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淮南英语辅导2019届高考英语一轮分块专练题:必修4 Unit 3

必修4  Unit 3  高考试卷分块专练



(2018·福州检测)I have always thought of myself as a doer. In work, I certainly was and continue to be. As a mom, I'm mostly a doer. However, my __1__ for breast cancer made me __2__ I hadn't been a doer in the way I wanted to be — but that was about to __3__.

Since I became a __4__and reported many plane crashes, I've been __5__ of flying. My family had __6__ been to another continent together. Now that the chemo (化疗) __7__, as a gift to myself, my kids and my mom, I took them all to London to __8__ life before beginning radiation every weekday for six weeks.

This time I made a __9__ not to think too much about it. Looking in the mirror without hair, you do your best to __10__ your day as though it were a day __11__ you discovered your lump (肿块). Then everything seems doable. __12__ I just booked the trip. In London, every day I __13__ a different adventure, from which my family and I learned much and __14__ ourselves.

I had wanted to take a __15__ like this for years, but life and work had gotten in the way. Now, __16__ life and work, we had finally done __17__. I have thoroughly enjoyed family learning __18__ living, but nothing is better than knowing that my kids feel __19__ for the trip. One day, perhaps they'll realize that sometimes, the best __20__ come(s) after surviving your greatest fears.


1.A.concern       B.reason

C.treatment D.anxiety

解析:选C 根据语境及该句中的“for breast cancer”可知,此处表示治疗乳腺癌让作者意识到在某种程度上她不再是实干家。C项意为“治疗”,符合语境。

2.A.realize B.imagine

C.ignore D.doubt

解析:选A 参见上题解析。

3.A.continue B.change

C.happen D.arise

解析:选B 根据该句的语境可以判断,此处表示作者没有成为她想要成为的实干家,但是那将要改变。故B项正确。


C.tourist D.journalist

解析:选D 根据空后的“and reported many plane crashes”可知,作者应是一名记者,故D项正确。

5.A.tired B.fond

C.proud D.afraid

解析:选D 根据空前的“and reported many plane crashes”可知,作者报道过多起飞机坠毁事故,她应该是害怕乘飞机。故D项正确。

6.A.frequently B.never

C.already D.just

解析:选B 根据后一句中的“Now that the chemo (化疗) __7__, as a gift to myself, my kids and my mom, I took them all to London”可知,化疗结束了,作为奖励,作者带她的孩子们和母亲到了伦敦;结合前一句她害怕乘飞机的陈述可知,她的家人从来没有一起到过另外一个大洲。故B项正确。

7.A.failed B.delayed

C.ended D.approached

解析:选C 参见上题解析。 B.create

C.improve D.celebrate

解析:选D 根据语境可知,作者带家人到伦敦是为了庆祝生活。D项意为“庆祝”,符合语境。

9.A.decision B.wish

C.judgment D.conclusion

解析:选A 根据语境可知,此处表示这一次作者决定不过多地考虑放疗。make a decision为固定搭配,意为“作出决定”,故A项正确。

10.A.get rid of B.get through

C.look back on D.look for

解析:选B 根据语境可知,看着镜子中没有头发的自己,你会努力度过你的每一天。B项意为“度过,熬过”,符合语境。

11.A.before B.after

C.until D.when

解析:选A 根据上文可知,看着镜子中没有头发的自己,你会努力度过你的每一天,就如发现肿块之前那样。故A项符合语境。

12.A.But B.Otherwise

C.So D.Even

解析:选C 根据空前的“Then everything seems doable.”和空后的“I just booked the trip”可知,两句之间为因果关系,故C项正确。

13.A.expected B.planned

C.described D.experienced

解析:选D 根据该句的语境可知,在伦敦,每天作者都体验着不同的冒险经历。D项意为“体验”,符合语境。

14.A.taught B.enjoyed

C.introduced D.trained

解析:选B 根据语境可知,在旅行过程中,作者和家人学到了很多知识,玩得很开心。enjoy oneself为固定搭配,意为“玩得痛快”。


C.risk D.lesson

解析:选A 根据上一段倒数第二句中的“I just booked the trip”可知,此处表示作者想要这样的旅行已经有多年了。A项意为“旅行”,故A项正确。  terms of B.owing to addition to D.regardless of

解析:选D 根据前一句可知,作者想要这样的旅行已经有多年了;结合该句中的“__16__ life and work, we had finally done __17__”可知,如今,不再顾及工作和生活,作者和家人终于完成了夙愿。D项意为“不管,不顾”,符合语境。   B.them

C.everything D.something

解析:选A 参见上题解析。根据语境可知,空处指代上文中的“trip”,作动词do的宾语,故用it。

18.A.for B.with D.beyond

解析:选C 根据该句语境可知,作者非常喜欢通过生活来进行家庭学习,by意为“通过……方式”,故C项正确。

19.A.eager B.grateful

C.ready D.sorry

解析:选B 根据该句的语境并结合常识可知,没有什么比知道孩子们对这次旅行心怀感激更美好的了。B项意为“感激的”,符合语境。

C.adventures D.chances

解析:选C 根据语境可知,有一天他们可能会意识到有时最好的冒险发生在从极度恐惧中活下来之后。C项意为“冒险”,符合语境。第三段的“every day I __13__ a different adventure”是提示。


(2018·武汉四月调研)Sending gifts varies greatly from country to country. In Australia, Canada, the United States __1__ European countries, sending gifts is rarely expected. While seen as a nice gesture, it is more important to avoid __2__ (give) highly personal gifts such as clothing. When visiting the home of a colleague from one of these __3__ (country), it is normally appropriate to bring a gift to the hostess.

In America, __4__ (expense) gifts are definitely out. A good __5__ (choose) is to take the deserving person to dinner, or to __6__ entertainment or a sporting event. __7__ the contrary, gift giving is a traditional custom in Japan. In Japan the proper gift is thought __8__ (express) the giver's true friendship, gratitude and respect far __9__ (well) than words can. So if you plan to visit Japan or to have any Japanese visit you here, be prepared.

Australia is known for its friendliness and informality. So modest gifts, such as a diary, a paperweight, or a coffee cup might __10__ (present) to a friend. At a trade show, T­shirts, ties, baseball caps, or a pin may be appropriate souvenirs. Anything more than these types of gifts could cause embarrassment.


1.and 根据空前的“Australia, Canada, the United States”和空后的“European countries”可知,空处前后为并列关系,故用并列连词and。 avoid doing sth.为固定搭配,意为“避免做某事”,故填giving。

3.countries 根据空前的these可知,可数名词country应当用复数形式。

4.expensive 空处修饰后面的名词gifts,故用形容词形式。

5.choice 根据空前的形容词good和不定冠词A可以判断,空处应用名词的单数形式。 该处泛指“一次娱乐活动”,entertainment的读音以元音音素开头,故用an。

7.On on the contrary 为固定搭配,意为“与此相反”。 express 此处表示“在日本,恰当的礼物被认为表达了送礼物者真正的友谊”。be thought to do sth.为固定搭配,意为“被认为做了某事”,故用动词不定式。

9.better 根据空后的than可知,该处用well的比较级。 presented 该句主语modest gifts和动词present之间是被动关系,故用被动语态。



This summer I travelled from noisy Beijing to Wuzhen, a beautiful village in Zhejiang Province. Unfolded before me was __1__ unique image of this water country — the stone bridge and the water flowing, all like fairy tales to me.

However, __2__ impressed me most was not the natural scenery but the scene of a grandma bathing a little baby in a wooden basin with the door open. My friends couldn't help __3__ (take) pictures of them. To my surprise, the grandma smiled and waved at us. All of a sudden, my heart was filled with __4__ (warm).

I shared the photo and my __5__ (forget) experience with my friends. They were __6__ (simple) moved as I was, but at the same time they reminded me of the unpleasant experiences in big cities. We feel embarrassed to see people quarrelling in public because they __7__ (step) on accidentally by strangers.

According to a recent survey __8__ (make) in November 2016: 45 percent of the residents don't know the names of their neighbors; 63 percent have never devoted __9__ (they) to talking to their neighbors; 67 percent think that the relationship between them and their neighbors is just so­so, or even bad. 

Wouldn't it be beautiful to say hello to our neighbors who just came back __10__ work and give them a smile?


1.a image是可数名词,且第一次在语境中出现,故用不定冠词修饰,且unique的读音不是以元音音素开头的,故用不定冠词a。

2.what what引导主语从句,且在从句中作主语,表示物的概念。

3.taking 固定词组搭配:can't help doing sth.意为“情不自禁做某事”,符合语境,故用动名词作宾语。

4.warmth 介词后跟名词、代词或动名词作宾语,故用名词warmth作介词with的宾语。

5.unforgettable 修饰名词的词一般为形容词,且此处与第二段呼应,作者和朋友们分享的是难忘的经历,故用形容词unforgettable修饰名词experience,在句子中作定语。

6.simply 修饰动词的词一般为副词,故用副词simply在句子中作状语。

7.are stepped 根据语境中by的提示可知,此处表示被动概念,且由句中feel的时态可知,应用一般现在时的被动语态,即are stepped。

8.made make和句子谓语之间没有连词,且和其逻辑主语survey之间为被动关系,故用过去分词作后置定语。

9.themselves 根据语境可知,此处用反身代词themselves作宾语。

10.from 根据语境可知,此处表示下班后回来,故用介词from。


(2018·武汉四月调研)How time flies! I had hardly had time to enjoy the warmth of my home while it's time go back to school. This winter I spend ten days studying maths, chemistry and physics, none of which was easily for me.

And I still had some fun during the Spring Festival. I had attended my uncle's wedding and my new aunt was very beautiful. To my disappoint, I didn't get many lucky money as I had expected. I also went to the cinema with several classmates. We played jokes on each other and had a big meal in a restaurant calling “Red Lobster”. The food there was very delicious and we all really enjoyed myself.

答案:第二句:while→when; go前加to

第三句:spend→spent; easily→easy



第六句:disappoint→disappointment; many→much











参考词汇:中美文化交流Sino­US cultural exchanges

Dear Mike,

I'm writing to tell you something about my trip to America.





Li Hua


Dear Mike,

I'm writing to tell you something about my trip to America. This summer I am to attend an English summer camp for Sino­US cultural exchanges, which I have long been dreaming about.

This program is aimed at promoting the understanding of the people and culture between the two countries. During the two­week English summer camp, we will visit some famous American universities, experience American culture and customs, and tour places of interest in the US. Furthermore, we will also be offered a platform to practice our spoken English in an authentic language environment.

I am sure that this program will help me better understand the cultural difference between the two countries. Meanwhile, I can introduce my country to American students through this program, which will definitely be a great success.

Looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua

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