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必修三 Unit 9 Wheels教师解析版

必修三   Unit 9 Wheels

[单词 拼写应用]



1.therefore adv. 所以,因此

2.hopeful adj. (人)抱有希望的

3.thief n. 贼,小偷

4.platform n. 站台,月台

5.gentle adj. 和善的,温和的

6.vocabulary n. 词汇;词汇量

7.foolish adj. 愚蠢的

8.sunlight n. 阳光,日光 n. 购物

10.figure n. 数字,数目

11.pedestrian n. 行人

12.ambassador n. 大使

13.fierce adj. 凶狠的,凶恶的

14.schedule n. 时间表;进度表

15.kindergarten n. 幼儿园

16.pavement n. 人行道

17.ferry n. 渡船






1.actual adj. 实际的

 →actually adv. 实际地,真实地

2.benefit vi.&n. 得益;好处

 →beneficial adj. 有好处的

3.convenience n. 方便,便利

 →convenient adj. 方便的,便利的

4.neighbourhood n. 街坊;邻近地区

 →neighbour n. 邻居

5.consequence n. 后果,结果

 →consequent adj. 随之而发生的;必然的

6.argue vi. 争辩,争吵

 →argument n. 理由;论据;争论,争辩

7.sense n. 感觉

 →sensitive adj. 善解人意的;敏感的

8.responsibility n. 责任,负责,职责

 →responsible adj. 负责的

9.impression n. 印象,感觉

 →impress vt. 给某人深刻印象,使铭记

 →impressive adj. 令人印象深刻的,感人的

10.rely vi. 依靠,依赖

 →reliable adj. 可靠的

11.appreciate vt. 感谢;欣赏

 →appreciation n. 感激;评价

12.construct v. 建造,建设

 →construction n. 建筑;建筑物

13.physics n. 物理学

 →physicist n. 物理学家

 →physical adj. 身体的;物质的

14.admit vt. 承认,供认

 →admission n. 承认;允许进入

15.addicted adj. 沉溺于……的

 →addict n. 对……入迷的人;瘾君子

 →addiction n. 瘾;嗜好

 →addictive adj. 使人上瘾的

16.occupy vt. 占用(空间、面积、时间等)

 →occupation n. 职业

17.suit vt. 适合

 →suitable adj. 适合的

18.frequent adj. 时常发生的

 →frequently adv. 频繁地,时常








1.I have my doubts that anyone has actually(actual) followed the procedures strictly.(2017·天津高考)

2.Buses run frequently(frequent) between the city and the airport.

3.Many of the fish caught for sport are not suitable(suit) for eating,so they are thrown away.

4.Located where the Belt meets the Road,Jiangsu will contribute more to the Belt and Road construction(construct).(2017·江苏高考)

5.We talked until the early hours,and consequently(consequence) we overslept.

6.It is beneficial(benefit) to some people,while it puts others into a dilemma over whether to vote or not.(2016·江苏高考·书面表达)

7.Stop feeling embarrassed because you are a sensitive(sense) person and your emotions are close to the surface.

8.He is a reliable(rely) man,and you can rely on him to do what he has promised.

9.If you try to bring up the matter again,you will be very foolish(fool).

10.The Japanese occupied Taiwan and the occupation lasted fifty­one years.(occupy)

11.My house is in a convenient place,near the station;please come to me at your convenience.(convenient)

12.The man has been addicted to smoking for many years,but he is now fighting his addiction to smoking.(addict)





①occupation 职业

②vocation 职业

③career 职业,生涯

④cause 事业

⑤employment 职业,工作


①word n. 单词

②phrase n. 短语

③sentence n. 句子

④idiom n. 习语

⑤proverb n. 谚语

⑥passage n. 一节

⑦paragraph n. 段落

⑧article n. 文章




















[短语 多维应用]




1.fed up 不愉快的,厌烦的 out 做运动,锻炼身体

3.rely on 依赖,依靠

4.pull up (车辆)停止,停车

5.pull out (火车)驶离车站,出站 far 迄今为止


7.take place 发生;举行

8.go up 上升

9.on average 通常;平均

10.get/be stuck in 困在……,陷入…… addicted to 沉溺于 related to 与……有关

13.thanks to 由于,因为

14.take part in 参加

15.take action 采取行动




1.Working out for an hour every day is good for your health.

2.It's been a good game so far but it would be nice to see a few more goals.

3.When the girl was two years old,she had an interest in learning English,so her mother read three words to her on average every day.

4.Great changes have taken place in my hometown over the last ten years.

5.The driving instructor told me to pull up at the post office.

6.The success of this project relies on everyone making an effort.

7.When I hurried to the station,the train has just pulled out.

8.So far the prices of many goods have been going up so that many families live a hard life.

9.Ary told me straight out that she was fed up and wanted to leave.

10.Thanks to his effort,it is more successful than we have expected.




①fed up ②be sick of

③be bored with ④be tired of

⑤be weary of


①thanks to ②as a result of

③on account of ④as a consequence of

⑤in consequence of ⑥due to

⑦owing to ⑧because of


①be admitted to 接纳,录取

②be accustomed to 习惯于

③be devoted to 致力于

④be related to 与……有关

⑤be concerned about 担忧,担心

⑥be opposed to 反对,对抗


[句式 结构仿写]




Wherever someone finished a journey they would leave the bike there for someone else to use.


Wherever we go,we have to accommodate ourselves to new circumstances.


How often do we arrive at work or school stressed out,tired and angry?



My father went home from work,tired and hungry.

3.on (the) one hand...on the other (hand)...“一方面……另一方面……”

In conclusion,on the one hand Ludford is an attractive town with good shops and many places of interest.On the other hand,the local governments need to do something to control the traffic which passes through the town.



On the one hand I admire his gifts,but on the other hand I distrust his judgment.

4.compared to...作状语

But anger and stress are nothing compared to the real costs of the motor car.



Compared to you,I still have a long way to go.

5.It was...who/that...强调句型

Before 1908,when Ford's cars became available to the public,it was only the very rich who could afford to own a car.



It was through hard work that he succeeded.




 benefit vi.&n.得益;好处

[教材原句] People have been enjoying the benefits of cycling in Amsterdam for years.多年来阿姆斯特丹的人们一直享受着骑脚踏车的好处。

(1)benefit sb. 使某人受益

benefit from/by 从……中受益

(2)be of(great) benefit (to...) (对)……(大)有裨益

for the benefit of 为了……的利益

get benefit from... 从……中受益

(3)beneficial adj. 有益的;受益的

be beneficial to sb. 对某人有益


①Keep it in mind,and gradually we can gain this good learning habit and benefit from it.记住它,我们逐渐地可以养成这种好的学习习惯并且从中获益。

②China has been pushing the reform of public hospitals for the benefit of all its citizens.为了所有市民的利益,中国一直在推进公立医院的改革。

③It is said that yoga is of great benefit to human health.=It is said that yoga is very beneficial to human health.




A large number of students will benefit from the new teaching method.

①A large number of students will get benefit from the new teaching method.

②The new teaching method will benefit a large number of students.


 convenient adj.方便的,便利的

[教材原句] It is a good city for cycling because it is flat and therefore is convenient for bikes.


(1)It is/was convenient for sb. to do sth.


sth. be convenient to/for sb. 对某人来说做某事是方便的

(2)convenience n. 方便

at one's convenience 在某人方便的时候

for convenience 为方便起见

①Would it be convenient for you to pick me up at four o'clock and take me to the airport?


②Come at any time that is convenient to/for you.


③Can you telephone me at your convenience to arrange a meeting?


[名师点津] convenient作表语时,不可用人作主语,而要用事物作主语或用it来充当形式主语,后接不定式的主动形式。


 argue vi.争辩,争吵


[经典例句] I don't want to argue with you—just do it!(牛津词典)我不想和你争辩——请干吧!

(1)argue with sb.about/over sth.


argue that... 主张,认为……

argue for/against... 为赞成/反对……而辩论

argue sb.into doing sth. 说服某人做某事

argue sb.out of doing sth. 说服某人不做某事

(2)argument n. 争论,辩论;论据,论点,理由

have an argumentwith sb.与某人争论about/over sth.争论某事

beyond argument 无需争论

①Some argued that attention should be paid to our heavy road traffic.(2015·江苏高考·书面表达)


②The children are arguing with their parents about/over where to spend their holiday.


③We tried many ways to argue him into accepting our advice,but in vain.我们尝试了很多办法劝说他接受我们的建议,但都是徒然。


 appreciate vt.欣赏;感激;意识到

[高考佳句] Very quickly,she learned to appreciate life rather than to judge everything so harshly.(2015·福建高考·完形填空)很快,她学会了欣赏生活而不是如此刻薄地评判每一件事。

(1)appreciate+n./pron./v.­ing  重视/感激……

I would appreciate it if... 假如……,我将不胜感激

(2)appreciation n. 欣赏;感激

①I'd appreciate your writing me back as soon as possible.你尽早回信我将感激不尽。

②I would appreciate it if you would help me with it.


③Here I sincerely express my appreciation (appreciate) if you could help find the lost suitcase.


[名师点津] 当appreciate,hate,dislike,love,like,depend/rely on等词后接宾语从句时,一般先加it,再接宾语从句。

④I hate it when people talk with their mouths full.




①(普通表达)I will be thankful if you can let me know your decision as soon as possible.

②(高级表达)I would appreciate it if you could let me know your decision as soon as possible.


 amount n.数量,数目;总额

[高考佳句] Although the job takes a significant amount of time,most students agree that the experience is worth it.(2015·湖南高考·单项填空)尽管这份工作要花大量的时间,但大多数学生认为这次经历是值得的。

(1)a large/small amount of 大/少量的

large/small amounts of 大/少量的

in large amounts 大量地

(2)amount vi. 合计,共计

amount to 合计;共计;等同于

①It's best to buy vegetables in large amounts because they are cheaper now.


②An amount of milk has been bought (buy) for the children so far.到目前为止已为孩子们买了大量的牛奶。

③Consumers spending on sports­related items amounted to £9.75 billion.


[名师点津] an amount (of),amounts (of)作主语或其修饰的名词作主语时,谓语动词的数常根据amount的单复数而定。


 figure n.[C]体形;数字;人物;画像;塑像;人影


[高考佳句] Sitting back in the car on the way to the airport,I figured it all out. (2016·全国卷Ⅱ·完形填空)在去机场的路上,我坐在车的后排,完全明白了。

figure out 计算出;理解,明白

figure on/upon 指望;计划

keep one's figure 保持体形/身材

①We can't figure out why so many people were taken in by such a simple trick.


②If you want to keep your figure,please follow me and keep taking exercise every day.



 admit vt.承认,供认;准许……入内;准许……加入;可容纳

[经典例句] Dana admitted feeling hurt by what I had said.(朗文辞典)


admit doing/having done/that... 承认……

admit sb. to/into... 准许某人进入/加入/入学(入院)

be admitted to/into 被接纳进入;被录取到……

admit sb./sth. to be/as 承认某人/某物……

①After being seen in Hollywood,Ma Yun admitted that he's interested in making movies for Chinese young people.被发现去过好莱坞之后,马云承认他确实有兴趣为中国的年轻人制作电影。

②You should have the courage to admit your mistakes.=You should have the courage to admit your making (make) mistakes.=You should have the courage to admit that you made(make) mistakes.


③Our football team decided to admit him as one of the members.



 occupy vt.居住;占用,使用;占领;使忙碌,使从事

[教材原句] On average,about forty people travel in one bus,while the same number occupy thirty­three cars.平均而言,大约40人乘坐一辆公共汽车,而同样数量的人要占用33辆小轿车。

occupy sb./oneself with sth./in doing sth. 使某人忙于某事 occupied with sth./in doing sth. 某人忙于某事

①The famous writer was occupied in writing autobiography.那位著名作家忙于写自传。

②He would have attended your birthday party but he occupied himself with a very important experiment.他本来想参加你的生日晚会,但是他忙于一个非常重要的实验。

③Occupied (occupy) in looking after three children at home,she no longer has time to enjoy the various activities in the club.忙于在家照顾三个孩子,她再也无暇参与俱乐部的各种活动。



①He is engaged in making up a plan for the summer holiday.

②He is busy with a plan for the summer holiday.

③He is busy (in) making up a plan for the summer holiday.

④He is occupied in making up a plan for the summer holiday.

⑤He is occupied with a plan for the summer holiday.


 suit n.一套外衣;套装 vt.适合;使适宜

[教材原句] Do whichever of these things that suit you.做任何适合你的事。

(1) 使……适合于……

suit yourself 随自己的意愿

suit sb. fine 很适合某人

(2)suitable adj. 合适的,适合的

be suitable for sb./sth. 适合于某人/某物

be suitable to do sth. 适合做某事

①This kind of accommodation offers an independent lifestyle and are suitable for the long­stay student.这种宿舍提供独立的生活方式,更适合长期住校生。

②He can suit his conversation to whoever he's with.



 work out锻炼身体,做运动;解决,解答;计算出;产生结果,发展;制订出

[一词多义] 写出下列句中work out的含义

①If you spend time working out every day,you'll have a healthy body.锻炼

②To work out the difficult maths problem,I have consulted Professor Russell several times.计算出

③The area can be easily worked out if you know the length and the width.解决

④It wasn't too long before we had worked out a plan acceptable to all.制订出

⑤We have to depend on our original plan if this one doesn't work out.起作用

(1)work on 从事……,继续……

work at 从事/致力于……

(2)out of work 失业

at work 在工作;在干活

⑥He has been working at a new novel for over a year now.一年多来,他一直在写一部新小说。

⑦The law to be carried out next month will benefit those who are out of work.


[名师点津] work out作“解决;制订出”讲时,是及物动词短语,可以带宾语;作“锻炼;产生结果”时,为不及物动词短语,没有被动形式。


 rely on依赖,依靠

[经典例句] Many working women rely on relatives to help take care of their children.(朗文辞典)


rely on/upon sb./sth. 依靠某人/某物

rely on/upon sb. to do/doing sth. 依靠/指望某人做某事

rely on/upon sb. for sth. 依赖某人做某事

rely on/upon it that... 相信……;指望……

①You can't just rely on your parents to lend/lending(lend) you the money.


②You may rely on it that the work will be finished ahead of time.



 pull up(车辆)停止,停车;拔出;提高,改进;责怪

[教材原句] She pulled up suddenly at the traffic lights.


pull down 拉下(遮帘、帘子等);拆毁,拆掉(建筑物)

pull off (费力气)脱掉(衣服)

pull out 驶出

pull through 渡过难关,摆脱危险

①Plans have been put forward to pull down and rebuild the area.


②Pull off your wet clothes and let me dry them over the fire.


③Tom is popular with his colleagues,which helps him pull through the poverty of his family.




 (教材P42)How often do we arrive at work or school stressed out,tired and angry?


句中stressed out,tired and angry为形容词短语在句中作状语。


①One woman was lying in bed,awake,listening to the rushing winds.


②Surprised and happy,Tony stood up and accepted the prize.又惊又喜,托尼站起来接受了奖励。

[名师点津] 形容词作状语时,常用以说明句子主语的状态,即和主语常可构成系表关系。如果用以修饰句子的谓语动词或修饰整个句子,则应用副词作状语。

③He was robbed last night,but luckily (luck) he didn't have much on him then.他昨晚被抢劫了,但幸运的是那时他身上没有多少钱。


 (教材P46)Before 1908,when Ford's cars became available to the public,it was only the very rich who could afford to own a car.


整个句子为强调句,对主语the very rich进行强调。




Is/Was it+被强调部分+that/who...?


特殊疑问词+is/was it+that/who...?

(5)对含有“not...until...”句型中的时间状语进行强调时,应用“It is/was not until...that...”结构。

①It was on a cold November night that I saw my creation for the first time.


②Was it ten years ago that his father died?


③When is it that you will set off?



He didn't meet the girl he would like to marry until he came back from Africa that year.

①Not until he came back from Africa that year did he meet the girl he would like to marry.(倒装句)

②It was not until he came back from Africa that year that he met the girl he would like to marry.(强调句型)

(教材P36)The new “white bike” is not actually white but is an unusual design with bright colours.这种新的“白色自行车”实际上不是白色的,而是一种颜色鲜艳的特殊设计。


not...but...连接的并列成分作主语时,谓语动词的人称和数遵循“就近原则”,即谓语动词与but后的成分在人称和数上保持一致。用法类似的结构还有either...or...,neither...nor...,not only...but (also)...等。


①Not the manager but the workers are (be) hoping to do that.


②Not only the students but(also) their teacher is (be) going to see the movie.


[多角快练]——练单词 练短语 练句型————————————————



1.She has been addicting herself to drinking (drink) since she broke up with her boyfriend.

2.You may rely on it that he'll pay back all your money.

3.He was injured in the accident and was admitted to the hospital.

4.I appreciate your ringing (ring) back to me so timely.

5.She spends a large amount of money on clothes every year.

6.It was not until the authority approved it that the cinema could show it.

7.People have been receiving (receive) financial aid since they lost their homes,jobs and businesses in the storm last month.

8.There have been (be)two world wars in the past hundred years.



1.At average,people who don't smoke are healthier than people who do.


2.He was careless,and as consequence he failed the test.


3.Is it convenient of you to come out this evening?


4.It was 8:00 that he telephoned me and told me the news.


5.By the time he realizes he walked into a trap,it'll be too late for him to do anything about it.


6.Cycling is highly beneficial for health and the environment.




请根据Lesson 1的课文,在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

In the 1960s,a group of cycling fans came up 1.with an idea that it would be better for everybody if cars were not allowed in the city centre and only bicycles were.It could contribute to 2.saving (save) energy and protecting environment.Then people were free use (use) the bicycles painted by the group for short journeys.4.However,all the bicycles were stolen by thieves,5.which annoyed the cycling fans.6.Over three decades later,the “white bike” has returned,with each one 7.fixed (fix) with a computer chip,by which the bike's every move is recorded.In addition,the bicycles have special parking places.Nowadays,with locals and tourists using the white bikes,there is already 8.less (little) traffic in central Amsterdam.Therefore,this city,where people 9.have been enjoying(enjoy) the benefits of cycling for many years,is called “City of Bicycles” because of the 10.convenience (convenient) for bicycles there.




1.现在很多青年沉溺于网络。(be addicted to)


3.大部分年轻人承认因特网的大部分内容对我们有很大好处。 (admit,content,of great benefit)


5.最后我们制定了一个计划控制我们的上网时间。(work out)

第一步 练写作





At present, many young people are addicted to the Internet. Therefore, at the meeting holding last week we arguing about its advantages and disadvantages. Although most contents of the Internet were of great benefit was admitted, but its unsuitable contents also occupied our priceless time. At last we worked out the plan to control the time we'll spend surfing the Internet.



At present, many young people are addicted to the Internet. Therefore, at the meeting heldholding last week we arguedarguing about its advantages and disadvantages. Although that most contents of the Internet were of great benefit was admitted,  its unsuitable contents also occupied our priceless time. At last we worked out athe plan to control the time we'll spend surfing the Internet.






1. Where does this conversation most probably take place?

A. At a nursery.  B. In a laundry.       C. In a library.

2. When are Jenny’s parents coming?

A. In April.                B. In June.                 C. In February.

3. What will the woman probably do?

A.Write a book review      B. Go to visit the writer.       C. Buy the writer’s new book.  

4. What does the man mean?

A. The lady’s room is a long way from here.

B. The woman is not able to use the lady’s room right now.  

C.The woman has to sign up for using the lady’s room.

5. Why won’t the woman eat any more?

A.She has had enough. B. She isn’t feeling well.     C.  She is losing weight.


第二节(共15小题;每小题1. 5分,满分22. 5分)



6. What do we know about Kate?

A. She’s too busy to see a doctor.

B. The doctor’s advice does her no good.

C. She hasn’t got well though she has seen a doctor.

7. Who will go to see Kate?

A. The man.                  B. The woman.         C. Both of them.



8. What does the man want?

A. More fun.                 B. Less work.           C. A good dinner.

9. How does the man feel?

A. Excited.    B. Dissatisfied.        C. Sleepy.


10. What is the man’s attitude towards his older generation?

A. Admiring.          B. Doubtful.      C. Disappointed.



11. Why does the man hire some bikes?

A. To go traveling abroad.      

B. To go to visit the bicycle rental shop.

C. To visit the island with his friend.

12. What does the woman suggest?

A. Seeing her tomorrow.         B. Hiring a motorbike.       C. Going to the beach.

13. Where is the man staying?

A. At the Holiday Sun Hotel.      B. At Burt’s Bicycle Rental.    C. At No. 100 Teckman Street.



14. When did Meg hand in the report?

A. On September 1st.      B. On September 3rd.       C. On September 5th.

15. What is the most important to Starbucks’ success?

A. Its management.      B. The taste of its coffee.    C. Its selections of stores and service.

16. What does the professor advise Meg to do?

A. To do more research.          B. To change a new topic.   C. To leave out some figures.



17. What is Task Rabbit?

A. A service company.     B. An old company with new ideas.

C. A successful magazine that offers many services.

18. What could a Task Rabbit worker do?

A. Find you a job to do.     B. Lend you money for rent.      C. Help you move your furniture.

19. Who founded the company Task Rabbit?

A.Sally.                      B. Leah Busque.                C. Neighbors.

20. What is the theme of Task Rabbit?

A. Making millions of dollars.    

B. Finding ways to help the elderly.

C. Connecting neighbors to help each other.


 1-5 ABCBC    6-10 CAABA     11-15 CBACB  16-20 AACBC
























Last summer vacation, I had a unforgettable experience. I went camping. It was the first time that I have traveled alone. At first, I was a little of afraid because I had never left home before. But my parents encouraged me to challenge me. I was luckily to meet a number of teenagers from different provinces. One of the most meaningful activity was climbing the mountain together. We were excited get to the top of the mountain , the height of whose is about 1,500 meters. During the week I learned many new things but made new friends . I also learned what to take care of myself.


1) a-an  2)have-had  3) of 去掉 4)me-myself   5)luckily --lucky  6) activity-activities

7) excited后加to     8) whose-which   9)but-and   10) what-how





    If you travel deep into the mountains of Arabah in the heart of Jordan, you will find the legendary(传奇的)Petra. This 61      (amaze) ancient city is carved into the red sandstone cliffs of the Al Siq gorge(峡谷).

   Petra, 62    was built by the Nabataeans more than 2,000 years ago, was an important trade centre and all caravans(商队)passed through there. It linked Asia and the Middle East 63   the Mediterranean. There are hundreds of 64   (carve) tombs, ruins, huge obelisks(方尖塔)and even a Roman-style amphitheatre(圆形露天竞技场). However, 65      most spectacular(壮观的)sight is the Al-Khazneh at the end of the gorge. The beautiful entrance of this building shows you why Petra 66      (choose) as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.

   A guided tour by donkey or camel is very popular with tourists 67    (want) to admire the outstanding architecture of this glorious city. In addition to these 68    (treasure), there are two fantastic museums: The Petra Archaeological and The Petra Nabataean, where visitors can see finds from the area on display and get a feel of 69      life was like for the people of Petra.

   Petra offers visitors a chance to know about Jordanian history. A trip to this ancient city is 70      (absolute)

worth the time and effort.


61. amazing   62 which   63, with  64 carved   65 the    66 was chosen   67 wanting

68. treasures    69 what    70. absolutely








How to Save Money to Visit Shanghai Disneyland

The “happiest place on earth” is a top destination on many families' bucket lists.But taking a vacation to Disney World can be difficult to do on budget.There are some considerations that you can make to reduce the cost of your Disney World vacation.

1.Come Prepared

Plan ahead so that you don't have to purchase a necessity at Disneyland that you could have brought from home.For example, check the weather so that you don't need to buy a rain poncho or an umbrella.

2.Buy Souvenirs in Advance

Disney has influenced practically every industry, which makes it easy to find Disney items anywhere, from Walmart, Target, and your local grocery stores to department stores and Amazon.You can save a lot of money by purchasing items before your trip at these less expensive places than at Disneyland.

3.Make an Autograph Book

An autograph book is seen as a must­have by many Disneyland enthusiasts and is a memory you can take home with you.These books can cost anywhere from $7.95 to $19.95 at the Disney Store and up to $30 for the latest­and­greatest autograph book at Disneyland, such as the park's 60th anniversary edition.Other choices can get the job done for under $5.For example, you can buy a small photo album, cute pads or notebooks.

4.Take Advantage of Discounts Offered to Special Groups

Disney offers a wide variety of discounts, including for military service members, college students, teachers, and youth groups.If you think you might qualify for a special discount or group rate, call the Disneyland Resort to book tickets.


21.It may take you more money to buy souvenirs at________.

A.Amazon        B.department stores

C.Walmart   D.Disneyland

解析:选D 细节理解题。根据Buy Souvenirs in Advance部分的“You can save a lot of money by purchasing items before your trip at these less expensive places than at Disneyland.”可知,在迪士尼乐园里面买纪念品价格更高。

22.How much do you pay for the park's 60th anniversary autograph book?

A.$30.   B.$19.95.

C.$7.95.   D.$5.

解析:选A 细节理解题。根据Make an Autograph Book部分的“... at the Disney Store and up to $30 for the latest­and­greatest autograph book at Disneyland, such as the park's 60th anniversary edition.”可知,迪士尼乐园的60周年纪念版签名簿可以卖到30美元。故选A项。

23.Who can't enjoy the low­priced tickets?

A.All the college students.      B.All the young people.

C.All the teachers.         D.All the military service members.

解析:选B 推理判断题。由最后一部分的“Disney offers a wide variety of discounts, including for military service members, college students, teachers, and youth groups.”可知,军人、大学生、教师以及青年团队可以享受优惠;再结合后面的group rate可知,青年团队属于团队优惠,所以不是所有年轻人都可享受优惠。故选B项。


(2018·重庆市九校联考)Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907, in Mexico City. Kahlo suffered from ill health as a child after catching polio (小儿麻痹症) at age 6, which made her right leg shorter and thinner than the left.

Before her painting career, she aimed for a career in natural sciences, but her dreams were ruined by a serious accident, which caused her pain and illness for the rest of her life. She was paralyzed (瘫痪) for three months, alone and lonely.

Armed with a few brushes, a range of oil paints and a special easel (画架) that allowed her to paint while still in bed, she created some beautiful pieces. Her artwork is sought after by fans and art collectors for high prices, the highest being eight million.

Kahlo married Diego Rivera, a famous Mexican artist. They once divorced in 1939, but remarried in 1940.

Frida Kahlo once said, “I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.” This perfectly describes her painting style, one drawn from her personal pain and tragedies. She is a self­taught artist known for her self­portraits (自画像).

Mexican culture and tradition was something very important to her, evident in many of her paintings. Aside from her strong sense of Mexican pride, various references to religion were also included.

Frida Kahlo's self­portrait, Girl with Necklace, has resurfaced after 60 years of it being hidden from the public eye. This discovery of Kahlo's painting is significant, as only ten percent of her work is available in America due to complex and strict export laws in Mexico. Her works are declared as “artistic monuments” by the Mexican president and any works painted in Mexico must remain in Mexico. These strict laws have produced many fakes of Kahlo's work.

Frida Kahlo's legacy lives on till this day, for being not only a well­known female artist of color, but also a breaker of cultural and societal barriers.


24.What caused Kahlo to begin painting?

A.Her love for painting.           B.Her love of natural scenery.

C.Her pain and loneliness in bed.   D.Her desire to make more money.

解析:选C 推理判断题。结合文章第二、三段中的“She was paralyzed (瘫痪) for three months, alone and lonely”和“Armed with a few brushes ... that allowed her to paint while still in bed, she created some beautiful pieces”可以推断,弗里达在病床上用绘画来转移注意力。

25.What style are Kahlo's paintings?

A.Realistic.   B.Romantic.

C.Abstract.   D.Impressionistic.

解析:选A 细节理解题。根据第五段中弗里达所说的话“I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality”以及作者对此的评论“This perfectly describes her painting style”可知,弗里达的绘画属于现实主义流派。

26.Why is the discovery of Girl with Necklace important?

A.There are a lot of fakes.              B.It is the only portrait of Kahlo.

C.Kahlo's paintings are rare in America.   D.It is regarded as the “artistic monument”.

解析:选C 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段中的“This discovery of Kahlo's painting is significant, as only ten percent of her work is available in America”可知弗里达的绘画作品在美国留存的数量很少,因此Girl with Necklace的发现非常重要。

27.Which of the following best describes Kahlo?

A.Talented but unlucky.           B.Brave but self­centered.

C.Optimistic and conservative.     D.Ambitious and sensitive.

解析:选A 推理判断题。弗里达一生深受病痛的折磨,但她靠自学成为墨西哥最受欢迎的女画家,由此可见,弗里达是一个有天赋但不幸的人。


Who could have imagined that a treadmill on wheels would one day go somewhere? The Lopifit is an unusual means of transportation that allows you to power an electric bicycle by walking on a treadmill.

Bruin Bergmeester, the founder of the Lopifit says it all started when he asked himself the question “How can I use the treadmill outdoors?” He eventually came up with a functional design, added an electric engine, and the Lopifit was made. It's similar to an electric bicycle in that the motor only engages when the rider puts power in as well.

To use the Lopifit, simply turn on the battery and use your foot to slide the treadmill backwards and activate the motor. Then get on and enjoy the ride! If you need speed, just walk on the treadmill, and if you want to coast, all you have to do is stay still and admire the view. To stop, you have two hand brakes. The right lever stops the motor assist and activates a rear disc brake, while the left one stops the treadmill itself, so you can go from motor assist to coasting.

The Lopifit first hit the streets in 2014 and, unsurprisingly, became an instant hit. That was actually quite challenging for the company, because it started getting inquiries and calls for orders, but it was nowhere near ready for mass production. The unique treadmill bicycle became available this year, and the Lopifit is struggling to keep up with demand, despite the high price tag of $2,115.

But despite having a very loyal fan­base of so­called Lopifitters, the ingenious means of transportation also has naysayers who simply consider the concept stupid and unnecessary. They basically believe that if you're going to walk, you might as well do it the old fashioned way. But the Lopifit does have the unique advantage of helping you “walk” really fast without breaking a sweat, or walking at cycling speed, if you will.

语篇解读:本文是说明文。跑步机也能成为一种交通工具吗?多亏了Lopifit的创始人Bruin Bergmeester的脑洞,这已经成为现实。

28.What can you do with the help of the Lopifit?

A.Answer some hard questions.      B.Add power to your bicycle.

C.Create a treadmill on wheels.      D.Cycle to work by walking.

解析:选D 细节理解题。第一段告诉我们电动自行车Lopifit是一款与众不同的交通工具,你可以通过在跑步机行走来为它充电,故选择D项。

29.What is Paragraph 2 mainly about?

A.How the Lopifit was born.             B.Where the Lopifit can be used.

C.Who the Lopifit was intended for.       D.Which design is suitable for the Lopifit.

解析:选A 段落大意题。根据第二段中的“it all started when he asked himself the question ‘How can I use the treadmill outdoors?’ He eventually came up with a functional design”可知,该段主要讲述了Lopifit的诞生。

30.Which of the following is TRUE about using the Lopifit?

A.The right lever can stop the Lopifit's treadmill.

B.The left lever can control the Lopifit's rear disc brake.

C.The right lever can make the Lopifit's motor stop working.

D.Your foot can help the Lopifit go from motor assist to coasting.

解析:选C 细节理解题。根据第三段中的“The right lever stops the motor assist and activates a rear disc brake”可知选C项。

31.According to Paragraph 4, we know that the Lopifit ________.

A.was hard to design              B.was cheap and available in 2014

C.always broke down on the streets  D.couldn't meet customers' demands

解析:选D 推理判断题。根据第四段中的“That was actually quite challenging for the company, because it started getting inquiries and calls for orders, but it was nowhere near ready for mass production”可知,2014年Lopifit首次出街便火速蹿红。这对Lopifit公司来说是一个很大的考验,因为他们还没有做好大规模生产的准备,就开始收到咨询和订购需求。


(2018·安徽省无为中学模拟)When it comes to human behaviour, the brain is shown to have two different approaches to thinking. A common thought process is the automatic and fast approach which helps us to react quickly in dangerous situations. This is known as system 1  and dates back to the times of our prehistoric ancestors, who lived with a natural awareness of the dangers around them — bad weather and threatening animals. Nowadays, we still have the ability to react so rapidly and naturally to situations that it can feel like you're not thinking at all. Have you ever found yourself giving in to temptation and unable to say “no” to buying that new jacket in the window? This is because system 1 is in control — a human characteristic which the world of advertising likes to make the most of!

System 2 is the opposite. It's a slow thought process that requires us to pay attention and concentrate, for example, when doing a complex mathematical sum. This way of thinking helps us to make sensible long­term decisions. The problem is that system 2 often starts to feel boring and so system 1takes over. How often have you put down your homework or put off doing important jobs to go on Facebook or watch a TV soap?

We like to think that we go through life mainly using system 2. As individuals, we are in control, always taking sensible and logical decisions. System 1 type thoughts are reserved for special occasions when we can afford to relax a little — on holiday perhaps. However, the former plays more of a secondary role in our lives, with the latter taking the main stage.

Sometimes it's system 1 that makes the right decision but system 2 that gets it wrong. For example, professional sports teams put a lot of effort into a game plan but often it's the unconscious human wish to do something differently that leads to a spectacular goal. This can also lead to the common mistaken idea that your successful decisions demonstrate your skill and talent, when in fact they were just luck.


32.According to the text, modern advertising succeeds by ________.

A.exciting our natural desires           B.taking advantage of our fears

C.causing us to react in a safe way       D.studying the prehistoric human mind

解析:选A 推理判断题。由第一段中的“giving in to temptation”及“a human characteristic”等可推知,商家正是利用激发人类天生的欲望来打广告的。

33.What is system 2 good for?

A.Coming up with creative ideas.         B.Concentrating for long periods.

C.Performing difficult mental tasks.       D.Doing several tasks at the same time.

解析:选C 推理判断题。由第二段中的“doing a complex mathematical sum”可推知,system 2思维模式有利于人类做复杂的脑力工作。

34.What does “This” in the last paragraph refer to?

A.An unexpected sports win.         B.A sudden change of action.

C.An unconscious mistake.          D.A mature plan.

解析:选A 代词指代题。This指代的是前文提到的精彩的进球,也就是临时的人为决定带来的意外胜利。

35.What's the text mainly about?

A.How to make sensible decisions.       B.What controls our mind.

C.Two systems of thought.             D.Human characteristics.

解析:选C 主旨大意题。全文用对比的手法介绍了人类的两种思维模式各自的作用、优劣及相互关系,故选C项。


Friendship, do you value?

Friendship is a gift of God. But it may be taken for granted in some cases and not valued. __36__ Say one has no child even after many years of marriage and the other has many children, more than they can manage. What do you think? Will the couple with many children value the children as much as the couple which has none? Everything is relative in life. We value what we don't have and give less value to what is freely available to us. __37__

Why should we value friendships? What qualities does a good friend bring to our relationship that makes the friendship so valuable? Let us examine some of these.

Judgment — A good friend is rarely judgmental. We can be open in our behavior with our good friends because we know that they will not judge us. __38__ With other people our actions and behavior are always calculated and guarded and that takes away lots of pleasure from our life.

Share sorrow and losses — A friend can be depended upon to share all our problems and sorrows. __39__ Once I saw the image of a man left alone in a village after an earthquake. The whole village got killed except this man. With whom, will this man share his sorrow? A friend gives us this gift.

Hope — During our times of trouble, only a friend comes forward and gives us encouragement and hope. __40__

A.This is no small gift of friendship.

B.Friendship is one such relationship.

C.It is similar to a case of two couples.

D.Some of us are blessed with good friends.

E.We can enjoy this freedom only with good friends.

F.With that inspiration, we regain confidence in ourselves.

G.This sharing may not reduce the loss but helps us unburden ourselves.


36.解析:选C 由本空前面的“it may be taken for granted in some cases”可锁定C项中的a case,而后面的具体事例与两对夫妇有关,故C项符合语境。

37.解析:选B 选项B起承上启下的作用。本空前面说“我们珍惜那些自己得不到的而忽视那些容易得到的”,后面又对为什么要珍惜友谊提出设问,根据此语境可知选B项“友谊就是这样一种关系”。

38.解析:选E 根据本空前面的“好朋友不会评判我们”以及后面的“和别人在一起时,我们的行为会被算计和提防,因此失去了很多生活的乐趣”可知,只有和好朋友在一起时,我们才能享受这种做自己的自由。

39.解析:选G 本段主要论述了“分享”的意义。本空后面的例子论证了不能分享的痛苦,故此处应该是承接上文进一步说明“分享”的好处。G项中的This sharing指代上句中的“Share sorrow and losses”及“share all our problems and sorrows”。

40.解析:选F F项中的inspiration与前面的encouragement相呼应,说明正是朋友的鼓励使我们重拾自信。




(2018·东北育才学校模拟)On Sunday, Samuel Flores noticed a dog standing on the pavement carefully watching over the __41__ body of another dog. He called the local animal rescue association for __42__ and was soon joined by the organization's founder Julie Fennell. Fennell __43__ approached the dog. __44__ he initially resisted, the dog appeared to __45__ they were trying to help and finally agreed to get into Fennell's car. __46__, even as Fennell was taking him to the __47__, he kept looking through the window toward where his companion had been __48__. The poor dog, of course, had no idea that the team had __49__ his dead friend as well.

Since the dog did not have a collar or planted microchip, it took some time for the rescue shelter to locate its __50__. At the same time, though, __51__ the moving picture of the dog __52__ his friend that Flores posted on his social media pages, the animal shelter was flooded with __53__ from people wishing to adopt the __54__ dog.

Fortunately, they were able to locate its __55__ owners who had been searching for these two dogs, Brian and Marley. Fennell says that __56__ the trail of blood on the road, Marley had most likely been hit by a car. She believes that Brian had not only dragged his friend to the __57__, but also, patiently stood guard for almost six hours.

Though Brian has been __58__ with his owners, the shelter has many dogs that are __59__ looking for good homes. The shelter's officials hope that this story will __60__ more people to adopt these animals.


41.A.relaxed  B.Lifeless     C.disabled  D.powerful

解析:选B 根据本段末尾的“dead friend”可知这只小狗的同伴已经去世,故它在认真守护着的是一具“无生命的(lifeless)”尸体。   B.Advice    C.adoption  D.information

解析:选A 根据该空后的“joined by the organization's founder”可知,Samuel给动物收容所打电话是为了寻求“帮助(help)”。

43.A.eagerly  B.Bravely   C.cautiously  D.nervously

解析:选C 接近不熟悉的动物时要“谨慎(cautiously)”,这是常识,专业人员当然不会不知道。

44.A.If   B.When    C.Because   D.Though

解析:选D 最初的“反抗”和最后的“同意上车”之间是转折关系,故此处填转折连词Though。

45.A.expect   B.Realize    C.Wonder    D.imagine

解析:选B 根据该空后面的“finally agreed to get into Fennell's car”可以推知,小狗好像“意识到(realize)”他们在尽力帮它。

46.A.However  B.Therefore   C.Moreover  D.Otherwise

解析:选A 小狗最后同意上车了,“然而(However)”,当汽车离去时,它一直透过窗户看同伴所在的地方。  B.Home   C.shelter

解析:选C 根据下文中的“it took some time for the rescue shelter to locate its ...”可知小狗被送到了动物“收容所(shelter)”。

48.A.lying   B.Watching   C.sleeping  D.standing

解析:选A 小狗的同伴已经去世了,所以应该是“躺(lying)”在那里。

49.A.picked up   B.gone after   C.sent away  D.thrown away

解析:选A 根据本句最后的“as well”可知,死去的小狗也被“捡起来了(picked up)”。

50.A.buyers  B.Friends   C.owners  D.founders

解析:选C 因为没有项圈和植入的微芯片,找到小狗的“主人(owners)”花了不少时间。下文中的“owners who had been searching for these two dogs”也给出了提示。 to    B.thanks to    C.except for   D.regardless of

解析:选B “因为(thanks to)”小狗的照片被贴到了社交网站上,所以许多人才能看到并希望领养这只小狗。

52.A.pulling   B.Following    C.saving    D.guarding

解析:选D 根据上文的“a dog standing on the pavement carefully watching over the ________ body of another dog”可知,这是一张关于小狗“守护(guarding)”朋友的照片。  B.Money   C.calls  D.comments

解析:选C Flores把小狗守护同伴的照片贴到社交网站后,动物收容所接到无数想要领养小狗的人们打来的“电话(calls)”。

54.A.sick    B.Loyal   C.Injured    D.lucky

解析:选B 由上文的“carefully watching over”以及下一段末尾的“patiently stood guard for almost six hours”可知这是一只“忠诚的(loyal)”小狗。

55.A.busy  B.Angry    C.tired  D.worried

解析:选D 根据该空后面的“had been searching for these two dogs”可推知,小狗的主人很“着急(worried)”。

56.A.relying on   B.looking for    C.judging from  D.discussing about

解析:选C Marley可能是被一辆车撞了的事实是通过路面上的血迹“判断(judging from)”出来的。

57.A.side  B.Ground    C.gate  D.road

解析:选A 根据上文中的“a dog standing on the pavement”可推知,小狗Brian把朋友拖到了“路边(side)”并耐心守护近六个小时。

58.A.connected  B.Trained    C.compared  D.reunited

解析:选D 解析见下题。

59.A.never    B.Still    C.even  D.ever

解析:选B 尽管Brian已经和他的主人“团聚(reunited)”了,但收容所还有许多狗“仍然(still)”在寻找好的归宿。

60.A.allow  B.Advise     C.force  D.encourage

解析:选D 动物收容所的官员希望这则故事能“鼓励(encourage)”更多人领养这些可爱的动物。



In human history, many ancient and splendid civilizations were born and died. China is the only country __61__ uninterrupted human civilization. Chinese civilization was born on the shores of the Yellow River. And the rich land __62__ Chinese civilization began is in Henan Province.

The Yellow River goes across __63__ (center) Henan. It is China's main north­to­south and east­to­west artery (干线). China's most ancient tribal __64__ (lead), the Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor, were born here. Even today, Chinese people all over the world still __65__ (proud) call themselves the descendants (后裔) of these two emperors.

The river holds __66__ unshakable position in the heart of every Chinese, __67__ (respect) by every generation and called “the Mother River”. With intelligence, hard work and determination, Chinese descendants pursue co­existence and common prosperity on this land. The 5,464­km­long Yellow River breaks the last barrier and flows into the broad plain, __68__ (form) the cradle (摇篮) of Chinese civilization.

Till now, the Yellow River __69__ (raise) 13 dynasties' capital Luoyang, 8 dynasties' capital Kaifeng and the biggest economic center in __70__ (it) area — Zhengzhou.



61.with 考查介词。中国是唯一一个拥有不间断的人类文明的国家。此处表示“有”,故填介词with。

62.where 考查关系副词。这片孕育了中华文明的肥沃土地就位于河南省。分析句子结构可知,空处在此引导定语从句,且在从句中作地点状语,故填where。

63.central 考查形容词。空处位于专有名词Henan前面,应填一个形容词作定语,表示“中心的”。故填central。

64.leaders 考查名词。中国最早的部落首领炎黄二帝诞生于此。根据句意可知,此处应填复数名词leaders“首领,领袖”。

65.proudly 考查副词。空处修饰动词call,故用副词proudly。 考查冠词。黄河在每一个中国人心中的地位都是不可动摇的。position“位置”,是可数名词,此处表泛指,故填不定冠词;且空处位于发音以元音音素开头的单词前,应用an。

67.respected 考查非谓语动词。黄河受每代人的尊敬,被称为“母亲河”。分析句子结构可知,respect与The river之间为逻辑上的动宾关系,故用过去分词作后置定语。故填respected。

68.forming 考查非谓语动词。5 464公里长的黄河冲破了最后的壁垒,流入广袤的平原之中,形成了中华文明的摇篮。分析句子结构可知,form与句子主语之间是逻辑上的主谓关系,故用现在分词作结果状语。

69.has raised 考查动词的时态。黄河孕育了13朝古都洛阳,8朝古都开封以及其流域内最大的经济中心——郑州。由句中的时间状语可知,此处应用现在完成时强调过去的动作对现在造成的影响。

70.its 考查代词。分析句子结构可知,空处在句中作定语,修饰area,故填its。




Now I want to share with you some tip on my learning English. What actually helps me is watching English TV programmes and films. They don't have to be anything really difficultly. I would like to recommend that you can start with a children's show you had already seen. On one hand, you know what is happened. You can concentrate on writing down useful words and phrases or try to repeat that is said. On the other hand, you can hear English speak in a more natural way. In my opinion, I will learn much faster but benefit a lot more if you do as I.




第四句:can→should或去掉can; had→have


第六句:try→trying; that→what


第八句:第一个I→you; but→and




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