The unknown virus was found in the small town of Myanmar, and a large number of pigs died of illness!

Recently, a large number of pigs died in some rural areas in the north of the northern side of the Ruokai Pradesh Pink Falcon Town in Myanmar. It is learned from the local residents that the epidemic spreads very quickly, and more than 100 pigs have died of illness.
It is reported that starting from the end of December 2022, there have been live pigs in rural areas and died after unwell.
Wu Maomao, a farmer from Dengxiu Village, said that 11 pigs in my family died. At the beginning, a pig had uncomfortable symptoms, and then died one after another. Some farmers will throw the diseased pigs into the river, and the virus may spread like this.
Beginning in December 2022, Dangxiu, Ruijinbin, Oukan, Sansong, Dongmin, Ximao, Gando, Bao Bin, Australian Gan Gan, etc., began to die in the villages infected with viruses. As of January 12, 2023, Dengxiu Village was killed in 30 pigs, 19 heads of Ruijinbin Village, 30 heads of Oukou Village, 20 heads in Dongmin Village, and 10 raw pigs in Ximao Village.
It is reported that the sick pigs have symptoms of anorexia and diarrhea before they die. In addition, there are many bruises on the neck, ears and body of pigs. Regarding the death of pigs, local residents have not reported to relevant departments.
Ang Zuo, deputy director of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Treatment Management of Mudang County, said that we have not received the news of pigs' illness, and we have always vaccinated with animals. The virus that appears now cannot be pig flu. The specific virus needs further investigation and testing.
A farmers in Oukou Village Duma Boshen said that the 40 -dragging pigs in my family died of the 40 -dragging pigs. According to market value, it lost more than 1.5 million Bed dollars. It was more difficult at home, and the hard -working pigs died of illness. I felt very sad.

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