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   Food serves as a form of communication in two fundamental ways. Sharing bread or other foods is a common human tradition that can promote unity and trust. Food can also have a specific meaning, and play a significant role in a family or culture's celebrations or traditions. The foods we eat—and when and how we eat them—are often unique to a particular culture or may even differ between rural(农村的) and urban areas within one country.

    Sharing bread, whether during a special occasion(时刻) or at the family dinner table, is a common symbol of togetherness. Many cultures also celebrate birthdays and marriages with cakes that are cut and shared among the guests. Early forms of cake were simply a kind of bread, so this tradition hits its roots in the custom of sharing bread.

    Food also plays an important role in many New Year celebrations. In the southern United States, pieces of corn bread represent blocks of gold for prosperity(兴旺) in the New Year. InGreece, people share a special cake called vasilopita. A coin is put into the cake, which signifies(预示) success in the New Year for the person who receives it.

    Many cultures have ceremonies to celebrate the birth of a child, and food can play a significant role. InChina, when a baby is one month old, families name and welcome their child in a celebration that includes giving red-colored eggs to guests. In many cultures, round foods such as grapes, bread, and moon cakes are eaten at welcome celebrations to represent family unity.

    Nutrition is necessary for life, so it is not surprising that food is such an important part of different cultures around the world.

1.According to the passage, sharing bread ______.

  A.indicates a lack of food      B.can help to develop unity a custom unique to rural areas   D.has its roots in birthday celebrations

2.What does the coin in vasilopita signify for its receiver in the New Year?

 A.Trust.    B.Success.   C.Health.  D.Togetherness.

3.The author explains the role of food in celebrations by ______.

 A.using examples    B.making comparisons  C.analyzing causes   D.describing processes

4.What is the passage mainly about?

 A.The custom of sharing food.    B.The specific meaning of food.

 C.The role of food in ceremonies.  D.The importance of food in culture.



I am peter Hodes ,a volunteer stem courier. Since March 2012, I've done 89 trips of those , 51 have been abroad, I have 42 hours to carry stem cells(干细胞) in my little box because I've got two ice packs and that's how long they last, in all, from the time the stem cells are harvested from a donor(捐献者) to the time they can be implanted in the patient, we’ve got 72 hours at most, So I am always conscious of time. 

    I had one trip last year where I was caught by a hurricane in America. I picked up the stem cells in Providence, Rhode Island, and was meant to fly to Washington then back to London. But when I arrived at the check-in desk at Providence, the lady on the desk said: “Well, I’m really sorry, I’ve got some bad news for you-there are no fights from Washington.” So I took my box and put it on the desk and I said: “In this box are some stem cells that are urgently needed for a patient-please, please, you’ve got to get me back to the United Kingdom.” She just dropped everything. She arranged for a flight on a small plane to be held for mere-routed(改道) me through Newark and got me back to the UK even earlier than originally scheduled. 

    For this courier job, you’re consciously aware than that box you’re got something that is potentially going to save somebody’s life.

1.Which of the following can replace the underlined word “courier” in Paragraph 1?

  A.provider man    C.collector    D.medical doctor

2.Why does Peter have to complete his trip within 42 hours?

  A.He cannot stay away from his job too long.

  B.The donor can only wait for that long.

  C.The operation needs that very much.

  D.The ice won't last any longer.

3.Which flight did the woman put Peter on first?

  A.To London       B.To Newark     C.To Providence   D.To Washington



   In the mid-2000s, Waze Mobile co-founder Ehud Shabtai received a cutting-edge (尖端的) gift from girlfriend: a GPS. The expensive gift was supposed to be helpful. But straight out of the box, it was already out of date.

    Shabtai, a coding enthusiast, had an immediate reaction to reinvent. Shabtai’s solution? To build an app. With 80 million monthly active users globally and nearly 400,000 superusers who function much like Wikipedia volunteer editors (editing maps rather than words), Waze Mobile caught the eye of Google as a revolutionary approach to navigation (导航).

    Acquired by Google in 2013, Waze’s value mainly lies in its high rate of user involvement. Unlike traditional navigation apps that simply show directions, Waze asks its users to report accidents and other road conditions in real time, so other users can avoid the traffic by using an alternative route.

    The goal behind Waze’s approach is an ambitious one: not just avoid traffic, but end it altogether. Waze is finding new ways to put its loyal and active user base to use to make that vision a reality, including a plan to make carpooling (拼车) cool.

    To be sure, traffic jams are troubling people all over the world. Waze has been quietly ahead of the game for some time. In 2013, when Waze was just a small digital-mapping business with limited resources it had something Google Maps and other competitors didn’t: richer GPS guidance thanks to its stream of live traffic reports from users.

    These users were the basis of Shabtai’s plan to solve for his GPS device’s “silent” hardware: he grounded the app in software that could be perpetually updated by users, anywhere and anytime.

    Waze Carpool is going straight to the heart of traffic jams, trying to get more drivers off the road and into carpools. The app has already connected tens of thousands of rideseekers with drivers willing to ferry them along a shared route, and that trend could be the answer to a traffic-free future.

1.What did Shabtai do when he found his girlfriend’s gift out of date?

A.He improved it.  B.He took it apart.

C.He put it away.   D.He used it anyway.

2.What sets Waze Mobile apart from traditional navigation apps?

 A.It has the most users.

 B.It can indicate directions.

 C.It reports road conditions in real time.

 D.Most users help edit its words.

3.What does the underlined word “perpetually” in paragraph 6 probably mean?

 A.Difficultly.    B.Carefully.   C.Greatly.   D.Constantly.

4.What is mainly talked about in the text?

 A.The rise of carpooling.            B.An advanced navigation app.

 C.The development of Google.        D.Traffic problems in the world.



When life takes you away from home,take technology to help guide and entertain you.Apps(程序)can help make your trip easier and more fun.Travel apps are very helpful to guide you on your trip.Some apps help you plan your trip and others help you travel.


    TripIt is a helpful app to organize travel plans.Sign up for a free account at the TripIt website and download the app to have all of your travel plans handy in one place.

    TripIt will create a travel plan that will be shown in the TripIt app on your phone.No need to hunt down emails when it is time to travel.Everything will be in one place,on the TripIt app.

    TripIt is free but a paid version is available that has more functions.

    Google Translate

    When traveling outside your home country,you may need some language help.Google Translate is an app that can help you understand a language other than your native tongue.

    The Google Translate app translates between 103 different languages.Copy text into the app to see a translation.You can also handwrite text onto the screen.Use your phone’s camera to see a translation of signs.Point the lens(镜头)at words to see the translation on the phone’s screen.The app works even without an Internet connection.

    Google Translate is available for free.


    OpenTable is a restaurant reservation app to help users discover and make reservations at restaurants.Search by location,cooking,reviews and prices.

    OpenTable includes 31,000 restaurants around the world.Check the app to find information and make reservations within the app.

    OpenTable is available free for Android and iPhone and iPad.

1.How does the app“TripIt”benefit the users?

  A.It provides jobs concerning travel.

  B.It helps them plan their trip.

  C.It helps them sort out emails about travel.

  D.It helps them communicate better.

2.What can users do to make full use of the app “ TripIt” ?

  A.Pay for a version of the app.

  B.Sign up for a free account.

  C.Update the app at least once a month.

  D.Upload a certain amount of relevant information.

3.What should“Google Translate”users do first if they want to know a foreign shop sign?

  A.Read it to the phone.               B.Use the Google search engine.

  C.Refer to an e-dictionary on the phone.   D.See it through the phone's camera.

4.What can users do with the app“OpenTable”?

  A.Book food in advance.                  B.Deliver food to a place quickly.

  C.Buy raw materials to produce good dishes.  D.Cook food according to the recipes the app provides.


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    If anyone had told me three years ago that I would be spending most of my weekends camping. I would have laughed heartily. Campers, in my eyes, were people who enjoyed insect bites, ill-cooked meals, and uncomfortable sleeping bags. They had nothing in common with me.①        .

    The friends who introduced me to camping thought that it meant to be a pioneer. ②        We sleep in a tent, cooked over an open fire, and walked a long distance to take the shower and use the bathroom. This brief visit with Mother Nature cost me two days off from work, recovering from a bad case of sunburn and the doctor’s bill for my son’s food poisoning.

    I was, nevertheless, talked into going on another fun-filled holiday in the wilderness. ③        Instead, we had a pop-up camper with comfortable beds and an air conditioner. My nature-loving friends had remembered to bring all the necessities of life.

    ④        We have done a lot of it since. Recently, we bought a twenty-eight-foot travel trailer complete with a bathroom and a built-in TV set. There is a separate bedroom, a modern kitchen with a refrigerator. The trailer even has matching carpet and curtains.

    ⑤        It must be true that sooner or later, everyone finds his or her way back to nature. I recommend that you find your way in style.

A.This time there was no tent.

B.Things are going to be improved.

C.The trip they took me on was a rough one.

D.I was to learn a lot about camping since then, however.

E.I must say that I have certainly come to enjoy camping.

F. After the trip, my family became quite interested in camping.

G. There was no shade as the trees were no more than 3 feet tall.










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6 A Heroic Driver

    Larry works with Transport Drivers. Inc. One morning in 2009. Larry was     1     along 165 north after delivering to one of his     2     . Suddenly, he saw a car with its bright lights on.     3     he got closer, he found     4     vehicle upside down on the road. One more look and he noticed     5     shooting out from under the     6     vehicle. Larry pulled over, set the brake and     7     the fire extinguisher (灭火器). Two good bursts from the extinguisher and the fire was put out.

    The man who had his bright lights on     8     and told Larry he had     9     an emergency call. They     10     heard a woman’s voice coming from the wrecked (毁坏的) vehicle.     11     the vehicle, they saw that a woman was trying to get out of the broken window. They told her to stay     12     until the emergency personnel arrived,     13     she thought the car was going to     14     . Larry told her that he had already put out the fire and she should not move     15     she injured her neck. 

    Once fire and emergency people arrive, Larry and the other man     16     and let them go to work. Then, Larry asked the     17     if he was needed or     18     to go. They let him and the other man go. 

    One thing is     19     —Larry went above and beyond the call of duty by getting so close to the burning vehicle! His     20     most likely saved the woman’s life.

1.A.walking               B.touring              C.traveling        D.rushing

2.A.passengers              B.colleagues           C.employers       D.customers

3.A.Since                  B.Although            C.As             D.If

4.A.each                  B.another              C.that             D.his

5.A.flames                B.smoke               C.water            D.steam

6.A.used                  B.abandoned           C.removed          D.disabled hold of             B.prepared             C.took charge of     D.controlled

8.A.came down             B.came through        C.came in           D.came over

9.A.returned                B.received            C.made             D.confirmed

10.A.then                  B.again               C.finally            D.even

11.A.Starting               B.Parking             C.Passing           D.Approaching

12.A.quiet                 B.still                C.away             D.calm

13.A.for                          C.and              D.but

14.A.explode               B.slip away           C.fall apart          D.crash if                  B.unless    case            D.after

16.A.stepped forward        B.backed off          C.moved on          D.set out

17.A.woman               B.police                  D.driver

18.A.forbidden             B.ready              C.asked   

19.A.for certain             B.for consideration    C.reported           D.checked

20.A.patience              B.skills              C.efforts             D.promise








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    There are thousands of colleges and universities in the United States.Nearly half of the high school①        (graduate)in America go on to college.Most,like Bob and Jenny,go to large universities,②         are called state universities.Some of these universities have 40,000 or more students.There③        (be)also many small universities with only a few hundred students.

    Large universities have many buildings,each building for④        particular subject.The buildings are in a large area.This area is the university campus.Students often must go⑤        one class in one building to the next class in another building across campus.They may have only a few minutes between classes⑥        (go)from one building to another.

When a student⑦        (begin)the university,he or she must take classes in many subjects.These are the ⑧         (require)courses.English and math are usually such courses and often a history and a⑨        (scientific)course are required too.Bob and Jenny will study⑩        (most)these courses during their first year.Later,they will specialize,and take courses in one subject.


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A sports festival was held in our school and it was the most successful one.It organized not by teachers but by us students.You can't imagine how exciting we were during the festival.We set various interesting event by ourselves,which attract a lot of students.Everyone was eagerly to take part.It not only relaxed us but also improved their ability of creation because we had a brainstorm to come up to many new ideas about the sports.We acquired many knowledge that we can't get from textbooks.In an addition,we learn the important of cooperation from the activities.



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1. 展览的时间和地点;

2. 展览的内容(古代发明成就)。


1. 词数l00左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节, 以使行文连贯。





















答案: 1.B; 2.B; 3.A; 4.D

解析: 1.本文为说明文,题材为社会文化类。主要介绍了食物在文化交流中的重要意义。


2.细节理解题。根据第三段第三、四句话可知,在希腊如果吃到放入中的硬币,预着来年将获得成功。 故选B。



【长难句分析】Sharing bread, whether during a special occasion or at the family dinner table, is a common symbol of togetherness.无论是在特殊时刻,还是在家庭的餐桌上,分享面包都是一种关于和睦的常见象征。本句是简单句。主语为Sharing bread,谓语部分is a common symbol of togetherness为系表结构。whether...or...表示“无论……还是……”。

答案: 1.B; 2.D; 3.B

解析: 1.本文是一篇记叙文,主要介绍了作者在一次运送造血干细胞途中的一段经历,表现了人们之间的友爱。

词义猜测题。根据本段内容 I’ve done 89 trips 和 I have 42 hours to carry stem cells in my little box 以及第二段内容可知作者是运送干细胞的人,也就是 delivery man,故选B 。






2.细节理解题。根据第一段第二句 I have 42 hours to carry stem cells in my little box because I’ve got two ice packs and that's how long they last.可知冰盒只能保持42小时适宜的温度。故选D。

3.细节理解题。根据第二段末句 She arranged for a flight on a small plane to be held for me, re-routed me through Newark 可知,这位好心的女士首先安棑作者去Newark的航班。故选B。

答案: 1.A; 2.C; 3.D; 4.B

答案: 1.B; 2.A; 3.D; 4.A

解析: 1.[细节理解题。根据第一个小标题下的TripIt is a helpful app to organize travel plans可知,这个应用程序能够帮助用户制定旅行计划。]

2.[细节理解题。根据第一个小标题下的a paid version is available that has more functions可知,付费的版本比免费的功能多。花钱之后,更能充分利用该应用程序软件。]

3.[细节理解题。根据第二个小标题下的Use your phone’s camera to see a translation of signs.Point the lens(镜头)at words to see the translation on the phone’s screen可知,要想知道一个外国商店招牌的意思,首先要用手机上的照相机去看招牌。程序就会翻译成用户的本族语。]

4.[细节理解题。根据第三个小标题下的Check the app to find information and make reservations within the app可知,该应用程序是用来预订用餐的。]


答案: D; C; A; F; E

解析: ①.上文 They had nothing in common with me 说明作者原来认为他不会成为野营者。而下文主要描述的是“我”从最开始进行 “rough travel” 到有了 “pop-up camper” 再到有了 trailer 的过程,在这过程中作者对野营的爱好逐步增加,对野营的相关知识也在逐步增长,上下文呈转折关系。D项意为“然而在那之后我将会学到关于野营的很多知识”,起到转折作用,引出下文,符合语境。故正确答案为D。

②. 由下文 We sleep in a tent, cooked over an open fire, and walked a long distance to take the shower and use the bathroom 可知,“我”的野营条件非常艰苦。C项意为“他们带我去的旅途非常艰苦”,引出下文,符合语境。故正确答案为C。

③. 由下文 Instead, we had a pop-up camper with comfortable beds and an air conditioner 可知,空格处是与下文形成转折的内容,而“我”此次旅行用了展开式营房。A项意为“这一次没有帐篷”,与下文形成转折,符合语境。故正确答案为A。

④. 由第三段第一句 going on another fun-filled holiday 可知,“我”对这次旅行非常满意,而由下文 We have done a lot of it since 可知,“我们”都爱上了野营。F项意为“从这里旅行后,我全家都对野营产生了巨大的兴趣”,承上启下,符合语境。故正确答案为F。

⑤. 由下文 sooner or later, everyone finds his or her way back to nature 可知,“我”希望每个人都能找到回归自然,也就是野营的个性化选择。形成这一观点的前提是“我”自己已经爱上了野营。E项意为“我必须承认我已经开始享受野营了”,引出下文,符合语境。故正确答案为E。


答案: 1.C; 2.D; 3.C; 4.B; 5.A; 6.B; 7.A; 8.D; 9.C; 10.A; 11.D; 12.B; 13.D; 14.A; 15.C; 16.B; 17.B; 18.D; 19.A; 20.C

解析: 1.本文是一篇记叙文主要介绍了Larry在送货回来的路上遇到了一辆着火的汽车。他不顾个人安危, 勇敢地拿起灭火器去救火,灭火后他才发现原来汽车里还有幸存的人员,他的行为挽救了他人的生命。

考查动词辨析及语境理解。Walk走路;tour旅行;travel旅游,行进;rush冲。根据下文中Larry pulled over可知故事发生的时候他在沿着公路行驶。故选C。

2.考查动词辨析及语境理解。passengers乘客;colleagues同事;employers雇主;customers顾客;根据首句Larry works with Transport Drivers Inc.可知他是送货司机,由此推断他应该是在给客户送完货后回去的路上。故选D。

3.考查连词辨析及语境理解。Since自从,由于;Although 尽管;As “当…时候;If如果;根据语境判断当他走近的时候,他又发现了另一辆汽车。故选C。

4.考查代词辨析及语境理解。Each每个;another另一个; that那个;his他的;根据前句Suddenly, he saw a car with its bright lights on,可知当时有一辆亮着大灯的车,由此判断他又发现一辆损毁的汽车。故选B。

5.考查名词辨析及语境理解。根据第一段末句the fire was put out可知当时汽车是着火了。Flame火苗;smoke烟;water水;steam蒸汽。故选A。

6.考查形容词词辨析及语境理解。根据第二段中a women’s voice coming from the wrecked vehicle,可知汽车是毁坏了的,used使用;disabled 残废的;removed被移除了的;abandoned被遗弃的。故选B。

7.考查动词辨析及语境理解。根据后句可知他下车去灭火。Get hold of拿起;prepare准备;take charge of负责;control控制。故选A。

8.考查动词辨析及语境理解。根据and told Larry he had _____ an emergency call可知,那个司机走了过来和Larry说话。Come down下来;come through 经历;come in进来;come over走过来。故选D。

9.考查动词辨析及语境理解。根据下文警察来了可知这个司机打了电话报警。Return归还; receive a call接到电话;make a call打电话; confirm确认。 故选C。


11.考查动词辨析及语境理解。根据上文可知汽车着火了,情况很危险,由此推断当时Larry离汽车远,所以他是走近了之后才看到车内的那位女士。Start the car发动汽车;park a car停放汽车;pass a car路过汽车;approach a car 走近汽车。故选D。

12.考查形容词辨析及语境理解。根据本段末句she should not move可知,Larry让这名女士不要动。quiet安静的;still不动的;away远离的;calm沉着的;故选 B。

13.考查连词辨析及语境理解。根据后句可以推断这位受困的女士想从汽车里出来,而Larry不让她动,怕她伤到脖子,这两句话之间是转折关系。 for因为;So所以;and并且;but但是。故选D。

14.考查动词辨析及语境理解。根据后句内容判断这位妇女害怕汽车会爆炸。Explore爆炸;slip away溜走; fall apart崩溃;crash坠毁,摔碎;故选A。

15.考查短语和介词辨析及语境理解。根据上文可知Larry害怕她脖子会受伤,前后句之间是假设关系。as if仿佛;unless除非;in case以免;after在之后。故选C。

16.考查动词短语辨析及语境理解。根据后句内容可以推断他们为了不妨碍警察救人,都退到后面。Stepped forward迈步向前;backed off退后;moved on继续前行;set out出发;根据句意选B。

17.考查名词辨析及语境理解。根据上文Once fire and emergency people arrived可知是救援的警察赶到现场。woman妇女;police警察;man男人;driver司机;故选B。

18.考查形容词辨析及语境理解。根据后句可知警察让他离开了,由此判断Larry询问警察他是否可以离去。Forbidden被禁止的;ready有准备的;asked 被问到的;free自由的。Be free to do sth自由地做某事。故选D。

19.考查短语辨析及语境理解。根据上文可知Larry救人的事实是确定无疑的。for certain确定无疑;for consideration以供参考;report报道;check核实;故选A。




1. 词语同现。词语同现是指意义上相关的词汇出现在同一语篇中,构成了以某一话题为中心的词汇链,也有人称之为语义场。比如They told her to stay _____  until the emergency personnel arrived。 A. quiet B. still C. away D. calm根据后文中she should not move,可以判断选B。

2. 词语复现。词语复现指某一个词以原词、同根词、同义词、反义词(如wrong, not correct)、上义词、下义词等方式重复出现在语篇中,语篇中的句子通过这种复现关系达到相互衔接。比如: One more look and he noticed _____ shooting out。 A. flames B. smoke C. water D. steam根据后句中the fire was put out.判断选A。

3. 逻辑推理。在做完形填空时许多考生都会有这样的经历,即使他们对选项当中的每个词的意思都非常清楚,但得分不高。因为完形填空考查的是一种综合能力,不但是对词汇的考查,而且对句子间和上下文之间逻辑关系的推断也是完形填空考查的重点。其中逻辑关系主要包括因果关系、转折关系、对比关系、并列关系等。


答案: graduates; which; are; a; from; to go; begins; required; science; mostly


答案:     A sports festival was held in our school and it was the most successful one.It  organized not by teachers but by us students.You can't imagine how we were during the festival.We set various interesting by ourselves,which a lot of students.Everyone was to take part.It not only relaxed us but also improved ability of creation because we had a brainstorm to come up many new ideas about the sports.We acquired knowledge that we can't get from textbooks.In an addition,we learn the of cooperation from the activities.



One possible version:

Dear Peter,

    I know you are interested in ancient Chinese culture. There is a good chance that an exhibition of ancient Chinese inventions will be held in our school next Monday. It will last for five days. We can visit it any time during the exhibition.

    The show will display the great inventions in ancientChina, including the world-famous four great inventions : the compass, papermaking, gunpowder and printing. They had significant effects on the development of society. For example, thanks to papermaking and printing, a great deal of ancient information has been kept in books. These great ancient inventions made tremendous contributions to the world civilization.

    Looking forward to your reply !


Li Hua