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淮南培训机构讲解Unit 2 Robots

淮南培训机构讲解Unit 2 Robots

一、 单句语法填空

1.Tom has a deep ________ (affect) for his grandfather.

2.Li Ming was my ________ (company) when I was young.

3.(2017年江苏卷·阅读理解C)They now need to take into account the extent of firms' data assets (资产) when ________ (assess) the impact of deals.

4.________ of sympathy for the homeless children, he gave them shelter for the night.

5.________ beautiful furniture you have got in your apartment!I am green with envy.

6.If________ (leave) alone outside, dogs and cats can be very smart in their search for warm shelter.

7.Although ________ (divorce), they continued to live under the same roof.

8.The Moldovan has lived here seven years as a caregiver to Italian kids and the elderly,but in order to stay she's had to prove her language skills by taking a test which requires her to write a postcard to an ________ (imagine) friend and answer a fictional job ad.

9.Having been warned of danger in the street at night, she had to go home, with a friend ________ (accompany) her.

10.Having worked for just a few days, Richard was junior ________ those who had been in the company for a long time.


1.Make sure the gas turned off after a bath, which would otherwise cause danger.


2.Suffering from war, poverty and illness, many African children are at need of food, love and care.


3.If operating according to the instructions, the machine's lifetime can be lengthened.


4.He was blown off and later found himself in an unknown land, from which he eventually reached Greenland.


5.Having been abroad for so many years, I always look forward to hear from my family.


6.It is not a good idea to have the machine run all the time.


7.She had a computer at home, and her parents desired that she did all her work at home.


8.Look! There stand the highest building of the city.


9.Some doctors advise setting down some time each day for worries.


10.The little boy came riding at full speed down the motorway on his bicycle.How a dangerous scene it was!



If life were a book and you were the author, how would you like the story to go? That is the question that __1__ my life forever.

One day I went home from the training of snowboarding with what I thought was the flu, and less than 24 hours later, I was in a __2__ on life support with less than two percent __3__ of living.It wasn't until days later that the doctors diagnosed me with a __4__ blood infection.Over the __5__ of 2.5 months, I lost the hearing in my left ear and both my legs below the knee.When my parents __6__ me out of the hospital, I __7__ that I had been put together like a patchwork (拼缝物) doll and I had to live with __8__ legs.I was absolutely physically and emotionally broken, __9__ streaming down.

But I knew in order to move forward, I had to let go of the Old Amy and __10__ the New Amy.It was at this moment that I asked myself that significant __11__.And that is when it __12__ me that I didn't have to be five­foot­five anymore, __13__ I could be as tall as I wanted.And __14__ of all, I can make my feet the size of all the shoes.So there were __15__ here.

Four months later, I was back upon a __16__.And this February, I won two Board World Cup gold medals, __17__ me the highest ranked snowboarder in the world.

So, instead of looking at our __18__ and our limitations as something __19__ or bad, we can begin looking at them as a wonderful __20__ that can be used to help us go further than we ever know we could go.



1.A.saved  B.risked

C.ruined  D.changed

C.field  D.stadium


C.chance  D.decision

4.A.mild  B.severe

C.potential  D.slight

5.A.journey  B.break

C.course  D.schedule

6.A.wheeled  B.dragged

C.pulled  D.delivered

7.A.made sure  B.felt like

C.worked out  D.put forward

8.A.muscled  B.heavy

C.shapely  D.false

9.A.blood  B.sweat

C.tears  D.water

10.A.hug  B.recognize

C.fix  D.introduce

11.A.plan  B.question

C.information  D.favour

12.A.dawned on  B.knocked into

C.depended on  D.looked into


C.while  D.but

14.A.first  B.strangest  D.luckiest

15.A.struggles  B.benefits

C.rewards  D.conflicts

16.A.stage  B.snowboard

C.track  D.playground


C.calling  D.making

18.A.challenges  B.achievements

C.devotions  D.hesitations  B.amazing

C.negative  D.terminal

20.A.ability  B.skill










Dear Chris,

How is everything going? I am Li Jin, president of the Student Union from Chenguang Middle School.Now I am writing a e­mail to tell you something about our donation books.

We will go to take part in the summer camp held by our school this July, which made us very excited.At same time, we are going to bring along about five hundreds books with us for your class.Most of them are about Chinese and some about Chinese cooking as well as.I believe these donated books will not only make you more familiar to China but help enhancing your Chinese.

By the way, if you need any other kind of books, please does tell me.


Li Jin



How to Avoid an Internet Addiction

While it may seem like everyone surfs the web these days, there is a fine line between casually checking your social media pages and having a full­blown Internet addiction.If you fear that you may lose interest in other aspects of your life because you prefer to be on the Internet, you may be on your way to an Internet addiction.__1__

Admit you are at risk of an addiction.

More and more people in the world are becoming addicted to the Internet.You are not the only one with this problem, and it is becoming more and more common and more and more well­known.__2__

Set aside limited time for computer use.

Make sure not to turn it on too many times a week.If you have a laptop, make sure to put it somewhere that you can remember but not somewhere that you see every day.Try keeping the lid closed when you are not using it.__3__ If you have a desktop PC, try not to go near it or put something over it like a sheet.

Call people instead of sending instant messages or texts.

If you are free on weekends, call friends and ask them to go outside.This will distract you from the computer.__4__

Use an alarm clock or timer.

Before using your computer, decide on a time limit such as 30 minutes.Set the clock or timer and make sure that you get off the computer when the time is up.Alternatively create a shutdown timer on your desktop.__5__

A.Make a small list of what you want to do within that time.

B.When the computer is not looking at you, you are less likely to use it.

C.This can be programmed to shut down your computer after the set time.

D.Luckily, there are ways to avoid living your life in front of the computer.

E.This will stop you from using the Internet so often or going on to another page.

F.If you have a problem on weekdays, phone your friends or ask for help in person.

G.Do not be embarrassed; find others with the same problem and help each other beat it.

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