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淮南暑期英语培训班解析专题5 阅读理解Ⅲ:推理判断题

淮南暑期英语培训班解析专题5 阅读理解Ⅲ:推理判断题

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1. 【浙江省七彩联盟2018届高三上学期期中】B

If you have flown with JetBlue or Delta airlines lately, you might recall a new program that allows passengers to board their flights with a facial recognition scan. However, you might not have known that these systems were also the first stage of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) “Biometric Exit” program, which has been in place since June of last year, Slate reports.

According to Slate, the DHS has partnered with Delta to make face recognition scans mandatory (强制的) for certain international flights leaving Atlanta and New York. DHS is also working with JetBlue to develop a similar system for travelers flying from Boston to Aruba.

So, how does it work? Essentially, computers “match passport and visa photos of U.S. visa holders to photos taken at the airport from which they’re departing the country,” Mashable says. “This helps the U.S. make sure the people getting on the plane are the same people who hold those visas.”

Still, the two programs are slightly different. The Delta system compares a photo of the passenger’s face, taken by a kiosk (信息服务亭) at the boarding gate, to photos from State Department databases. It also checks passengers’ citizenship or immigration (移民) status. If you’re flying with JetBlue, you can voluntarily get your face scanned instead of using a physical ticket.

And these systems aren’t going away anytime soon; in fact, the program is expected to expand in the coming years. Homeland Security is currently negotiating to make face recognition a common feature across all American TSA security checkpoints, says U.S. Customs and Border Protection executive John Wagner.

6. What can be inferred from the last paragraph?

A. The two systems are to be perfected.

B. There will be no privacy for passengers.

C. JetBlue will be more efficient than Delta.

D. More airlines will be involved in the program.

7. For what purpose does the author write this passage?

A. To warn travelers of the danger of taking certain flights.

B. To inform traveler of the new program for some flights.

C. To make a positive comment on the new systems.

D. To protest against the new systems.

【答案】 7. B

淮南暑期英语培训班,专题5 阅读理解Ⅲ:推理判断题

2. 【辽宁省鞍山市第一中学2018届高三上学期第二次模拟】B

A primary school in Britain has put up signs to warn parents, who are addicted to playing with their phones, to greet their children with a smile rather than stare at their screens. It has become a common sight at the school gate to see children running up to their parents, only to find their parent are absorbed in reading news online, reading e-book, or watching their favorite videos.

Now the headmaster at a primary school in Middlesbrough, has put up the signs at all three entrances to the school. The signs say, “Greet your a woman holding a phone to her ear is crossed out in a red circle. The headmaster said, “We are trying to develop students’ speaking and listening skills and we think it is a simple way to get the message across. It isn’t only an issue among parents, but it also emphasizes that speaking and listening can help student to have discussions.”

The move had different responses. Danielle Parker, a parent, said, “I think the signs are unacceptable because most of the parents pick their children up with phones.” Another parent said, “It’s a good thing. Greeting children with smiles can also develop the relationship between parents and children.” Some parents when questioned were hesitant about the signs. Lindan Bradley, a pupil at the school, said he agreed with the signs, saying, “Why should children see parents playing their mobile phones all the time?”

Last year, research warned that parents’ devotion to cellphones had made some neglected children start primary school unable to hold conversations. Almost a third of children are not ready for the classroom when they start school.

8. What is the author’s attitude to the signs put up by the school?

A. Approving.

B. Opposed.

C. Objective.

D. Indifferent.

【答案】 8. C


3. 【辽宁省鞍山市第一中学2018届高三上学期第二次模拟】C

The day finally came. I was very excited as I stood in line, waiting to receive my high school diploma. I looked around at the graduating class of our small Christian school and wondered how we had grown up so fast. After that weekend we would go our separate ways. Many planned on attending college far away, as I did. Others had jobs lined up and few were thinking about marriage.

Directly in front of me was a friend I’d known for six years; we had been on many adventures together. He grinned, looking a little smug(洋洋得意的). He and a couple of students had played one last triok before they graduated: The night before, they’d slipped into the principal’s home and used rolls of toilet paper to decorate his house and yard. I eyed the principal on the stage. He gave no indication that anything was wrong.

We moved slowly up in line. My friend walked across the stage and received his diploma. Then my name was called. I took a deep breath, nervously climbed the steps, crossed the stage under the hot lights and stopped in front of the principal. He gave me a big smile, shook my hand and handed me my diploma. I couldn’t wait to open the diploma  case and find my name, certifying that I had graduated. However, when my friend opened his case, we all burst out laughing. Instead of a diploma, a single square of toilet paper was placed inside.

Our high school principal had a great sense of humor and took this opportunity to play a trick back on the boys. I thought they were required to clean his house and yard, but they got off easily. They were allowed to graduate.

Sometimes we get lucky when we do something wrong. However, sometimes we don’t. I often wonder how those who do wrong things get rid of troubles. We have decisions to make throughout our lives. The surest way to stay out of trouble is to avoid it in the first place.

11. How did the author’s friend feel the moment he opened his diploma case?

A. Satisfied.

B. Touched.

C. Embarrassed.

D. Calm.

【答案】  11. C   

4. 【黑龙江省佳木斯市第一中学2018届高三上学期第五次调研】B

A supermarket checkout operator was praised for striking a blow for modem manners and a return to the age of politeness after refusing to serve a shopper who was talking on her mobile phone. The supermarket manager was forced to apologize to the customer who complained she was told her goods would not be scanned unless she hung up her phone. Jo Clark, 46, said, “I don’t know what she was playing at. I couldn't believe how rude she was. When did she have the right to give me a lecture on checkout manners? I won’t be shopping there again.”

But users of social media sites and Internet forums(论坛)were very angry that store gave in and the public appeared to be supporting the angry checkout worker. “Perhaps this is d turning point for mobile phone users everywhere. When chatting, keep your eyes on people around you. That includes people trying to serve you, other road users and especially people behind you in the stairs,” said a typical post.

“It's time checkout staff fought back against these people constantly chatting on their phones. They can drive anyone crazy. It's rude and annoying. I often want to grab someone's phone and throw it as far as I can, even though I am not a checkout girl, just a passer-by,” said another.

Siobhan Freegard, founder of parenting site said, “While this checkout operator doesn't have the authority to order customers to switch off their phones, you can see clearly how frustrated and angry she felt No matter how busy you are, life is nicer when you and those around you have good manners.”

6. The third and fourth paragraphs imply that the public   .

A. are used to chatting on their mobile phones.

B. are driven crazy by constant mobile calls.

C. seem to support the checkout operator.

D. ignore the existence of mobile phone users.

【答案】6. C 

5. 【四川省成都外国语学校2018届高三12月月考】C

Mass communication has been growing and affecting the way communities and people behave. At every stage of the development of communication, from the telegraph to the Internet, societies have had to adapt to its effects. But have the effects been more positive or negative?

The saying “knowledge is power” has been an excellent motivator for people to improve their lives, but today the massive amount of information available through the Internet doesn't always seem to be helping people in the way we’d hoped. Rather than improving people’s lives and bringing us closer together, the information age is making us more divided and irresponsible.

Nevertheless, many people find comfort in their virtual (虚拟的) worlds and are happy to connect with real-life friends and online friends from the familiar surroundings of their living rooms. However, being able to reinvent themselves online and be whoever they want to be leads to the question of whether they are losing their identities by living in a virtual world. It's not all bad news, however. Mass communication has helped change some attitudes for the better. Take our views on the environment for example. Internet campaigns by governments and other organizations have helped popularize the ideas of recycling, protecting wildlife and reducing pollution.

Modern electronic communication now influences every aspect of our lives - it is a powerful tool that has raised some concerns for society. However, it has also brought countless benefits to society. At the end of the day, it can be used both for good or evil, which largely relies on the morals and sense of responsibility of the individual or community involved. In short, it needs to be used with care.

10. What can we infer from Paragraph 3?

A. People only connect with online friends.

B. Online friends can be comforting for all people.

C. Virtual lives can make people clear of who they are.

D. The Internet helps to raise our environmental awareness.

11. What is the writer's attitude to electronic communication in the last paragraph?

A. It should be used in a cautious way.

B. It does more harm than good to society.

C. Its side effects can't be handled by individuals.

D. It should be strictly controlled by the government.

【答案】  10. D    11. A   

11. A推理判断题。根据最后一段中At the end of the day, it can be used both for good or evil, which largely relies on the morals and sense of responsibility of the individual or community involved. In short, it needs to be used with care.可知电子通讯应该谨慎使用。故选A。

6. 【东北三省三校2017届高三第二次联合模拟】C

For generations, students were taught to stretch before playing games. Then the practice fell out of favor. Studies seemed to show that such stretching temporarily reduces muscular power, weakens athletic performance and increases the risk of injury. So most fitness experts currently advise against stretches before exercise. But now a new research indicates that they might not be such a bad idea after all.

This month, the journal, Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism (APNM), published a study by four distinguished exercise scientists who analyzed more than 200 studies of how stretching affects the following exercise. In broad terms, they found that stretching can briefly prevent the ability to generate power. So if you reach for your toes and hold that position, tightening your hamstrings (腿筋), you might not then be able to leap as high or start a dash as forcefully as you don’t stretch.

Those undesirable effects were generally found, however, only if each stretch was held for more than 60 seconds and the subject then immediately became fully active, with no further warm-up. “Outside the lab, most people are unlikely to hold a warm-up stretch for longer than about 30 seconds.” Dr. McHugh, the co-author of the study says. The review found few lasting negative impacts from these short stretches, especially if the volunteers followed that stretching with several minutes of jogging or other basic warm-up movements. In fact, these short stretches turned out to have a positive effect.

Do these findings mean that all the athletes should stretch in advance before a match? “Not necessarily,” Dr. McHugh says, “Runners and cyclists don’t have much risk for acute muscle injuries.” Stretching before these activities is unlikely to protect against injury. Runners and cyclists can adequately warm up by jogging or pedaling lightly. But he suggests that people who play basketball and other ball sports should stretch in advance. Those who haven’t stretched since childhood gym class might want to consider consulting an athletic trainer about the best upper and lower body stretches, particularly for the shoulders and hamstrings.

29. According to the new research, people may suffer negative impacts when _______.

A. they do stretches after attending a game

B. they reach for toes and hold that position

C. following a stretch with several minutes’ jogging

D. dashing immediately after one 60-second plus stretch

30. We can learn from the passage that _______.

A. all athletes should not stretch in advance

B. the four scientists published the journal APNM

C. it’s unnecessary for a tennis player to do warm-up stretches

D. players ought to have done warm-up stretches since childhood

31. What’s Dr. McHugh’s attitude toward stretches?

A. Concerned.    B. Doubtful.    C. Disapproving.    D. Objective.

【答案】   29. D    30. A    31. D

30. A推理判断题。根据最后一段Do these findings mean that all the athletes should stretch in advance before a match? “Not necessarily,”可知发现表明并不是所有运动员都要比赛前热身,要区别对待。故选A.

31. D推理判断题。根据最后一段Dr. McHugh对热身的观点Stretching before these activities is unlikely to protect against injury. Runners and cyclists can adequately warm up by jogging or pedaling lightly. But he suggests that people who play basketball and other ball sports should stretch in advance.可知不能千篇一律,要区别对待。可见他对此是比较客观的。故选D.

7. 【河南省豫北豫南名校2018届高三上学期第二次联考】B

I once knew a high school teacher who made, in my mind, a curious comment. Referring to a naughty student, he remarked, with a tone of gloomy resignation, “People don’t change.” I knew the kid well. He was what one would call a “juvenile delinquent(不良少年)”. But if schooling held no promise of making positive changes in kids, what was the point teaching?

My own son, Alyosha, growing up, was athletic, energetic, and occasionally hard to handle. But he never showed the least interest in tools, or working with his hands in any way. The result was that he couldn’t tell a screwdriver from a paintbrush. I recall one day, as I fussed under the car, calling out to him to bring me an adjustable wrench(知动扳手). He fetched a pair of pliers(钳子). “No,” I pleaded while trying to hold an oily car part in place. “Pliers.” He went back into the garage and returned with a bar. “No, no,” I corrected him. “The adjustable wrench! For loosening a nut.” To which, in his own defennce, he exclaimed, “Well, I don’t know!”

Years passed. And then, one day, well into his 20s, he told me he had decided on a technical school: machinery technology. I nodded approvingly, but already knew that it was a challenging field, full of moving parts, tools, and dreaded math.

During his period in Coast Guard technical school I thought about him daily, wondering what the outcome would be. I had prepared myself for the phone call telling me that it was just too much and he was being sent to sea as a deckhand.

It didn’t happen. The phone did ring, but it was Alyosha asking me to fly to Virginia to attend his graduation and pin his new rank on his collar. Prouder I couldn’t have been.

As I stood before my son, Alyosha, standing at attention and staring dead ahead, glanced at me. “You want me to help you, Dad?” he said. “Always,” I answered, “but not this time.”

Yeah, people do chance. And, in my experience, it’s usually something to see.

4. What’s the author’s attitude towards the teacher’s remark?

A. He approves of it    B. He argues against it

C. He is interested in it    D. He is uncertain about it

5. The examples in Paragraph 3 are used to show Alyosha___________.

A. lacked team spirit    B. knew nothing about mechanics

C. had a bad relationship with his dad    D. was unwilling to learn any handwork

6. Before Alyosha made the final decision about his future, he ___________.

A. had no college education    B. turned to his dad for help

C. tried many different things    D. learned mechanics for years

7. Why was the author ready to get the phone call from his son?

A. He missed his son very much

B. He had an appointment with his son

C. He expected good news about his son

D. He thought his son would quit school

【答案】4. B    5. D    6. C    7. D

5. 推理判断题。根据My own son, Alyosha, growing up, was athletic, energetic, and occasionally hard to handle. But he never showed the least interest in tools, or working with his hands in any way.得知作者以儿子Alyosha为例,说明孩子虽然爱运动、有活力,偶尔不好管教,但是从来对动手工作不感兴趣。Alyosha动手能力差。故选D。

6. 推理判断题。根据Years passed. And then, one day, well into his 20s, he told me he had decided on a technical school: machinery technology.得知孩子在多年后才对自己以后要学些什么做出决定。故选C。

7. 推理判断题。根据第四段第二句“I had prepared myself for the phone call telling me it was just too much and that he was being sent to sea as a deckhand.”可知,作者已经做好了儿子放弃机械技术的准备。故选D。

8. 【广东省五校2018届高三12月联考】D

At your next meeting, wait for a pause in conversation and try to measure how long it lasts.

Among English speakers, chances are that it will be a second or two at most. But while this pattern may be universal, our awareness of silence differs dramatically across cultures.

What one culture considers a confusing or awkward pause may be seen by others as a valuable moment of reflection and sign of respect for what the last speaker has said. Research in Dutch (荷兰语)and also in English found that when a silence in conversation stretches to four seconds, people start to feel uneasy. In contrast, a separate study of business meetings found that Japanese people are happy with silences of 8.2 seconds---nearly twice as long as in Americans’ meetings.

In Japan, it is recognized that the best communication is when you don’t speak at all. It’s already a failure to understand each other by speaking because you’re repairing that failure by using words.

In the US, it may originate from the history of colonial(殖民地的)America as a crossroads of many different races. When you have a complex of difference, it’s hard to establish common understanding unless you talk and there’s understandably a kind of anxiety unless people are verbally engaged to establish a common life. this applies also to some extent to London.

In contract, when there’s more homogeneity, perhaps it’s easier for some kinds of silence to appear. For example, among your closest friends and family it’s easier to sit in silence than with people you’re less well acquainted with.

14. What can we learn from the text?

A. A four second silence in conversation is universal

B. It’s hard for American to reach a common agreement

C. English speakers are more talkative than Japanese speakers

D. The closer we and our family are, the easier the silence appears

【答案】  14. D    

9. 【重庆市南开中学2017届高三上学期期中】D

In most cases wars are initiated by governments,not by populations.And,most of the time,they are the result of disputes over resources and land,or of a government’s desire to increase its influence and power.However, looking back over the history of warfare,what is most striking is how willing most people have been to fight in wars,or at least to support them.

The early American psychologist William James once suggested that war is so popular because of its positive psychological effects.It creates a sense of unity in the face of a collective threat and inspires individual citizens (not just soldiers) to behave honorably and unselfishly, in the service of a greater good.It supplies meaning and purpose beyond the routine of everyday life.War also enables the expression of higher human qualities that often lie hidden in ordinary life,such as courage and self-sacrifice.

James’s argument is that human beings need to find activities that provide the same positive effects of warfare but which don’t involve the same destruction,or as he calls it.“the moral equivalent of war”.

In stable , peaceful and more economically developed countries,life is so rich and varied that there are many ways of satisfying these needs—through sport,our careers,entertainment and hobbies.However, in other parts of the world where life is especially hard—when people live in poverty and are oppressed,and where there is little hope for the future,it's harder to satisfy those impulses,and if there is an obvious enemy or oppressor to direct them towards,then war is almost unavoidable.

This isn’t to say that a waning party may not have a just cause,and this argument doesn’t explore other important social and psychological factors involved in war, such as social identity and moral exclusion.However, it does show that any stable.1asting peace depends on creating societies with a richness of opportunity and variety that can meet human needs.The fact that so many societies throughout the world fail to do this makes our future prospects of peace look very gloomy.

14. The author’s attitude towards the future is __________.

A. pessimistic    B. optimistic

C. objective    D. uncertain

【答案】   14. A    

10. 【河南省中原名校(即豫南九校)2018届高三第二次质量考评试题】A The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne

10. 【河南省中原名校(即豫南九校)2018届高三第二次质量考评试题】A

The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne

I bought a box set of four Winnie the Pooh books while on holiday when I was eight years old. I adored Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. They became very real to me and I credit them with starting a lifelong love of reading.

I still have the box set, and loved reading the stories to my children when they were small. Part of me secretly believes A. A. Milne’s wonderful characters are all alive and well and still having their adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood.

-----Roberta Smith

Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights by Charlotte and Emily Bronte

I can never separate Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights when I think about books that have stayed with me. Both had a deep impact on me when I read them as a teenager.

They were the first classic books I read purely for pleasure, rather than because I had to for school.


I grew up in Yorkshire, not far from where the Brontes lived, so part of me really understood the depressing landscape. That close geographical connection led to a lifelong interest in the authors as much as in the books themselves.

I wrote a high-school essay on the contrasts and similarities between Charlotte and Emily and their heroines. I’d be fascinated to read that essay now to see what conclusions I reached as a 17-year-old.

----Jane Lee

3. The text intended to tell us _________.

A. to introduce the books’ authors

B. to improve some classical literature

C. to explain the influence of these books on the writers

D. to make comments on the books’ leading characters

【答案】  3. C

淮南暑期英语培训班,专题5 阅读理解Ⅲ:推理判断题


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