Chinese tractor was cold in Africa! Sales rather than India, is it because of quality problems?

A tractor manufacturer, ranked one of the top ten factories in the world, has an annual profit of more than 100 billion yuan. Well, this factory must be in India.
Yes, in the field of agricultural machinery, especially tractors, this Indian factory called Ma Hengda is a giant.
my country is known as the world's factories and the manufacturing industry is developed. So, is my country's tractor brand more bullish X?
Ashamed, although Made in China is infiltrating into various areas of the world, in the tractor, it is indeed a difference in India.
It is said that China has been cultivating in Africa for many years, but it involves vital interests. Even the African brothers know that they choose Indian tractors.
In 2019, Zambia bids around the world, intending to import 80 horsepower medium -sized tractors and smaller power tractors. Because the old giants such as Europe and the United States mainly push the large tractor, this time is not professional and has not participated. As soon as the Shanghai Deyuan Company heard it, his mind was alive: Since the master can't come, wouldn't it be our turn? So he went, but returned.
The buyers of Zambia tried the tractors in China and India respectively. It is very straightforward that Indian tractors are much higher than that of Chinese tractors in terms of price or quality.
Zambia's cold is not accidental. Indian tractor is indeed a leading position in the world. One year in 2017, the Indian tractor factory produced one -third of the world's output.
In 2021, the export volume of Indian tractors was not affected by the epidemic. Compared with the same period in 2013, it increased by 72%, and the export value exceeded US $ 1 billion. It mainly exported to the United States, Nepal, Bangladesh and other South Asian countries.
In the recent hotspot, Africa, due to economic restrictions, Africa mainly purchases small and medium -sized tractors. This part of the market has basically been eaten by India.
On the other hand, the total amount of export tractors in 2021 was only $ 700 million, mainly exported to Russia, Ukraine and France. my country has also exported agricultural machinery to Southeast Asian countries. However, the results are embarrassing. Because of the unsuitable local conditions, all these agricultural machinery have been returned.
It is said that Made in China is rising, so why can't Chinese tractors compare to Indian tractors?
The first reason is the history of development
This Indian company, which is eaten by Shanghai Deyuan in Zambia, is called Ma Hengda. It is a proper old predecessor in the field of tractors. It has a history of 75 years.
As early as 1945, China had just ended the Anti -Japanese War. In modern India, the two brothers in the Ma Hengda family set up the company. In 1955, Ma Hengda was already a listed company.
And my country's dragging machine factories just broke the ground at this time. On October 1, 1955, my country's first tractor manufacturer landed in Luoyang, Henan. In 1958, China's first tractor, "Oriental Red", drove down the production line in a red color.
However, this is just a tractor, and my country's tractor has not yet achieved mass production. It was not until 1959 that the first tractor manufacturer was completed and began to mass produce an oriental red tractor.
However, in India, Ma Hengda has operated the tractor as his biggest business. Soon after 1961, Ma Hengda cooperated with the American agricultural machinery giant IHC to jointly develop new models, and then logically entered the US market. In 1983, the sales of Ma Hengda tractors occupied first in India, and since then many years have not changed.
During this period, China also established multiple tractor manufacturers in large and small tractor in all parts of the country. However, in the upcoming market economy, these Chinese tractor manufacturers must face cruel fate. This is the second reason to drag the hind legs of Chinese tractors.
The second reason is technical investment
In the 1990s, the Indian Ma Hengda manufacturing plant has jumped into a huge multinational company. The operating projects include not only tractors, but also machine tools, cars and even finance, and IT.
However, China's large and small drag machine factories are struggling in a strange market economy at this time. my country's first tractor manufacturer, that is, China today, naturally has strong support. However, most of the other small and medium factories depend on themselves. Therefore, due to poor operation, some factories have closed down, and some factories blindly pursue cooperation with foreign capital, but they have been hidden in the snow, and have since disappeared.
In the brutal market competition, my country's manufacturers ignored the improvement technology, but they both launched a price war and strived to eat the market at a low price, and even lost money to make money. As a result, many small manufacturers were suffering from great vitality, which also caused the strange appearance of "whoever got first and who died first" in the market.
The essence of this phenomenon is actually the inner volume that is mentioned today: there are too many manufacturers, the products are similar, and the performance is similar. Therefore, it can only be increased by the volume price to increase the sales volume. In the end, of course, whoever sells too much will pay much more.
In order to survive while winning the price war, manufacturers have used their minds to splicing. After all, the assembly of imported parts is always easier than research and development from scratch.
In addition, the Chinese government has provided a large number of subsidies for the tractor industry, and some manufacturers do not even want to assemble. They just pondered how to play some crooked doors to deceive subsidies. This laid the low prices and low -quality scourge in the field of tractor in my country, and even the entire agricultural machinery field.
At present, there are more than 2,000 agricultural machinery companies in China, not many, but there are only about 100 companies that can develop and develop independently. Therefore, in the field of agricultural machinery, there is still a long way to go from China to quality from China to China.
Does Chinese tractor still have the chance to turn over?
It is said that the first -mover advantage in the manufacturing industry is difficult to break. Compared with our country, India is similar, the labor force is cheaper, and there are classic old brands. So, do you still have the opportunity to turn over in Chinese tractors?
In the long run, China's development to the high -end manufacturing field is unstoppable. However, it has to be admitted that there are indeed many problems to be resolved at the moment.
In 2004, the country began to implement agricultural machinery subsidies. The national agricultural machinery entered its golden decade. Ten years after the total output value and total power were soaring, they ranked first in the world in 2016. However, most of these agricultural machinery are still concentrated in low -end fields. Compared with old -fashioned foreign factories, the brand awareness is not ideal, and even has quality flaws.
For example, it can reach 100 hours without failure of foreign agricultural machinery products, while similar products in my country can only reach 50 hours. As the saying goes, people are mistaken for a while, and people mistakenly one year. At the critical moment when catching upon farming, the length of work without failure is an absolute hard indicator. If you can't keep up with others on this indicator, don't mention any sales.
Moreover, the problem leftover in our country is to despise basic research. The long -term idea of "making it better to buy" has led to the lack of the lack of my country's manufacturing talents. Some masters are worried about the failure rate of tractor in our country. They only see that the tractor has become more and more horsepower, but there are more and more small problems. It seems that they are not comparable to old -fashioned old products.
Compared with India, there is a special national conditions in my country, which is "stuck neck". India's Ma Hengda can actively participate in the international market in the 1960s and jointly produce with European and American companies. However, my country's tractor manufacturing, especially heavy tractor technology, has to find breakthroughs by itself, and even obtain related technologies by merging and acquisition of small and medium -sized enterprises abroad.
However, the Chinese manufacturing industry has seen even more difficult situations, so as not to be scared by the difficulties. One brother of a tractor in our country, born in China, was born in my country, which was born in the first tractor manufacturer. It has intended to overtake the curve and step on a footprint in the new field of the tractor.
The new field of Chinese drag is an unmanned autonomous tractor, which is also an important part of smart agriculture. With the help of scientific research units such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University, in October 2018, China released the first domestic driverless tractor. Even without the driver sitting in it, it can complete the field work such as farming, plant protection, etc., marking that our tractor has entered the intelligent era.
In general, my country's advantage is that the industrial chain is comprehensive and large, and various equipment can be self -sufficient. It has also begun to attach importance to investment in basic research and development, but it is really insufficient in technology. It seems that the tractor in our country needs a lot of time to catch up with the international advanced level.

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