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高二unit8 adventure



1.major adj.较重要的;较严重的;n.专业→majority n.大多数,多半

2. differ vi.不同于,有区别→difference n.不同之处→different adj.不同的

3. anxious adj.忧虑的,担心的→anxiously adv.忧虑地,焦虑地→anxiety n.焦虑,不安

4.exactly adv.确切地,精确地→exact adj.确切的,精确的

5.excitement n.兴奋,激动→excited adj.感到激动的,兴奋的→exciting adj.令人兴奋的

6.various adj.各种各样的,不同的→variety n.多样,种类→vary vi.变化

7. amaze vt.使惊愕(惊奇)→amazed adj.惊愕的,吃惊的→amazing adj.令人惊异的→amazement n.吃惊,惊愕

8.wealthy adj.富有的,富裕的→wealth n.富有;财富

9.goal n.目的;目标

10.hopeless adj.没有希望的

11.distant adj.远处的;久远的→distance n.远处;久远;距离

12.function vi.运转;发挥作用

13. patience n.耐心;忍耐力→patient adj.耐心的;n.病人→patiently adv.耐心地

14.observe vt.观察,观测→observation n.观察

15.disadvantage n.不利,不利条件→advantage(反) n.有利条件,长处

16.limit n.边界;限度→limited adj.有限的



17.adventure n.奇遇,冒险的经历

18.tiring adj.令人疲劳的→tired adj.疲倦的,厌倦的→tire vt.使疲倦;使疲劳

19.extra adj.特别的;额外的

20.optional adj.可选择的,非强制的

21.organisation n.团体,组织,机构→organise/organize vt.组织;筹备;安排;管理

22.uncomfortable adj.不舒服的,不自在的→comfortable(反) adj.舒服的→comfort n.& vt.安慰

23.accommodation n.住所,住处→accommodate vt.容纳

24.maximum adj.最大的,最多的

25.extreme adj.极度的,极端的→extremely adv.非常,极其;极端地

26.similarity n.相似性,类似性→similar adj.相似的→similarly adv.类似地

27.risk vt.冒……的危险

28.equipment n.设备,配备→equip vt.装备,配备

29.dull adj.枯燥无味的;暗淡的;迟钝的

30.preference n.较喜欢的东西,偏爱→prefer v.更喜欢

31.goods n.商品,物品

32.confuse vt.使困惑→confused adj.感到困惑的→confusing adj.令人迷惑的

33.dictation n.口述;听写

34.statement n.陈述→state vt.陈述,表达

35.quantity n.量,数量

36.preparation n.准备,预备→prepare vt.准备;预备→prepared adj.准备好的

37.shock n.& vt.震惊,惊骇

38.ambition n.志向,抱负

39.cheerful adj.愉快的,高兴的

40.transport n.& vt.运输,运送


语境活用 [用所给词的正确形式填空]

1.Because of the confusion(confuse),Merat thinks some car makers will wait until vehicles can be fully automated without human operation.(2017·天津)

2.As far as I know,the language ability is extremely(extreme) important,which helps you communicate with others.

3.That’s exactly(exact) what is happening in small neighborhoods around the country.(2017·北京)

4.Wealth made him live a comfortable(comfort) life.

5.We won’t start the work until all the preparations(prepare) have been made.

6.However wealthy(wealth) we may be,we can never find enough hours in the day to do everything we want.

7.I work with Volunteers for Wildlife,a rescue and education organisation(organise) at Bailey Arboretum in Locust Valley.(2017·全国Ⅰ)

8.She gave me a comforting smile,and nodded while listening patiently(patient).(2016·全国Ⅱ)

9.The mother was filled with anxiety(anxious) about her daughter’s health.

10.Make sure that as you go from interview to interview,you are getting a variety(various) of answers.(2017·浙江)

11.The audience was impressed by his amazing(amaze) performance.

12.A computer analysis blindly compared calls produced by mothers and chicks,ranking them by similarity(similar).



第一节 (共5小题,每小题1.5分,满分7.5分)


1. Which language does the man want to learn?

A. French, German, or Russian   

 B. French, German, or Spanish

B. French, German, or English

2. What did the man do just now?

A. He cooked eggs and chicken.

B. He did some shopping.

C. He withdrew(取出) some money

3. Who is the woman probably?

A. Mr Robertson’s secretary     B. Mrs Robertson             C. A hotel clerk

4. How did the woman come to school?

A. By bike                  B. On foot                  C. By bus

5. What does the man advise the woman to do?

A. Have a talk with Mike later.

B. Prepare for her job interview.

C. Help Mike with his job interview.




6.What does the woman want the man to do?

 A. To help her choose a dress.       B. To go to Jenny’s birthday party with her.

C. To lend her his membership card.

7.Why does the man go downtown?

A. To buy some books for ann.        B. To go the City Library.

C. To buy a dress for ann.


8.How long did the woman sleep last night?

  A.For about two hours.               B. For about four hours.

  C. For about six hours.

9. What day is it today?

  A. Wednesday        B. Thursday            C. Friday


10. Who’s Mary?

  A. The woman’s mother       B. The woman’s aunt       C. The woman’s sister

11. What did Mary do in 1984?

A. She competed in the Olympics and won.          B. She retired from Swimming.

C. She worked at a bank.

12. When did Susan O’Neil break Mary’s world record?

   A. In 1984.           B. In 11988.               C. In 2000.


13. What is the woman doing?

   A. Watching TV.       B. Reading a newspaper.      C. Surfing the Internet.

14. Why did the mother name her newborn baby “Enough”?

   A. She didn’t want any more children.         

B. She thought  it was really an interesting name.

C. She thought there were too many people on earth.

15. When did the world’s population reach three billion?

   A. In 1959.             B. In 1969.                  C. In 1979.

16. What was the world’s population in 1987?

   A. 4 billion.             B. 5 billion.                  C. 6billion.


17. What does the speaker want to tell people?

   A. How to live a healthy life.             B. How to make big changes.

   C. How to make a healthy weight.

18. How does the speaker advise people to get active?

A. By walking, running and so on.       B. By holding some social activities.

C. By making as many friends as possible.

19.What does the speaker suggest people doing in the third tip?

   A. Watch TV with family once a week.      B. Do some physical activities with family.

   C. Have dinner with family once a week.

20.What are people advised to do in the end?

   A. To avoid staying at home alone.         B. do some regular work.

  C. To have a clean environment.

一、听力 1——20  ABCBA   CABAB   ACBCA   BAABC






第二节  (共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)


阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。


  I’m now a good student in my class. But you don’t know that when I ___61_____(start) senior English in the beginning, I found it difficult and quite ______62___(differ) from what I had learned in junior school. Now I still remember a teacher who taught me at that time. ___63____ teacher is a good teacher because she always tried to be the one  ____64___ classes were made active and lively with some stories and examples.___65____ the help of the teacher, I realized  the ___66____(important) of English, so I decided to learn English well. My teacher suggested that we____67____(read) more if we wanted to improve our English, ____68___every day I would do some reading. She also told us lessons in class could help us deal with exams, but even more valuable were the lessons ___69___(learn) in extra-curricular activities in school. I like my English teacher very much.

   Now I have made ___70___great progress in my English study that I am more interested in learning it than before.



61.started        62.different      63.the        64.whose       65. With

66. importance    67.(should) read  68.so        69. learned      70. Such



第三部分  写作(共两节,满分35分)


第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题l分,满分10分)






注意:1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;

2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。




One rainy day while I was walking home with one of my friend, a truck came to a stop besides us. The driver put the window down and offered us a umbrella because he found we were wet through. I stood there and couldn’t believe in that a complete stranger is so thoughtful. The man insisted, so I grateful accepted the offer, thanked him and watched the truck disappear down the road. This man might need the umbrella himself, and he preferred to give them to someone else. It was a lesson to us that it was possible give without expect anything in return.



One rainy day while I was walking home with one of my friend, a truck came to a


stop besides us. The driver put the window down and offered us a umbrella because

    beside                                          an

he found we were wet through. I stood there and couldn’t believe in that a complete


stranger is so thoughtful. The man insisted, so I grateful accepted the offer, thanked

      was                             gratefully

him and watched the truck disappear down the road. This man might need the


umbrella himself, and he preferred to give them to someone else. It was a lesson to us

               but                  it

that it was possible give without expect anything in return.

∧to        expecting



Part 1 二卷组合规范练 (建议用时45′)


One evening,an elderly lady 1.            (drive) past a small town when one of her tires suddenly blew out.Even though all she had was only a flat tire,it was 2.            bad situation for a woman of her age.She was very 3.            (annoy),especially with the weather 4.            (get) colder and colder.At that moment,a man stopped his  car in front  of hers  and  asked 5.            she needed help.The old lady became even more nervous because the man looked poor and 6.            (hunger).However,since no one else had stopped to help her during the past hours,she stood back and let him help her.After the man finished changing the tire,the lady was willing  7.            (pay) him any amount of money.To her surprise,the man replied that he just wanted to help her,just 8.            others had helped him in the past.He didn't want the lady to pay him back anything.Instead,he just wanted her to help others 9.            need as well.Later that evening,the lady helped a heavily pregnant woman. 10.            never occurred to her that the woman was the poor man's wife.

【语篇解读】 一位老太太的轮胎坏了,自己又换不上,一个陌生人帮了她的忙。这位老太太很感动,也像他一样去帮助别人。当天她就帮助一个孕妇,结果是那个人的妻子。

1.解析:was driving。考查时态。本句用了...be doing ...when结构,表示“某事正在进行的过程中突然发生了另一件事”,故填was driving。






7.解析:to pay。考查非谓语动词。be willing to do sth.意为“愿意做某事”。

8.解析:as/like。考查连词。just as/like引导方式状语从句,意为“就像……一样地”。

9.解析:in。考查介词。in need意为“在困境中”。

10.解析:It。考查it的用法。本句使用了It occurred to sb.that句型,意为“某人想到……”。that引导的是真正的主语,故填it作形式主语。


One  morning  Mrs  Jenkins  went  to department store to buy a coat.There was not shop assistant in the store before she got there.She had to wait.Then a fat lady came.She went to Mrs Jenkins and asked her to serve for her.She told Mrs Jenkins that she wanted to buy a coat.Mrs Jenkins said that she couldn't do.The fat lady got angrily.She didn't let Mrs Jenkins explain anything but insisted that Mrs Jenkins would do that right away because it was her job.At last Mrs Jenkins has to tell her that she was a customer herself and wanted to buy a coat,too.


One  morning  Mrs  Jenkins  went  to  department store to buy a coat.There was nonot/ shop assistant in the store whenbefore she got there.She had to wait.Then a fat lady came .She went to Mrs Jenkins and asked her to serve   her.She told Mrs Jenkins that she wanted to buy a coat.Mrs Jenkins said that she couldn't do .The fat lady got angryangrily.She didn't let Mrs Jenkins explain anything andbut insisted that Mrs Jenkins  do that right away because it was her job.At last Mrs Jenkins hadhas to tell her that she was a customer herself and wanted to buy a coat,too.









Dear Louis,

I am very sorry to hear that you are ill and in hospital.









Li Hua

One possible version:

Dear Louis,

I am very sorry to hear that you are ill and in hospital.How have you been?Are you getting much better now?

Please don't worry about your illness.What you have to do now,I think,is to have a good rest and follow the doctor's advice.Right at the moment,we are learning some new lessons,which aren't very difficult,so you don't have to be uneasy about your study.When you get back,our classmates and I are all willing to help you to make up the missing lessons at the weekend.Our headteacher together with our class is going to the hospital to see you tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you will recover soon.Best regards.


Li Hua

Part 2 阅读理解提速练 (建议用时35′)



Fruit powered digital clock

Fruit's not only good to eat,but it can also power this fruit digital clock.This clock uses the scientific principles on which modern electrical storage batteries are based.The acid from the fruit helps transmit an electrical flow between two metal poles.The clock is priced at US $15.Connecting any  fresh fruit or vegetable to the clock will make it work.The  fruit is a clean,renewable source of electrical power.

USB vacuum

Do you know the dirtiest parts of your desk are probably your keyboard and mouse? Get a USB Mini Vacuum with retractable (可伸缩的) cable and suck away all that junk.The US­made product is priced at US $14.

SIM card reader

Making useful USB 2.0 multi­card readers even handier,this card can also read and write data to phone SIM cards.It comes with SIM editing software.Download your phonebook to your computer.If you lose your cellphone,you can store missing phone numbers in your new one.The US­made IMO­MOS SIM card+Multi Card Reader is priced at US $19 (114 yuan).

Beer in your ear

The beer barrel (桶)­shaped Naf Naf Hyp MP3 is a musical box that's capable of playing radio,CDs and cassettes.It's got all the standard features of the typical clock­radio,but with the relaxing look of a big beer barrel.The Danish product is priced at about US $130 (780 yuan).

1.If you have 86 yuan,which product can you buy according to the passage?

A.Naf Naf Hyp MP3.   B.SIM card reader.

C.USB vacuum.   D.Fruit powered digital clock.

2.What does the underlined word “junk” mean in the second item?

A.Keyboard.   B.Dirt.

C.Desk.   D.Mouse.

3.The passage is mostly likely a(n)        .

A.advertisement for new products

B.science report on new high­technology

C.entertainment information

D.introduction of some kinds of musical boxes

4.SIM card reader can be used to        .

A.edit all the data in your computer

B.remove data in phone SIM cards specially

C.transfer any file between a computer and a cellphone

D.help restore your phone book in a new cellphone

【语篇解读】 本文是一篇应用文。文章主要介绍了四款新开发的电子产品的功能与价格。

1.解析:选C。数字计算题。根据第三则广告“SIM card reader”中“US $19(114 yuan)”可知,一美元可兑换6元人民币。86元人民币大约相当于14美元。由此结合文章所提供的四款商品的价格可知,86元人民币可以买到USB vacuum(US $14)。故选C项。

2.解析:选B。词义猜测题。根据第二则广告“USB vacuum”的功能介绍可知,这是一款用来清理键盘和鼠标的USB吸尘器。由此可知,画线词“junk”应指键盘和鼠标上的灰尘。故选B项。


4.解析:选D。细节理解题。根据第三则广告“SIM card reader”的功能介绍中倒数第二、三句可知,通过这款读卡器,你可将电话簿存到电脑里。如果你的手机丢失了,你可以将电话号码转存到新手机上。由此可知D项正确。


On my table sits a photograph of a young man with thick black hair and eyes dark with the depth of understanding.It is Andy,who never hurt people.If he was angry,you knew it.If he was sad,he showed it.However,being the middle son,Andy always seemed to play the role of the mediator (调解员).The way he behaved could make people calmer and there was something mature about his judgment.

He was an activist all of his life.At age 15,he traveled to Washington,D.C.,to take part in a Youth March for Integrated (综合的) Schools.At 17,he journeyed to West Virginia by bus to examine the poverty (贫困) of Appalachia.At 19,he worked at a camp for children who lacked money and education.Then,in the spring of 1964,at age 20,he said,“Mom,I'd like to go to Mississippi.”

The Mississippi Summer Project was to flood the state with hundreds of northern college students.The volunteers would form “freedom schools” to teach African­Americans about their voting rights.It was called “one of the most ambitious civil rights projects yet.”

The violence against blacks had never stopped.In the previous seven decades,nearly 600 known killings had taken place in the state.But the reasons why part of me wanted Andy to stay were the same reasons he wanted to go.Only five percent of  Mississippi's half­million African­Americans were registered to vote in 1960.I had fought for what I believed in all my life.I found a husband who had done the same.How could I say no to Andy?

As Andy was preparing to leave,I threw some  bandages into his bag.I thought he might get pushed  around.Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd  never see him again.

There are 40 names written on the Civil Rights  Memorial in Montgomery,Alabama.Of the 40 victims,19 were killed in Mississippi.One of them is my son.I allowed him to go to Mississippi because that is who he was.And it is who I was,too.

5.The first paragraph is mainly about Andy's        .

A.appearance       B.behavior

C.character   D.background

6.We know from the text that the Mississippi Summer Project        .

A.aimed to help educate African­Americans

B.fought for African­Americans' voting rights

C.attracted college students from all over the country

D.tried to protect African­Americans from being killed

7.The underlined words “the reasons” in Paragraph 4 probably refer to        .

A.the whole family had a spirit of adventure

B.blacks were in a disadvantageous position

C.it was the most dangerous civil rights project

D.Andy may become a hero at the cost of his life

8.How did the author feel about allowing Andy to go to Mississippi?

A.Guilty but proud.

B.Ashamed but calm.

C.Regretful but satisfied.

D.Painful but sympathetic.

【语篇解读】 本文是记叙文。热心的青年Andy一生乐于助人,在民权运动中不幸丧生,他的母亲为他感到骄傲和难过。

5.解析:选C。段落大意题。第一段中的understanding ...never hurt people.If he was angry,you knew it.If he was sad,he showed it ...play the role of the mediator ...make people calmer ...mature说明Andy善解人意、温柔待人、直率坦诚、成熟稳重、善于调解矛盾,因此第一段主要描述的是Andy的性格。

6.解析:选B。细节理解题。根据第三段中的The volunteers would form“freedom schools”to teach African­Americans about their voting rights.可知,这些志愿者将组织“自由学校”,教给非裔美国人争取投票选举的权力。故选B。

7.解析:选B。推理判断题。根据第四段中的The violence against blacks ...nearly 600 known killings had taken place in the state.及Only five percent of Mississippi's half­million African­Americans were registered to vote in 1960.可知,在20世纪60年代,美国的黑人备受歧视、处境危险,正因为这样,Andy的妈妈希望Andy能为改善他们的处境作出贡献,但同时又怕Andy受到伤害,不太希望他去。

8.解析:选A。推理判断题。根据最后一段的I allowed him to go to Mississippi because that is who he was.可以看出,Andy的妈妈为Andy感到骄傲,但同时作为母亲,因为她的支持和允许导致儿子的牺牲,她自然也会感到难过、内疚。


With Team GB's recent cycling success and that of Team Scotland at this year's Commonwealth Games,cycling in Scotland has seen an amazing rise in interest at all levels.After the interest in cycling as a sport,there has been a huge increase in cycling for recreation(娱乐) and transport.

This increased interest has meant a higher standard of facilities being built.The Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome not only provides excellent facilities for our athletes,but also hosts community sessions,allowing cyclists of all levels to get involved in a safe and world­class environment.

Here at Scottish Cycling,we have had a 142 percent increase in membership since 2009.The team here at Scottish Cycling provides leadership for anyone interested in cycling.We provide a pathway for cyclists of all levels to progress towards their goals by making the best use of the opportunities available.We want to help develop cycling among young people and our ScottishPower National Youth Racing Series offers an age­appropriate flavor of competitive racing.ScottishPower's sponsorship,now into its second year,has provided the platform to really lift the standard of youth racing in Scotland.

The higher the quality of the races,the more kids want to be part of it.It's a snowball effect which leads to more kids getting involved in cycling.It means that local club membership goes up,and the clubs become more of a social center,in turn attracting more kids.It's a positive cycle of events.

It's also about health and well­being—helping kids get active and happy.Getting into a routine for recreation makes it sustainable—if you have an event to work towards,it motivates you and helps you stick to your goals,regardless of your age.

With Scottish Cycling's continued advocacy of the sport,we will continue to see an increase in cycling throughout the country.It's an exciting time.

9.We can learn from Paragraph 3 that ScottishPower        .

A.has existed for two years

B.provides free training for cyclists

C.is the sponsor of Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome

D.contributes much to the popularity of cycling

10.The underlined word “sustainable” in Paragraph 5 most probably means        .

A.it's easy to be changed

B.it's likely to be ignored

C.it's easy to get into trouble

D.it's able to continue for a long time

11.What is the author's attitude towards cycling in Scotland?

A.Critical.        B.Reserved.

C.Optimistic.   D.Objective.

12.Which of the following might be the best title for the passage?

A.Cycling Starts Chain Reaction among Young People

B.Team GB's Cycling Success Makes Contributions

C.Scottish Cycling: the Best Choice for Cyclists

D.A Great Increase of Interest in Sports

【语篇解读】 苏格兰掀起了一股骑自行车的热潮。文章分析了骑自行车的益处,并大力倡导,人们尤其是年轻人争相参加这一运动。






How to relax your mind

Nowadays,people everywhere seem to find less and less time available to them,and more and more things to achieve.It's quite common to find people running around like a headless chicken meeting deadlines that they create.One doesn't have to live this way,in stress and struggles.1.            .

Breathing—I can't stress enough the importance of learning how  to breathe  properly,not only when  you're stressed,but at all times that you can.Learning how to breathe properly at all times is essential.You should try to deepen and lengthen your breath to lower the stress level and promote relaxation.2.            

Relaxing—We often think that just going to the gym and working out is the right way to go to relax ourselves.3.            A good hard workout is good from time to time,but you are still running at full steam ahead and not giving yourself time to relax.So lighting some fragrant candles,taking a slow hot bath or a shower,or meditating for even 10 minutes will do wonders to help you relax your mind and get out of the stress zone.

Let it all out—4.            So calling or meeting up with a person who can listen and empathize with us is often a great way to relax.It's important that we don't go into victim mode and get too negative.When we let out our frustrations,it should be  done  in  a  positive  manner,and  with  light­heartedness,even joking about the stress we're under.

5.            —Probably one of the most difficult skills at first to master,but in the end one of the most rewarding to learn in our fast­paced society is the attitude of gratitude.We can do some gratitude list making right on the spot to get out of our heads and away from all that we wish we had but don't,and to be thankful for all that we do have.I swear learning how to do this will relax you in a way that will change your life for the better.

Hopefully this article helped you to find an answer to your question about how to relax your mind from stress.Try these techniques and let us know what works best for you.

A.Be thankful to your friends

B.Be grateful for what you have

C.But this pace doesn't do much for our mind or stress levels.

D.You can either lie down on the floor or sit comfortably to relax yourself.

E.In this article we will present a few tips on how to relax your mind from stress.

F.In addition,deeper breathes help to get rid of harmful substances in your lungs.

G.Sometimes we need to just let out our frustrations and worries to a close friend.

【语篇解读】 本文是一篇说明文,介绍了几种减压的方法。





5.解析:选B。根据下文的“the attitude of gratitude”可知,我们要学会感激。故选B。

第二节  (共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)  


Moving abroad cab be a challenging experience. You leave your family, friends and everything you know behind. You enter a new culture where the customs and sometimes the language are different.  36   It’s a time to discover new things, make new friends and begin a new adventure.

So what are the best ways to involve yourself in the new culture while living abroad?

Live with a native speaker

37   . First, you have a friend! Living alone can be a lonely experience, especially if you’re far from home. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet my housemate’s friends and socialize with them.   38   . In addition, you have someone to tell you about the cultural customs and interesting places in this area.


Volunteering is a great way to meet people of different ages in your local area.  39     . This is a insightful(具有洞察力的)experience and speaking with homeless people about their life stories is improving my French vocabulary and understanding. I am also able to form relationships with people that I may not have met otherwise.


The food in France is amazing and and discovering new food is a fun experience. I’ve tried things that I’ve never tried before. My knowledge of the different bread and cheese types has grown greatly.

A. Try the local food

B. But it’s also exciting

C. . I currently cook French food for myself

D. You can speak the local language every day

E. Improve my French vocabularyand understanding

F. There are many advantages to living with a native speaker

G. I currently volunteer with homeless people through my local church


三、完形填空:41——60ACDBD   ABCDA   BCACD   BABCD


第二部分 语言知识运用(共两节,满分45分)


第一节  (共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)

I was on my way to the library to do some studying for history class. That’s when I  41  my my friend and her family knocking on doors.

As I was standing outside one house my friend’s brother  42  past me and went to the  43  of the house. When the resident(住户) answered,I  44  him say,“Excuse me. Hi! I am raising  45  for my mom.She needs to have a surgery(外科手术)  46   we don’t have enough money. Could you please   47   with a donation?”

The lady    48   him some coins and he said,“Thank you so much! God bless you.”Then he walked on to the next house.

I could see he didn’t have   49   and I also saw he had been crying.

Instead of going to the    50   , I went to the bank,.I told them I wanted to   51   all my savings.The lady in the   52   said to me,“But, sweetie, I  53   you were going to use that money to get into university.”

I told her something else   54   so she gave me the money. Then I walked to my friend’s house. They had only   55   nine hundred and sixty dollars, which wasn’t even a quarter of what they  56  . I told my friend to take my money. When she saw it, she   57  immediately it was my university money.

The idea of going to   58   had been a very exciting one for me----assuming I got accepted----but she needed the money  59   I did. Now her mom will be going into surgery in the next two days.

I hope all goes  60  for her and her family. My love and prayers go out to them.  

41. A. saw         B. enjoyed           C. removed          D. widened

42. A. ran          B. paid              C. walked           D. knocked

43. A. window      B. chair               C. way             D. door

44. A. bought       B.heard              C.felt              D.moved

45. A.fun          B.wealth              C.wisdom          D.money

46. A.but          B.and                C. or               D.for

47. A.share         B.help               C.fill               D.mix

48. A.made         B.asked              C.gave             D.showed

49. A.few          B.little               C.many             D.much

50. A.library        B.shop              C.house             D.office

51. A.express       B.withdraw           C.return             D.escape

52. A.hospital       B.school             C.bank              D.company

53. A.thought       B.believed           C.appreciated         D.declared

54. A.went up       B.took up            C.came up           D.sent up

55. A.earned        B.afforded           C.offered            D.raised

56. A.met          B.needed            C.possessed          D.conveyed

57. A.realized       B.defeated           C.supplied           D.told

58. A.camp         B.university          C.cinema            D.concert

59. A.rather than     B.less than           C.more than        D.other than   

60. A.mad          B.strange            C.badly            D.well        


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