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专题2  完型填空

1.[2016·新课标全国卷I]阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A, B, C和D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

A Heroic Driver

Larry works with Transport Drivers, Inc. One morning in 2009, Larry was   41   along I65 north after delivering to one of his   42  . Suddenly, he saw a car with its bright lights on.   43   he got closer, he found   44   vehicle upside down on the road. One more look and he noticed   45   shooting out from under the   46   vehicle. Larry pulled over, set the brake and   47   the fire extinguisher (灭火器). Two good bursts from the extinguisher and the fire was put out.

The man who had his bright lights on   48   and told Larry he had   49   an emergency call. They   50   heard a woman’s voice coming from the wrecked (毁坏的) vehicle.   51   the vehicle, they saw that a woman was trying to get out of the broken window. They told her to stay   52   until the emergency personnel arrived,   53   she thought the car was going to   54  . Larry told her that he had already put out the fire and she should not move   55   she injured her neck.

Once fire and emergency people arrived, Larry and the other man   56   and let them go to work. Then, Larry asked the   57   if he was needed or   58   to go. They let him and the other man go.

One thing is   59  —Larry went above and beyond the call of duty by getting so close to the burning vehicle! His   60   most likely saved the woman’s life.

41. A. walking B. touring C. traveling D. rushing

42. A. passengers B. colleagues C. employers D. customers

43. A. Since B. Although C. As D. If

44. A. each B. another C. that D. his

45. A. flames B. smoke C. water D. steam

46. A. used B. disabled C. removed D. abandoned

47. A. got hold of B. prepared C. took charge of D. controlled

48. A. came down B. came through C. came in D. came over

49. A. returned B. received C. made D. confirmed

50. A. then B. again C. finally D. even

51. A. Starting B. Parking         C. Passing D. Approaching

52. A. quiet B. still C. away D. calm

53. A. for B. so C. and D. but

54. A. explode B. slip away C. fall apart D. crash(动词和动词短语混搭)注意变化

55. A. as if B. unless C. in case D. after

56. A. stepped forward B. backed off C. moved on D. set out

57. A. woman B. police C. man D. driver

58. A. forbidden B. ready C. asked D. free(动词和形容词混搭)注意变化

59. A. for certain B. for consideration C. reported D. checked(动词和短语混搭)注意变化

60. A. patience B. skills   C. efforts   D. promise

【文章大意】 本文是一篇记叙文。文章主要讲述了司机Larry在路上遇到着火的汽车,积极救人的故事。

41.C walk 走路;tour旅行;travel旅游,行进;rush 冲。根据下文中“Larry pulled over…”可知他沿着公路行驶。故选C。

42.D passenger乘客;colleague同事;employer雇主;customer顾客,客户。根据首句“Larry works with Transport Drivers,Inc.”可知他是送货司机,再根据空前的after delivering可推断他应该是在给客户送完货后在回去的路上。故选D。

46.B 根据第二段中的a woman's voice coming from the wrecked(毁坏的) vehicle可知,汽车被毁坏了。used使用过的;disabled 报废的;removed被移除的;abandoned被遗弃的。故选B。

47.A get hold of拿起;prepare准备;take charge of负责;control控制。根据后句可知他下车拿起灭火器灭火。故选A。

48.D come down下来;come through 经历;come in进来;come over 走过来。那个司机走了过来和Larry说话。故选D。

49.C return 归还;receive a call 接到电话;make a call 打电话;confirm确认。根据下文可知这个司机打了报警电话。 故选C。

50.A then那时;again再次;finally终于;even甚至。根据语境判断,那时他们听到在车内有人发出声音。故选A。

51.D start开始;park停车;pass通过;approach走近。根据上文可知汽车着火了,情况很危险,由此推断Larry他们离汽车很远,故他们走近了才看到车内的那位女士。

52.B quiet 安静的;still不动的;away远离的;calm沉着的。根据本段末句“…she should not move…”可知,Larry让这名女士不要动。故选 B。

53.D 根据后句可以推断这位受困的女士想从汽车里出来,而Larry不让她动,怕她伤到脖子,这两句话之间是转折关系。故选D。

57.B woman妇女;police警察;man男人;driver司机。根据上文“Once fire and emergency people arrived…”可知是救援的警察赶到了现场。Larry问警察是否需要他帮忙,他是否可以走了。故选B。

58.D forbidden被禁止的;ready准备好的;asked被要求的;free自由的。根据后句可知警察让他们离开了,由此判断Larry问警察他是否可以走开。

59.A for certain无疑地, 确定地;for consideration 以供参考;report报道;check核实。有一件事是毫无疑问的,那就是Larry超越职责来给燃烧的汽车灭火。正是Larry的努力挽救了那位女士的性命。故选A。

60.C 从上文可知Larry的努力挽救了这位女士的性命。patience耐心;skill技能;effort努力;promise承诺。故选C。

2.[2016·新课标全国卷Ⅱ]阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A, B, C和D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

Hundreds of people have formed impressions of you through that little device(装置) on your desk. And they’ve never actually   41   you. Everything they know about you   42   through this device, sometimes from hundreds of miles away.   43   they feel they can know you   44   from the sound of your voice. That’s how powerful the   45   is. 

Powerful, yes, but not always   46  . For years I dealt with my travel agent only by phone. Rani, my faceless agent whom I’d never met   47  , got me rock-bottom prices on airfares, cars, and hotels. But her cold voice really   48   me. I sometimes wished to   49   another agent.

One morning, I had to   50   an immediate flight home for a family emergency. I ran into Rani’s office   51  . The woman sitting at the desk,   52   my madness, sympathetically jumped up. She gave me a   53   smile, nodded while listening patiently, and then printed out the   54   immediately. “What a wonderful lady!” I thought.

Rushing out   55   I called out over my shoulder, “By the way, what’s your name?” “I’m Rani,” she said. I turned around and saw a   56   woman with a big smile on her face waving to wish me a safe trip. I was   57  ! Why had I thought she was cold? Rani was, well, so   58  .

Sitting back in the car on the way to the airport, I figured it all out. Rani’s   59   ― her warm smile, her nods, her ‘I’m here for you’   60   ― were all silent signals that didn’t travel through wires.

41. A. accepted B. noticed C. heard D. met

42. A. came B. moved C. ran D. developed

43. A. Thus B. Yet C. Then D. Indeed

44. A. rather B. also C. just D. already

45. A. telephone B. voice C. connection D. impression

46. A. direct B. useful C. easy D. accurate

47. A. in person B. by myself C. in public D. on purpose

48. A. annoyed B. interested C. discouraged D. confused

49. A. promote B. train C. find D. know

50. A. arrange B. postpone C. confirm D. book

51. A. for the first time B. at any time C. from time to time D. in good time

52. A. expecting B. seeing C. testing D. avoiding

53. A. shy B. comforting C. familiar D. forced

54. A. bill B. form C. ticket D. list

55. A. hopefully B. disappointedly C. gratefully D. regretfully

56. A. careful B. serious C. nervous D. pleasant

57. A. amused B. worried C. helpless D. speechless

58. A. calm B. nice C. proud D. clever

59. A. forgiveness B. eagerness C. friendliness D. skillfulness

60. A. explanation B. attitude C. concept D. Behavior


42.A 根据空格前面的“Everything they know about you…”和后面的through this device可知,他们对你的了解来自这个装置。

43.B 根据上下文的意思“虽然你们之间的距离很远,但是他们只要通过你的声音,就可以了解你”可知,这里是转折的关系,因此答案为B。

44.C 别人只要通过声音就可以了解你。此处使用just表示强调。rather相当地;also也;just只是;already已经。

45.A 根据下文的only by phone以及第一段中的信息可知,此处指电话。

46.D 结合文章倒数第二段的“Why had I thought she was cold?”可知,作者通过讲述这个故事,说明了有的时候电话联系不太准确。direct直接的;useful有用的;easy容易的;accurate正确无误的。

47.A in person亲自;by myself靠自己;in public当众;on purpose故意地。A项与空前的faceless形成呼应,Rani是代理人,但是“我”从来没有与Rani碰过面。

48.A 结合前面的her cold voice“她冰冷的声音”可知Rani的声音让作者感到恼怒,甚至想过要换一个代理人,这说明“我”对她的声音很反感。

49.C 与前面的annoyed呼应,由于这个代理人的声音让作者感到恼怒,所以作者想换一个代理人。因此与find 的意义一致。

50.D 结合空格后面的“…an immediate flight home for a family emergency.”可知,因为家庭中的紧急情况,所以作者需要预订一个航班。

51.A 因为情况紧急,所以作者第一次来到了Rani的办公室。

52.B 结合空格前面的“The woman sitting at the desk…”和后面的“…my madness, sympathetically jumped up.”可知,坐在桌子旁边的那位女士,看见“我”的慌张,立即站了起来。

53.B 结合后面的“…nodded while listening patiently…”可知这位女士对待作者的态度非常友好,因此B项符合语境。shy害羞的;comforting安慰的;familiar熟悉的;forced被迫的。

54.C 根据上文的an immediate flight home和下文的“Sitting back in the car on the way to the airport.”可知,这位女士马上给作者打印了机票。

55.C 根据上文的“‘What a wonderful lady!’ I thought.”可知,作者认为这位女士帮了自己大忙,因此作者非常感激这位女士。hopefully充满希望地;disappointedly感到失望地;gratefully感激地;regretfully遗憾地。

58.B 凭借在电话里的印象“我”认为Rani很冷漠,却没有想到实际生活中的Rani是如此善良。

59.C 结合后文中的her warm smile, her nods, her “I'm here for you”可知,Rani对“我”非常友好,并没有电话中的那种冷漠的感觉。forgiveness谅解;eagerness渴望; skilfulness熟练。

    60.B Rani友好的态度并没有从电话线中传递过去。B项指Rani接待“我”的友好的态度。故B项正确。explanation解释;attitude态度;concept概念;behaviour行为。


When I was 13 my only purpose was to become the star on our football team. That meant   41   Miller King, who was the best   42   at our school.

Football season started in September and all summer long I worked out. I carried my football everywhere for   43  .

Just before September, Miller was struck by a car and lost his right arm. I went to see him after he came back from   44  . He looked very   45  , but he didn’t cry.

That season, I   46   all of Miller’s records while he   47   the home games from the bench. We went 10-1 and I was named most valuable player,   48   I often had crazy dreams in which I was to blame for Miller’s   49  .

One afternoon, I was crossing the field to go home and saw Miller   50   going over a fence—which wasn’t   51   to climb if you had both arms. I’m sure I was the last person in the world he wanted to accept   52   from. But even that challenge he accepted. I   53   him move slowly over the fence. When we were finally   54   on the other side, he said to me, “You know, I didn’t tell you this during the season, but you did   55  . Thank you for filling in for   56  .” 

His words freed me from my bad   57  . I thought to myself, how even without an arm he was more of a leader. Damaged but not defeated, he was   58   ahead of me. I was right to have   59   him. From that day on,I grew   60   and a little more real.

41. A. cheering for    B. beating out      C. relying on      D. staying with

42. A. coach        B. student          C. teacher        D. player

43. A. practice      B. show            C. comfort        D. pleasure

44. A. school        B. vacation        C. hospital        D. training

45. A. pale        B. calm            C. relaxed        D. ashamed

46. A. held        B. broke          C. set            D. tried

47. A. reported      B. judged          C. organized        D. watched

48. A. and          B. then            C. but            D. thus

49. A. decision    B. mistake          C. accident        D. sacrifice

50. A. stuck        B. hurt            C. tired            D. lost

51. A. steady      B. hard            C. fun              D. fit

52. A. praise      B. advice          C. assistance        D. apology

53. A. let          B. helped          C. had              D. noticed

54. A. dropped    B. ready            C. trapped          D. safe

55. A. fine        B. wrong          C. quickly          D. normally

56. A. us          B. yourself          C. me              D. them

57. A. memories    B. ideas          C. attitudes          D. dreams

58. A. still          B. also            C. yet              D. just

59. A. challenged    B. cured          C. invited          D. admired

60. A. healthier    B. bigger          C. cleverer          D. cooler

42. D 由后文内容可知Miller King是学校足球队最棒的队员。“我”要想成为学校足球队的明星,就必须要战胜学校里最优秀的足球队员。

43. A 由上文“…all summer long I worked out.”可知为了实现梦想,“我”随身带着足球随时 “练习”, 故选practice。

44. C 由上文可知,就在九月份比赛开始之前,Miller被车撞了,失去了右臂,因此“我”是在Miller从医院(hospital)回来之后去看望他的。

45. A  病人刚出院时面色是苍白的(pale)。

46. B “我”打破了Miller所保持的全部纪录。break a record意为“打破纪录”。

47. D 由语境可知此时Miller是坐在凳子上看“我”比赛。故选watch。

48. C “我”虽然被命名为最有价值的队员,可是“我”常常做噩梦。由句子间的逻辑关系可知,此处是转折关系。

49. C 梦中“我”常常因Miller的事故受到责备。此处表明“我”虽然成为校足球队的明星,可是“我”心里并不好过。如果不是Miller因意外车祸丧失了右臂,也许“我”不会有今天的成功。

50. A 一天下午“我”在经过运动场回家时,看到Miller在翻越栅栏时被困住了。由下文“如果你有两只手臂翻越栅栏不会有困难”可知,只有一只手臂的Miller此时遇到了困难。stick意为“卡住;困住;动不了”,符合语境。故选A项。

51. B 如果用两只手臂翻越一个栅栏是不困难的。故选hard。

52. C 句意:“我”相信“我”是这个世界上他最不想要接受帮助的人。assistance意为“帮助”。

53. B 由“But even that challenge he accepted.”可知,“我”帮助他慢慢翻过栅栏。

54. D 由“…move slowly over the fence(慢慢翻过栅栏)…”可知,“我们”最终安全地到了栅栏的另一边。

55. A 由“…I was named most valuable player…”可知,Miller夸“我”这个赛季表现得好。do fine意为“做得不错”。

58. A 虽然伤残了但没有被残疾打败,他依然远远地超越“我”。 用still符合语境。

59. D “我”对Miller这位校足球队最优秀的选手一直是崇拜的。所以这里表达的意思是:“我”钦佩他是对的。故选D项。

60. B 通过一连串的经历“我”更加成熟,内心更加强大,即“长大了”,而不是变得“更健康”“更聪明”或“更冷酷”。故选bigger。


My kids and I were heading into the supermarket over the weekend. On the way, we spotted a man holding a piece of paper that said, “ __41__ my job. Family to Feed.”

At this store, a __42__ like this is not normal. My 10­year­old noticed him and made a __43__ on how bad it must be to have to stand __44__ in the cold wind.

In the store, I asked each of my kids to __45__ something they thought our “friend” there would __46__. They got apples, a sandwich and a bottle of juice. Then my 17­year­old suggested giving him a __47__. I thought about it. We were __48__ on each ourselves, but…well, sometimes __49__ from our need instead of our abundance is __50__ what we need to do! All the kids __51__ something they could do away with for the week.

When we handed him the bag of __52__, he lit up and thanked us with __53__ eyes. When I handed him the gift card, saying he could use it for __54__his family might need, he burst into tears.

This has been a wonderful __55__ for our family. For days the kids have been looking for others we can __56__! Things would have played out so __57__ if I had simply said, “No, we really don't have __58__ to give more.” Stepping out not only helped a brother in __59__, it also gave my kids the __60__ taste of helping others. It'll go a long way with them.

41. A.Lost    B.Changed  C.Quit      D.Finished

42. A.condition    C.sight

43. A.suggestion    B.comment  C.decision

44. A.outside    B.proudly      D.angrily

45. A.draw    B.say    C.arrange    D.pick

46. A.order    C.appreciate

47. A.dollar    B.job meal card

48. A.easy    B.low    C.soft      D.loose

49.    B.saving    C.spending    D.begging

50. A.yet      B.even    C.still      D.just

51. A.declared    B.shared    C.ignored    D.expected

52.    B.medicine      D.clothes

53. A.sleepy    B.watery    C.curious

54. A.whoever    B.whatever  C.whichever    D.whenever

55. A.experience    B.example  C.message    D.adventure

56. A.rely on    B.respect    C.learn from

57. A.suddenly    B.vividly  C.differently    D.perfectly

58. A.time    B.power    C.patience

59. A.fear    C.need      D.memory

60. A.strong    B.sweet    C.strange    D.simple

43.B   suggestion建议;comment评论;decision决定;call电话。make a comment on…对……发表看法。“我”10岁的孩子注意到他,并评论说在寒风中站在外面一定很糟糕。故选B。

44.A   outside在外面;proudly自豪地;by通过;angrily生气地。根据常识可知那个人站在外面,故用outside。故选A。

45.D   draw拉;say说;arrange安排;pick挑选。在商店里,“我”要求每一个孩子挑选一些他们认为“我们”的“朋友”可能会感激的东西。故选D。

46.C   order命令;supply提供;appreciate感激;discover发现。孩子们挑选出那个“朋友”可能会感激的东西。故选C。

47.D  dollar美元;job工作;hot meal热的饭菜;gift card礼品卡。根据下文提示可知,“我”17岁的孩子建议给他一张礼品卡。故选D。

48.B   easy容易的;low低的,不足的;soft柔软的;loose松的。根据下句的意思可知这里表示“‘我们’自己也不富裕”。故选B。

49.A   give给予;save节省;spend花费;beg恳求。“我们”把“我们”也需要的东西给予别人,那正是“我们”真正需要做的。故选A。

50.D   yet然而;even甚至;still仍然;just正好。那正是“我们”需要做的。故选D。

51.A   declare宣告;share分享;ignore忽视;expect期望。所有的孩子都声明了他们能放弃一些自己这周想要的东西。故选A。

52.C   toy玩具;medicine药;food食物;clothes衣服。根据上文的“…apples, a sandwich and a bottle of juice.”可知是食物。故选C。

53.B   sleepy瞌睡的;watery含着泪水的;curious好奇的;sharp锋利的。此处表示“那个人眼含泪水感谢‘我们’”。故选B。

56.D   rely on依靠;respect尊敬;learn from从……学到;help帮助。几天来,孩子们一直在寻找“我们”能够帮助的其他人。故选D。

57.C   suddenly突然;vividly生动地;differently不同地;perfectly完美地。如果“我”当时说“我们”没有更多的钱帮助他了,事情将会变得如此不同。故选C。

58.D   time时间;power权力;patience耐心;money金钱。语境见上题。故选D。

59.C   fear害怕;love爱;need需要;memory记忆。in need在危难中。走出去不仅仅帮助了在危难中的兄弟,也让“我”的孩子们尝到了帮助他人的甜蜜的滋味。故选C。

60.B   strong强壮的;sweet甜的;strange奇怪的;simple简单的。语境见上题。故选B。


Where do you go when you want to learn something? School? A friend?A tutor?These are all__41__places of learning.But it may well be that the learning you really want__42__somewhere else instead. I had the__43__of seeing this first hand on a__44__.

My daughter plays on a recreational soccer team. They did very well this season and so__45__a tournament, which normally was only for more skilled club teams. This led to some__46__experiences on Saturday as they played against teams__47__trained. Through the first two games, her__48__did not get one serious shot on goal. As a parent, I__49__seeing my daughter playing her best, __50__ still defeated.

It seemed that something clicked with the__51__between Saturday and Sunday. When they __52__for their Sunday game, they were__53__different. They had begun to integrate (融合)the kinds of play and teamwork they had__54__the day before into their__55__.They played aggressively and__56__ scored a goal.

It __57__ me that playing against the other team was a great__58__ moment for all the girls on the team. I think it is a general principle. __59__ is the best teacher. The lessons they learned may not be__60__what they would have gotten in school, but are certainly more personal and meaningful,  because they had to work them out on their own.

41.A.public    B.traditional C.official    D.special

42.A.passes  C.lies    D.ends

43.A.dream    B.idea  C.habit    D.chance

44.A.trip  C.weekend  D.square

45.A.won    B.entered  C.organized  D.watched

46.A.painful    B.strange C.common  D.practical

47.A.less    B.poorly  C.newly    D.better    B.tutors  C.class

49. A.imagined  B.hated  C.avoided  D.missed

50.A.if    B.or    C.but

51. A.girls    B.parents C.coaches  D.viewers

52. A.dressed    B.showed up C.made up  D.planned

53. A.slightly    B.hardly  C.basically  D.completely

54.A.seen    B.known  C.heard

55.A.styles    D.rules

56. A.even    B.still  C.seldom    D.again

57. A.confused  B.struck  C.reminded    D.warned

58. A.touching  B.thinking C.encouraging  D.learning

59. A.Experience  B.Independence C.Curiosity  D.Interest

60.A.harmful to  B.mixed with C.different from D.applied to

41. B 联系空前的 “School? A friend? A tutor?” 我们知道这些都是传统的学习的地方。public公共的; official官方的; special特殊的。

42. C 根据空格后面的“somewhere else instead”可知,你所想要学习的就位于某个其他的地方。

43. D 结合空格后面的“seeing this first hand”可知是作者曾经有一次亲眼看到这种情景的机会。

44. C 根据下文中的 “Saturday”和“between Saturday and Sunday”这些信息可知,女儿是在周末踢球。 

45. B 根据空格后面提供的 “a tournament, which normally was only for more skilled club teams”可知只有技术好的队才能加入锦标赛。 

46. A 结合空格后面提供的信息“as they played against teams…trained. Through the first two games, her…did not get one serious shot on goal.”可知她们周末对抗的对手是一些强队,她们总是输,因此这给她们带来了一些痛苦的经历。 

47. D 见上一题解析。

50. C 根据前面的“playing her best”和后面的“defeated”可知,虽然尽力了,但还是失败了,这里是一种转折的关系。

51. A 根据第二段的第一句中的“daughter”可知,这是女子足球队,因此这里指那些女孩子们。

52. B 结合空格后面的“for their Sunday game”可知此处指她们在周日比赛出场的时候。 

53. D 结合上下文的语境,尤其是上文的“something clicked with the…”可知好像这些女孩子们突然领悟了什么,这次她们出场的时候,完全不一样了。 

54. A 结合空格前面的“They had begun to integrate(融合) the kinds of play and teamwork they had…”和后面的信息“the day before”可知作者的女儿所在的队把昨天她们看到的与今天的比赛融合。

55. C 根据上文提到的“their Sunday game”,我们知道她们把从对方那里学到的与今天的比赛融合。style风格;training 训练;rule规则。

56. A 结合空格前面的“They played aggressively…”可知,她们积极地比赛,甚至得分了。 

57. B 这里是一个固定的句型:It strikes sb that…(某人突然想起……),其中it是形式主语,真正的主语是that引导的从句。 

58. D 本文主要谈论的是学习,我们知道作者认为和其他强队进行比赛,是这些女孩子们学习的良机。

59. A 与上文的“playing against the other team”呼应,作者认为和强队进行比赛,这种经历是最好的老师。

   60. C 结合空格前面的“The lessons they learned…”和空格后面的“what they would have gotten in school”可知,她们学到的经验与她们在学校中学到的东西没有什么不同。




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