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1.(2017·天津卷)It was when I got back to my apartment ________ I first came across my new neighbors.

【答案】that 此处是“It is/was...that...”强调句式,强调的是when引导的时间状语从句,故填that。

2.(2016·天津卷)You are waiting at a wrong place.It is at the hotel ________ the coach picks up tourists.

【答案】that 本题考查强调句型,at the hotel是被强调部分,缺少强调句式中的that,故填that。

3.(2016·全国卷Ⅱ)It could be anything—gardening, cooking, music, sports—but whatever it is, ________ (make) sure it's a relief from daily stress rather than another thing to worry about.

【答案】make 句中动词短语置于句首,构成祈使句,故用动词原形。

4.(天津卷)Only after Mary read her composition the second time  ________ she notice the spelling mistake.

【答案】did 当only修饰的时间状语位于句首时,主句要用部分倒装,且由本句时态可知应用一般过去时,故填did。句子还原为正常语序为:Mary noticed the spelling mistake only after she read her composition the second time.。

5.(2015·天津卷改编)Only when Lily walked into the office ________ she realize that she had left the contract at home.

【答案】did only修饰状语或者状语从句位于句首时,主句谓语动词要用部分倒装,根据句子可判断此处借助动词来构成倒装,且根据题干可知是过去的事情,故用一般过去时。


1.(2016·全国卷Ⅲ)At last,I will be on my own,but I still want to have my parents to turn to whenever need help.________

【答案】whenever后加I whenever引导的时间状语从句缺了主语,根据句意可知,此处应加主语I。

2.(福建卷改编)It was the culture,rather than the language,what made it hard for him to adapt to the new environment abroad.________

【答案】what→that 本句是一个强调句型,其基本结构是:It is/was+被强调部分+that/who+其他,本句被强调部分是the culture,rather than the language,故用that。

3.(2015·湖南卷改编)Only after talking to two students I discover that having strong motivation is one of the biggest factors in reaching goals.________

【答案】students后加did 分析句子结构得知only引导的状语位于句首时要用部分倒装形式。部分倒装需要把助动词/情态动词/be动词提前,根据句子可判断此处借助助动词did完成倒装。

4.(湖南卷改编)Children,when accompanying by their parents,are allowed to enter the stadium.________

【答案】accompanying→accompanied 在状语从句中,当主句主语与从句主语一致,且谓语动词含有be或be的某种形式时,可以省略从句中的主语和be。从句的完整形式为when they are accompanied by...,省略了they are。



1.(2018·湖北襄阳四校联考)Although it was ten years ago ________ I read the book, it shows me a universal truth that books are friends, always pushing us to move on.

【答案】that 分析句子结构可知,本句为强调句型,强调时间状语,所以填that。

2.(2018·广西梧州高三一模)Freddy gave him a job and housing and lent him pocket money while ________(train) him.

【答案】training 根据宾语him判断,train在此是动词,其逻辑主语与句子的主语一致,且二者为主动关系,故填现在分词。

3.(2018·湖北荆门调研)It wasn't until in high school ________ I began to trust other people again.

【答案】that 句意为: 直到上了高中我才开始再次信任别人。本句考查强调句型“It is/was+被强调部分+that+其他成分”。

4.(2018·湖北荆州中学四次质检)Only then ________ we realize there was an earthquake.I was too frightened to move.

【答案】did 句意为:只有在那时我们才意识到地震发生了。我太害怕了以至于一动不动。“Only+状语”位于句首,后面的句子需要部分倒装。本句介绍的是过去的事情,需用一般过去时,故填did。

5.(2018·江苏连云港灌南华侨双语学校月考)Now,just in front of the house ________(stand) a tall tree with a history of 100 years.

【答案】stands 句意为:现在,就在这座房子前面耸立着一棵有100年历史的大树。表示地点的介词短语置于句首,且主语是名词,后面的主语、谓语部分需用全部倒装形式;根据时间状语Now可推知设空处需用一般现在时;本句主语为单数第三人称,故填stands。

6.(2018·江西新余一中、宜春一中联考)Are you too old for fairy tales?If you think ________, Copenhagen is sure to change your mind.

【答案】so 句意为:你是不是老得连童话都不想听了?如果你这样认为,哥本哈根肯定会改变你的想法。本句考查省略。so被置于believe,hope,suppose,think等动词后以避免重复。本句中so用来代替you are too old for fairy tales。

7.(2018·湖北四地七校联考)In recent years,stress has been regarded as a cause of medical problems.However,like so many other things,it is only too much stress ________ does you harm.

【答案】that 设空处所在句句意为:但是,像很多其他的事情一样,只有太多的压力才会伤害到你。第二句中,去掉it is及设空处,句子结构和意义仍然完整,因此此句为强调句,其基本句型为“It is/was+被强调部分+that/who+其他”。本句被强调的部分为事物,故填that。

8.(2018·江西九江高三一模)I was in trouble in overcoming my addiction to alcohol,and ________ was my friend Mike.

【答案】so 根据句意判断,所填的词要能表达出后一种情况与前面情况相同这一意义,故用so,构成“so+谓语动词+主语”这种倒装结构,表示“……也……”。

9.(2018·江苏苏锡常镇四市调研)One has reason to believe that China's anti­corruption over the past few years,tough ________ it is,has achieved inspiring progress.

【答案】as/though 句意为:有理由相信在过去的几年里中国的反腐活动取得了令人鼓舞的成就,虽然该活动很艰难。as/though引导让步状语从句时采用了形式倒装。

10.(2018·安徽百校论坛二次联考)It is how you handle each challenge ________ counts.

【答案】that 句意为:你怎样处理每一个挑战很重要。本题考查强调句型(It is/was+被强调部分+that/who+ 其他成分)。本句中被强调部分为how you handle each challenge,表示“非人”,故填that。

11.(2018·湖北荆州中学四次质检)________ is no doubt that human activity, which does great harm to the environment, is the main cause.

【答案】There 句意为:毫无疑问,非常危害环境的人类活动是主要原因。“There is no doubt that...”为固定句型,意为:毫无疑问……。

12.(2018·天津河西区二模,7)________ (get) to the top of the tower building, where you can see the whole city.

【答案】Get “________ (get) to the top of the tower building”为祈使句,故设空处填Get。

13.(2018·江西樟树中学等六校一联)In that way,World Read Aloud Day ________(do)help make a difference.

【答案】does 句意为:通过那种方式,世界大声读书日的确帮助产生了影响。本句主语为单数第三人称,设空处后的谓语动词是动词原形help,根据提示词do可知本题考查强调。do/does/did放在实义动词前表示强调。本句主语为单数第三人称,故填does。

14.You should be fully prepared before going walking in the mountain.Above all, ________ (bring)plenty of drinking water with you.

【答案】bring 分析句子结构可知后一句缺少谓语,此处为祈使句结构。句意:去山里散步之前,你应该做好充分的准备。最重要的是,要带足够多的饮用水。

15.(2018·陕西西安八校联考)As far as I can see,  ________  is no possibility that he will win the tennis match this time.

【答案】there 句意:依我看,他没有赢得这次网球比赛的可能性。There is no possibility that...意为“没有……的可能性”,为there be 句型。故填there。

16.There is a house near the river.There lives a man in the house and there  ________  (be) a lot of fish in the river.

【答案】are 此处表示河里有很多鱼。此处fish指的是鱼不是鱼肉,fish单复数同形,故谓语动词用复数are。

17.(2018·四川部分名校联测)At the top of the hill ________  (lie) an old cottage which has a wonderful view of the whole city.

【答案】lies 当介词短语置于句首时,句子应用完全倒装,去除修饰部分which has a wonderful view of the whole city后,还原成正常语序为:An old cottage ________ (lie) at the top of the hill.句意:山顶上坐落着一间能一览全城美景的古老小屋。结合定语从句的时态可以判断,此处应用一般现在时,故填lies。

18.(2018·山东部分重点中学第二次联考)Yes, of course they celebrate Christmas here, and there are obviously displays in shops and Christmas markets, but  ________  seem to be no signs of Christmas adverts.

【答案】there 句意:当然他们在这里庆祝圣诞节,而且很明显商店和圣诞节市场里有很多展览品,但是似乎没有圣诞广告的迹象。考查there be句型,be动词可用lie,exist,seem,remain等替代。


1.(2018·山西重点中学协作体一模)When taken exams, we sometimes cheat in order to get good results to make our parents and teachers pleased.________

【答案】taken→taking 句意为:当我们参加考试时,为了取得好结果来使我们的父母和老师高兴,我们有时会作弊。本题考查省略。将句子补全后为:When we are taking exams,we sometimes cheat in order to get good results to make our parents and teachers pleased.时间状语从句主语与主句主语一致,且从句中含有be动词时,可将从句主语和be动词去掉,故将taken改为taking。

2.(2018·山东菏泽一模)As is known to us all, some students have  breakfast regularly while others don't. There is several reasons.________

【答案】is→are 句意为:众所周知,一些学生有规律地吃早餐而其他学生并非如此。这有几个原因。there be句型中,be要和后面的主语保持一致,本句中several reasons为复数形式,故将There is改为There are。

3.(2018·湖南衡阳市八中、永州市四中一联)It is working in teams instead of on my own which has freed me from trouble and made my work more efficient.________

【答案】which→that 句意为:是团队合作而不是我自己单打独斗使我克服了困难并使我的工作效率更高。本句考查强调句型。强调句型为:It is/was+被强调部分+that+其他成分。由此可见需将which改为that。

4.(2018·河北衡水中学三次调研)Once upon a time, it was a boy whose parents named him Odd.________

【答案】it→there 句意为:从前有一个男孩儿,他的父母给他取名叫Odd。本题考查“there be”句型,意为:有……。

5.(2018·山东潍坊一模)My dear friends, don't afraid of problems,but take advantage of them to be the best of ourselves.________

【答案】don't后加be 句意为:我亲爱的朋友,不要害怕问题,而要充分利用问题使我们自己成为最佳。“don't afraid of problems”为祈使句的否定形式,形容词afraid前需加上系动词be。

6.(2018·湖北襄阳四校联考)Just as the old saying goes,“Happiness lies in contentment.”Only in this way we relax ourselves and achieve more progress.________

【答案】way后加can或者will 当“only+状语”位于句首时,要用部分倒装。

7.(2018·湖南长郡中学等四校联考)There has a big library in our school.________

【答案】has→is 句意为:我们学校有一个很大的图书馆。本题考查there be句型。没有there have/has句型。

8.(2018·福建福州八中高三质检)Therefore,it was no doubt that I was left alone,suffering from loneliness and failure.________

【答案】it→there there is no doubt that...是一个固定句型,意为“毫无疑问”。 

9.(2018·湖南株洲教学质量检测)How an interesting country to live in!________

【答案】How→What 根据后面的名词country可知,应用what引起感叹。

10.(2018·湖南长沙一模)Doing as well as you can today, and perhaps you may be able to do better tomorrow. ________ 

【答案】Doing→Do 该句为“祈使句+and+陈述句”结构,祈使句句首应用动词原形,故将Doing改为Do。