Divorce and women in the world are prohibited from divorce and women cannot contraceptive

The Philippines is a multi -ethnic islands in Southeast Asia and a country with a serious population problem. Its total population is about 18 million. Although it does not sound much, the Philippines is a country with a total area of only 299,700 square kilometers, and the population growth rate is very high, which has caused the population of the Philippines in the Philippines soaring. Condition. The reason why the Philippine population grows so fast is in the final analysis that they must be blamed on the marriage law of "abnormal".
In the Philippines, men and women are very early. Usually women can get married around 12 or 13 years old, and some areas can still be polygamy. The most important thing is that the Philippine Marriage Law stipulates that as long as the marriage relationship is concluded, divorce, contraception, and abortion are not allowed.
There is a strict divorce system in the Philippines, but the Philippines has a casual "spouse" attitude. Often there are children, breaking up, finding Xinhuan, having children, and breaking up again. Each child is the brothers and sisters of the mother -in -law, and there are some siblings. Their ancestors may come from different countries. It seems that the locals look so casual and natural.
The formulation of this regulation is mainly derived from the beliefs of the Philippines -Catholicism. Catholicism is one of the main denominations of Christianity. In the teachings of Catholicism, marriage is a very sacred thing. There is no special reason to end marriage at will. These "special reasons" do not include emotional discord, domestic violence, etc. Unless one party does not have the ability to have fertility, the judge may consider the application for divorce as appropriate.
Non -allowed contraception and abortion are also the teachings of Catholicism. Catholicism emphasizes "the sacredness of life", so they strongly oppose the behavior of killing babies, including abortion. In the Catholic beliefs, the fetus is also a life. Even if he has not bred from his mother, people have not deprived him of his life.
According to statistics, 85%of the people in the Philippines believe in Catholicism, so not divorce is also a concept of the Philippines deeply popular. If men and women in the Philippines want to divorce and have no way to divorce, they can only choose to separate or make up, which also leads to the emergence of new problems -family violence, and sometimes it will rise to buying a murderer (killing husband).
Under such regulations, the population of the Philippines was simply an explosive growth. During the census in 1960, the total population of the Philippines was about 27 million. By 2014, the population had exceeded 100 million. Today, the population growth rate of the Philippines is 2.04%, ranking first in Asia, with a total fertility rate of 3.2, which means that the average couple have 3-4 children.
However, with the rise in population problems and violence, the Philippine government is also making a series of adjustments to regulations. Prior to 2019, the Philippines and foreign spouses were not allowed to divorce. After 2019, the Philippine government made a concession and announced that "the" agreement divorce "reached by the Philippines and foreign spouses is effective. The condition is that the divorce method is in it in it The country where the spouse was recognized ".
Not only that, the new regulations also determine that "if the Philippines citizens marry foreigners and their foreign spouses have divorced abroad, their foreign spouses have the right to remarry, and the Philippines also have the right to remarry in accordance with the Philippine law." This is equivalent to a privilege for the Philippines with foreign spouses, so that they will not be bound to be so dead.
However, this is just a small step in the Philippines. After all, the new rules are limited to foreign couples. The national husband and wife still have to comply with their own marriage law and not divorce at will. Perhaps under such conditions, the willingness of the Philippines to marry foreign people will become more and more intense. After all, marriage and divorce remarry are the rights of individuals and should not be subject to such harsh restrictions.

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