4 misunderstandings for breakfast! Eat like this: breakfast is nutritious

Breakfast is the first time to supplement nutrition in the day. It is very important, but often ignore it. Some people do n’t eat breakfast because of their rush and weight loss. This behavior is quite unhealthy. Some people have ate breakfast, but they do n’t seem to eat it. They have discomfort such as stomach pain, fatness, and weakness.

This is often -bad habits and wrong cognition hinders us. If the way to eat breakfast is incorrect, it will not only be uncomfortable to the body, but also affect the mood for a day. If you find that you have committed the following misunderstandings, you must adjust it in time.

4 misunderstandings for breakfast


The first misunderstanding: more than 9 o'clock breakfast

The best time to eat breakfast is from 6 to 8 am in the morning, because at this time, the stomach acid secretion is strong, and eating is best for the stomach. If you eat breakfast more than 9 o'clock, it will cause lunch to have no appetite and poor appetite. Someone will ask, then I have passed at 9 o'clock, and I have to have breakfast. It is still necessary to eat it. After 9 o'clock, eating is better than not to eat, but it is only absorbing relatively poorly.


The second misunderstanding: replace breakfast with non -main food

A: Use fruits instead of breakfast

Some people use fruits as breakfast in order to lose weight. Such breakfast lacks both the sugar glyphogy supply of the brain energy and the lack of protein that can keep people vigorously and energy, which will cause a variety of nutrients in the long run.

B: Snacks instead of breakfast

People are in a dehydrated state in the morning, and snacks are dry food. If they use snacks instead of breakfast, they will affect gastrointestinal digestion. Although the biscuits can provide energy in a short time, the hunger is faster, and before noon, the blood sugar will drop significantly.

C: Use your noodles to replace breakfast

That is, the noodles are a high -fat food, which often uses instant noodles as breakfast to cause gastrointestinal problems. I believe many friends have done the above errors, thinking that as long as they fill up their stomachs. In fact, if you do this for a long time, there will be problems with nutrition and health.


The third misunderstanding: eats the risk of inhaling bacteria while walking

The work of the work often likes to solve breakfast on the road. On the way, you can buy a pancake fruit egg and eggs, and then eat while walking. This is easy to eat the dust, microorganisms, and harmful gases in the air. It is not only hygienic, but also affects health. In addition, the frequency and amplitude of walking will affect the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal. When the body is busy cope with a larger muscle activity, the blood supply will be transferred from the digestive system such as gastrointestinal and intestines to muscle, which will cause indigestion.


The fourth misunderstanding: breakfast hurts the stomach too quickly

Eating breakfast in a sway can increase the burden on the stomach and cause indigestion. Therefore, don't eat a meal for greedy or hungry. If you eat breakfast, you should chew slowly and enjoy breakfast.

Don't take "lazy" as an excuse

"Lare of getting up" is a reason for many people to refuse breakfast. At the same time, you also reject health. Especially for the following categories, breakfast must be eaten!



Without the energy supply provided by breakfast, the head is confused. Work efficiency, language ability, and memory are not as common as usual, and it is more common to respond to slow reaction and inattention. This is because brain cells are most sensitive to blood sugar fluctuations. Do not eat breakfast to make blood sugar insufficient, and brain vitality will decrease.



During the breakfast, the stomach first protested. Due to the reduction of energy and blood sugar levels, not only feeling headaches, but also irritable and upset, which not only reduces work efficiency, but also causes damage accidents.


Interpersonal needs for interpersonal communication

People who do not eat breakfast are more likely to have bad breath, which will seriously affect the social image. Earlier, an article published by the International Magazine of Oral Sanitation stated that not eating breakfast has doubled the risk of bad breath. In addition, people who do not eat breakfast often have poor stomach function, gastritis or gastric ulcers, and people with poor stomachs will have a serious bad breath.


Gastrointestinal disease

Do not eat breakfast, which will cause changes in the biological rhythm of the digestive system in the body, and gastrointestinal motility and secretion of gastrointestinal fluid will be affected. After the digestive fluid is secreted, there is no food for neutrality, which will cause adverse irritation to the empty gastrointestinal mucosa. It is so easy to induce gastritis for a long time, and some people will also cause digestive gastric ulcers.


People with weight loss

For those who do not eat breakfast, often the lunch time has not yet arrived, so I feel tired. This will make people eat more at lunch, but it is not conducive to controlling weight.


People with gallbladder disease

Night is a great time for bile secretion. These bile secreted will be stored in the gallbladder, eating in the morning, food stimulates bile bile bile and help digestion. If you do n’t eat breakfast, bile will stay in the gallbladder for a long time, and the crystals such as cholesterol in them will be precipitated too much.


People with abnormal blood sugar

At night, there is a peak of insulin secretion in the human body. As we all know, insulin has the effect of lowering blood sugar. If you do not eat in the morning, provide blood sugar in the body. The insulin secreted by the body will have no "use of martial arts".


Pregnant women or preparation people

Studies have confirmed that people who have habitual breakfast can get more trace nutrients, such as folic acid, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C and D, etc. These nutrients not only help prevent common chronic diseases, but also help the normal development of the fetus.

It's important to eat breakfast

In fact, as long as you ensure that you have a good breakfast in the morning, you can help you from hungry suffering, and you can also help you avoid decreased metabolic rates.

If you do n’t eat breakfast, it is easy to hypoglycemia, which will promote the brain to choose some high -fat, high -sugar foods, eat hunger, and even eat more at lunch. If you eat the right food for breakfast, you can also play the role of metabolic rate and spleen to remove dampness.

So, what nutrients do this good breakfast must include?

In simple terms, a good breakfast must have protein and carbohydrates. At the same time, you can also eat some fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins and minerals.

But if you are a person with cold spleen and stomach, you are afraid of eating cold food, it is recommended that you put fruits and vegetables at lunch or dinner to avoid the fragile spleen and stomach forcibly digest these with the minimum metabolic rate of breakfast. Cold food.

If the protein is specific to the food, it is milk, eggs, bacon and other foods, carbohydrates can eat foods such as rice porridge, buns, fritters, or three kinds of ingredients such as Poria, Yam and Pueraria.

Needless to say, yam is often used in daily diet. Poria and Pueraria two -flavored medicines are similar to potatoes and sweet potatoes. They are all grain potato foods. The concept of "valley potato food should occupy 1/4 ~ 1/3 of the main food of the entire God".

More importantly, the three things of Poria, Yam, and Pueraria have health value while full, which is equivalent to a "golden triangle" with beauty and slimming. Among them, yam nourishes the kidneys and spleen, spleen and spleen; Poria strengthen the spleen and dampness and dampness; Pueraria and the yang fiber muscle shaping, and the breakfast matched with this is enough to allow you to successfully open a day of weight loss.

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