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1.likely adj.有可能的;adv.可能

2.focus vi.集中注意

3.reality n.真实,现实→real adj.真的;真实的→really adv.真实地;确实

4.affect vt.影响

5.growth n.增长;生长→grow v.增长,生长;种植

6. attack n.&vt.攻击,进攻→attacker n.攻击者

7. disappear vi.消失→disappearance n.消失

8.harm vt.&n.伤害,损害→harmful adj.有害的→harmless(反) adj.无害的

9.scientific adj.科学的→science n.科学→scientist n.科学家

10.project n.课题;方案;工程

11. suggestion n.建议,提议→suggest vt.建议,提议

12.arrangement n.安排,布置→arrange vt.安排,布置

13.title n.标题,题目;头衔;称号

14.view n.景色,风景;观点,看法



15.concept n.概念

16.chart n.表格,图表

17.rapidly adv.快,迅速地→rapid adj.迅速的;飞快的

18.crime n.犯罪;罪行→criminal n.罪犯;adj.犯罪的

19.crash vt.(汽车、飞机等)撞毁;坠毁

20.optimistic adj.乐观的→pessimistic(反)adj.悲观的;厌世的→optimism n.乐观;乐观主义

21.entertainment n.娱乐;款待→entertain vt.款待,招待;使娱乐

22.obvious adj.明显的,显而易见的→obviously adv.显而易见地

23.fancy vt.想要做;幻想;adj.太花哨的;精致的;奢华的

24.reject vt.拒绝,不接受→rejection n.拒绝

25.destination n.目的地

26.historical adj.历史的,有关历史的

27.millionaire n.百万富翁

28.tourism n.观光,游览→tourist n.旅行者,观光者→tour n.旅游,旅行

29.guide n.指南;导游,向导→guidance n.指导;引导;领导

30.locate vt.坐落于;位于;找出……的位置→location n.地点;位置

31.settle vi.定居→settlement n.(新)定居地→settler n.移民者

32.average adj.平均的;n.平均数

33.regular adj.定期的;规则的→regularly adv.定期地;规则地

34.officially adv.正式地;官方地→official adj.正式的;官方的

35.scenery n.风景,景色

36.attractive adj.吸引人的,有魅力的→attraction n.吸引力;具有吸引力的事物或人→attract  vt.吸引


语境活用 [用所给词的正确形式填空]

1.Some viewers began to turn away from cinemas,leading to a slower growth(grow).

2.In the north of India,the population is booming due to high birth rates,but in the south,birth rate is falling rapidly(rapid).

3.Her popular 1962 book Silent Spring raised awareness of the dangers of pollution and the harmful(harm) effects of chemicals on humans.(2016·全国Ⅰ)

4.What attracted him most was the attractive park.But he planned to visit another attraction in this area first.(attract)

5.We all know that some things are obviously(obvious) right.

6.Smartphones make it easier and more convenient to check reality(real),watch video clips,and read weibo.

7.The quality of life has improved and watching films is regarded as a good means of entertainment(entertain).(2017·江苏)

8.They provide an environment where you can practice under the guidance(guide) of someone who’s good at the language.

9.The title will be officially(official) given to me at a ceremony in London.(2016·全国Ⅰ)

10.My fund­raising focus also gave me new motivation to exercise regularly(regular).(2017·天津)

11.I’ll make arrangements(arrange) for you to be met at the airport.

12.The chief engineer together with his colleagues has been looking for new scientific(science) methods of farming since five years ago.


1.write down写下;记下

2.make up构成,组成;编造

3.come true(愿望、梦想等)实现

4.take action采取行动

5.have problems with在……方面有困难

6.get in touch取得联系

7.hang on(电话用语)别挂断,稍等

8.be up to做,从事于

9.in the flesh本人亲身

10.as well as也,又

11.be known as作为……而著称;被认为是

12.carry out执行,实行;贯彻;实现,完成

13.consist of由……组成

14.cut off切掉,切断






1. Where did the man find the wallet?

A. In the grass.   B. At the parking lot.   C. In the laboratory.

2. What does the woman mean?

A. She has to attend a meeting in the morning.

B. She doesn’t mind going sightseeing by bus.

C. She hates to take the underground.

3. What is the relationship between Jim and Bob?

A. Classmates.    B. Close friends.    C. Twin brothers.

4. What is the man’s purpose in meeting the woman?

   A. To apply for a job.   B. To try to please her.  C. To find out her position.

5. What are the speakers mainly talking about?

   A. New dictionaries.  B. Forms of language.    C. The development of language.




6. Who is the woman probably?

  A. Bob’s girlfriend.  B. The man’s friend.   C. Laura’s sister.

7. When would the man go to the woman’s house?

  A. In 15 minutes.   B. In 30 minutes.   C. In 45 minutes.


8. How much is the telephone bill?

  A. Over 10 pounds.   B. About 7 pounds.   C. About 3 pounds.

9. Why did Jack make so many telephone calls to London?

  A. His uncle was in London.

  B. Anne was in London.

  C. His grandfather was in London.

10. What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

  A. Father and daughter.   B. Brother and sister.   C. Couple.


11. How many kinds of trees grow in one square kilometer according to the man?

  A. About1,500.    B. About715.   C. About 750.

12. What does the woman do?

A. An announcer.     B. A student.     C. A scientist.

13. What can we learn from the conversation?

   A. People can’t see any of the trees in other places.

   B. The speakers hear many kinds of birds singing.

   C. The man is an insect researcher.


14. What is the woman’s name?

   A. Sharon.    B. Susan.     C. Sherry.

15. In what field was the woman majoring(专修)?

   A. Engineering.   B. Computer science.   C. Education.

16. What can we know about the man?

   A. He has never met the woman before.

   B. His present major is accounting.

   C. He wants to invite the woman to see a movie.


17. What is the speaker talking about?

   A. The importance if making appointments.

   B. The best time of making a schedule.

   C. The advantages of making a schedule.

18. What does a master schedule tell us?

   A. All the fun things we can do.

   B. How much time we really have.

   C. How long our study time will be.

19. Where can we find our free time?

   A. In a weekly schedule.   B. In a daily schedule.   C. In a long-term schedule.

20. How can we use our daily schedule?

   A. To do some important things  

B. To achieve short-term goals.  

C. To plan the time well.



Located in the northwest of Hunan Province, about 300 kilometers away from Changsha, capital of Hunan, Zhangjiajie,   61    covers a total area of 9,563 square kilometers, is a tourist city for its unique natural scenery and abundant tourism resources. Zhangjiajie   62   (award) the title of “World Geological Park” in 2004.   63    (actual), Zhangjiajie, honored as “the most fantastic mountain under heaven” and “a walking Chinese landscape painting”, is also widely praised as “  64    enlarged potted landscaping” “a mini fairyland” and “a maze (迷宫) of nature”, attracting a growing number of tourists   65    home and abroad. 

Since it was discovered in the 1980s, tourism industry   66    (become) the leading industry in Zhangjiajie, which has stimulated the development of other industries   67    (relate) to tourism. At the same time, eco-tourism has been developed rapidly in Zhangjiajie. When you come to Zhangjiajie, you can fully appreciate   68     (it) magnificent natural scenery and experience appealing folk custom as well as other thrilling tourist   69    (activity), and you will be deeply impressed by   70    is performed by the minorities there. 

It must be an exciting, joyful and unforgettable tour to Zhangjiajie.

第一节  短文改错(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)

Dear sir,

I’m terrible sorry to make you disappointing for not having finished my homework in time.

In fact, I had something else to do, that made me have no time for my homework.My father was badly injured in a car accident yesterday. Hearing the news, I hurried the hospital after school. I had a busy night, but I didn't do my homework.

As what you know, I am an ordinary student in class and eager to improve your English. I                                                       find I have great difficult concentrating on my study. Would you please give me some advices ?                                          

Besides, I wish you could give me more chances to practise my English in class.

I’m looking forward to hear from you early.

Yours sincerely,

                                                                Zhang Sha





第三部分 语法填空(共10小题,每小题1.5分,满分15分)

   I was in the __61__ (nine) year when I began to suffer from depression. My parents noticed it but felt that since I’d always been a good child, this was temporary.

   Unfortunately, it was not to be so. I didn’t have friends. Hardly could I share my problems. Deep worry began to destroy my __62__ (confident). Finally I refused to attend classes, __63__ (shut) myself in my room for hours.

   The examination was approaching, but I didn’t care at all. My parents and teachers were surprised __64__ my bad performance. One morning, after a particularly severe lectures from my father, I went to school and stood at the school gate, __65__ (depress). Then as the other students marched to their classrooms, our headmaster called me. The next 45 minutes was one of the __66__ (precious) moments in my life. She said she had noticed a big change in me and wondered why. At first she took my hands in __67__ (she) and listened patiently as I mentioned my worries. Then she __68__ (hug) me as I wept. Months of frustration and loneliness disappeared in her motherly hug.

   No one had tried to understand __69__ the real problem was except the headmaster, who helped me out __70__ (simple) by listening and hug.



Last winter vacation, some of my classmates decide to travel with their friends, while I chose to take par-time job to gain experience and earn some money. I learned from my teacher that a nearby company was looking after students with good handwriting to write addresses on envelope. The pay is 10 cent per envelope. I headed for the company, feeling sure I would easy finish 300 envelopes in five hours and to earn the money. Actually, I only finished 200. Now, I fully understand how hard is to earn money. Get out of the classroom is indeed necessary for we all.





When I look at this picture of myself,young and true,I realize how fast time flies.I 25.         (grow) not only physically,but also mentally in the past few years.

I still remember that about one month after this photo 26.        (take),I entered my second year of high school and became 27.       new member of the school music club.Around me in the picture are the things

 28.      were very important in my life.I 29        (enjoy) studying different kinds of cars and planes,playing pop music,and 30      (collect) the latest music albums at that time.This picture often brings back to me many happy 31.       (memory) of my high school days.

If I 32.      (get) one more chance to be 15­year­old,I would make full use of the school time 33.       (enrich) my knowledge.However,it couldn’t happen! Therefore,I do want you,young readers,to take advantage 34.       your present time.








A big storm destroyed two villages in South Africa on last Friday,causing 4 death.Over 200 people became homeless as a result of the storm.A farmer said the storm began early in the morning and last one hour.He said,“I was in the kitchen with my wife and children while we heard a loud noise.A few minutes late,our house fell down.I managed to climb out,but much to my shocking,one of my boys were missing.I quickly went back inside and found them safe but frightened.” Soldiers came to rescue those burying under the ruins,and the government provided food,clothes,and shelters for homeless.












[考题示例]         (2017·全国卷Ⅲ阅读C)

[1]After years of heated debate, gray wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park. Fourteen wolves were caught in Canada and transported to the park. By last year, the Yellowstone wolf population had grown to more than 170 wolves.

[2]Gray wolves once were seen here and there in the Yellowstone area and much of the continental United States, but they were gradually displaced by human development. By the 1920s, wolves had practically disappeared from the Yellowstone area. They went farther north into the deep forests of Canada, where there were fewer humans around.

[3]The disappearance of the wolves had many unexpected results. Deer and elk populations — major food sources (来源) for the wolf — grew rapidly. These animals consumed large amounts of vegetation (植被), which reduced plant diversity in the park. In the absence of wolves, coyote populations also grew quickly. The coyotes killed a large percentage of the park's red foxes, and completely drove away the park's beavers.

[4]As early as 1966, biologists asked the government to consider reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone Park.They hoped that wolves would be able to control the elk and coyote problems.Many farmers opposed the plan because they feared that wolves would kill their farm animals or pets.

[5]The government spent nearly 30 years coming up with a plan to reintroduce the wolves. The U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service carefully monitors and manages the wolf packs in Yellowstone.Today, the debate continues over how well the gray wolf is fitting in at Yellowstone.Elk, deer, and coyote populations are down, while beavers and red foxes have made a comeback.The Yellowstone wolf project has been a valuable experiment to help biologists decide whether to reintroduce wolves to other parts of the country as well.

28.What is the text mainly about?

A.Wildlife research in the United States.

B.Plant diversity in the Yellowstone area.

C.The conflict between farmers and gray wolves.

D.The reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone Park.

29.What does the underlined word “displaced” in paragraph 2 mean?

A.Tested     . B.Separated.    C.Forced out.     D.Tracked down.

30.What did the disappearance of gray wolves bring about?

A.Damage to local ecology.

B.A decline in the park's income.

C.Preservation of vegetation.

D.An increase in the variety of animals.

31.What is the author's attitude towards the Yellowstone wolf project?

A.Doubtful. B.Positive.

C.Disapproving. D.Uncaring.

第二节 (共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)



Getting out into the great outdoors is an even better idea than you think.__1__ It also creates some wonderful summer memories for your family.Need more convincing evidence?There are some benefits of camping as a family,including how it's great for your health.

It's good exercise.Let's not forget the most obvious benefit of camping. __2__ Even if you're taking a fishing trip,you're burning more calories than you'll burn sitting indoors.And if you hike or bike,you're performing cardiovascular(心血管的)exercise that will help keep your heart and lungs healthy.

__3__ You've probably tried unplugging the TV at home,but short of throwing it out of the window,because kids are going to watch more than we want them to.Out in the wild,there is no television.You'll watch nature together,go exploring,and have that one­on­one attention you need as a family.

It is a good way to truly connect with nature.Too often we take nature for granted.In fact,spending a few days in nature with the family will teach your kids thins they may have never known before.__4__ However,in the wild they will learn how to build a fire,catch fish,see animal habitats,and all the natural architecture nature offers.

You have no stress after the camping.Vacations can be stressful.Sometimes when you get home from vacations,you need another rest for your last vacation.__5__ You'll get home feeling energetic.It's even better than a cup of coffee.

A.You can stay away from TV.

B.They may know how to work an iPad.

C.You'll meet new challenges each time.

D.Sure,it saves some money if you stays in a camper.

E.You're spending a lot of time performing physical activities.

F.Many campers report better sleep cycles when they return from a trip

G.But once you settle into camping with your family,the stress of every day will disappear.




















On the night of October 16th,coming up at ten o'clock, my mother prepared what would be my father's last meal.That week he worked __1__ shifts.He started at midnight.

Just after 2 am,the group went for coffee.There was a __2__ that always had to be operated and he said,“It's okay.You guys all __3__ and I'll work it.”

The machine would __4__ quickly,occasionally,for one moment Dad made a __5__—he didn't pay attention, and his head was stuck in the machine.In panic,the workers __6__ back and cut the base of the machine and transported it with him in the ambulance.

Mother was __7__ that there was an accident and to meet at the __8__.My oldest brother Ken,then sixteen, __9__mother there,and my other brother Bob,then fourteen,stayed with me at home.Father died on the road.

When we were overcome with the __10__,a spokesperson for the hospital __11__ my mother if they could take one of my father's eyes—they had a person __12__ it.My mother replied,“Yes!”

Years later,in the late summer,I was at the Woodlawn Cemetery where my father's body rests.As I finished __13__ and stood,a man from behind me said,“How are you now,Frank?”

Knowing only the __14__,and his friends and co­workers called him “Frank”,I __15__ thought that this man must have __16__ him.As I turned to face him,I replied,“He's my father.”

This man,Frank Bazylak,as I would learn later,replied, “I __17__ with your father for a short time,just over a year,but he made an impact on my life.He was so powerful,so __18__ and so giving.You know,he wasn't meant to be there that day.But that was Frank.”

Almost four decades later and from a __19__,there in the cemetery.I'd heard __20__ stories about my father.

1.A.morning    B.Noon         C.night         D.afternoon

2.A.duty       B.Job           C.truck         D.machine

3.A.stay        B.Go           C.hide         D.watch

4.A.move       B.Break        C.change       D.fly

5.A.decision     B.Difference    C.life          D.mistake

6.A.walked      B.Rushed       C.looked       D.turned

7.A.warned      B.Minded       C.informed     D.threatened

8.A.factory      B.Office        C.hospital      D.workplace

9.A.comforted    B.Urged        C.calmed      D.drove

10.A.sorrow      B.Incident      C.trouble      D.treatment

11.A.suggested    B.Asked       C.puzzled      D.embarrassed

12.A.caring about  B.suffering from C.turning to    D.waiting for

13.A.blessing     B.Missing      C.praying      D.chatting

14.A.family      B.Doctors       C.company     D.policemen

15.A.slowly      B.Quickly       C.nervously    D.carefully

16.A.respected    B.Loved        C.recognized   D.known

17.A.discussed    B.Quarreled     C.worked      D.agreed

18.A.clever      B.Considerate    C.modest      D.strict

19.A.stranger     B.Friend        C.colleague    D.brother

20.A.wonderful   B.Cheerful      C.sad         D.false






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