is sincerely appreciated.Your donations help make children with special needs able to have alternative therapies such as animal-assisted therapy,art & music therapy,massage therapy and water therapy.These are just a few of the many proven alternative therapies that bring joy and build self-respect of the children with special health care needs.Although these therapies are not covered by insurance,they enhance the mental,physical and emotional aspects of a child’s life.

SKT knows that your time is valuable and we appreciate your volunteer interest.There are many chances to volunteer to work with the children and their families at our events or programs.

Donations may be mailed to:

Bosse Financial

Attn:Special Kids Therapy,Inc

PO Box 1024

Findlay,Ohio 45839

Please write checks to Special Kids Therapy




语篇解读 这篇文章介绍了非营利组织SKT旨在为残疾孩子们提供帮助,并且号召人们加入SKT,帮助残疾孩子。


1.From the passage we can know that SKT        .

A.earns very little by its alternative therapies

B.offers help to the children with disabilities

C.is partly supported by the local government

D.pays insurance for children with special needs

答案 B

解析 细节理解题。根据第一段内容可知SKT是给残疾孩子提供帮助的非营利性机构,故选B。

2.What does the underlined word “enhance” mean in the text?

A.Accept.   B.Damage.

C.Reduce.   D.Improve.

答案 D

解析 词义猜测题。根据第七段中“These are just a few of the many proven alternative therapies that bring joy and build self-respect of the children with special health care needs.Although these therapies are not covered by insurance,they enhance the mental,physical and emotional aspects of a child’s life.”可知画线句意为“尽管这些治疗方法没有被保险所覆盖,但是它们改善了孩子们的身体、精神和情感生活。”故选D。

3.What can we infer from the text?

A.SKT is a non-profitable organization.

B.The disabled can ask practical help from SKT.

C.Donations are used to pay insurance for children.

D.Families of children with special needs are all poor.

答案 A

解析 推理判断题。根据第四段内容可推断出SKT是一个非营利组织,故选A。

4.The text is written to        .

A.encourage families to get donations

B.tell us how children can live a normal life

C.make an introduction of the special children

D.call on people to join SKT to help disabled children

答案 D

解析 写作意图题。根据文章最后一部分“SKT knows that your time is valuable and we appreciate your volunteer interest.There are many chances to volunteer to work with the children and their families at our events or programs.”以及下面给出的联系方式可知这篇文章号召人们加入SKT,来帮助残疾孩子,故选D。



It’s rare that the protagonist in a Chinese movie wins the audience’s hearts with an emotionally uplifting message,rather than by showing off his or her good looks.But Wolf Warrior Ⅱ is putting China in the global spotlight.It’s also the first film to taste success both in terms of box office earnings and promoting Chinese values.

Kung fu artist Wu Jing both starred in and directed the action movie.Since its release on July 27,it’s earned an unimaginable 4.5 billion yuan,setting a record for domestic movies at the box office.The success of the film has surpassed the anticipations of all,including the production team.

The film focuses on a rescue operation in Africa,led by former special forces soldier Leng Feng—played by Wu.Leng helps Chinese workers and local Africans flee a war-torn and plague-ravaged country.Wolf Warrior Ⅱ links art to reality,and reminds people of the massive evacuation of Chinese people from Libya when civil war broke out there in 2011,and from Yemen in 2015,as well as the challenges the Ebola virus created in West Africa from 2013 to 2016.The film describes how the Chinese government aims to protect overseas Chinese citizens.Just as the message at the end of the film reads:“Citizens of the People’s Republic of China.When you encounter danger in a foreign land,do not give up! Please remember,at your back stands a strong motherland.”

Thanks to China’s increasing participation in global affairs,now could be considered the right moment to introduce a modern Chinese hero.

“Holding up a banner of peace,friendship and responsibility,Wolf Warrior Ⅱ should be seen as a brave effort to promote Chinese values around the world,” columnist Zhu Ping wrote in China Daily.

“It’s time Chinese filmmakers produced films that tell good stories and carry the right spirit.Let us assume Wolf Warrior Ⅱ has started that trend.”

语篇解读 本文是一篇影评:国产影片的主角不是通过展现颜值,而是因为传递了正能量而获得观众的喜爱,这点相当少见。但《战狼2》却令全球的焦点都汇聚到了中国身上。它同时也是首部在票房收入以及弘扬中国价值观方面获得双赢的电影。


5.We can learn from the passage that         .

A.leading characters in Chinese movies are mostly popular for their appearances

B.it is hard for a protagonist in Chinese movies to win the audience’s hearts

C.Wolf Warrior Ⅱ is the first Chinese movie to spread Chinese values

D.the production team is not surprised at the big box-office success

答案 A

解析 推理判断题。根据第一段第一句:国产影片的主角是通过传递正能量,而不是通过展现颜值而获得观众的喜爱,这点相当少见。可以推断出中国影片通常是靠颜值而流行的。故选A。

6.The film is popular with the audience mostly because         .

A.Kung fu artist Wu Jing both starred in and directed it

B.it attempts to promote Chinese values around the world

C.it is backed up and funded by the Chinese government

D.it shows that China is playing an active role in global affairs

答案 B

解析 推理判断题。根据第一段最后一句可知,它同时也是首部在票房收入以及弘扬中国价值观方面获得双赢的电影。可以判断出这部影片受欢迎主要是因为它向世界弘扬了中国价值观。故选B。

7.The underlined word in Para.3 can be replaced by         .

A.worry about   B.hang out

C.fall into   D.come across

答案 D

解析 词义猜测题。画线词所在句意为:当你在海外遭遇危险,不要放弃!请记住,在你身后,有强大的祖国作你的坚实后盾!可知encounter意为“遭遇”。worry about担心;hang out闲逛;fall into掉入;come across遇见,碰到。故选D。



As more people opt for the single life,adult friendships also grow more important.For people in relationships,having a reliable group is important,too—your mate will be much happier if you’re spreading your anxieties beyond his or her ears and you will also feel better.

In a recent study,researchers made some fascinating findings about how “who we are” informs the friendships we hold.The study was based on the most popular personality construct in contemporary psychology,the Big 5 personality traits(特征):extraversion,or how much you love attention and interacting with people;neuroticism,or how easily worried you are by things; agreeableness,or how warm and kind you are; conscientiousness,or how careful you are about life’s many duties; and openness to experience,or how much you’re into discovering new things,whether they’re ideas,people,or places.

For their study,the research team recruited 434 students.They took a personality questionnaire in the lab,then rated how satisfied they were with their friends and their life overall,and then researchers asked them to recommend half a dozen friends to rate their personality.Gathering these ratings together,the researchers found that openness to experience didn’t have anything to do with friendship satisfaction,at least in this study.Neuroticism was linked to lower satisfaction (probably because emotionally unstable people may be dramatic or hard to please,at least in my personal experience).But having high scores in the three remaining sunny traits—conscientiousness,extra version,and agreeableness—predicted higher friendship satisfaction.However,it’s a pretty intuitive(直觉的) result,since it’s easy to be friends with someone who’s always on time,always saying that you’re right,and always up to hang out.But if you don’t exactly identify with all that,fear not:Your personality is so much more than your traits.


8.What does the author think of the friendship?

A.It is helpful to dating and work.

B.It can relieve your negative emotions.

C.It has nothing to do with personality.

D.It is based on the 5 popular personality traits.

答案 B

解析 细节理解题。由第一段中的“your mate will be much happier if you’re spreading your anxieties beyond his or her ears and you will also feel better”可知作者认为友谊可以减轻你的负面情绪。选B。

9.What did the recent study find?

A.The biggest 5 personality traits.

B.The methods of informing the friendships.

C.The ways to form the most popular personality.

D.The relationship between personality and friendships.

答案 D

解析 细节理解题。由第二段中的“In a recent study,researchers made some fascinating findings about how ‘who we are’ informs the friendships we hold.”可知最近这次调查是为了发现性格和友谊之间的关系。选D。

10.What does the underlined word “neuroticism” in Paragraph 2 mean?

A.Determination.   B.Nervousness.

C.Hesitation.   D.Optimism.

答案 B

解析 词义猜测题。根据画线词后面的“or how easily worried you are by things”可推断出“neuroticism”的意思是“神经过敏”。选B。

11.What opinion does the author hold?

A.It’s hard to please emotionally unstable people.

B.A punctual person can surely make more friends.

C.Friends are more important than families for single persons.

D.The five traits are equally demanded in getting higher friendship satisfaction.

答案 A

解析 细节理解题。根据最后一段中的“probably because emotionally unstable people may be dramatic or hard to please,at least in my personal experience”可知作者认为很难让情感不稳定的人高兴。选A。





It was a beautiful morning in New Mexico.I was running up the mountain.I was carrying a loaf of bread,two pounds of apples,and a fresh change of clothes.This is not a crazy dream I had.Like many people,I often run errands on my way to work.Unlike most people,I take the running part “word by word”.  12   I don’t drive.I rarely bike.So to get places,I run.In a typical week,I run about 70 miles.

I haven’t always run everywhere.  13  After a long but productive day,I woke up in the hospital—I was diagnosed with epilepsy(癫痫).There were medical tests to be taken and of course lots of forms to be filled in.I realized that where I thought I had answers,there were only questions.I was about to move to Santa Fe for a dream job.Would it be safe to live there alone?  14  What if I had a seizure(发作) while I was running,in this town I didn’t know,far from my family?So I sat down,and penned down what I planned to do.So it got started.

Running means independence.Running means I can rely on myself.  15   Now I still run everywhere,even if I don’t need to any more.  16   I cannot imagine my life without it.Running has taught me not to be afraid.To accept what comes.Even if people think I look silly when I am running.

A.No one believes in me.

B.Running means a choice.

C.As a matter of fact,I run everywhere.

D.And another question jumped at me in no time.

E.I know I will have to stop somewhere in my life.

F.It turns out that my illness hasn’t shaped me,but running has.

G.It started one evening more than eight years ago during a work trip.

语篇解读 文章讲述了作者的跑步经历,跑步不仅使作者战胜了疾病而且使作者变得独立勇敢。


12.答案 C

解析 根据下文“我不开车,也很少骑自行车。”可知“我”经常到处跑。第二段第一句也是提示。故选C。

13.答案 G

解析 下文介绍作者曾经发生的事情。G项意思是:这件事开始于八年多前工作旅行的一个晚上。该项与下文衔接紧密。故选G。

14.答案 D

解析 该处上一句是自己提出的一个问题,下一句也是一个问题。D项“同时又有一个问题突然蹦了出来”放在两个问题中间起衔接作用。故选D。

15.答案 B

解析 该处前两句在说跑步的含义。B项也是跑步的含义且句型结构与前面一致。故选B。

16.答案 F

解析 根据上句“我现在仍然在跑步,即使我现在不需要了”和下句“我不能想象我的生活没有跑步”可推知我的病好了。F项“事实证明,我的病并没有塑造我,但跑步却做到了”与上下句衔接紧密。故选F。




Every May it happens.I drop to my knees,just outside the back door,raise my arms to the sky and shout,“That’s it!I give up!Take my flower beds,you killer weeds!Blackberry vines(藤蔓),this land is yours!Vines,climb up and kill my trees one by one!I’m done!”

Then I get up,lie down on the swing,and close my eyes.I’m sure I can hear the weeds growing and the vines creeping in(悄悄爬进).I swear they are all laughing at me,too.They don’t even have the manners to wait until I leave there.

There is no denying that gardens are battle zones in the spring.I blame it on those April and May rains.Once the heat moves in,I can control what gets watered and survives,but those early showers even out(平均分配) the battlefield.

Garden tools alone make it clear that gardening isn’t an easy thing.My old cart seems to have the personality of a tank,and I’m pretty sure my spade is second cousin to a dagger.

By late June,both sides are worn down.I’ve given some of the yard over to the weeds—you just can’t win them all.That’s a battle for next year.There is no clear victory for me,but I’ve stood my ground for yet another season.


1.What is the best title of the passage?

A.A Victory over Weeds B.My Love for the Yard

C.A Battle Against Weeds D.The Skills of Gardening

答案 C

解析 标题归纳题。通读全文,结合最后一段可知本文讲述的是清除野草的战斗。故选C。

2.What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 1 most probably refer to?

A.That heat moves in and evens out the battlefield.

B.That vines creep in and kill all the trees one by one.

C.That weeds take whole possession of the flower beds.

D.That the author gets exhausted from fighting against weeds.

答案 D

解析 代词指代题。根据第一段中的“I drop to my knees,just outside the back door,raise my arms to the sky and shout...”可知,作者每年为清除野草耗尽精力。由此可知第一段第一句中的it指的是“作者清除野草耗尽精力”这件事每年五月都会发生。故选D。

3.Why does the author compare her garden tools to weapons?

A.To show the power of the tools.

B.To stress the difficulty of gardening.

C.To describe the shapes of the tools.

D.To provide ways of gardening.

答案 B

解析 推理判断题。根据第四段第一句“Garden tools alone make it clear that gardening isn’t an easy thing.”可知作者把花园里的工具比作武器来强调园艺工作的艰难。故选B。

4.What can we learn according to the passage?

A.The author is exhausted by the battle and has finally given up.

B.The author has decided to battle with the weeds next year.

C.The author enjoys the battle with the weeds and expects another fight.

D.The author does not want to kill all the weeds since they are also helpful.

答案 B

解析 推理判断题。根据最后一段中的“That’s a battle for next year.There is no clear victory for me,but I’ve stood my ground for yet another season.”可知作者已决定明年与杂草作战。故选B。





One day I went to a store to get some needed items for my family.

I gathered up my goodies and headed for the   5   counter,only to be   6   in the narrow aisle(通道) by a young man who   7   to be about sixteen years old.I wasn’t in a hurry,so I   8   waited for the boy to realize that I was there.It was obvious now,he was mentally   9   and a little shocked as he turned and saw me standing so   10   to him,waiting to   11  .I said,“Hey Buddy,what’s your name?”

“My name is Denny and I’m   12   with my Mommy,” he responded proudly.

“Wow,” I said,“that’s a(n)   13   name; I wish my name was Denny,but my name is Steve.How old are you Denny?”

 “How old am I now,Mommy?” he asked his mother as she slowly   14   from the next aisle.“You’re fifteen years old,Denny.”Then he headed toward the toy section.

Denny’s mom   15   me for taking the time to talk with her son.She told me that most people wouldn’t   16   look at him,much less talk to him.

I told her that it was my   17   and that there are plenty of red,yellow,and pink roses in God’s Garden;   18  ,“Blue Roses” are very   19   and should be appreciated   20   their beauty and distinctiveness.

You see,Denny is a Blue Rose and   21   someone doesn’t stop and   22   that rose with their heart and touch that rose with their kindness,then they’ve   23   a blessing from God.So,the next time you see a BLUE ROSE,don’t turn your head and walk off.  24   to smile and say Hello.

语篇解读 本文讲述作者一次购物经历中碰到的一个孩子。世界上有很多种的花,而那些与众不同的蓝玫瑰是值得你与他们打招呼的。


5.A.customer   B.Checkout       C.salesman    D.office

答案 B

解析 the checkout counter收银台。句意为:我拿到了所有的东西,前往收银台结账,结果被一个看起来约十六岁的年轻人挡住了去路。根据语境可知选B项。

6.A.blocked  B.Troubled   C.met  D.found

答案 A

解析 block阻挡;trouble麻烦;meet遇到;find发现。见上题解析,故选A项。

7.A.pretended  B.Appeared    C.declared  D.tended

答案 B

解析 pretend假装;appear出现;declare宣布;tend趋向。appear to be看起来……,故选B项。

8.A.slowly  B.Slightly    C.kindly  D.patiently

答案 D

解析 slowly慢慢地;slightly轻微地; kindly好心地;patiently耐心地。句意为:我并不着急因此我耐心地等着他意识到后面有人。根据语境可知选D项。

9.A.torn       B.Broken     C.challenged   D.wounded

答案 C

解析 tear撕;break打碎;challenge挑战,刺激;wound伤害。句意为:非常明显,当他看到我离他如此近时,正等着通过,他思想上没有意识到(mentally challenged),有点吃惊。故选C项。

10.A.close    B.Friendly     C.next    D.happily

答案 A

解析 close接近;friendly友好的;next下一个;happily高兴地。见上题解析。close to靠近,故选A。

11.A.steal away    B.hurry out   C.squeeze by    D.break in

答案 C

解析 steal away偷走;hurry out匆忙;squeeze by挤过;break in打断。由上文中的“the narrow aisle”可知通道非常窄,故选C。

12.A.swimming  B.Shopping     C.singing  D.travelling

答案 B

解析 去商店当然是购物。故选B。

13.A.cool  B.Bad   C.ordinary  D.old

答案 A

解析 cool酷的;bad坏的; ordinary普通的;old老的。句意为:这是个很酷的名字,我也希望我的名字叫丹尼,但我的名字叫史蒂夫,你几岁了,丹尼?故选A项。

14.A.went away  B.walked by   C.came over  D.turned up

答案 C

解析 go away离开;walk by走过;come over过来;turn up出现。由下文中作者与丹尼的妈妈谈话可知,丹尼的妈妈慢慢地走了过来。故选C项。

15.A.thanked  B.stared at   C.praised  D.chatted with

答案 A

解析 thank感谢;stare at盯着;praise表扬;chat with与……聊天。句意为:丹尼的妈妈非常感谢我花时间与她儿子聊天。thank sb. for doing sth.感谢某人做某事,故选A项。

16.A.ever  B.Still   C.yet  D.even

答案 D

解析 ever曾经;still仍然;yet然而;even甚至。句意:她告诉我大多数人甚至不愿意看丹尼,更别说与他交谈了。故选D项。

17.A.courage  B.Pleasure  C.habit  D.faith

答案 B

解析 courage勇气;pleasure快乐;habit习惯;faith信念。上文中丹尼的妈妈对作者表示感谢,it was my pleasure这是我的荣幸,是对感谢的应答语。故选B项。

18.A.therefore  B.Besides   C.meanwhile  D.however

答案 D

解析 therefore因此;besides况且;meanwhile 同时;however然而。红色、黄色、粉色的玫瑰非常多,而蓝色的很罕见,此处表示转折,故选D项。

19.A.rare  B.Big   C.bright  D.colorful

答案 A

解析 rare罕见的;big大的;bright明亮的;colorful五彩缤纷的。见上题解析。故选A 项。

20.A.with  B.By   C.for  D.in

答案 C

解析 be appreciated for...因……而被赏识。故选C项。

21.A.unless   B.If     C.before   D.after

答案 B

解析 unless 除非;if如果;before之前;after之后。句意为:你看,丹尼就是朵蓝玫瑰,如果人们没有停下来,用心闻他的花香,善意地来接触他,那么他们错过了上帝的保佑。故选B项。

22.A.smell   B.Pick    C.buy    D.see

答案 A

解析 smell闻;pick挑选;buy买;see看。见上题解析。故选A项。

23.A.wanted   B.Forgotten   C.missed  D.invited

答案 C

解析 want想;forget忘记;miss错过;invite邀请。故选C项。

24.A.Be brave  B.Be proud    C.Take it easy  D.Take the time

答案 D

解析 be brave 勇敢;be proud 骄傲;take it easy放松;take the time抽出时间。句意为:因此,当下次你看到蓝玫瑰,不要转过头走开,抽出时间与它微笑并打招呼。故选D项。



In ancient China the kite was known as “Zhiyuan”.25.Originally(original) regarded as a technology,it also featured in many art collections,and was considered to have unique artistic value.It first 26.appeared(appear) in the ware of the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC—476 BC).According to historical records,Mo Zi spent three years 27.constructing(construct) a wooden kite which failed after one day’s flight.One book noted that the master carpenter Lu Ban also made some which 28.were used(use) to spy on the situation of the enemy.Now the basic procedure of making kites remains the same,but styles of kite-making vary 29.in different regions.These in the “World Kite Capital” of Weifang in Shandong Province are well known for 30.their(they) craftsmanship,materials,painting,sculpture and flexible flying movement.One of these kites,31.which was over 300 meters long,won first place in the International Kite Festival 32.held(hold) in Italy.It is now housed in the Weifang Kite Museum.Even this year,the festival is held there and is expected to draw many fans with a passion for flying kites.

33.If you are interested in flying a kite,you should choose a sunny and windy day so you can enjoy the open air,and take care to avoid electric wires and cars.You could take more than one with you and fly them according to the change of wind.And of course,a pair of sunglasses may prove useful in protecting your eyes 34.from/against bright sunshine.



As winter comes,there are much rain and snow in many parts of our country including our city.It is too cold that an increasing number of students catch a cold.Even worse,some students fell down and hurt them because the icy roads.So we should protect ourselves from cold weather and there are many things what are of help.First,we should put up more clothes when going outside.Then to remember not to run or walk too fast on slippery roads.Luckily,some measures have been taking to prevent us from falling down.For example,some mats have been placed on the step of the teaching building.I hope everyone is safe and health.


As winter comes,there isare much rain and snow in many parts of our country including our city.It is sotoo cold that an increasing number of students catch a cold.Even worse,some students fell down and hurt themselvesthem because ∧of the icy roads.So we should protect ourselves from cold weather and there are many things that/whichwhat are of help.First,we should put onup more clothes when going outside.Then to remember not to run or walk too fast on slippery roads.Luckily,some measures have been takentaking to prevent us from falling down.For example,some mats have been placed on the stepsstep of the teaching building.I hope everyone is safe and healthyhealth.










Dear Peter,

I am writing to ask whether you are able to do me a favor.



I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Li Hua


Dear Peter,

I’m writing to ask whether you are able to do me a favor.

I want to have a pen friend,hopefully a girl in her early twenties,and with interests similar to mine.In my mind,she is someone who is interested in traveling,swimming,and playing table tennis.Besides,it would be better for her to have a pet dog as I have kept one at home for some time.With such a pen friend,I think I can share with her our traveling experiences,taking care of pets,or whatever we have in common.And I believe I will improve my English by doing so and learn more about her country.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Li Hua




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