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淮南英语培训中心Step Three高考话题集锦

淮南英语培训中心Step Three高考话题集锦

专题一 学校生活




I consider this as indeed a good practice, which will make us aware that safety should always come first in our daily life, whether when we stay at school or outside it.When we are doing sports, we should attach importance to the safety and avoid being hurt.Furthermore, when we get into trouble with our classmates, we should remain calm and avoid any form of fighting, which may only bring suffering and pain to us mentally and physically.

As far as I'm concerned, all the students and teachers should work hard and try to keep the “safety at school” activity in mind.Besides, we are supposed to observe the law discipline wherever we are at any moment.


专题二 家庭、朋友和周围的人




Parents are the people who love us most in our daily life.Therefore, it's necessary to keep a good relationship with them.Here are my ideas on how to make it easier to communicate with parents.

First, we should respect and trust our parents.Don't be rude to them even if they have done something wrong.They have experienced more and always try their best to protect us from danger.Second, if we often talk with them about our life and experiences, we will know each other better.What's more, we can often tell our parents how much we love them.Sometimes we don't agree with our parents' decisions.We should try to put ourselves in their shoes.We will soon understand them.Remember that what they really want is only the best for us.


专题三 语言学习



I'm writing to tell you about the Chinese class next week.Let's meet at two on Tuesday afternoon at the coffee shop near my school again.

I plan to help you study some poems of the Tang Dynasty, which is an important part of Chinese civilization.Many of the Tang poems have greatly influenced Chinese literature.And we learned them at a young age.I'll help you read and understand the selected poems before we have a discussion of them.To make it easier, I suggest you study and get some knowledge of the Tang Dynasty in advance.

See you then!



专题四 兴趣与爱好


Fishing is my favourite, for it is both fun and instructive, which has helped me improve my power of controlling myself.

Three years ago when my study was not satisfactory and my challenge was my lacking in enough patience and persistence, my father taught me how to fish to help me overcome my problems.Told that fishing was full of fun, I followed him without hesitation.It's strange that fishing isn't as easy to learn as it seems.To grasp the skill, I tried hard and eventually became a skilled fisher.Meanwhile, I can focus on my study which has been greatly improved since then.

Now I share my experience with those with the same trouble, encouraging them to study with their full devotion and attention.

专题五 旅游与交通



I'm_expecting_you_to_come_to_China.When you arrive in Beijing, you'd better take the CRH train.It has been well developed and become popular in China nowadays.It has lots of different lines, so it is convenient for you to travel wherever you want to go.The CRH trains are spacious, comfortable and run at high speed.They arrive on schedule and guarantee the safety of travelers.It's easy to get tickets through many channels, such as by telephone, through the Internet, or on the self­service ticket machine.Besides, prices of tickets are reasonable.It offers first­class services to passengers and I am sure you will enjoy a good journey.



专题六 环境保护



Last_Sunday,_our_class_launched_a_voluntary_activity,_the theme of which is to make the city more beautiful and advocate a low­carbon lifestyle.In the morning, we went to plant trees in the suburbs.We worked in cooperation.Some dug holes, some carried and planted trees, and the others watered them.In the afternoon, we went to the People's Square to hand out leaflets, raising people's awareness of environmental protection.Most of the students think highly of the activity, which will surely have a positive effect on our daily life.

As far as I am concerned, it's everyone's duty to protect air environment.As long as there is the possibility of saving our planet, do take actions now before it is too late.


专题七 饮食与健康


Dear Editor,

Now, more and more students are getting fond of Western fast food, and thus they take in too much sugar and fat.I don't think it good for their health.

There are all kinds of food in the world.Which one is healthier, Chinese food or Western fast food? Different people have different opinions.

In my opinion, Chinese food is healthier.Firstly, Chinese food contains a lot of fruits and green vegetables.It is rich in fiber but low in sugar and fat.Secondly, Chinese food is very delicious and has many dishes, which provides us with all kinds of nutrition.I think it the healthiest food in the world.So many Chinese people can keep fit and have an excellent figure.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

专题八 文化习俗



How's everything going? It was great when we were playing football together last Sunday.

The Chinese traditional festival—Mid­Autumn Festival is coming soon.I'd like to invite you to our family party.You know this festival is one of the most important festivals in China.Family members will gather together to enjoy moon cakes as well as admire the round moon, both of which represent the reunion and happiness of a family.My family plans to have a feast near Yellow Crane Tower, a nice place to view the beauty of the moon.

By the way, the Mid­Autumn Festival is on October 4th this year.Hope to see you then!



专题九 历史与地理


The Great Wall, which is more than 6,000 kilometers in length, is the longest wall in the world.It has a history of more than 2,000 years.It is made of stones and bricks and almost all the construction was done by hand without any machine.As the wall was built to defend the country against foreign invaders, there were watchtowers every few hundred meters along the wall.Now, the Great Wall is one of the most famous places of interest around the world and it attracts many visitors every year.

If you have a chance to visit it, you will be delighted with the great tourist attraction.

专题十 科普知识与现代技术


With the development of science and technology, communication has become increasingly convenient.People can communicate with their friends or relatives freely in different ways.Among them chatting on the WeChat is the most popular.Almost every senior high student has their own WeChat number, with which they can chat with their friends, ask their teachers to help them solve their puzzles and exchange their thoughts.

However, some students have spent too much time chatting with their WeChat friends.What's worse, some students have hundreds of WeChat friends, eating up almost all their spare time, even their study time.

I do think that WeChat can bring us much convenience and benefit, but what we should do is to use it properly and reasonably.We should limit our time on it and devote ourselves to our study.

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