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1. 我第一次来上海就喜欢这个美丽的城市。(the first time)

I began to love Shanghai the first time I came to this beautiful city.

2. 在详细地研究这个问题后,我们终于找到了解决它的方法。(solution to )

Having studied it carefully, we finally found out a solution to the problem.

3. 你能不能告诉我,你们中有多少人将参加运动会?(take part in)

Can you tell me how many of you are going to take part in the sports meet?

4. 这次演出使得他想成为影星的梦想得以实现。(make it possible)

The performance made it possible for him to realize his dream of being a film star.

5. 越来越多的医生赞成使用心理疗法治疗生理疾病。(in favor of)

More and more doctors are in favor of using psychological therapy to cure physical diseases.

6. 我们祝贺他被共青团所接受。(congratulate)

We congratulated him on his being admitted into the Young League.

7. 我们现在所学的东西,无论校内校外的,都将对我们的将来产生很大的影响。(effect)

What we are learning in or out of school will have a great effect on our future.

8. 地球为人类提供了各种生存的条件。(provide)

The earth provides man with all kinds of living conditions.

9. 如果你现在放弃的话,很可能你再也不会有机会了。(the chances are that)

If you give up now, the chances are that you will have no more chances.

10. 他一看见地上躺着一个伤得很重的男子,就立刻打电话叫救护车。(right off)

He called an ambulance right off when he saw a badly injured man lying on the ground.

11. 你打电话来时如果我不在,可叫我兄弟代接。(available)

If I am not available when you call me, ask for my brother.

12. 由于他对公众的杰出服务,她奖到了一枚金牌。(award)

She was awarded a gold medal due to her outstanding service to the public.

13. 上海市近年内交通工具发生了较大变化。(in the means of)

There have been many changes in the means of transportation in shanghai in recent years.

14. 人们相信每年种树对改善环境有好处。(believe)

It is believed that planting trees every year does good to improving our environment.

15. 过了许多年他才知道谁在她困难的时候帮助了他。(before)

It was many years before he knew who had helped him when he was in difficulty.

16. 他从未想到题目越容易就应该越仔细。(occur)

It never occurs to him that the easier the exercises are, the more careful he should be.

17. 问题的另一方面是如何最充分地利用在校时间。(make the best use of)

There is another side of the question of how to make the best use of one’s time at school.

18. 众所周知,Tony是个很难取悦的艺术家。(known to)

It is known to all that Tony is an artist who is hard to please.

19. 一些世界名著的简写本(version)对学生有益。(simplified)

Some simplified versions of world-famous works are helpful to the students.

20. 虽然我们很少察觉到,但语言随着时代而变化。(aware, change)

Language changes with the time though we are hardly aware of it.

21. 我们送他们一件礼物,表示感谢他们为我们所做的一切。(show one’s appreciation for)

We gave them a present to show our appreciation for what they had done for us.

22. 没有必要再与他多谈,因为他主意已定,决定好好学习。(no need)

There’s no need to talk with him any more as he has made up his mind to study hard.

23. 我们都非常尊敬那位在生物学研究方面做出重要发现的科学家。(discovery)

We all respect the scientist who made an important discovery in the study of biology.

24. 他听不懂老师用法语上的数学课。(difficulty in)

He has some difficulty in understanding what the teacher says in French when they have a maths lesson.

25. 这位作家因他那部优秀的小说而被授予诺贝尔文学奖。(awarded)

The writer will be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature because of his excellent novel.

26. 据说他们已解决了资金缺少的问题。(be believed to)

They are believed to have solved the problem of being short of money.

27. 那位校长在这次访问中的所见所闻给他留下了深刻的印象。(impression)

What the principal saw and heard during his visit gave him a deep impression.

28. 如果你想保持健康,你应该每天喝几杯水。(remain)

If you wish to remain healthy, you should drink several glasses of water every day.

29. 最使他妈生气的不是他的无知而是他的懒散。(not…but)

It was not his ignorance but his laziness that annoyed his mother most.

30. 是你的有效建议是我们能在周末来学校进行体育运动。(make…possible)

It was your good proposal that made it possible for us to have sports in the school at weekends.

31. 孩子们根据年龄被分成了四组。(divide)

The children were divided into four groups according to their age.

32. 我猜想烧毁好几座建筑物的这场大火是照明引起的。(cause)

I guess the fire that destroyed several buildings was caused by lighting.

33. 那年轻的医生在发现疾病原因方面获得成功。(succeed)

The young doctor succeeded in discovering the cause of the disease.

34. 我相信我们在学校里学的东西对我们未来的工作将有很大的影响。(effect)

I believe what we learn in school will have a great effect on our future work.

35. 人们认为睡觉以前喝浓茶,会睡不着觉。(be supposed to ; awake)

Strong tea drunk before going to bed is supposed to keep you awake.

36. 他在书中写的东西与事实相反。(contrary to)

What he wrote in his book was contrary to the facts.

37. 他打算把在学习上取得的进步告诉他父母。(inform)

He planned to inform his parents of the progress he had made in his studies.

38. 退休后他觉得自己完全与社会隔离了。(isolate)

He felt entirely isolated from society after he retired.

39. 万一有任何麻烦,请马上通知我。(in case of)

In case of any trouble, please inform me about it at once.

40. 有些父母忙于赚钱而忽略了照顾他们的子女。(neglect)

Some parents are busy making money and neglect to take care of their children.

41. 过了许多年这个秘密才被发现。(It…before…)

It was a lot of years before the secret was discovered.

42. 老师没有责备他上周五所做的事情。(blame)

The teacher didn’t blame him for what he did last Friday.

43. 他在旅途中的言行给我留下了深刻的印象。(impress)

I was deeply impressed by what he said and what he did during the journey.

44. 你可以想象,当我得到盼望已久的小提琴时,我是多么的激动。(imagine)

You can imagine how excited I was when I got the violin I had expected for a long time.

45. 说实话,你必须尽一切努力提高你的英语口语。(improve)

To tell the truth, you must make every effort to improve your spoken English.

46. 是你的建议使得我能成功地打败了职业选手获得了冠军称号。(make…possible ; succeed)

It was your advice that made it possible for me to succeed in beating the professionals and winning the championship.

47. 碰到困难时,千万别失去信心。(be sure not to )

Be sure not to lose confidence when faced with difficulties.

48. 那个站在门口的男孩只好等着他妈妈回来。(do nothing but)

The boy standing at the door can do nothing but wait for his mother to come back.

49. 他们似乎不知道她已搬到国外去了。(seem to)

They seem not to know she has moved abroad.

50. 他从来不注重别人是怎样看待他的。(take notice of)

He never takes notice of what others are thinking of him.

51. 这个问题需要尽快处理。(deal with)

This problem needs to be dealt/dealing with as soon as possible.

52. 你和初中时教过你的老师仍然保持联系吗?(keep in touch)

Do you still keep in touch with the teachers who used to teach you at junior middle school?

53. 越来越多的人开始认识到学习电脑和英语的重要性。(realize)

More and more people have come/begun to realize the importance of learning computer science and English.

54. 他遭遇一次又一次失利,但他没有丧失信心。(lose heart)

Though he met with failure after failure, he did not lose heart.

He met with one failure after another/failures one after another, but he did not lose heart.

55. 昆虫被杀死时,生态平衡也被搅乱了。(upset)

When insects are killed, the balance of nature is also upset.

56. 大火扑灭后不久,百货商店又开始营业了。(shortly after)

Shortly after the big fire was put out, the department store opened for business again.

57. 虽然这药物能够减轻你的胃痛,但我认为他不能治愈你的痛。(cure)

Though this medicine can relieve your stomachache, I don’t think it can cure you of the disease.

58. 只有当他们看到自己的价值的时候,才会感到有信心。(Only when…)

Only when they see their own value will they feel confident.

59. 建立国家公园能为珍稀动物提供安宁的地方。(provide)

Establishing national parks will provide peaceful areas for rare animals.

60. 凡是有资格做教师的人必须具备心理学方面的知识。(be qualified)

Those who (whoever is) are qualified as a teacher must have a knowledge of psychology.

61. 什么也阻止不了我们实现自己的理想。(prevent)

Nothing can prevent us from realizing our own dream.

62. 如果你能到机场接我,我将不胜感激。(appreciate)

I would appreciate it very much if you could meet me at the airport.

63. 尽管他身体不好,但是他把全部精力奉献给了教育事业。(spite, devote)

In spite of his poor health, he devoted all his energy to the cause of education.

64. 我从来没想到你会这样强烈反对这个建议。(occur)

It never occurred to me that you were so strongly against the suggestion.

65. 在这个讲英语的国家里,他那不完整的英语别人不能理解。(make)

In this English-speaking country, he couldn’t make himself understood with his broken English.

66. 直到门被撞开,他才醒过来。(Not until)

Not until the door was broken open did he wake up.

67. 每一分钟都必须用来学习英语。(make use of)

Every minute must be made use of to study English.

68. 他那困惑的表情使我感到困惑不解。(make)

His puzzled expression/look on his face made me puzzled.

69. 没有什么东西能使汤姆放弃学习汉语。(likely)

Nothing is likely to make Tom give up learning Chinese.

70. 在农村长大的人不习惯城市里的生活。(be accustomed to)

Those who are brought up in the countryside are not accustomed to living in town.

71. 比赛的详细情况可以从因特网上获得。(available)

Details of the competition are available from/on the Internet.

72. 事实上,如果没有受到适当的训练,你要想从事这种要求高的工作是很难的。(take up)

In fact, it’s very difficult for you to take up this highly demanding job/work if you haven’t been properly trained/without proper training/without being properly trained.

73. 我肯定他会抽出时间来为这次求职面试作好准备。(set aside)

I’m sure that he will set aside some time to prepare for the job interview.

74. 你认为这份阅读材料对仅仅学过两年英语的学生合适吗?(suitable)

Do you think this reading material is suitable for the students who have learned English for only two years?

75. 即使每天有48个小时,我也无法完成这么多的回家作业。(even if)

Even if there were 48 hours a day, I couldn’t finish so much homework.

76. 环境保护的问题有待下一次会议讨论。(remain)

The problem of the protection of the environment remains to be discussed at the next meeting.

77. 英语角是一个可以提供我们讲英语的实践的地方。(a place where…)

The English Corner is a place where we are given practice in speaking English.

78. 他父母已为他安排今年夏天到北京度假。(arrange)

His parents have arranged for him to spend holidays in Beijing this summer.

79. 我们应趁年轻时多学点东西。(take advantage of)

We must take advantage of being young to learn more.

80. 我们的讨论集中在如何帮助学生自立。(focus on)

Our discussion focused on how to help our students rely on themselves.

81. 感谢你通知我明天下午开会。(inform)

Thank you for informing me of the meeting tomorrow afternoon.

82. 花了一个多世纪的时间科学家才实现了在宇宙中飞行的梦想。(realize)

It took scientists more than a century to realize the dream of fling in space.

83. 他所做的是正确的,你不能无视这个事实。(blind, fact)

You can’t be blind to the fact that what he did was right.

84. 一般来说,我们吃的每一样东西都会对我们的身体有些好处。(do good)

Generally speaking, everything we eat will do some good to our body.

85. 这件羊毛衫的款式很适合我,但是尺寸不合我身。(design)

The design of the cardigan/woolen sweater suits me, but the size doesn’t fit me.

86. 只有不断探究未知事物,我们才能有新发现和新发明。(explore)

Only by constantly exploring the unknown can we make new discoveries and inventions.

87. 我们希望能把所学到的东西用到将来的工作中去。(apply)

We hope to apply what we have learned to our future work.

88. 每当我遇到困难时就向他请教。(turn to)

Whenever I meet with difficulties, I turn to him for help.

89. 她的诚实和乐于助人深得同学们的爱戴。(win the hearts of)

Her honesty and willingness to help others won the hearts of her classmates.

90. 随着计算机的发展,人们的生活条件改善了许多。(With…)

With the development of computers, the living conditions of the people have improved much.

91. 吸烟对身体健康有害已是众所周知,然而要说服人们戒烟仍不是容易的事。(persuade)

It’s known to all that smoking does harm to one’s health, but still it’s not easy to persuade people to give it up.

92. 并非在讲英语国家生活过一段时间的人都会讲流畅的英语。(those who)

Not all those who have lived in English-speaking countries for some time can speak fluent English.

93. 我们必须吸取对我们有益的经验。(be useful to)

We must absorb experience that is useful to us.

94. 由于他对教育事业的杰出贡献,他被授予一枚奖章。(award)

Because of his outstanding contribution to the cause of education, he was awarded a medal.

95. 如果你轻视听力、口语就学不好英语。(ignore)

You can not learn English well if you ignore the importance of listening and speaking.

96. 你没敲门就冲进他的卧室是不礼貌的。(It is impolite …)

It is impolite of you to rush into his bedroom without knocking at he door.

97. 昨天购物时,我碰巧遇到一位多年未见的老友。(happen)

When doing shopping yesterday, I happened to meet an old friend who I hadn’t seen for years.

98. 在西方国家里,父母们不愿意孩子太多的依赖别人的帮助。(depend)

In western countries, parents would not like their kids to depend too much on others’ help.

99. 这里的工作条件远不够令人满意。(far)

The working conditions here are far from satisfactory.

100. 那位学者婉言谢绝了所有的邀请毫不犹豫地回到了祖国。(hesitation)

That scholar declined all the invitation(s) and returned to his motherland without hesitation.

101. 听到那个悲伤的消息,所有在场的记者都大哭起来。(present, burst)

Hearing/At that sad news, all the journalists present burst out crying/burst into tears.

102. 他匆忙赶到售票处,结果发现所有的票子已销售一空。(hurry v.)

He hurried to the booking/ticket office, only to find that all the tickets had been sold out.

103. 凡是有资格做律师的人必须具备广博的知识。(qualify)

Whoever is qualified as a lawyer must have a wide range of knowledge.

104. 众所周知,音乐对每个人来说都有一定的意义。(mean)

As is known to all, music has meaning for everyone.

105. 他说由于种种原因,他将不出席会议。(a variety of)

He said he would not attend the meeting for a variety of reasons.

106. 在进一步研究的基础上,他得出一个完全不同的结论。(form a conclusion)

On the basis of further study, he has formed a completely different conclusion.

107. 用不了多久你就能掌握有关计算机的基础知识了。

It won’t take you long to pick up the basic knowledge of computers.

108. 他们清楚地认识到作为教师的社会职责。(be aware)

They were very much aware of their social responsibility as a teacher.

109. 我们的祖国从来没有像今天这样强大。(Never …)

Never before has our country been so powerful as it is today.

110. 我们将做出进一步讨论,然后再做出最终结论。(before)

We will have a further discussion before we draw/make a final conclusion.

111. 虽然困难重重,他们还是设法达到了既定的目标。(despite)

Despite many difficulties, they managed to accomplish the intended goal.

112. 二十世纪下半叶见证了中国各个方面的巨大变化。(in every respect)

The second half of the 20th century witnessed the great changes in every respect in China.

113. 圣诞节互赠礼物在西方是一种由来已久的传统。(time-honored)

Exchanging gifts / presents at Christmas / on Christmas Day is a time-honored tradition in the West.

114. 开发区内高层建筑几乎一夜之间拔地而起。(spring up)

High-rises spring up almost overnight in the development area.

115. 根据要求,他们要在规定的时间内制定出一份切实可行的计划。(it’s required)

It’s required that that (should) make a practical plan within the given time.

116. 那件蓝色的运动衫使我想起了童年时代。(remind)

The blue sportswear reminds me of / about my childhood.

117. 怀特先生因他在公司的出色表现而被授予一枚金质奖章。(award)

Mr. White was awarded a gold medal for his excellent performance in the company.

118. 由于一次恐怖行动,该地区的航班次数下降了百分之二十。(drop)

The number of flights in that area has dropped by 20% because of an act of terrorism.

119. 在打网球时,托马斯在速度和技巧上都不敌克拉克。(match)

When playing tennis, Thomas doesn’t match Clark in speed and skills.

120. 这张光盘含有的信息和十几本字典一样多。(as…as)

This disc contains as much as information as a dozen dictionaries do.

121. 除了几处刮痕外,汽车安然无恙。(apart)

Apart from a few scratches, the car was undamaged.

122. 直到进入高中他才意识到养成良好学习习惯的重要性。(not…until)

He didn’t realize the importance of developing a good study habit until he entered the senior high school.

123. 会议主席请那个国家的代表讲话。(call on)

The chairman of the meeting called on the representative of that country to address the meeting / to give a speech / to deliver a speech at the meeting.

124. 试验取得进展之后,我们开始对那种合成材料的物理特性有所了解。(用分词)

Having made advance in our experiment, we came to know the physical properties of that synthetic materials.

125. 随着超市和购物中心的兴起,中国人购物的方式近十年来经历了很大的变化。(定从)

With the rise of supermarkets and shopping centers, the way Chinese people do shopping has experienced a lot of great changes in the past ten years.

126. 直到午夜雨才停。(until)

It was not until midnight that it stopped raining.

127. 服饰的流行也会影响自然环境。(environment)

Fashion can affect natural environment.

128. 他们喜欢在办公室内吹嘘他们所作的事。(brag)

They like bragging in the office about what they have done.

129. 他钱赚得越多,就越奢侈。(the more…the more)

The more he earns, the more extravagant he will be.

130. 这药有效吗? (effect)

Does the medicine have any effect?

131. 把你的同事看作比你差是不明智的。(inferior, regard)

It is not wise to regard your colleagues as your inferiors.

132. 一头鹿径直朝我坐的地方走来。(walk up)

A deer walked right up to where I was sitting.

133. 一个人真正的素质是不能由他或她所穿的衣服来判定的。(judge)

A person’s true qualities can’t be judged by the clothes that he or she wears.

134. 我们消耗这些食物所需的氧气只是这种化学反应的副产品。(consume)

The oxygen that we need to consume the food is given out as the by-product of this chemical process.

135. 由于英语竞赛获奖,他儿子被奖励一辆自行车。(for winning)

His son was awarded a bicycle for winning the English contest.

136. 在不太繁忙的十字路口更可能发生交通事故。(likely to)

A traffic accident is more likely to happen at an intersection where the traffic is not very busy.

137. 三天以后,他终于把这件事的真相详细告诉了我。(in detail)

He finally told me the truth of the whole thing in detail three days later.

138. 这个鞋店出售的些价格从100元到1000元不等。(range)

The prices of the shoes sold in this store range from 100 to 1000 yuan.

139. 我希望你能代替我去找他,因为你的话比任何其他人的话都有份量。(approach, weight)

I wish you could go to approach him instead of me, as your words carry more weight than anyone else’s.

140. 他借助叔父的势力在旅行社谋得了一个好职位。(influence)

Through his uncle’s influence, he obtained a good position in the travel agency.

141. 最先的两节课以后有十分钟的休息。(follow)

The first two classes are followed by a break of ten minutes.

142. 该是解决你和父亲分歧的时候了。(It is time)

It is time you settled your differences with your father.

143. 自从第一次看到她们,我一直热衷于芭比娃娃。(crazy)

I have been crazy about Barbie girls since I saw them for the first time.

144. 自从她做了脑部手术以后,她的生活质量提高了很多。(improve)

Her quality of life has improved dramatically since the brain operation.

145. 由于糟糕的管理,这个公司失败了。(as a result of)

As a result of bad management, the company is a total failure.

146. 她养成了良好的自主性学习习惯,每次考试名列班级前茅也就不足为奇了。(wonder)

She has developed a good habit of independent learning, no wonder she ranks first in every exam in her class.

147. 他对计算机和英语的熟练掌握使他在应聘工作时胸有成竹。(command)

His command of computer and English gives him a lot of confidence in applying for the job.

148. 随着科学技术的发展,计算机很有可能在许多领域代替人类。(likely)

With the development of science and technology, the computer is likely to take the place of human beings in many fields.

149. 争论家教中心的利弊是毫无意义的。(point)

There is no point (in) arguing about the advantages and disadvantages of the tutorial center.

150. 年龄在25岁到45岁之间的员工都有境外培训的机会。(range)

The staff who range in age from 25 to 45 have the opportunity to receive training abroad.




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