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淮南八公山高考英语家教讲解Unit 5 First aid

淮南八公山高考英语家教讲解Unit 5 First aid



1.The old man was sent to hospital because of high blood ________ (press).


2.The cut on my arm ________ (bleed) a lot when I was hurt yesterday.


3.These men made themselves famous for their courage and ________ (brave).


4.(2017年新课标Ⅰ卷·七选五型阅读理解)This brief visit with Mother Nature cost me two days off from work, recovering from a bad case of sunburn and the doctor's bill for my son's food ________ (poison).


5.They have earned lots of money, so I ________ (firm) believe that the business is a success.


6.It makes ________ difference whether I give my suggestions or not, because he won't listen to me.


7.It is vital that these application forms ________ (send) back as early as possible.


8.His arm is bleeding heavily.We must dress ________ cut at once.


9.You should squeeze the water ________ of the dress before you hang it.


10.Ensure the guard is ________ place before operating the machine.




1.(2017年天津卷·阅读理解B)Sure, I could have asked her, but something prevented me from do so.




2.He was writing a report while one of his friends called on him.




3.What is the most important is that we should apply theory for practice.




4.There is no doubt whether it is her achievements that have won her the Nobel Prize.




5.Though warning again and again, the young man still drove after drinking, leading to his being fined.




6.What the volunteers did made great difference to the children in the small village.




7.Mr.Li fell ill, so his colleague attended the conference in the place of him.




8.I was about to informing you of the sudden change when an unexpected visitor came.




9.The little boy won't go to sleep if his mother tells him a story.




10.A man immediately rushed to the girl give her first aid and I joined in without hesitation.








If you want to stand out, there is no alternative but hard work.


Once a boy in __1__ clothes full of patches (补丁) ran to ask a successful building contractor (承包商) in a construction site, “How could I be as __2__ as you when I grow up?”


With a__3__ at the boy, the contractor replied, “There is a story about three diggers.The first digger liked holding a spade (铁锹) without doing anything but saying that he wanted to be a (n) __4__ in the future.The second always liked __5__ about the work and his low __6__.The third digger liked __7__ devoting himself to digging.Later, the first was still holding his spade in the __8__ place and the second took an excuse for early __9__.Only the third became a boss.Do you understand the __10__ of this story? Just go to buy a __11__ shirt and work hard.”


The little boy was __12__.So he asked the contractor to explain further.__13__ the working builders, the contractor replied, “Look at my workers! I can't remember all their names, and even I have no __14__ of some of them.Most of them wear blue shirts.But if you look__15__, you will notice a sunburned man in red.He seems to be working harder than others.He is always the first one to work while the last one to leave.It is exactly his red shirt that makes him __16__.Soon he will be __17__ to my assistant.You know, that is also how I got __18__ I am now.I worked hard and wore a striped shirt.My boss __19__ me.I also became a boss eventually.”


Success can only __20__ action.Working hard is all winners' shared experience for achieving their dreams.


1.A.spotted  B.ragged


C.elegant  D.formal


2.A.creative  B.strong  D.responsible


3.A.glance  B.laugh


C.wave  D.shout


4.A.designer  B.architect


C.boss  D.assistant


5.A.thinking  B.learning


C.explaining  D.complaining


6.A.spirit  B.salary


C.ability  D.intelligence


7.A.quietly  B.excitedly


C.obviously  D.freely


8.A.remote  B.ideal


C.original  D.suitable


9.A.arrival  B.retirement


C.development  D.payment


10.A.ending  B.people


C.moral  D.importance






12.A.puzzled  B.disappointed


C.embarrassed  D.inspired


13.A.Speaking to  B.Referring to


C.Talking to  D.Pointing to


14.A.impression  B.description


C.information  D.expression


15.A.frequently  B.regularly


C.carefully  D.doubtfully


16.A.stand out out


C.turn out  D.give out


17.A.employed  B.elected


C.admitted  D.promoted


18.A.which  B.where


C.who  D.why


19.A.praised  B.ignored


C.scolded  D.noticed


20.A.bring about  B.lead to


C.result from  D.get into






















With the College Entrance Examination approaching, many students are so worried about it to fall asleep at night and even suffer from mentally illness.It's a fairly common phenomena among us students.Here is some effective methods for you to adopt.


First of all, you should spend a plenty of time prepare for the test.Secondly, it is no need to feel nervous when you have some bad emotions.I think take a deep breath is a helpful way to reduce your stress.Last but not least, you ought to believe yourself and keep a good state of mind.


Follow my tips, or you will overcome your exam anxiety.








In your life, sometimes you may be asked to speak in front of a large group of people.Although it sounds a little scary, even those with stage fright can speak successfully to the group with adequate preparation.


Practice your speech before the big day.__1__ If possible, practice the speech in front of a friend or family member to get used to saying it to real people.If you feel you must have note cards, limit the amount to about three cards.This will force you to keep your speech concise and help you keep your eyes focused on your audience.


Remember why you've been invited to speak.If you're battling fear over speaking to a large group of people, keep your mind on the fact that you were selected for this important role.The speech organizers must have seen something valuable in you or your expertise.__2__


Remember that fear of public speaking is very common.__3__ Most of the people in the audience would be feeling the same fear and stress that you do in your position.Knowing this may make you feel better.


__4__ What you say should be tailored to why you're there and who you're speaking to in order to avoid sounding general.If speaking to a charity group, mention the good work certain specific individuals have done for the cause.If speaking at a business conference, briefly state why you want to help these people.


Keep eye contact with the crowd.__5__ Pick one person in each section and look at him while you're speaking.After each important point in your speech, switch your focus to another section.When you focus only on one person at a time, the size of the crowd isn't as frightening.


A.A good memory is really helpful.


B.Show appreciation to your audience.


C.Mention your audience in your speech.


D.The more you have it memorized, the better.


E.In fact, it's normal to feel nervous or stressed out before a big speech.


F.Separate the crowd into three sections mentally as you get up to speak.


G.The knowledge of other people's respect for you should reduce some of the fear.

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