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淮南英语培训: 淮南英语培训机构 > 高中辅导 > 高三辅导 > 2020年领军高考英语必考点全梳理知识梳理--冠词高效演练





1.I often have a chat with my friends on ________ phone in my spare time.


【解析】句意为:在我闲暇时我经常和朋友们在电话里聊天。  on the phone是习惯搭配。故填the。

2.Health care workers are at        risk of getting infectious diseases because of their exposure to patients.


【解析】句意为:医护人员有因接触病人而被感染的风险。at the risk of“冒着……风险”是固定搭配,故填the。

3.If you want to see a doctor,you fix a date with him ahead of time.That is       common practice in the USA.


【解析】句意为:如果你想去看医生,你要提前和他约定日期。那在美国是一种惯例。a common practice意为“普遍的做法,惯例”,故填a。

4.In 2013,Beijing adopted        emergency response program for air pollution.


【解析】emergency response应急响应,修饰单数可数名词program;又因为program前没有指示代词和形容词性物主代词可知此处应该用冠词;emergency又是首字母为元音音素发单词,故用an。句意为:在2013年,北京通过了空气污染应急响应计划。。

5.Usually the Player of the Year title is given to a big name from the best team.But this time there is  ________exception .


【解析】 根据句意“通常情况下,“年度最佳球员”这一头衔会给最好球队中的大牌运动员,但是这一次却是个例外。”故填an。

6.The fear of failing exams can cause you to panic and stress can be        block to your performance at school.


【解析】 根据句意“对考试失败的恐惧会引起你的恐慌,压力会成为一种你在学校的表现的阻碍”故填a。

7.Unfortunately,a stone hit him on ______ head and he got injured.


【解析】句意:不幸的是,一块石头击中了他的头部,他受伤了。hit sb on the head“打某人的头部”,是固定搭配,故用the。 

8.It was          difficult job for him.He had tried everything but it made little difference.



11.This is our contribution to ________ world of the 21st century, a world of independence and mutual understanding.


【解析】 句意为:这是我们对21世纪的世界的贡献,一个独立的、互相理解的世界。指“21世纪的世界”而且是独一无二的东西要用特指。故答案为the。

12.For the final leg of our journey,we decided to take          coach.


【解析】句意为:在我们旅行的最后一段路程,我们决定乘长途汽车。the+单数名词表示类别。如:the bike自行车,the car汽车等等。 take the coach“搭乘长途汽车”。故填the。

13.Jianbing,one of        most popular snacks in China,appeals to almost everyone in America and has become new hit food there.


【解析】根据snacks in China 可知比较范围是全中国,故用最高级,所以用the。句意为:煎饼是中国最受欢迎的小吃之一。它几乎吸引了每一个美国人并且已成为那里新的风行一时的食品。

14.My neighbor Molly is very kind-hearted.She usually volunteers to help ________ poor in our community out of   sympathy. 


【解析】“the+形容词”表示一类人,本题中the poor 即是“穷人”之意;故填the。

15.Time and time again she was warned of         consequences of her action.



16.I don’t fully understand what you said,but I have got ________ rough idea of the plan.


【解析】have a rough idea of对……大致了解,是固定搭配。故填a.

17.When the captain found           ship was rapidly sinking,he ordered his men to send out a signal for help.



18.One of the most common illnesses in our society is “time sickness”,________ sense of time pressure and hurry that causes anxiety and tension.


【解析】a sense of...意为“……感”,为固定搭配。故填a。句意:在我们的社会中,最常见的疾病之一是“时间病”,它是一种会引起焦虑和紧张的时间压力感和紧迫感。

19.True happiness does not lie in             possession of money,but the joy of achievement.





1.Don't wait for an apology.“Many times a person who hurt you may never think of apologizing,” says Dr.Luskin.



2.Like many popular restaurants in Paris, reservations are hard to get at Dave,so I wasn't surprised to find the complete sign hanging over the red door.                                                             


【解析】根据句意“就像巴黎许多受欢迎的参观一样,在Dave 也很难预定,因此当我看见红色的门上挂着一个客人已满的招牌时并不惊讶。”可知the应该改成a。

3.He asked the permission to introduce his friend,whose name was Mr Wickham,and who had apparently arrived recently from London.                                                                          



4.He pushed and pulled with all the his strength to move it.                                           



5.Experts hope the whole society pay more attention to a mental health of adolescences.               



6.Girls are luckier than boys;they have more flexible choices than the boys.                     ________



7.I have strong belief that one day Chinese students can buy these tickets,too.                ________



8.So I asked her why she sat there in the silence.                                          ________


【解析】in silence为固定配“默默地”,故去掉the。句意:因此我问她为什么坐在那里沉默不语。

9.About 20 percent of babies feel nervous when they see the strangers.                        ________



10.There was never a time when I had not called him and he did not call me right back within the couple of hours.________

【答案】 the改成a

【解析】a couple of“几个……”是固定搭配。句意“当我给他打电话,如果他没接的话,他都会在几个小时内回电话。”


11.In the centre of the main road into the town,he placed very large stone.                       ______

【答案】very 前加a 


12.…when they heard the sound of horses,and saw Darcy and Bingley riding down the street.And two gentlemen came straight towards the ladies to greet them.



13.They may have wanted to hurt you or they just don't see things same way.                      ______



14.On the third day,I received a message from Mike's wife that she said Mike had been killed in the unexplained truck crash on the morning of my call.                                                       ______ 



15.Covering the area of 16,800 square kilometers with a population of about 11 million,Beijing has 18 districts and counties under its jurisdiction(管辖).                                                ______ 


【解析】句意:占地16 800平方千米,拥有约1 100万人口的北京市,管辖着18个区和县。an area of...“面积是……”,是固定短语,故把the改成an。

16.What if your first choice is wrong?If so,just give yourself the second chance.                ______ 




17.So God turned it into the dog.                                                        ______



18.A government study has found that South Korean children are least happy compared to children in 29 other developed countries.                                                                    ______ 



19.I am reporter from the New York Times.                                           ______ 



20.I consider myself very lucky because I was only one of my friends who had their dads around.     ______

【答案】 only前加the 


 21.I prefer writing the letters to talking on the phone.